Best vitamins to boost the immune system

Best vitamins to boost the immune system

In this post I’m going to talk about the best vitamins to boost the immune system, if you are interested in boosting your body’s defense mechanism against germs and sickness then this post will show you the key areas to focus on.

Your immune system

Your immune system is a very complex network comprising cells and proteins, it’s function is to take action and defend your body against any infection, your immune system knows when it has beaten a particular germ (microbe) so that should that germ reappear it can be destroyed again.

Should something abnormal happen to your immune system it could lead to allergic disease, autoimmune disorder or immune deficiency.

Other defense mechanisms

Your body doesn’t just depend on your immune system to defend itself against germs, it has other means of defense such as;

  • Lungs-your lungs have small hairs (cilia) that push mucus build-up upwards so that you can cough it up.
  • Skin- your skin acts as a waterproof shield it secretes oil that kills bacteria.
  • Digestive tract- your digestive tract is the mucous lining in your stomach, it contains antibodies and acid that have the ability to kill most microbes.
  • Other body defenses- include bodily fluids such as saliva, oil, tears, all have antibacterial enzyme,eye that work to keep infection down, when you go to the toilet you excrete toxins.

How can you boost your immune system?

Your immune system is by definition pretty strong at looking after you but there are times when strong germs get the better of it and you may need to get help from your doctor usually prescribed medication to help your body to recover.

It is possible to boost your immune system naturally if you focus on my top five tips to boost your immune system you give your body the best chance to be as strong as possible on defending itself against foreign invaders. The majority of these steps won’t cost you any money however I do recommend that you also take a look at the best vitamins to boost the immune system.

Top 5 tips to boost your immune system

  1. Eat a balanced diet. I believe in healthy eating, it is well documented that healthy food can boost your immune system, it’s not rocket science stick to a food plan consisting of a mixture of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and lean protein. Mix in foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids, for example eggs, salmon or avocados, not only will these kinds of foods help your immune system but as part of a healthy lifestyle they will maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Make exercise a priority. I’m sure that you know how good exercise is not only for your immune system but also for your mental health, prioritize exercise into your weekly schedule, I’m talking moderate intensity exercise like a brisk walk outside in the fresh air or use an exercise machine like a treadmill or exercise bike indoors.
  3. Take in enough water. Staying hydrated is a very important part of protecting your immune system, not only that but drinking enough water will help your digestion. How much water should you drink? experts will tell you to drink about two liters per day, however my advice is to find out what amount of water your body needs by drinking when you feel thirsty, don’t drink if you don’t feel the need, do drink following exercise or during high temperatures to replace lost fluid.
  4. Take immune boosting vitamins- I’m somewhat skeptical about the claims of some supplement manufacturers however I can tell you that vitamins B6, C & E are trusted because they are known to boost your immune system. That’s not to say that some foods that you eat in a well-balanced diet don’t contain a lot of these vitamins but other factors like a poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol, inadequate sleep, dehydration, prescription antibiotics can lower your immune system.
  5. Adequate sleep- I know that a lot if people struggle to get adequate sleep, not enough sleep has a definite effect on your immune system, most adults need about 6-8 hours sleep.

What are the best vitamins to boost the immune system?

You may have been following and implementing all the steps outlined above to keep your immune system as strong as possible, however even with the best immune boosting strategies our bodies can fall prey to some viruses. Take for example the Corona virus or Covid 19, look what it has done to some really healthy people who had a strong immune system.

I know that Covid 19 is probably a once in a lifetime virus that our bodies cannot cope with but it does underline the point about boosting your immune system as best you can. I recommend that you take a look at these three vitamins that registered dietitians say are best to boost your immune system:

1. Vitamin D3 & K2

Vitamin D3 & K2 have been shown in research to play a critical role in immune system support, both vitamins combine to enable our bodies to produce over 200 anti microbial peptides, these are indispensable in fighting off a variety of infections. Both Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2 absorb easily and support a healthy immune system, for a long time they were thought to be a vitamin on its own but in reality you can’t have one without the other.

Recommend example of D3 & K2

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Best vitamins to boost the immune system

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is almost a must have nutrient that our bodies can absorb in large amounts, it is the biggest booster to your immune system that you can take, in fact not enough of this excellent vitamin can in fact make you sick. Very often vitamin c in powder or tablet form just doesn’t quite cut it on terms of strength and absorbency so I recommend that you take fast acting lysosomes because they allow for better vit c absorption.

Recommend example Vitamin C

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D.I.P. Daily immune protection

DIP is an excellent vitamin c nutrient that boasts 400 plus health benefits, for example reducing fatigue, fighting off colds and flu and boosting collagen, DIP contains a combination of Zinc, EpiCor® and eXselen™ Selenium and Vitamin C that may contribute to the health of the immune system.

3. Probiotics

I believe that probiotics are an essential part of boosting the immune system because more studies have shown that an imbalance of the bacteria within the digestive system was linked to poor overall health and disease. Probiotics are a great way to promote a healthy balance in gut bacteria they are also linked to a range of health benefits for example digestive health, weight loss and immune function.

Recommend example of probiotics

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PrescriptBiotics™ is a powerful micro flora soil based that can have positive change in the gut in a number of ways, for example boosting energy, metabolism, supporting brain function, PrescriptBiotics™ may provide better immune health leading to better health when the winter flu season is upon us.

Do vitamins have side effects?

Some vitamins and supplements could have side effects, a lot depends on your metabolism and general overall health especially if they are taken pre-surgery or with other medications, vitamins and supplements may cause issues if you have certain health conditions.

Supplements to avoid in particular is Vitamin E, studies on Vitamin E are thin on the ground so I’m not sure if it is of any health benefit.


Be mindful of proper hydration to boost your immune system, drink as much water as you feel like drinking, it’s never too little water helps to keep your immune cells healthy, try to avoid too much coffee.


I hope you have enjoyed my post on best vitamins to boost the immune system, its clear that the food that we eat can give us an ample supply of vitamins to boost the immune system, however outside influences can affect our immune system and we may need vitamins to boost the immune system back up again.

The best vitamins to boost the immune system are Vitamins D3 and K2, Vitamin C a d I believe that a good probiotic can have a major impact on the health of the of the immune system, also read this post.





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