Benefits Serrapeptase Enzyme

Benefits Serrapeptase Enzyme

More and more people are hearing about this proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptase or Serratiopeptidase as it is known, so I decided to find out the benefits Serrapeptase enzyme, what is Serrapeptase good for, what are the side effects of taking Serrapeptase and what is the best Serrapeptase dosage.

We know that Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme which means it can break down protein into smaller components known as amino acids, these are compounds that are so important in the body because they are the building blocks of protein and the synthesis of neurotransmitters and hormones.

How is Serrapeptase produced?

Serrapeptase is found in the digestive tract of the silkworm, it is produced by bacteria Serrapeptase works to help the emerging moth to dissolve the cocoon surrounding it.

Other proteolytic enzymes that influence inflammation started being used in the United States during the 1950’s enzymes like bromelian, trypsin and chymotrypsin.

In Japan in the 1960’s Serrapeptase came to be noticed as a natural anti-inflammatory after researchers had separated the Serrapeptase enzyme from the silkworm.

The evidence was so strong that researchers both in Japan and Europe stated that Serrapeptase was a very effective proteolytic enzyme for calming inflammation, this is just one of the benefits Serrapeptase enzyme.

Serrapeptase other benefits

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Since the discovery Serrapeptase has been noted to have many other uses and potential health benefits, so what are the benefits Serrapeptase enzyme?

Serrapeptase dissolves protein

Inflammation is our bodies response to an attack by invaders caused by an injury, inflammation causes proteins to build up in the body and it causes scarring.

Serrapeptase taken in supplement form gets to work by dissolving the protein build-up and any scarring that has occurred.

Similarly, Serrapeptase can help to clear out sinuses blocked up with thick mucus, for example for chronic sinus sufferers.

Serrapeptase is a potent antimicrobial, biofilms gather around bacteria that is antibiotic resistant, Serrapeptase works to dissolve these and get rid of pathogens.

Serrapeptase has many more health benefits not only does it dissolve protein, heal scar tissue, it fights inflammation, improves your body’s immune response and reduces pain.

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The benefits of Serrapeptase enzyme

Enzymes in the body are so important because they influence your body’s reactions, they also have a say in how fast your body processes food, lactase is an enzyme that speeds up your body’s ability at digesting sugar in milk.

You may have heard the term lactose intolerant meaning your body doesn’t make enough of that enzyme lactase.

Our bodies need enzymes to keep performing at its optimum.
Serrapeptase is one of those important enzymes that has many health benefits, the major one being that it helps proteins to break down at a much faster rate.

Serrapeptase is one of the best enzymes for breaking down fibrin, a really tough protein that starts to accumulate in scar tissue.

Here are 7 Serrapeptase Health Benefits that will make a difference to you

Benefits Serrapeptase enzyme for Healing

benefits serrapeptase enzyme healing

Injuries happen all the time and not just to sports people, if you have an injury take Serrapeptase it will help you to get better faster because it reduces swelling, speeds up tissue repair and reduces pain.

Serrapeptase for inflammation

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Inflammation causes swelling and pain, another benefit Serrapeptase enzyme is that Serrapeptase can decrease inflammation by thinning out fluid that surround the inflamed area, this makes it easier for drainage leading to faster healing, Serrapeptase also prevents too much protein build-up.

Serrapeptase for breathing

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Serrapeptase has been shown in clinical trials to be able to dissolve thick mucus that builds up in the nasal passage in people with chronic Sinusitis, for anyone who suffers from the symptoms of Sinusitis on a regular basis form Serrapeptase may be something natural to try.

Serrapeptase for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Serrapeptase enzyme for carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when excessive pressure is exerted on the wrist and in the median nerve, people that use their hands a lot like piano players, construction workers, computer workers are all at risk of developing Carpal Tunnel.

Excessive use or an underlying medical condition can cause inflammation leading to swelling, numbness, tingling fingers, wrist pain and difficulty sleeping.

Some of the underlying conditions include diabetes, fluid retention, high blood pressure, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction or a wrist fracture.

The good news is that one of the benefits Serrapeptase enzyme is that Serrapeptase works very well to heal the symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it reduces the inflammation and swelling, in turn this reduces the pain.

Serrapeptase for bursitis

Serrapeptase for bursitis

Hip pain

Bursitis can be a very painful condition it affects the joints; the problem is that the bursae (fluid-filled sacs) become inflamed.

These bursae cushion the movement between your bones, tendons, joints and muscles, when this happens it is called bursitis.

Bursitis is quite a common condition and it can affect different parts of the body most notably the hip and shoulder area, there are more than 150 bursae in our bodies, each is lined with synovial cells, they make a lubricant that minimizes friction between the cells.

Our joints move smoothly because of this cushioning and lubrication, so when bursitis happens the bursa becomes inflamed so movement can be quite painful.

Serrapeptase is a well-known anti-inflammatory I have used it myself for painful hip bursitis and I know that it can help with the pain.

Benefits Serrapeptase Enzyme for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Serrapeptase blocked fallopian tubes

Blocked fallopian tubes are a very real threat to not becoming pregnant, if both tubes are blocked the chances of conceiving a child are practically zero, if one tube was blocked then it would be possible but not if both are blocked.

The blockage is a result of scar tissue sticking to the walls of the fallopian tubes and preventing the egg from getting through.

There are many testimonials from women who were trying to become pregnant but couldn’t because of blocked fallopian tubes, they tried Serrapeptase and in many cases Serrapeptase cleared the blockage and they became pregnant.

Benefits Serrapeptase Enzyme for Fibromyalgia

Serrapeptase fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is a common chronic syndrome that causes widespread pain, tiredness and other discomforts, it not known what the exact causes of the condition are, but it is thought that stress plays a major part. The symptoms of Fibromyalgia are like those of arthritis like joint and soft tissue pain, apparently there is no cure but Serrapeptase can help with the inflammation and pain.

Serrrapeptase drug interactions and side effects

I have established that Serrapeptase is very good at breaking down proteins, it’s a good example of benefits Serrapeptase enzyme, for example if you have a blocked airway because of mucus build up Serrapeptase would be ideal to unblock that, or in the case of a wound it can also help there.

However, if you are taking blood thinners like aspirin or warfarin don’t take Serrapeptase as well you don’t want your blood to get too thin and risk clotting not taking place.

Serrapeptase Dosage

People often don’t know how much Serrapeptase or what dosage to take, so here is a quick guide for you to follow:

First let’s start with the Serrapeptase label, the measurement is usually in milligrams, units or enzymatic units, so you may see numbers like this 40,000 IU, 80,000 IU, 120,000 IU, 250,000 IU, IU means international units (a recognized measurement throughout the world) of activity.

Clinical studies

In most of the clinical studies Serrapeptase was administered in doses ranging from 10 – 60 milligrams per day, so to calculate the conversion 20,000 IU is equal to 10 milligrams so 40,000 IU would be 20 milligrams.

Serrapeptase dosage will depend totally on the condition, the symptoms and the level of pain, for example in my case of hip bursitis if you were to ask me to describe the pain on a score of 1-10 I would have to say 9, so you can see how much pain I was in.

In my case the lower doses of Serrapeptase just wouldn’t help with the pain only the 250,000 IU Serrapeptase worked for me. If you have chronic pain, I would suggest that you go for the strongest dosage, otherwise stick to the middle strength 120,000 IU to get the benefits Serrapeptase enzyme.



How to take Serrapeptase

Take Serrapeptase capsules/tablets first thing in the morning and last thing at night with a glass of water, do not take with food it may cause stomach upset.

Serrapeptase side effects

Side effects are quite rare; however, every person’s metabolism is different so it may cause stomach upset, nausea, muscle ache or joint pain.


There is a large range of Serrapeptase supplements on the market, some good some bad, I can only speak from my own experience, I use Serrapeptase 250,000 IU from the GOOD HEALTH NATURALLY people  believe that GHN have an offer on Serrapeptase at the moment.






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