Benefits of L arginine supplement

Benefits of L arginine supplement

This post covers the benefits of l arginine supplement, not only is l arginine good for improved blood flow there are many more health benefits when you take l arginine supplement.

You have come to the right place to learn about the benefits of l arginine supplement and most importantly what is the correct l arginine dosage.

L arginine the science

Over the years medical science have conducted hundreds of studies on the effect of L Arginine supplementation to understand the health benefits of L arginine supplement in relation to erectile dysfunction, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke like symptoms as well as many other challenging health conditions.

In one study (1) eight-week-old rats were given L citrulline along with L arginine to understand if this mixture helped with organic causes of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction support


L arginine & Oral L citrulline did help to increase levels of Nitric Oxide during the trial, Nitric oxide was discovered by Doctor Louis Ignarro a scientist in 1998 to be a major influencer in controlling blood flow to the major organs in the body.

By supplementing your diet with L arginine & l citrulline your body will produce more Nitric oxide thereby increasing the flow of blood to all parts of the body.

Obviously, this will influence the penis area and help people with erectile dysfunction, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, just some of the benefits of l arginine supplement.

L arginine study

A study of a 12 year child who had a rare neurodegenerative disease called Melas, he complained of regular episodes of migraine headaches and blindness.

I addition his hearing was impaired they thought this was hereditary. He was given 0.4 mg of L arginine each day, the symptoms all but disappeared.


L arginine was shown to be efficient and confirmed in reversing the symptoms presented, in this case the benefits of l arginine for a young boy were substantial.

Case study (2) 

L arginine was used in this double-blind randomized study, the participants were given a high dose of L arginine aspartate adenosine monophosphate combo in a comparative clinical trial for the periodic therapy of erectile dysfunction


This number 2 pilot phase study that the combination of a high dose of L arginine along with aspirate adenosine monophosphate could be effective in treating patients with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, they also found that it was well tolerated.

Normal artery / artery with plaque

Benefits of L-Arginine

One of the big issues in the human body and one that causes so many common health conditions is atherosclerosis or to describe this condition in another way, hardening of the arteries.

Hardening of the arteries is caused by a build-up of plaque that over time hardens and causes an interruption of blood flow to the heart, in many cases this can be fatal.

lts a little bit like the water pipes in your home, the pipes become blocked over time with silt, grime and lime in the water.

Imagine what is happening to your arterial system as you age, cholesterol, calcium and plaque start to build-up even as early as your thirties basically from the fatty foods that we eat, this situation isn’t helped by a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol and a general lack of exercise.

So, what happens?

Blockage of the arterial system

The build-up of plaque can lead to a rupture, if it goes downwards in the bloodstream it could cause a heart attack, if it goes upwards it could mean a stroke.

Neither of these two events are helpful to the human body, in the case of a heart attack, the figures will bear this out (4) as many as 610,000 people die every year in the USA from heart disease (1 in 4 people) it affects both men and women, according to the WHO (5) worldwide in 2016 more than 17 million died from cardiovascular disease.

Restricted blood flow

When the blood flowing to the major organs is restricted it leads to many common health conditions such as;

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Bad circulation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Body sores
  • Headaches
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Pain

How do we improve blood flow?

I will refer to the 1998 Nobel prize discovery by a team of scientists led by Doctor Louis Ignarro,the discovery proved that Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator meaning that it is the main driving force in regulating blood flow around the arterial system.

The production of Nitric oxide occurs in many of the body’s cells, it’s production in the endothelium is of major importance in regulating blood flow, plaque build-up compromises the normal production of NO.

As you can see it is vitally important to increase the body’s production of Nitric Oxide by introducing an l arginine supplement into your diet.

How do we produce more Nitric Oxide?

L arginine has been proven to help our bodies produce more badly needed Nitric Oxide, so by supplementing our diets with L arginine we will gradually start the process of clearing excess plaque from the arteries and start to regain our health.

We have seen thousands of examples of people throughout the world getting their health back by following an L arginine based supplementation programme, a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Recommended l arginine supplement:

Vascular Advantage L-Arginine Complex

Oxygen Booster and Circulation Support

  • Natural Support For Normal Healthy Blood Flow

    Vascular Advantage L-Arginine Complex is one of the most important essential amino acid formulas for circulatory support. All systems are affected and improved by healthy blood flow, from digestive support to normal brain health.

  •  Contains A Nitric Oxide Precursor

    L-Arginine is a precursor in the formation of Nitric Oxide, Creatine, Polyamines, L-Glutamate, L-Proline, Agmatin (a possible neurotransmitter in the brain) and Tetrapeptide Tuftsin, believed to be an immunomodulatory.

  • Essential Amino Acids

    L-Arginine is a protein amino acid present in the proteins of all life forms. It is classified as a semi-essential or conditionally essential amino acid.

  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

L arginine dosage

Vascular Advantage L-Arginine Complex contains 5,500 mgs of l arginine making this l arginine supplement a powerful support for normal healthy blood flow, take one scoop per day mixed with water or more as required.

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For example in my own case, at age 45 I managed to escape from a massive heart attack, I have been using L-arginine since that event for the past five years the plaque build-up in my arteries has gone altogether by taking two sachets per day.

WARNING: L arginine and other medications that cause a release of nitric oxide may lead to intravascular leakage and exudative retinal detachments in patients who have a choroidal.


I sincerely hope that you have enough information on the benefits of l arginine supplement, the science is there to back up why the people at Eniva Health have formulated Vascular Advantage L-Arginine Complex.

By supplementing your diet with L-arginine over time you will notice improved blood flow meaning less chance of a heart attack or stroke, improved blood flow means more energy and a better quality of life.



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