Supplements to improve blood flow

Supplements to improve blood flow

People ask about supplements to improve blood flow, proper circulation is paramount to a healthy life and wellness, clogged blood vessels make you unhealthy, diet and lifestyle can help.

Prescription medications don’t really help blood flow, science points to supplements to improve blood flow because of their totally natural ingredients and what they can do to unblock blood vessels and arteries.

Let’s take a closer look at the best supplements to improve blood flow and find out what ingredients should each supplement to improve blood flow have, how do they work, are there side effects, can you use supplements to increase blood flow with other medications and finally how much do blood flow supplements cost.

Recommended examples of supplements to improve blood flow

Blood Flow Optimizer from Dr Sam Robbins  Click here

Blockbuster Allclear from Good Health naturally click here

UB8Q10 from Good Health Naturally Click here

The Krill Miracle™ from Good Health Naturally Click here

Healthyflow TM with L-Arginine from Good Health Naturally Click Here

Medical and alternative practitioners agree that blocked arteries and blood vessels are the primary cause of so many common health conditions that include:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Varicose veins
  • Erectile dysfunction

Many people complain of poor circulation, they mention cold hands and feet and feeling uncomfortable, this can have a negetative impact on ones health, heart disease is a leading cause of death amongst the Western population.

High blood pressure is caused by high cholesterol, a poor diet, obesity, family history, erectile dysfunction is caused by poor blood flow to the penis.

Supplements to improve blood flow

How can supplements improve blood flow

Supplements to improve blood flow must deal with the causes of poor circulation and enhance how blood flows to all parts of the body, these supplements must contain certain ingredients in order for this process to happen, supplements for improved blood flow must also play a role in supporting the body with extra minerals and oxygen.

supplements for blood flow improvement Optimizer1.Blood flow Optimizer

Let me introduce Blood flow Optimizer from Dr Sam Robbins to you, these supplements to improve blood flow have been formulated by well-known Endocrinology Doctor Sam Robbins, he has recognized the importance of proper blood flow and has put together the best natural ingredients to improve blood flow.

Blood flow Optimizer is a top-selling supplement for blood flow, it has been on the market for more than 15 years’, the ingredients are clinically tested, safe and proven to work by clearing out clogged arteries and blood vessels and improving blood circulation throughout the body.

To learn more about Dr Sam Robbins supplements to improve blood flow go to his company HFL Solutions website by clicking here.

Customer testimonials

  • “It’s blown my mindYour Blood Pressure Optimizer has blown my mind. I can’t believe how good, and how fast this stuff works. My blood pressure and pulse are absolutely perfect.
  • I will be getting off of my Lisinopril ASAP. Doesn’t look like I will need anything from my doctor anymore. You should make a pill for as many ailments as you can. Arthritis, joint pain, etc…
  • I am a true believer in your work and products. What an absolutely amazing product, that does exactly what is says it will do. My mind is clearer now as well. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s magic
    Thank you!!!!”

Supplements to improve blood flow benefits

There are a number of health benefits when you take supplements to improve blood flow and circulation, not only will you feel better as your health improves but you will also:

1. Get to use all-natural ingredients

2. Get support for bodily functions and well-being

3. Gain better blood flow

4. Increase your nutritional and oxygen intake

5. Reduce stress levels

6. Get your mojo back

Whom should use supplements to improve blood flow

There are many cases where supplements to improve blood flow would be helpful, for example people that have cold hands and feet would benefit, if you have high blood pressure these alternatives to prescription medications can help to lower blood pressure in a more natural way.

Additionally, we know how cardiovascular disease affects so many of the world’s population, all that doctors can do is prescribe more heart medications, however there are drawbacks to these.

For example, they have some horrible side effects, they don’t deal with the causes, plus taking them for a long time isn’t good for your health.

Many studies have shown that natural ingredients like Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Coenzyme Q10, L-Arginine, and Omega3 fatty acids can help to improve blood circulation in a number of ways.

For example by lowering cholesterol, by boosting Nitric oxide production, by dissolving blood clots a d other harmful substances, by reducing high blood pressure.

Blockbuster allclear

Blockbuster ALLCLEAR

Blockbuster Allclear is a proven supplement to improve blood flow, it contains 80,000 IU of the pretolytic enzyme Serrapeptase, its main feature is its ability to dissolve unwanted protein.

It also contains Nattokinase a powerful enzyme that supports the dissolution of blood clots, the combination of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase together provides a powerful supplement to improve blood flow.

To learn more go to the Good Health Naturally website here.

Coenzyme Q10 supplements to improve blood flow

Coenzyme Q10 supplements are a popular choice for people with heart disease or heart related conditions, an important study on people with heart disease reported that by taking a Coenzyme Q10 supplement in a 300mg daily dose helped to restore a broken antioxidant defense mechanism in the circulatory system of the body.

Further, evidence from the study revealed that by taking Coenzyme Q10 on a daily basis improved how blood vessels should relax during blood flow, it also showed how this marvelous enzyme improved the functioning of the heart, Coenzyme Q10 was found to improve blood flow particularly in the left ventricle artery.

What did come to light during the study was the fact that the benefits of Coenzyme Q10 are significantly impaired by the use of statin drugs, having said that 300 mg if Coenzyme Q10 taken daily does have a significant impact on the performance of the endothelium and mitochondrial function in the body.

Cholesterol is needed

For too many years’ cholesterol has been blamed for high blood pressure and heart disease, recent studies have changed this perception somewhat, now its thought that cholesterol isn’t the elephant in the room rather excessive inflammation in blood vessels and arteries are responsible for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Coenzyme Q10 depletion

Did you know that your body’s natural production of Coenzyme Q10 depletes as you age? Its down to various factors including prescription drugs, age, bad diet and other factors, if you suffer from any of the following supplementing with a Coenzyme Q10 supplement may help

  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Angina
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Poor circulation

How can you improve blood flow naturally

We know that CoQ10 is beneficial for blood flow, we also know that UB8Q10 otherwise known as Ubiquinol is a better and stronger form of Coenzyme Q10, in fact it is up to eight times more potent and is found naturally in nearly all plants, animal and human cells.

Supplements to improve blood flow zIB8Q10I highly recommend that you try this wonderful UBIQUIBOL product from the people at Good Health Naturally, the product will help to improve blood flow, it absorbs better, it gives you more energy and up to 8 time more benefits than ordinary Coenzyme Q10.

To purchase these wonderful supplements to improve blood flow head over to the Good Health Naturally website here.

Omega-3 supplements to improve blood flow

Omega 3 supplements to improve blood flow are a popular choice for people with heart disease and related conditions for many years’, many with heart disease or blood flow problems take fish oil supplements because of the hundreds of studies showing the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.

There is no doubt about it, Omega 3’s are an excellent way to improve circulatory issues, lower blood pressure and reduce high levels of “bad cholesterol” they can also benefit “good cholesterol” levels and reduce plaque build-up in the arterial system

Supplements to improve blood flow the krill miraclrThe Krill Miracle™

The Krill Miracle™ supplements to improve blood circulation consists of ultra pure formula of omega-3 fatty acids that support better blood circulation and WELLNESS, the Krill Miracle™ supports a better balance between EPA and DHA, it also supplies the essential building block choline.

The Krill Miracle™ supplies balanced omega 3’s and other valuable nutrients that support a normal immune function, these supplements to improve blood flow also support cardiovascular health, brain function, skin health, joint mobility and brain health.

To learn more about how The Krill Miracle™ supplements to improve blood flow can help you go to this website.

L-Arginine supplements to improve blood flow

The studies on L-Arginine and its positive effects on the endothelium prove that by supplementing with an L-Arginine you can indeed improve blood flow in a very natural way, your body naturally produces a gas called Nitric oxide when you eat foods that contain L-Arginine.

For example, foods that have Arginine naturally in them are nuts, seeds, dairy products, whole grains or meat, you need these foods to produce Nitric oxide, it’s a gas that actually keeps the inner lining of the arteries supply so that blood can flow easily throughout the body.

However, the aging process, bad diets, a lack of exercise, diabetes, and prescription drugs affect the body’s ability to produce enough nitric oxide that the body needs to be healthy, I recommend that you try supplements to improve blood flow that contain L-Arginine, one in particular is Healthyflow TM from the people at Good Health Naturally.

HealthyFlow TM clear artery plaqueHealthyflow TM

Healthyflow TM contains astragin, one of the most effective essential amino acids to improve blood flow, as we know all blood vessels and arteries are improved when healthy blood flow is established, Healthyflow TM also contains L-Arginine essential for a healthy endometriosis and blood vessels.

Healthyflow TM is a proprietary blend of essential amino acids, taken in powder form with 5000 mg of L-Arginine, l-citruilline, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, L-Lysine, Polyphenols, Silica and Be Flora makes these supplements to improve blood flow a good natural alternative to clear arteries and blood vessels.

Are there side effects

All of the supplements to improve blood flow consist of well researched natural ingredients, side effects should be minimal when you stick to the dosage instructions, having said that when you combine these supplements with prescription drugs it is possible that some people will have side effects such as:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle ache

On the whole most people that take supplements to improve blood flow find their symptoms improve, it may take some time my advice is to pick one of the following supplements and follow the instructions on dosage, stick with the formula all have been proven to work.

Blood Flow Optimizer from Dr Sam Robbins  Click here

Blockbuster Allclear from Good Health naturally click here

UB8Q10 from Good Health Naturally Click here

The Krill Miracle™ from Good Health Naturally Click here

Healthyflow TM with L-Arginine from Good Health Naturally Click Here


Without doubt, you can improve blood flow through daily use of supplements for blood flow coupled with a healthy diet and daily exercise, clogged arteries, blocked veins can be caused by an inactive life, high cholesterol, genetics, and high blood pressure, .

Luckily, supplements to improve blood flow can help to dissolve plaque and other dangerous substances and clear arteries and blood vessels, you should contact your doctor if you decide to try supplements to make blood flow more freely.

supplements to increase blood flow and circulation


Supplements to clear arteries

Supplements to clear arteries

Clogged arteries are a real health concern, blood vessels become blocked causing heart attacks, are there supplements to clear arteries that work or can you clear arteries with prescription medications?.

Before we look at natural supplements that may clear blocked arteries let’s see why arteries become blocked and why heart disease or cardiovascular disease develops.

What are the causes of blocked arteries

The US centre for disease control say that heart disease is the primary cause of death on men and women across the USA, the heart muscle pumps blood all over the body through 100,000 miles of arteries, veins and blood vessels, that’s a huge amount of work for a muscle that is described as the size of your fist.

Heart muscle supplements to clear arteries

Doesn’t it make sense to look after your heart and support healthy blood vessels, so why do so many men and women have symptoms of cardiovascular disease? It’s a mixture of reasons why blood vessels become blocked or clogged, what’s disturbing is that many people follow a heart healthy lifestyle and still end up with blocked blood vessels.

Doctors will tell you to avoid smoking, eat heart healthy foods, avoid stress, get regular exercise and keep your cholesterol down to normal levels so that you give your heart and blood vessels the best possible chance of staying healthy.

Having healthy blood vessels is key however blood vessels become blocked because of smoking, obesity, diabetes, bad food choices, sedentary lifestyle, family history, most of all high cholesterol is attributed to plaque build-up in the arteries causing them to become clogged.

Medications or supplements for cholesterol?

Doctors will prescribe cholesterol lowering medications but long term use can cause any number of side effects like muscle pain, stomach cramps, tiredness or headaches, people search for supplements to clear arteries and lower cholesterol so what are the best supplements to clear arteries and restore blood vessels to good health.

Supplements for blocked arteries

Let’s look at the scientific evidence around supplements to clear arteries, one such supplement that caught my eye is Nattokinase a promising nutraceutical therapy that has been proven in a number of studies to be beneficial in reversing atherosclerosis.

A recently published study out of China reported that seventy-six people with carotid atherosclerosis or blocked arteries were given Nattokinase 6,000 FU or a statin (Simivastatin 20mg) over a period of twenty-six weeks, cholesterol levels were taken in both groups where a fall was recorded.

The difference between both sets of people was in the Nattokinase group HDL or good cholesterol actually rose and atherosclerosis reversal was profound as plaque build-up volumes fell by 37%, Nattokinase has many advantages over statin drugs, it is a natural product that can be taken in supplement form, it is safe and economical to take.

As one of the recommended supplements to clear arteries and to purchase top quality Nattokinase go to the Good Health Naturally website here.

Have people been having success with Nattokinase?

The scientific evidence is behind Nattokinase clearly it works in a natural way to dissolve fibrin, fibrin is what makes up part of plaque build-up in the arteries, plaque build-up is the reason that blood vessels become blocked and causes heart attacks and strokes.

People are having success with Nattokinase as one of the recommended supplements to clear arteries, her is what one customer had to say:

“I started taking NK a month ago because I was having heart pain, nothing terribly serious as doctors never find any problems with my heart. After a few weeks I have not had any heart pains, and feel better, sleep better, etc. I attribute it to the Nattokinase, and will continue to take it.

My dad had heart problems so I am aware that I must prevent the same. Taking anything else would be contrary to what works. It is clear that Dr. Davis doesn’t have a cure for heart disease and therefore can make no claims that NK does not work. You can’t have it both ways chum.
The scam is the drug cartels, not natural products that work ”

Vitamin K2 and D3

Could Vitamin K2 and D3 help to clear arteries? It would appear to be the case, it has to do with deposits of calcium in the blood vessels these deposits form part of dangerous plaque build-up and cause heart attacks, its known as calcification of the arteries.

During calcification of the arteries a complicated process where a protein called osteocalin is produced by osteblasts to mineralize bones and calcium homeostasis, the process is activated by carboxylation where Vitamin K2 is the essential co factor.

Following the activation process osteocalin binds calcium into the bloodstream on it’s way to the bone matrix, Vitamin K2 also plays a role in activating something called MGP or matrix Gla protein through a process called carboxylation.

What all this really means is that Vitamin K2 ensures that calcium is used in the bones and not sent to arteries or other tissues where it causes plaque build-up, inflammation and heart disease, a vital part of these recommended supplements to clear arteries is Vitamin D3.

A four-month study where Vitamin D3 was given to a group of people that were vitamin deficient, young and overweight showed a marked reduction in arterial stiffness, so a combination supplement of Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 in spray form is a recommended supplement to clear arteries.Vitamin K2 and D3 supplements to clear arteries

Coenzyme Q10 supplements to clear arteries

Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinol supplements are a popular way to offset the side effects of statin drugs, it is a natural enzyme that your body can produce in small numbers, the aging process, bad diet and other factors can raise cholesterol levels and lower healthy Coenzyme levels.

Doctors prescribe statin drugs to lower cholesterol some will recommend a Coenzyme Q10 supplement to because it can be beneficial in lowering blood pressure and reducing the side effects of statin drugs, recommended Coenzyme Q10 supplement to clear arteries is Ubiquinol UB8Q10 from the people at Good Health Naturally.

Are people having success with CoQ10?

As you get older you may notice a drop in your energy levels especially if you have high cholesterol heart disease or high blood pressure, it’s not surprising because your heart is under so much more pressure trying to keep up with the extra demands placed on it by these conditions. Statins and heart medications can affect how energy is produced in your body by taking a quality Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol) supplement can help to raise your energy levels and offset the side effects of medications.

UB8Q10L-Arginine supplements to clear arteries

L-Arginine supplements are a very popular way for athletes and body builders to build up muscle strength and energy, they are also an important way to create more Nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is an important molecule it is produced by almost every cell in the body and is really important for the health of blood vessels.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, it works to relax the endothelium or inner muscle in your blood vessels, this is part of the process that makes blood vessels widen allowing normal blood flow to all parts of the body, it also keeps blood pressure normal.

How is Nitric oxide made?

Arginine or L-Arginine is an amino acid and is used by the body’s cells to produce Nitric oxide, arginine is supplied by certain foods like seafood, Turkey, seeds, nuts, beans and dairy, a study published in a journal Nutrients in 2016 reported that higher levels of arginine foods were strongly linked to higher levels of Nitric oxide.

Back in 1988 Dr Louis Ignarro, Dr R. Furcgott and Dr F Murad were awarded the Nobel prize for their discovery on how Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to expand, following this discovery many nutraceutical companies have produced L-Arginine supplements to clear arteries, lower blood pressure, increase energy, improve circulation and be effective for clogged arteries.

Some evidence has emerged showing that the amino acid L-Arginine changes into the molecule Nitric oxide that works to relax blood vessels, improve circulation, clear arteries and keep blood flowing to all parts of the body, other benefits of L-Arginine supplementation suggest less chest pain, reduction in clogged arteries, reduction in coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease.

Recommended L-Arginine supplements to clear arteries

The people at Advanced Bionutritionals have a long history of providing well researched, science backed supplements for a number of health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood sugars, bone support and immunity support.

The unique herbal formulas are backed by a number of doctors, the knee that caught my eye as a supplement to clear arteries is called Circ02, it comes in an easy to take lozenge form and provides your exact daily recommended amount of Nitric oxide, Circ02 has become a very popular supplement for energy and to boost your Nitric oxide levels.

This supplement works! *


This supplement helps my blood pressure and blood flow. I am now at a level with the optimum amount of nitric oxide in my system. I will continue to use as needed. Thanks


I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog post supplements to clear arteries, I had blocked arteries that were cleared by taking a supplement for cardiovascular health called Blockbuster Allclear.

To learn more about Blockbuster Allclear go to this page.

How long does it take to clear arteries?

I know from my own experience that clearing artery plaque is a long process, a lot depends on the percentage blockage, age, health condition, diet, exercise regime, medications etc.

Supplements to clear arteries can be taken in conjunction with other medications, however it is prudent to speak to your doctor beforehand.

Some supplements can cause unwanted side effects when taken with heart medications, I didn’t have any side effects taking Blockbuster Allclear or Nattokinase.



Plaque removal carotid artery

Plaque removal carotid artery

Is it possible to take a supplement that works for plaque removal in the carotid artery? Can plaque be removed from the carotid artery naturally

The answer is YES!

​The carotid artery is located one at either side of your neck.Carotid artery disease occurs because of a build-up of fatty tissues (plaque) that clog these arteries up.

Carotid artery disease is very dangerous, it happens when plaque (fatty deposits) block up the blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen rich blood.

This blockage in the blood vessels means blood flow to the brain is affected and the risk of a stroke increases.

When a stroke happens, the brain is deprived of oxygen, very quickly the brain cells start to die.

It is so serious that many people end up with a permanent disability, in fact stroke is the most prominent cause of permanent disability in the United States.

Caratoid artery disease

One of the problems with carotid artery disease is how slowly it develops, indeed the very first sign that you carotid artery disease may be in the form of a stroke or a TIA (transient ischemic attack) meaning that there was a there was a short-term lack of blood flowing to the brain.

Medical treatment of carotid artery disease normally consists of a range of changes to your lifestyle, medication and at times surgery.


​During the early stages, this disease may not even show any symptoms or signs. It may be that you don’t even notice until it gets to a point whereby your brain is deprived of blood triggering a stroke or a TIA.

Embolus (blood clot)

How would you know if you had a stroke or TIA?

​If you are having a stroke these are the common most sudden signs & symptoms:

  • ​A feeling of numbness & weakness in your face or limbs,
  • Weakness on one side of your body
  • Difficulty speaking and understanding
  • Difficulty seeing with one or both of your eyes
  • Severe headache
  • Loss of balance or dizziness

When should you see a doctor?

​If you experience any of the above signs or symptoms even if you experience them for a short time, seek medical advice immediately. ​​You might have endured a TIA; a transient ischemic attack may indicate that you are at a maximum risk of a fully-fledged stroke. Your doctor may advocate managing your risk factors to protect you in the event of a full-blown stroke.

Causes of carotid artery disease

​Carotid artery disease is like atherosclerosis in the sense that plaque build-up occurs in the same way and affects the flow of blood to the brain. If this happens in the arteries leading to the heart it could lead to a heart attack.

Plaque consists of calcium, cholesterol, fibrous tissue and other pathological debris, as it gathers around small injured sites on the arterial wall it forms a blockage, this is known as atherosclerosis.

The build-up of plaque in the caratoid arteries means that the arteries get stiff, they also become narrower causing the vital blood flow to the brain to slow. 

Risk factors for carotid artery disease

There are several factors that increase your risk they include:

Diabetes: Reduces the body’s ability to process fats

Tobacco: Increases blood pressure

High blood fat levels​: High LDLs, cholesterol assist the plaque build up

Family history: A family history of atherosclerosis or caratoid artery disease 

Age profile: As we age our arteries become harder and stiffer

Sleep apnoea: May increase the risk

Lack of exercise: Affects high blood pressure

Weight issues: Affects blood pressure, atherosclerosis & diabetes

Hypertension: Affects the pressure on the arterial wall

  • About 10-20 % of strokes are caused by Carotid artery disease, a stroke is so serious that it can lead to permanent damage to the brain and weakness in the muscles. In a severe stroke case it could be fatal. The reasons that carotid artery disease leads to stroke are:
  • Ruptured plaque: Plaque can break off into small pieces and float to other arteries in the brain, there it may create a blockage cutting off the flow of blood to the brain.
  • Reduced flow of blood: Simply put not enough blood gets through to the brain
  • Blood clot blockage: When there is damage to the arterial walls caused by plaque breaking up the body reacts to the injury and delivers blood cells that assist the clotting process in that area. This can lead to a larger clot forming slowing down the blood flow to the brain causing a stroke.

Prevention of caratoid artery disease

In order to slow down or prevent this condition think over these tips:

  • Stop smoking
  • Watch your weight
  • Watch the foods that you eat: cut out saturated fat
  • Eat plenty of fruit & vegetables
  • Get regular exercise
  • Limit your salt intake
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Maintain normal blood pressure​

​My recommendation:

​I understand that carotid artery disease is a serious condition with sometimes devastating consequences. I also understand that the main issue with carotid artery disease is a build-up of plaque in the carotid artery.

I know that there are natural alternatives for plaque removal carotid artery.

My recommendation is Blockbuster  because it contains Serrapeptase & Nattokinase both are potent fibrinolytic enzymes meaning they have a great ability to dissolve plaque.

​Blockbuster is safe to be taken with other medications, this is what one customer had to say about Blockbuster

“Arterial Disease

Carotid Arteries – ‘Serrapeptase has done the trick.’

I just wanted to let you know that I have my results from my ultrasound on my Carotid Arteries. The left in now completely clear from 48% blocked and the right has a small visible amount about 5% to 10% from 50% blocked.

From something that cannot be reversed, good old Serrapeptase has done the trick. Many thanks for all your advice and encouragement. Best Regards, Harold

Side effects L-Arginine

Side effects L_Arginine

Side effects LArginine

People that are thinking of using L-arginine as a food supplement often ask the question.

What are the side effects of L-arginine? 

This article will inform you of the L-arginine benefits and all the side effects of L-arginine, we will also look at the effectiveness of Nitric oxide supplements and their role in body building, enhancing erectile dysfunction ED and dissolving arterial plaque.

L-arginine or arginine is an important amino acid because of its impact on blood flow and a normal functioning healthy heart. L-arginine when mixed with l-citrulline has been helpful in reversing coronary artery disease  

In numerous studies and customer testimonials L-arginine has demonstrated its ability to reduce or reverse heart disease, lower high blood pressure, speed up the healing of wounds, L-arginine has also been proven to help with erectile dysfunction.

L-arginine or Arginine what is the difference?

​Very little in fact, both ingredients are commonly referred to in the same breath, L-arginine has some 20 components and is the L that is referred to in supplements. The benefits of taking L-arginine or arginine are the same.

L-arginine side effects

L-arginine has very few reported side effects, the side effects that we know about are:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Bloating
  • Skin rash
  • Itching
  • Hives
  • People with asthma had worsening allergies. ​


What’s in L-arginine?

​Essentially an amino acid is the building block for protein in our bodies, in a typically healthy person three quarters of our bodies are made up of joined amino acids involved in chemical messaging.

​ Larginine has been the subject of large-scale research as well as clinical trials. It is essential for our body’s well being, we can produce Larginine from the foods that we eat, however this can be affected by

  • ​The ageing processes
  • Stress
  • Not enough of the right arginine producing foods
  • Alcohol
  • Trauma

Not enough L-Arginine means poorer blood flow that over time can lead to:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • High Blood pressure
  • ​Heart disease
  • Blood clots
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Leg ulcers

​L-arginine supplements help our bodies to produce more L -arginine and keeps our bodies in a healthy state.

L-arginine or arginine encourages hormone production, insulin is a growth hormone and is the forerunner to nitric oxide.

Effects of Nitric Oxide Endothelium

The Endothelium

​The Endothelium are the cells that line the inner surface of our blood and lymphatic vessels, these cells produce nitric oxide gas, nitric oxide helps our blood and lymphatic vessels to stay smooth and relaxed making it easy for blood, nutrients and oxygen to flow to all parts of the body.

What are the main benefits of L-arginine?

​Blood circulation

​The biggest benefit of L-arginine is its ability to create nitric oxide allowing our blood vessels to stay relax, expand and stay smooth. More oxygen, glucose & nutrients are carried to the tissues in the body. The result of this is an improvement in peripheral circulation and at the same time providing support against commonplace vascular issues such as arterial plaque, narrowing of the blood vessels and high blood pressure.

Coronary artery disease.

​L-Arginine can assist with improving the function of blood vessels thus improving blood flow to the coronary arteries. Nitric oxide plays its part by making the coronary arteries more elasticated allowing better blood flow and inhibiting high blood pressure.

A note of warning, if you have had a heart attack please get good advice regarding large doses of L-arginine because too high a dose may have an adverse effect.

Erectile dysfunction

ED or Erectile dysfunction

​In one study the main cause of Ed or erectile dysfunction was a lack of enough blood flow to the penis, this can be corrected by taking a drug (Viagra) or food supplement that contains nitric oxide, the nitric oxide will help to dilate the blood vessels and improve the flow of blood to the genital area and the penis.

Read more on the best L-Arginine supplements for ED erectile dysfunction by clicking here.

Women have found arginine to be supportive in increasing blood flow to the genital area leading to an increase in libido.

L-arginine and wound healing:

People that eat a diet with low amounts of arginine often find that a wound will take longer than normal to clear up or heal itself. The reason for this is a diminished amount of collagen content around the site of the wound-arginine encourages hormone production thus stimulating a metabolic path for the healing process-Arginine enhances blood flow to the wounded area and increases the amount of collagen so necessary for healing to take place.

L-arginine & body building

​Body builders use L-arginine because of its ability to improve the growth hormone in the body. It is needed for the fusion of proteins and promoting lean muscle mass, L-arginine is noted to help with circulation, so it enhances the endurance levels and condition of people who work out, it also helps with recovery times and muscle damage.

Which foods contain arginine?

​Arginine can be found in lots of protein rich foods such as:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Tuna
  • Halibut
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Yoghurt
  • Milk
  • Soya beans
  • Oats
  • Wheat
  • Pumpkin seeds

Arginine supplements

Depending on your need​ arginine or L-Arginine is available in supplemental form, for more information on L-Arginine for:

1. Heart disease CLICK HERE

2. High blood pressure CLICK HERE

3.For Erectile dysfunction CLICK HERE

4.For circulation CLICK HERE

5.For wound healing CLICK HERE

Recommended-arginine dosage

​There is no recommended RDA intake of l-arginine, having said that a lot depends on what condition you are trying to deal with. Generally, the average intake daily of l-arginine is somewhere in the region of 2-5 grams per day, this amount would normally be enough for protein synthesis and tissue repair.

Other factors

​Your age, family history, body condition, circulation level and inflammation level will determine how much L-arginine you should take each day. In my experience and after my heart attack I took 3 sachets of Proargi 9 +(almost 10 grams each) three times per day.

That equates to almost 30 grams per day, I know that sounds like a lot but believe me when I tell you IT WORKED!

As our bodies age we find it harder to absorb the vital amino acids from the foods that we eat leading to a deficiency in nitric oxide, so we need to take a food supplement that will help to restore the nitric oxide deficiency.

Is L-arginine safe to take?

Providing you stick to the recommended dose, if you are over 50 and have heart disease, diabetes, bad circulation or poor wound healing a good daily therapeutic range would be between 4- 30 grams daily. Start off slowly no more than 10 grams, if you don’t have too many side affects you can gradually increase up to 30 grams per day.

L-arginine drug interactions

​Please see your doctor if taking blood thinners like warfarin or aspirin, if taking a supplement like gingko biloba it is advisable to check with your doctor first in case of excessive bleeding.

Pregnant women have reported it to be safe to take, after all it is essential for human growth and development but check with your first.

Arginine rich foods can trigger conditions such as herpes or shingles, so it is best to take doctors’ advice on this issue.

Symptoms of angina in women

Symptoms of angina in women

What are the symptoms of angina in women? According to a new study of 401,315​ that live in 31 different countries the prevalence of angina in women was averaged at 6.7% while angina in men came in at an average of 5.7%.

This poses the question, are the symptoms of angina in women the same symptoms that men get or to put it another way do more women than men suffer from angina?

Let’s examine the facts, in this study the researchers considered the various risk factors for angina such as smoking, diet, and family history. They also looked at how these risks varied from country to country, they allowed for the variation and concluded that the prominence of angina was found to be 20% higher in women than in men.

When it comes to a heart attack more men have heart attacks than women.

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Researchers are still a bit puzzled as to the reasons why more men suffer heart attacks than women even when you take into consideration levels of high cholesterol. A research paper published in 2016 by Jama Internal Medicine pointed to a study of 34,000 men and women in Norway all had a heart attack (1979-2012) the study showed that during their lifetime men were twice as likely to have a heart attack compared to women.

Even taking into account normal risk factors for heart disease like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, BMI, smoking, and the lack of physical activity it still does not explain why men have more heart attacks than women.

Some studies that were done prior to this one mentioned that when  hormone levels drop it may offer some form of protection against heart disease before the onset of the menopause. The evidence isn’t conclusive because the drop in the numbers of women having a heart attack during menopause wasn’t significant.

What is angina?

Angina is medical terminology for chest pain or chest discomfort usually caused by a brief interruption to the blood flow and oxygen going to your heart. People who have angina describe it as a burning, suffocation or squeezing sensation normally behind the breastbone in the middle of the chest.

What does an angina attack feel like?

There are different types of angina, the signs and symptoms will depend on the type of angina that you have. An angina event or angina chest pain can occur at a time when your heart is beating fast, the pain can go away when you rest or stop.

The chest pain will feel like a great pressure or a squeezing feeling in your chest, the pain may spread to your arms, shoulder, neck, and jaw, these are also the symptoms of a heart attack.

Some people have described the angina attack as a stomach upset, the symptoms in women and men will vary.

Typical angina symptoms in women

​For a woman to be classified as having definite angina she must display at least three of the following symptoms:

  • Squeezing tight chest discomfort
  • Oppressive below the sternum chest discomfort​ (provoked by exercise, exertion, emotional stress)
  • Lasting longer than minutes discomfort radiating to the chest, jaws, left armpit and or the left arm.
  • Discomfort radiating to the neck, shoulders and between the inter scapular (between the shoulder blades)
  • Shortness of breath can be caused by anxiety or stress
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Not being able to breathe

Angina is usually short lived but if you have angina your heart needs more oxygen, stop what you are doing, take a break use a nitro-glycerine pump if you have one.

Nine times out of ten it’s a sign that you have a blockage somewhere in your arteries.

Angina is a warning that you need further treatment to reduce your risk of a heart attack, irregular heartbeat or a sudden cardiac arrest (the sudden loss of blood flow caused by heart failure)

What are the causes of angina in women?

​Plaque build-up in the arteries leading to the heart restricts blood and can cause angina, less blood means less oxygen which triggers chest pain

Angina chest pain can also be triggered while exercising, doing physical activities, emotional stress, heavy meals, extreme temperatures, excessive alcohol and smoking.

 Other causes Angina

Angina can also be caused by certain medical conditions such as:

CAD (Coronary artery disease) ​

Coronary artery disease (Blocked arteries) is the most common reason for angina. Female arteries are narrower than the male artery.

  • When ​arteries are narrowed the heart doesn’t receive enough blood
  • Less blood means less vital oxygen
  • Your heart must work too hard when the blood flow and oxygen are reduced this leads to angina.

Blood vessels contract

A coronary artery spasm happens when there is a reduction of blood flow to the heart.

If the blood flow is too restricted the blood vessels contract causing angina or a heart attack.

Other risk factors

High blood pressure​

Aortic stenosis (Narrowing of the valves in the heart)

An enlarged heart

Angina treatment

​Angina can be controlled by a combination of medication and changes to your lifestyle, in certain cases it may be necessary to have surgery.

Types of Medication

The symptoms of stable angina may be helped by medication such as:

  • Nitro or nitro-glycerine because it helps to open the coronary artery allowing a better flow of blood and oxygen to your heart
  • Beta-blockers because they block the adrenaline effect on your heart, there are favourable advantages for people with stable angina. During exercise or stress your heart rate is slowed down reducing the force of contraction in the heart muscle,
  • Anti-platelets because they contribute to making your blood less sticky which means less chance of a blood clot forming
  • Calcium channel blockers because these drugs help to relax the blood vessels and improve the flow of blood to the heart.


​Because angina is caused mainly by blocked arteries in some cases surgery may be required where other treatments haven’t worked and where there is a danger of a heart attack or stroke. To widen the blocked artery angioplasty may be used where a stent is inserted through percutaneous coronary intervention or coronary by-pass surgery.

What are the alternatives?

Serrapeptase for angina has been used for many years because Serrapeptase is a safe to take enzyme that dissolves arterial plaque build-up, by doing this you improve the flow of blood to the heart and over time the angina will dissipate.

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