Muscle loss supplements

Muscle loss supplements

We are going to talk about muscle loss supplements and why as we get a get older we lose muscle mass.

Can muscle loss supplements help to replace what you have lost, how many do you need to take, are there side effects, how much do muscle loss supplements cost, where is the best place to buy muscle loss supplements.

The real reason you are losing muscle mass as you grow old.
How you can stop it as well as reverse It

By the age of 60, the average person has lost 30% of his or her muscle mass. But now, because of a new breakthrough, you can continue to be independent and strong as you get older, and build up more muscle.

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If you wish to remain strong and independent as you grow older, then the story of my good friend David Minkoff and muscle loss will interest you.

David works as a physician. He is additionally a “health nut.” He does daily exercise.

He is watching what he eats. He also practices anti-aging treatments, such as antioxidants and bio-identical hormone replacement.

You would think that he would be able to remain young and strong.

David maintained his health, but as he grew older he noticed that he began to lose muscle mass.

He could not seem to stop it. And what was worse, he started getting injured more often due to his intense exercise.

Once, he pulled a hamstring muscle and was unable to get it to heal. He has experimented with body work, acupuncture, chiropractors, and much more. But almost nothing worked.

David then experienced an incredible breakthrough that transformed his life for the better.

David completely healed his hamstring injury within 4 weeks after learning this technique.

What is even more amazing is that he gained 12 pounds of slim body mass. And he made it happen without changing his diet or doing any other type of exercise.

David is seventy-three years old today, and he is in much better shape than individuals 30 years younger.

He has strong muscles. He has flat and hard abs. He has only 8% body fat. He also participates in Ironman triathlons.

David trusts the science behind muscle loss supplements.

Ironman is a name you’ve probably heard of. It is a marathon that consists of a 2-mile swim, a 112-mile bike race and a 26-mile marathon.

To top it all there is no break in between the three areas of the race.

David has finished more than a dozen triathlons. And when you visit his office, you will see a wall filled with ribbons, medals, and the trophies he received from these tournaments.

David Minkoff MD

David’s Secret

What happened in David’s body that caused him to stop his muscle loss and reverse it? Surprisingly, it is protein. Yes, protein.

David actually didn’t get his results by eating protein shakes or eating more protein.

No, he obtained those results by getting his body to create protein!

A little known fact about quality muscle loss supplements is they actually help your body to create more protein.

David did indeed make his body produce more protein. And I’ll show you just how he did that in a moment.

However first of all, let’s look at why protein rich foods are so crucial.

Proteins make up your muscles, skin, bones and hair. They are the connective tissue that binds you.

They are even the messengers of your body,. Such as your hormones, brain chemical substances, enzymes, and immune cells.

Think about what that implies. You lose muscle mass if you don’t get enough proteins.

Your skin sags and your hair gets brittle. Your bones start to weaken. Your immune system becomes weak.

That’s not all, though. You lose your sexual drive. You become depressed or anxious.

You become more prone to fall and experience a hip fracture … and less prone to recover from one.

I’m sure you understand why it is so important to have enough proteins in your body, and also why not having enough cannot be good for your health.

Read on and discover why you may need muscle loss supplements to improve the situation.

Where do proteins come from

Where do these important proteins originate from? A lot of people believe they originate from the diet.

But that is not entirely correct. Proteins are in fact manufactured by your body.

However, your diet will provide you with the amino acids you need to create proteins, and these are building blocks for a strong and healthy body.

The way It works

Let’s imagine you are consuming a protein source such as fish or meat.

The meat or fish that you are eating is going to be digested in your stomach.

The protein is then broken down into amino acids by your digestive system.

Then the amino acids travel into your bloodstream through your small intestine.

From there they are spread throughout the body. Then the body takes these amino acids and utilizes them to make the proteins that the body needs.

That’s all fine until aging changes the process, you begin to lose muscle mass and that is why muscle mass supplements are a good option for you.

Amino acids are sometimes converted into muscle. They are made into various types of cells.

They are made into hormones, some of them. And so forth.

What happens with dietary protein

Amino acids are not all turned into proteins, however. Some of them are burned for energy and turned into glucose.

It is a remnant of the days of the caveman. While we were cavemen, food was not abundant. Regardless of what we ate, we had to have the ability to get energy.

Berries? No issue. They have carbohydrates that are used for energy. Nuts? They have fats which are burned for electricity. Freshly killed squirrel?

The meat has some protein which is converted into lean body mass and the rest is turned into glucose which is used as an energy source.

Scientists have discovered what ingredients are needed for muscle mass supplements so the days of the caveman are far behind us.

Eggs protein

Is protein being used correctly

How do you know if the protein is being used for building muscle or if it is being turned into excess glucose? Scientists have responded to the question.

As you can see, amino acids are composed of nitrogen. When amino acids are converted into proteins, the nitrogen stays within your body as part of the protein.

Amino acids are transformed into sugar, but when the nitrogen is released into the blood, it is carried to the urine.

As a matter of fact, the quantity of nitrogen in your urine can be used to determine whether your food is being transformed into sugar or protein, if it’s being transformed into sugar, then you have a problem.

Weight gain and muscle loss which is probably the reason you are reading about muscle loss supplements.

The whole process is called protein utilization or AAU measurement.

Here’s how it works:

If the AAU of a protein is 100%,this means that there is no nitrogen inside your urine and that the body is utilizing all of the amino acids within the food to build protein. That is fantastic!

If your source of protein has an AAU of 10%, your body will only be making use of 10% of the amino acids to produce the protein you are building from.

What this means is that your body is going to turn 90% of the amino acids into sugar. Not great!

What are the best sources of soluble protein with the greatest AAU? It turns out that it is breast milk that has an AAU of 49%.

It makes sense, since infants require a constant supply of protein. However, we are not babies, so what is the next best protein source?

Whole eggs

Whole eggs are a good source of protein. Whole eggs contain 47% of the AAU. It must be the whole egg, however.

You’ll only receive an AAU of 17% in case, you consume egg whites as a health food, contrary to popular belief.

Why? Because egg yolks are rich in methionine, an essential amino acid.

If you leave the yolk out, the protein-building value of an egg is seriously limited.

Meat, poultry and fish come after whole eggs. All of them have an AAU of 32%, and they are equal.

But from there on it goes really downhill from there, read on and find out why and how muscle loss supplements can help.

The truth About Protein Shakes

Are you familiar with the expensive protein powders? They are supposed to be so good at building muscle mass. However, you may be disappointed if they are your protein sources of choice.

Protein powders have just 17% of the AAU. Protein powders are sold that contain either eggs, soy, or dairy proteins.

A percentage of 83% of the protein is converted into sugar, which gives an AAU of 17%.

Then there’s spiraling, a protein supplement made from algae. Spirulina can have an AAU of 0% to 6% depending on the brand. As a protein source, it’s practically worthless.

Let’s then return to the initial problem. Why do people lose body mass as they age?

You will find 3 major reasons:

They don’t eat enough protein.

They’re eating protein from the wrong source. And they’re not digesting the protein.

Not only do you have to eat the right proteins but you have to also take those protein-rich foods and break them down into the various amino acids that are found in the body.

The older we become, the more fragile our digestive systems become.

We make a lot less stomach acids and digestive enzymes.

This may result in a downward spiral, hence the need for muscle loss supplements.

Did you notice that I was talking about how enzymes are proteins?

One would think that if you were protein-deficient, your body wouldn’t make enough digestive enzymes.

This would mean that your food would not be properly digested. This would mean that you would be a lot more protein deficient, which would even cause lower enzyme production. And so forth.

But imagine if you did not need to depend on your digestive system to develop protein?

Would it be better if you could just take amino acids and not worry about this part of the process?

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Quality muscle loss supplements contain the correct amount of amino acids that would be absorbed into the bloodstream right away.

They could then be utilized to build muscle, hormones, connective tissue, bone, enzymes and more.

That’s precisely what my friend Dr David Minkoff did. He orally took amino acids in these muscle mass supplements but did they make a difference!

The proper combination

He didn’t just buy an amino acid at a health food store; he went to Advanced Bionutritionals health food store online to get what he needed.

Why? He did this because he discovered that you can not just take amino acids at will.

You need to take the proper amino acids in the proper combinations.

Allow me to clarify how this works. Proteins are made from amino acids, and you already know that.

Your body makes some of these amino acids itself. You should realize that you need 8 amino acids in your body in order to function properly.

The essential amino acids are included in Perfect Amino one of the best muscle loss supplements that you can buy.

You would think that your body would end up turning all of those 8 essential amino acids into protein if you ate them, right?

Dr Minkoff thought that is what he discovered in medical school. But, as with a lot of things he learned in college, there is more to the story.

As it turns out, there is a balance that is essential in these muscle loss supplements that we need to have so our bodies needs are taken care if.

Imagine a bicycle factory as an example of this concept. And imagine you’d lots of handlebars and frames and seats, though you only had a single pair of tires.

Well, it does not matter how a lot of the other components you have; in case, you just have a single set of tires, you can just do one bicycle! The other parts go to waste.

This is exactly what happens when you have the wrong balance of amino acids in your body.

When you eat meat you’re going to find that your body only gets 32% of the protein that it needs.

The reason for this is that meat contains too many amino acids that cause it to be out of balance in the body.

The extra aminos are converted into sugar, I hope that you now understand how fundamental it is that the best muscle loss supplements have the correct amount of these 8 amino acids.

Thankfully, Dr Minkoff was in a position to resolve this problem. He developed a product that contains the 8 essential amino acids in perfect balance.

How can we know that it is the perfect balance?

This is because Dr. Minkoff found that this product had an AAU of 99% when he tested it, the product is called Perfect Amino Dr Minkoff feels that when it comes to muscle loss supplements Perfect Amino is just right!

That’s correct; 99%! That means that 99% of the proteins in the product are utilized by your body to create proteins, and just 1% are squandered.

He chose to name the product his own Perfect Amino TM, and the results were phenomenal.

I have already told you what took place when Dr. Minkoff ingested these aminos.

He healed his hamstring injury, gained strength and health in just a couple of weeks and put on twelve pounds of lean body mass.

He grew to be so happy with the results that he began giving it to each one of his people.

They also got excellent results. They received more muscle and less body fat. They had stronger nails and hair that was shinier.

They noted a feeling of overall better well-being when taking the recommended dosage of Perfect Amino muscle mass supplements.

That’s not all, though. Dr. Minkoff happens to be a triathlete, as I mentioned earlier.

He then started giving his triathlete friends some Perfect Amino.

Every year one of these friends competes at the World Championships in Hawaii.

He gets there a couple of weeks early and completes a 145-mile bike ride as part of his race preparation.

Well, the very first time he had taken the Perfect Amino muscle mass supplements he managed to complete the bike ride a half hour quicker than he had ever done it in the past.

Perfect Amino
He panicked and called Dr Minkoff, thinking that Perfect Amino might have banned substances that would disqualify him.

David laughed as he assured his buddy that the powder contained only amino acids.

By the way, in that year David’s buddy won the world Championship.

How about you?

Perfect Amino muscle mass supplements has already helped tens of thousands of people.

Now you are able to, too.

  • You can regain your youthful muscle mass.
  • Your bones can be strengthened so that you will not suffer from fractures in the future.
  • You can feel more healthy and feel more vitality in yourself.

Picture how wonderful it is going to feel having a strong body throughout your life!

Think about how much you will enjoy life without the anxiety about relying on others.

And without the worry that you’ll fall and go through a hip fracture.

Now, you are able to have all that and much more with Perfect Amino muscle mass supplements, to find out more go the Advanced Bionutritionals official website here.

But you realize what? Perfect Amino is not just for building up bone and muscle mass. It helps you, too :

Try to lose weight … and ensure that it stays off.

The researchers used a clinical trial to figure out the effects of eating a diet of healthy fats and vegetables on the lives of 500 overweight people.

However, there was a twist: rather than consuming meat or dairy or fish products, they were given aminos as the only source of protein.

Result: They maintained their muscle mass but lost weight.

Also, Dr. Minkoff today places his people on a similar diet. His patients are slimming down and keeping it off without feeling hungry or deprived of the foods they are eating, he said.

Obtain younger-looking hair and skin.

The people who participated in the study not only lost weight, but had healthier, younger looking skin and hair.

That is because younger hair and skin have much more collagen, and collagen is produced from – you guessed it – protein!

Improve your endurance with muscle mass supplements

In one study, a 51-year-old female athlete hiked 341 miles using a 48-pound backpack. However, this was no typical hike.

It traversed the Taklimakan Desert, where terrain is dangerous and daily temperatures vary from scorching heat to below-freezing.

She used the amino powder as her sole protein source of protein during the hike.

The medical doctors monitoring her anticipated her to waste away.

She instead enhanced her lean body mass, enhanced her cardio-respiratory function, increased her white blood cells and hemoglobin, as well as reduced her resting heart rate.

Avoid Injuries.

A buddy of Dr. Minkoff’s works with professional cyclists. He discovered that whatever sort of treatments he provided them, they created injuries after long distance races.

But when Dr. Minkoff gave the friend of his the aminos in muscle mass supplements and his good friend provided it with the cyclists, they stayed injury free!

Have stronger bones

Collagen is vitally important for strong bones. In reality, bones consist almost completely of minerals (like calcium) along with collagen. It is the collagen which keeps the minerals together.

When you do not have sufficient collagen, the minerals leak out of the bones of yours.

From there, they are able to form other things, plaques, and kidney stones you do not need!

But if you have enough collagen, the nutrients remain in the bones of yours keeping them strong.

Support better mental concentration along with a much better mood.

Did you know that brain transmitters called neurotransmitters are in control of your brain and mood.

They are also proteins, so for your body to make them it must have the correct balance of aminos, you only get that with Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements.

Boost the immunity system to fight infections.

Antibodies help you protect against infection. And antibodies are produced of protein.

Thus, whenever your body has got the perfect protein building blocks, it is able to generate lots of antibodies.

Help alleviate food sensitivity symptoms.

In case, you are afflicted by food sensitivities, you might have leaky gut. Those leaky membranes enable undigested food particles to get into your bloodstream, which causes a reaction from your body’s immune system.

But here is news that is good: your gut membranes are produced of healthy proteins.

It is not surprising that Dr. Minkoff provides Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements to the patients of his with leaky gut.

Side effects image

Do muscle loss supplements have side effects

Not usually, the ingredients in Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements are totally natural amino acids carefully selected to give your body the balance of amino acids that it needs.

Try Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements at the lowest price

A one-month supply of Perfect Amino costs just USD 39.95 (incl. shipping and handling). That is just USD 1.33 per day – less compared to a cup of coffee!

If you wish to save money and have a lot of Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements on hand, then you should look into the 3-Month Perfect Amino savings pack. The cost of the 3-month supply includes shipping and handling and is about USD 107.85.

You are going to save 10% off of the normal price.

Or, for the greatest savings – plus free shipping …

You should try the 6-Month Pack. In case, you are truly serious about keeping your energy plus freedom for the long-run – and saving the most cash – then you really should use the six -Month Perfect Amino The best Value Pack.

A 6-month supply is only USD 199.50. Additionally, you get totally free shipping and handling.

You will save 40.20 USD off the regular price and this is definitely the best value for your investment.

It is like obtaining a free month! Additionally, you get totally free shipping and handling.

Why not do it now, while it is fresh in your mind? All things considered, if you are finding that you have symptoms of muscle loss why not give Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements a try, go to the Dr Minkoff’s website right here.

Advanced bionutritionals are a long established nutritional supplements company, learn more here.





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