Supplements to improve blood flow

Supplements to improve blood flow

People ask about supplements to improve blood flow, proper circulation is paramount to a healthy life and wellness, clogged blood vessels make you unhealthy, diet and lifestyle can help.

Prescription medications don’t really help blood flow, science points to supplements to improve blood flow because of their totally natural ingredients and what they can do to unblock blood vessels and arteries.

Let’s take a closer look at the best supplements to improve blood flow and find out what ingredients should each supplement to improve blood flow have, how do they work, are there side effects, can you use supplements to increase blood flow with other medications and finally how much do blood flow supplements cost.

Recommended examples of supplements to improve blood flow

Blood Flow Optimizer from Dr Sam Robbins  Click here

Blockbuster Allclear from Good Health naturally click here

UB8Q10 from Good Health Naturally Click here

The Krill Miracle™ from Good Health Naturally Click here

Healthyflow TM with L-Arginine from Good Health Naturally Click Here

Medical and alternative practitioners agree that blocked arteries and blood vessels are the primary cause of so many common health conditions that include:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Varicose veins
  • Erectile dysfunction

Many people complain of poor circulation, they mention cold hands and feet and feeling uncomfortable, this can have a negetative impact on ones health, heart disease is a leading cause of death amongst the Western population.

High blood pressure is caused by high cholesterol, a poor diet, obesity, family history, erectile dysfunction is caused by poor blood flow to the penis.

Supplements to improve blood flow

How can supplements improve blood flow

Supplements to improve blood flow must deal with the causes of poor circulation and enhance how blood flows to all parts of the body, these supplements must contain certain ingredients in order for this process to happen, supplements for improved blood flow must also play a role in supporting the body with extra minerals and oxygen.

supplements for blood flow improvement Optimizer1.Blood flow Optimizer

Let me introduce Blood flow Optimizer from Dr Sam Robbins to you, these supplements to improve blood flow have been formulated by well-known Endocrinology Doctor Sam Robbins, he has recognized the importance of proper blood flow and has put together the best natural ingredients to improve blood flow.

Blood flow Optimizer is a top-selling supplement for blood flow, it has been on the market for more than 15 years’, the ingredients are clinically tested, safe and proven to work by clearing out clogged arteries and blood vessels and improving blood circulation throughout the body.

To learn more about Dr Sam Robbins supplements to improve blood flow go to his company HFL Solutions website by clicking here.

Customer testimonials

  • “It’s blown my mindYour Blood Pressure Optimizer has blown my mind. I can’t believe how good, and how fast this stuff works. My blood pressure and pulse are absolutely perfect.
  • I will be getting off of my Lisinopril ASAP. Doesn’t look like I will need anything from my doctor anymore. You should make a pill for as many ailments as you can. Arthritis, joint pain, etc…
  • I am a true believer in your work and products. What an absolutely amazing product, that does exactly what is says it will do. My mind is clearer now as well. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s magic
    Thank you!!!!”

Supplements to improve blood flow benefits

There are a number of health benefits when you take supplements to improve blood flow and circulation, not only will you feel better as your health improves but you will also:

1. Get to use all-natural ingredients

2. Get support for bodily functions and well-being

3. Gain better blood flow

4. Increase your nutritional and oxygen intake

5. Reduce stress levels

6. Get your mojo back

Whom should use supplements to improve blood flow

There are many cases where supplements to improve blood flow would be helpful, for example people that have cold hands and feet would benefit, if you have high blood pressure these alternatives to prescription medications can help to lower blood pressure in a more natural way.

Additionally, we know how cardiovascular disease affects so many of the world’s population, all that doctors can do is prescribe more heart medications, however there are drawbacks to these.

For example, they have some horrible side effects, they don’t deal with the causes, plus taking them for a long time isn’t good for your health.

Many studies have shown that natural ingredients like Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Coenzyme Q10, L-Arginine, and Omega3 fatty acids can help to improve blood circulation in a number of ways.

For example by lowering cholesterol, by boosting Nitric oxide production, by dissolving blood clots a d other harmful substances, by reducing high blood pressure.

Blockbuster allclear

Blockbuster ALLCLEAR

Blockbuster Allclear is a proven supplement to improve blood flow, it contains 80,000 IU of the pretolytic enzyme Serrapeptase, its main feature is its ability to dissolve unwanted protein.

It also contains Nattokinase a powerful enzyme that supports the dissolution of blood clots, the combination of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase together provides a powerful supplement to improve blood flow.

To learn more go to the Good Health Naturally website here.

Coenzyme Q10 supplements to improve blood flow

Coenzyme Q10 supplements are a popular choice for people with heart disease or heart related conditions, an important study on people with heart disease reported that by taking a Coenzyme Q10 supplement in a 300mg daily dose helped to restore a broken antioxidant defense mechanism in the circulatory system of the body.

Further, evidence from the study revealed that by taking Coenzyme Q10 on a daily basis improved how blood vessels should relax during blood flow, it also showed how this marvelous enzyme improved the functioning of the heart, Coenzyme Q10 was found to improve blood flow particularly in the left ventricle artery.

What did come to light during the study was the fact that the benefits of Coenzyme Q10 are significantly impaired by the use of statin drugs, having said that 300 mg if Coenzyme Q10 taken daily does have a significant impact on the performance of the endothelium and mitochondrial function in the body.

Cholesterol is needed

For too many years’ cholesterol has been blamed for high blood pressure and heart disease, recent studies have changed this perception somewhat, now its thought that cholesterol isn’t the elephant in the room rather excessive inflammation in blood vessels and arteries are responsible for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Coenzyme Q10 depletion

Did you know that your body’s natural production of Coenzyme Q10 depletes as you age? Its down to various factors including prescription drugs, age, bad diet and other factors, if you suffer from any of the following supplementing with a Coenzyme Q10 supplement may help

  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Angina
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Poor circulation

How can you improve blood flow naturally

We know that CoQ10 is beneficial for blood flow, we also know that UB8Q10 otherwise known as Ubiquinol is a better and stronger form of Coenzyme Q10, in fact it is up to eight times more potent and is found naturally in nearly all plants, animal and human cells.

Supplements to improve blood flow zIB8Q10I highly recommend that you try this wonderful UBIQUIBOL product from the people at Good Health Naturally, the product will help to improve blood flow, it absorbs better, it gives you more energy and up to 8 time more benefits than ordinary Coenzyme Q10.

To purchase these wonderful supplements to improve blood flow head over to the Good Health Naturally website here.

Omega-3 supplements to improve blood flow

Omega 3 supplements to improve blood flow are a popular choice for people with heart disease and related conditions for many years’, many with heart disease or blood flow problems take fish oil supplements because of the hundreds of studies showing the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.

There is no doubt about it, Omega 3’s are an excellent way to improve circulatory issues, lower blood pressure and reduce high levels of “bad cholesterol” they can also benefit “good cholesterol” levels and reduce plaque build-up in the arterial system

Supplements to improve blood flow the krill miraclrThe Krill Miracle™

The Krill Miracle™ supplements to improve blood circulation consists of ultra pure formula of omega-3 fatty acids that support better blood circulation and WELLNESS, the Krill Miracle™ supports a better balance between EPA and DHA, it also supplies the essential building block choline.

The Krill Miracle™ supplies balanced omega 3’s and other valuable nutrients that support a normal immune function, these supplements to improve blood flow also support cardiovascular health, brain function, skin health, joint mobility and brain health.

To learn more about how The Krill Miracle™ supplements to improve blood flow can help you go to this website.

L-Arginine supplements to improve blood flow

The studies on L-Arginine and its positive effects on the endothelium prove that by supplementing with an L-Arginine you can indeed improve blood flow in a very natural way, your body naturally produces a gas called Nitric oxide when you eat foods that contain L-Arginine.

For example, foods that have Arginine naturally in them are nuts, seeds, dairy products, whole grains or meat, you need these foods to produce Nitric oxide, it’s a gas that actually keeps the inner lining of the arteries supply so that blood can flow easily throughout the body.

However, the aging process, bad diets, a lack of exercise, diabetes, and prescription drugs affect the body’s ability to produce enough nitric oxide that the body needs to be healthy, I recommend that you try supplements to improve blood flow that contain L-Arginine, one in particular is Healthyflow TM from the people at Good Health Naturally.

HealthyFlow TM clear artery plaqueHealthyflow TM

Healthyflow TM contains astragin, one of the most effective essential amino acids to improve blood flow, as we know all blood vessels and arteries are improved when healthy blood flow is established, Healthyflow TM also contains L-Arginine essential for a healthy endometriosis and blood vessels.

Healthyflow TM is a proprietary blend of essential amino acids, taken in powder form with 5000 mg of L-Arginine, l-citruilline, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, L-Lysine, Polyphenols, Silica and Be Flora makes these supplements to improve blood flow a good natural alternative to clear arteries and blood vessels.

Are there side effects

All of the supplements to improve blood flow consist of well researched natural ingredients, side effects should be minimal when you stick to the dosage instructions, having said that when you combine these supplements with prescription drugs it is possible that some people will have side effects such as:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle ache

On the whole most people that take supplements to improve blood flow find their symptoms improve, it may take some time my advice is to pick one of the following supplements and follow the instructions on dosage, stick with the formula all have been proven to work.

Blood Flow Optimizer from Dr Sam Robbins  Click here

Blockbuster Allclear from Good Health naturally click here

UB8Q10 from Good Health Naturally Click here

The Krill Miracle™ from Good Health Naturally Click here

Healthyflow TM with L-Arginine from Good Health Naturally Click Here


Without doubt, you can improve blood flow through daily use of supplements for blood flow coupled with a healthy diet and daily exercise, clogged arteries, blocked veins can be caused by an inactive life, high cholesterol, genetics, and high blood pressure, .

Luckily, supplements to improve blood flow can help to dissolve plaque and other dangerous substances and clear arteries and blood vessels, you should contact your doctor if you decide to try supplements to make blood flow more freely.

supplements to increase blood flow and circulation


Doctor Sam Robbins ain’t no scam he is real!!

Doctor Sam Robbins

Are you looking to find out more information on Doctor Sam Robbins, his company HFL Solutions or whether Dr Sam Robbins is a real person or is he a fake, read on and find out the truth about Doctor Sam Robbins and what he has achieved over the last 22 plus years.Doctir Sam Robbins

Who is Doctor Sam Robbins

Doctor Sam Robbins is the owner of Health, Fitness and Longevity or HFL Solutions, the healthy company provide all-natural solutions for people with a range of health concerns that include:

  • High blood pressure (Blood pressure Optimizer)
  • High blood sugar (Blood sugar Optimizer)
  • Weight loss (Lean Optimizer)
  • Energy and mind booster (Body,Brain, Energy)
  • Anxiety, depression (Provanax)
  • Low sex drive (Alphaviril)
  • Lose weight without a diet (Cheat Meals)
  • Reduce high cholesterol naturally (Cholelso)
  • Insomnia (Deep Sleep formula)
  • Inflammation and pain relief (Inflame and pain relief)
  • Poor circulation (Blood flow Optimizer)

Doctor Sam Robbins went to college to study Endocrinology, the subject fascinated him because hormones control and affect nearly very single thing that happens in the body, he is an expert in hormones, anti-aging, nutrition, exercise psychologist, he writes and speaks on many leading health channels in the USA.

Dr Robbins motto is that most people can achieve their health goals using a combination of all-natural ingredients specifically formulated to target the health concern along with a sensible healthy diet and regular exercise, Sam Robbins also feels that health information overload isn’t what people want.

His goal is to make it as easy as possible to have clarity and understand how simple the process can be to have the healthiest body and mind, Doctor Sam Robbins products have stood the test of time over the past 22 years or so.

Doctor Sam Robbins credentials

Doctor Sam Robbins has spent a long number of years educating himself, he has gained vast knowledge over that time, here are his credentials:

  1. Registered orthomolecular health practitioner
  2. Bachelor of science in Kinesiology
  3. Master of science in Nutrition
  4. Certified nutrition specialist
  5. PHD in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

HFL Solutions

HFL Solutions

HFL Solutions is the company that Dr. Robbins set up over two decades ago (1998) to help people searching for an alternative solution to prescription medicines for many common health concerns that include:

  • Heart disease
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Weight loss
  • Energy maintenance
  • Mind health
  • Low sex drive

HFL Solutions (health for longevity) are based in Nevada, you can contact the company at:

3635 South Fort Apache Road Suite 200-41
Las Vegas
USA 89147
United StatesTel:(702) 706-4351


Doctor Sam Robbins products

Each supplement supplied by HFL Solutions has undergone rigorous testing to make sure the product is the best solution it can be to suit your needs, Dr. Robbins stands behind each formula his family and himself have been using the products so they can experience their safety and effectiveness.

Each supplement is manufactured in an approved manufacturing facility using only the best natural ingredients from trusted suppliers over the past two decades, here is a summary of each product and how they are beneficial for your health:

Condition: Hypertension or High blood pressure

Doctor Sam Robbins blood pressure Optimizer

Product: Blood pressure optimizer

Blood pressure Optimizer is a natural alternative to prescription drugs, Doctor Robbins has developed this innovative approach to help people with hypertension by keeping the heart healthy, this unique formula contains 13 excellent super nutrients.

Once you switch to Blood pressure Optimizer these super nutrients start to work by supporting and optimizing blood pressure levels in a very natural way, all you have to do is take the recommended dose of 3 tablets a day with a glass of water, most people find improvement in a short time.

“If you’re reading this and need to lower your blood pressure, take this product, it works! I take 4 pills daily instead of 3, so I want to be honest. My wife only needs 2 pills. I’m going to see what my levels are in a month because Sam wants them to be even lower.

PLEASE trust this man, he’s a dear friend of mine and honestly only cares about improving people’s lives, like mine and hopefully yours.”

To learn more about how Blood pressure Optimizer can help with high blood pressure naturally go to Doctor Sam Robbins website here.

Condition: Hyperglycemia or high blood sugarBlood sugar Optimizer

Product: Blood Sugar Optimizer

Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar affects millions of people worldwide, it means that there is excess sugar in the blood and a shortage of insulin, the condition is associated with diabetes, symptoms include excessive thirst, hunger, vomiting, vision problems or a rapid heartbeat.

If left untreated hyperglycemia can cause some serious health problems, other reasons for the condition can be a high sugar diet, the body gets used to this unhealthy food and finds it difficult to process the extra sugar through the pancreas, Blood sugar Optimizer is formulated to support more normal sugar levels.

Blood sugar optimizer is a doctor formulated pill full of natural ingredients that helps the body to maintain healthier levels of blood sugars by supporting carbohydrate metabolism, glucose elimination, insulin sensitivity and reducing sugar cravings.

Customers report that Blood sugar optimizer is producing good results for them.

  • “Very satisfiedwe are very satisfied with the product. My husband has diabetes and with this added on to his other natural regimen his daily readings are much more excellent that without your product. Thanks for making this available”
  • Life time customer”It really does wonders for lowering blood sugar. I have tried so many things and this one is by far the best. Will definitely order again”

To learn more about how Blood sugar Optimizer can help with high blood sugars go to Doctor Sam Robbins site here.

Condition: Weight lossDoctor Sam Robbins lean Optimizer

Product: Lean Optimizer

Many people struggle to lose weight in a safe and effective manner, many lose it but find they slip back into old eating habits and put the weight back on again, Dr Robbins has some experience himself of this problem, that was the reason he formulated Lean Optimizer to help people in the same situation.

Lean Optimizer is a totally natural weight loss supplement that turns on those “fat burning genes” unlike prescription drugs it works better and doesn’t come with side effects, Lean Optimizer actually fools your brain into thinking that you just don’t need food at that time.

By taking Lean Optimizer daily you will find that far will start to disappear, your body will burn fat faster, toxins will be removed from your body and blood sugar levels will be under control, here are some customers testimonials.

  • “The best I’ve ever tried it really works, I lost weight very easy and smooth. This supplement suppresses the appetite without making me nervous. I was fighting with my 4-6 pounds with no results for more than 4 years, supposed it was related to the age… I am 45, but this one works really nice. I have ordered it first 4 months ago and took less than the suggested intake. Recently I got my 3 bottle. I love it!!!!!”
  • “Takes away the appetiteIt takes away the appetite well. Not many side effects, except maybe a slight buzz in the head. I don’t take it at night because you won’t sleep. I will use it until I lose 15 pounds.”

To learn how Lean Optimizer can help you with weight loss go to HFL Solutions here 

Condition: Loss of energy and vitalityBody brain energy

Product: Body Brain Energy

Many of us find that over time our energy and brain levels just aren’t what they used to be, this can be as a result of any number of factors, age, medications, hormone changes, injury, stress, ( emotional and physical) it’s difficult when you lose your mojo and find every day a struggle.

Doctor Sam Robbins found this problem with his parents, he looked into the causes and came up with this wonderful pick-me-up formula called Body Brain Energy, the natural booster supplement does the trick in terms of getting your energy back, being mentally sharper and getting your mojo back.

Here are some comments from people that take Body, Brain Energy.

“Even better than Natural Energy

I’ve been using Dr. Sam’s More Natural Energy for a few years, it was one of my favorites. When I was told that the product was discontinued, I was really sad and let down. I complained and next thing you know, Dr. Robbins actually replied to my email personally?!!!! He was very nice and said they are basically renaming the product and making it better and he sent me a free bottle to try”

Learn how Body Brain Energy can help you get your mojo back go to Dr Sam’s website here.

Condition: Anxiety and depression Provanax

Product: Provanax

Provanax is a top selling natural alternative formulated to support people suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and some mental disorders, Provanax naturally improves your mood, it isn’t addictive unlike some anti-depressants, benefits include:

  • Better moods
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Serotonin levels increase reducing symptoms of depression
  • Improved sleep
  • More control of your thoughts and feelings

Peoole that are using Provanax report feeling much better mentally and physically.

  • “Slept great, feel greatI hope this message finds the right dept. I was really depressed and nervous could not sleep only 2 hours at a time i ordered ProVanax first night I slept all night long second night 6 hrs so much energy now will tell everyone Thank you so much.”
  • “Really great productGreat product!!!! My husband worries about everything, and gets very anxious when things don’t work out the way he plans them, since he started taking provanax, he seems to be more tolerant when things go wrong, he is not worried all the time anymore, he has a more positive outlook in life… He takes one pill every morning, sometimes he needs to take two, depending on what is going on that particular day… overall I believe provanax has helped my husband control his anxiety, and makes him feel more relax”

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or insomnia why not take a closer look at how Provanax can help.

Condition: Erectile dysfunction Doctor Sam Robbins Alphaviril

Product: Alphaviril

I know how it feels when your sexual experience doesn’t match your expectations, I know how it feels to be so disappointed that your partner feels unfulfilled during sex, let me tell you how Doctor Sam Robbins has studied why men suffer from erectile dysfunction and went to work to come up with a product that gets to the root cause of ED.

AlphaViril is the answer to the problem of erectile dysfunction, this well researched formula enhances testosterone levels in men and increases your sex drive, daily use of this Male enhancement product can have the following benefits:

  • Improved sex drive
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Improved stamina
  • Improved blood flow

If you are a man that has problems satisfying your partner why not give Alphaviril a try, you have nothing to lose because Doctor Sam Robbins offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

Alphaviral customer testimonials

“Every day, I have morning erections again

I wanted to email you and let you know that AlphaViril really does work. In all honesty, I was trying to be cheap and take a much lower dose than the bottle recommended and I finally took your advice. I increased my dose and WOW … about 3 days later my sex drive was so much higher! I have morning erections again, and I get them frequently throughout the day for no reason at all. It’s great … hehe. Plus, I’m thinking about sex all the time again … it’s weird and nice at the same time.

I feel young again … like a man should feel! I will be putting in a big order today and stocking up. Thanks for not losing faith in me and being polite in your emails. I know I can be hard-headed, but I’ve been ripped off in so many things in life before that I guess I’m a bit jaded. Anyway, I’m happy and so is my wife. Good day”


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article on Doctor Sam Robbins, his natural supplements and how they can help with so many health conditions, to learn more go to Dr. Robbins website here.


Best supplements for the heart

Best supplements for the heart Best supplements for the heart 

I’m covering best supplements for the heart in this post, I had heart disease I know from my experience that heart supplements can help with cardiovascular disease.

Heart health is very important especially if you have a family history of heart disease, it runs in my family three of my uncles died prematurely from heart attacks.

I’m 65 years old now having survived a massive heart attack at age 45 even though at the time I had a good diet, I exercised regularly and I was taking my prescribed statins to lower my cholesterol.

Doctors advice

What my doctor said

My doctor explained that the reason for my heart attack was a build-up of plaque that occurred in my left ventricle artery and resulted in a 95% blockage.

When that happens the blood going to your heart almost stops completely.

The outcome can be one of two things, either you die or you survive, luckily for me my fitness levels helped me to survive, I thank God that I have been around to see my three daughters growing up.

I wasn’t a big fan of prescription medications I asked what are the best supplements for the heart. Not surprisingly doctors don’t know a lot about supplements for the heart mainly because of their training and to be honest clinical trials on the best supplements for the heart are a little thin on the ground.

Heart health supplements

Over the intervening years I have been studying what does a supplement need to have in its ingredients to be effective in fighting against heart disease, when you analyze the causes of heart disease plaque build up and inflammation play a pivotal role in heart attacks and stroke.

I have been using heart supplements for the last 18 months with some success.

What are cardiologists saying about heart disease?

I have spoken to many doctors and cardiologists about heart disease one the main questions that I put to them was, can heart disease be reversed?

Can the plaque build-up in arteries be reduced?

I get the same answer all the time, heart disease cannot be reversed, medications can keep your cholesterol down and your blood pressure, these measures are important but they don’t address the fundamental cause of heart disease.

Man holding his chest image best supplements for the heart
Man holding his chest

What causes heart disease?

To be honest and I’m not a medical person however I have read the book ” no more heart disease” by Doctor Louis Ignarro and I have listened to other doctors who have a different view as to what exactly causes a heart attack.

From what I’ve learned there are two things happening in the arterial system, one is a build-up of plaque in the arteries, often plaque can break off and cause the heart attack, the second issue that occurs is inflammation of the arteries.

What are arteries made of?

The arteries are made up of a muscular tube lined with a smooth tissue consisting of three layers,

1.The intima
This is the innermost layer, it is lined by the endothelium a smooth tissue.

2.The media
This is a layer of muscle allowing the arteries to cope with high volumes of blood pressure from the heart.

3.The adventitia
These are tissues that connect arteries to each other by tissues.

Inflammation in the arteries

Over 20 years ago researchers made the discovery that inflammation in the arteries was a significant reason why people suffered a heart attack or stroke.

What they couldn’t figure out was whether anti-inflammatory treatments could prevent the inflammation from happening.

Statin drug
Statin drugs

Statins lower cholesterol

What science did know, statin drugs lowered cholesterol but did they lower inflammation, it wasn’t clear until a further clinical trial called Cantos was completed in 2008.

It showed that participants who had a heart attack previously were give an anti-inflammatory drug, the study showed that their chances of a further heart attack were significantly reduced by as much as 15%.

So how do you control inflammation?

It seems that inflammation in the arteries is linked to food and lifestyle, top cardiologists recommend that you follow these four principal steps to keep artery inflammation under control:

1. Smoking
If you are s smoker try to quit, many studies have shown a link between smoking and damage to the blood vessels.

2. Keep a healthy weight
Visceral fat is a type of fat in the stomach that causes inflammation, by keeping your weight at a healthy level you help to keep inflammation at bay.

3. Be active
Regular physical activity not only makes you feel good, it keeps your body weight at a healthy and decreases inflammation.

4. Watch what you eat
Processed foods are thought to create inflammation so are fast foods, eat more whole foods, go for more fruit, nuts, vegetables and fatty fish.

One thing that cardiologists or doctors don’t mention is using natural products like heart supplements they will never tell you what are the best supplements for the heart.

Why is that?, I believe that during all of the years that a doctor spends learning about medicine a small fraction of that time is spent on nutrition education.

Studies have shown conclusively that the principal reason for heart disease or stroke is a build up of fatty deposits on the walls of the arterial system. Inflammation and oxidative stress causes plaque to break off leading to a heart attack or stroke sometimes with fatal consequences.

What causes plaque build-up?

According to John Hopkins medicine website, atherosclerosis is a build-up of fatty cholesterol based plaque that sticks to the interior walls of the blood vessels, so the best supplements for the heart would have to be able to deal with atherosclerosis.

Do statins reduce plaque build-up?

According to preventive cardiologist at the Cleveland clinic Doctor Haitham Ahmed, people on high doses of statin drugs where the LDL cholesterol reading is below 70 MMOL/1 can have a regression in plaque build-up of up to 24%.

This only seems to work where the levels of plaque are below 30% but what if plaque is above that level?

Best supplements for the heart In my case

Take my case, following my heart attack the blockage in the main artery (lad) was 95% even though I was on a high dose statin drug I had a very serious heart attack, did statins reduce the plaque?

I didn’t think so.

So, is there a supplement out there that can reduce some or all of that dangerous plaque or what are the best supplements for the heart?

During my research on the causes of heart disease two things that stand out for me and that is the issue of plaque build-up and inflammation in the arteries.

So what supplements would you need to take to counteract these two issues, or what are the best supplements for the heart that work?.

Do the best supplements for the heart reduce arterial plaque?

From what I have learned and put into practice and my results prove that by incorporating a healthy lifestyle with a the best supplement for the heart  you can indeed reduce your chances of a heart attack or stroke occurring or recurring.

What are the best supplements for the heart?

In my view a quality supplement for the heart must be able to dissolve arterial plaque and, in the process, reduce inflammation to the arteries so it must contain either Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Niacin, LArginine or a combination of these enzymes and amino acids.

Would these supplements for the heart help with disease?


Let’s look at Nattokinase, during the mid-eighties a young Japanese scientist was experimenting on the laboratory with fibrin, (a by-product of blood coagulation) something happened totally by accident.

Natto is a customary dish that the Japanese like to eat, the young student had the artificial fibrin in a petri dish.

Quite by accident the natto fell onto the petri dish and before his very eyes it dissolved the fibrin, he named this fibrinolytic activity Nattokinase.


Serrapeptase was discovered back in the eighties by a young German physicist Doctor Hans Napier, he used it to great effect on his patients for peripheral artery disease and heart disease.

Doctor Napier was an unconventional doctor, maybe scorned by some of the medical profession, however he did get results using an alternative natural enzyme.

Serrapeptase worked well back in the eighties so it was a proven alternative to the problem of plaque build-up and arterial inflammation.


Niacin is an important nutrient, it’s sometimes called vitamin B3, in supplement form it can lower cholesterol.

L arginine

LArginine is something that we get from our foods, it turned into a gas in our bodies that keeps the endothelium smooth in your arteries, a smooth endothelium is vital for blood to move around the cardiovascular system.

Remember, LDL cholesterol calcium, other harmful debris coupled with bad food choices, cigarette smoke, a lack of exercise and a history of heart disease all contribute to damage the endothelium.

Damage to the endothelium is a huge cause for concern because it leads to inflammation inside the arteries and in my mind is one of the main causes of heart attacks.

Blockbuster allclear

What supplement for the heart worked for me?

Having read some of the scientific literature on Nattokinase and Serrapeptase and being impressed by customer testimonials of people who actually had good results I decided 12 months ago to take a natural product as a heart supplement.

I must point out that I started taking this heart supplement in conjunction with my heart medications.

The supplement is called Blockbuster AllClear, it contains a healthy mixture of Nattokinase and Serrapeptase along with other valuable nutrients, this product is top of my list best supplements for the heart.

What were my results?

18 months later following the recommended dosage  of 2 x 2,000 FU capsules daily with a glass of water I had a smart pulse heart test done, a smart pulse is a test that measures your pulse and determines how healthy your blood flow is.

I had a remarkable improvement in my results compared to twelve months previously, I’m 65 now but the test showed that I now have the arteries of a 30-40 years old Male.

To say that I was happy would be an understatement, I was over the moon knowing that the chance I took taking a heart supplement did pay off.

Recommended Best Supplements for the heart

There are many heart health supplements for sale on Good Health Naturally, everybody has their own thoughts on which heart supplement might work for them.

I can only tell you which one worked for me, the point is some do work,  so why not head over to Good Health Naturally and check out for yourself the best supplements for the heart that are best for you.

I hope that you found this article on best supplements for the heart useful, please leave a comment.

As always I hope you enjoy good health, to read more on heart disease go to the FAQ page here.


Blood vessel plaque removal is it possible?

Blood vessel plaque removal

People want to hear more about blood vessel plaque removal, blood vessels become clogged up with plaque, that process spells danger in terms of what could potentially happen, so how is plaque removed from the blood vessels?

We are going to look at the recommended ways for blood vessel plaque removal, we are also going to show you a natural artery plaque removal method that works.

Image of artery plaque ​The arterial system consists of blood vessels, they carry oxygen and nutrients to the major organs in the body namely the heart and brain, they even down to the tips of your toes.

When the blood vessels are healthy their innermost walls are smooth making it easy for the blood to flow through them.

However, in quite a lot of people the blood vessels (arteries) become clogged because of a build up of dangerous plaque that sticks to the inner walls of the blood vessels.

This build up has an effect on the flow of blood in the sense that it is reduced, in some cases the plaque will block the blood flow altogether, blood vessel plaque removal is key to preventing something serious happening.

When the arteries become clogged it increases the chances of a major heart attack, stroke or potentially death, so it is really important to know what are the causes of plaque build-up and what treatment is recommended to stop something serious happening.

Cholesterol image blood vessel plaque removal

What are the causes of arterial plaque?

Plaque consists of a variety of substances that gather along the walls of the arteries,these substances are made up of fat, cholesterol, fibrin, cellular waste and calcium. they circulate in your blood.

The fibrin is a clotting agent for your blood,the cells in the arterial walls respond to plaque build up by secreting other substances that make the clogged arteries worse.

The condition is atherosclerosis meaning the arteries start to harden and become narrow, blood vessel plaque removal is absolutely essential to prevent atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis starts when the endothelial (inner lining of the artery wall) becomes damaged making it easier for plaque to stick and build up, the other contributing factors to plaque build up are:

Cholesterol levels chart

​High cholesterol

High levels of LDL (high cholesterol) low density lipo-proteins contribute in a major way in the formation of artery plaque, we do need this soft sticky substance cholesterol, for cell membrane production, as well as vitamin D and bile acids to assist in digesting fat.

Did you know that we need cholesterol for vital neurological functioning? 

High blood pressure

If your blood pressure is constantly higher than normal (120 over 80) this hastens the build up of plaque and clogged arteries, blood vessels become blocked with plaque, blood vessel plaque removal is vital to lower blood pressure.


People that smoke are at a higher risk of atherosclerosis, smoking speeds up the plaque build up of the arteries that go to the heart, the legs and the largest artery in the body the aorta.


People with diabetes (elevated blood sugar) are a higher risk of atherosclerosis,so are people with a family history of heart disease,stress also plays a part as well as obesity.

Clogged arteries can start to develop during middle age but plaque build up can start during middle teen years.

Dangers of arterial plaque?

A lot depends on the location of the arterial and where it accumulates, blocked or clogged arteries can lead to numerous medical conditions such as:

Heart disease

When the blood vessels to the heart have plaque build up it can result in coronary artery disease (heart disease) some symptoms of coronary artery disease would be shortness of breath and chest pain.

Coronary artery disease kills as many as 17 million people worldwide each year, it is the principal cause of death in the united states, you can see why blood vessel plaque removal is so important.

Carotid artery disease

The carotid artery supplies oxygenated blood to the brain,they are located either side of the neck, if plaque builds up in these arteries it may lead to a stroke.

Peripheral artery disease

The peripheral arteries carry blood to the legs and all the way to the feet, plaque build yp in the peripheral arteries reduces the amount of oxygenated blood going there, symptoms of peripheral artery disease would include numbness, pain, or a very serious infection in the legs and feet area.

Clogged arteries blood vessel plaque removal

What are the symptoms of blocked arteries?

The difficulty with clogged arteries is that in many cases there may be no symptoms until a heart attack or a stroke happens, because of this heart disease is known as the silent killer.

A blockage of 70% plus can lead to symptoms and in no particular order such as:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Profuse sweating​

​Angina or chest pain is the most common symptom, the plaque build up reduces the blood flow to the coronary arteries leading to the heart.

A stroke also known as a TIA, (transient ischemic attack) is caused by a blockage to the carotid artery and produces symptoms like a sensation or a weakness on one side of the body.

It may be difficult to move the arm or leg, blood vessel plaque removal can help with the symptoms of a TIA.

Somebody having a stroke may show a loss of vision along with slurred speech.

Peripheral artery disease in the legs and feet will cause leg pain, cold feet, gangrene, and injuries will take longer than normal to heal up.

How would you feel if you had clogged arteries?

​If you experience any repeated discomfort in the chest legs or neck it is advisable to go to your doctor, don’t delay because you may have blocked arteries, there are a number of tests to determine if your arteries are clogged or not such as:

  • Blood test for high cholesterol
  • Chest X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Ct scan
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI
  • Pet scan
  • Echo cardiogram or cardiac stress test​
  • Angiogram

What is the best treatment for blood vessel plaque removal?

After your tests have been concluded your doctor will present the findings to you,if you have clogged arteries and depending on the severity of the blockage and your medical history a lifestyle and medical program will be prescribed for you:

  • Lifestyle

In order to manage the build up of arterial plaque it will be necessary to change your lifestyle especially in the areas of diet and exercise.

The preferred diet would include foods that are low in cholesterol and saturated fats,foods that have less sugar and carbohydrates,fruit and vegetables are a really good option.

By getting regular exercise you will help to keep your body weight at a healthy level, this will also help with high blood pressure,stress levels and lowering blood sugars.

If you smoke try to stop smoking as smoking leads to other conditions as well as clogged arteries.

  • Medication

The accumulation of arterial plaque has serious consequences and symptoms, these symptoms include high blood pressure and high cholesterol, your doctor may prescribe blood pressure lowering medication,cholesterol lowering drugs as well as aspiring to thin the blood and avert the dangerous formation of a blood clot.

  • Surgery

Depending on the severity of the blockage you may need to go for surgical treatment for clogged arteries and to prevent further accumulations of plaque build up these are


A stent is a tiny tube that is inserted in the femoral artery in your groin area using a small catheter (wire), it is pushed all the way up to the where you have the blockage and left there to allow the blood to flow, the stent has a coating on it which prevents plaque build up in that area.

2.Heart Bypass

During this medical procedure the surgeon will take arteries from other parts of the body that are not blocked and replace the clogged arteries with these.

3.Balloon Angioplasty

When the arteries are fully or partially blocked the surgeon will attempt to open up the artery with a balloon catheter

The natural alternative

​I speak from my own personal experience of a massive heart attack that nearly left my wife and three daughters without a father and husband, I wish that I had known about how important blood vessel plaque removal was at that time.

During my thirties I would go for regular blood tests because of a history of heart disease in my family, my doctor warned me to take stain drugs, my cholesterol was 6.9 he prescribed Lipitor .75 mg.

I was a really healthy person that enjoyed playing sport, I exercised regularly my wife made sure that I ate all the right healthy foods.

Heart attack

​I continued to take the statin drugs into my mid forties. My family and I were on a holiday, my phone rang my doctor was on the line, “Fintan your cholesterol level is still high you will have a heart attack”.

I was stunned but you know life gets in the way sometimes and you don’t heed the good advice from your doctor.

Six months later I had a cardiac arrest whilst jogging on the local beach, it nearly killed me.

That was 21 years ago,afterwards I did what my doctor told me and took the medications for a number of years until I found a natural alternative​ to reverse the plaque build up in my arteries.

I knew that by taking Blockbuster Allclear in the recommended dosage I had the answer to blood vessel plaque removal, it proved to be the case, the following 12 months changed how I felt in terms of more energy and overall wellbeing.

Clear clogged arteries

Clogged arteries are a real sign of heart disease that could potentially have devastating consequences, doctors will tell you that it’s nearly impossible to clear clogged arteries, the options presented are not going to unclog those troublesome clogged arteries.

I highly recommend that you take a closer look at what I consider to be a good, safe, and effective natural alternative called Blockbuster Allclear, the product contains two fantastic natural ingredients Serrapeptase and Nattokinase.Best Serrapeptase supplements blood vessel plaque removal

Good health naturally have combined these two wonderful enzymes to work synergistically at blood vessel plaque removal, take the recommended dosage on an empty stomach, trust me at the end of year one your arteries will be much healthier and you will feel better.

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What is CHD disease, get the facts

What is CHD disease blocked arteries image

What is CHD disease?

Want to know what is CHD disease, CHD is an abbreviation for Coronary Heart Disease the most common reason for a heart attack in the modern world today.

Read on and discover what are the symptoms of  CHD disease ,what are the signs and symptoms of CHD and what can be done to reverse CHD.

In this article you will discover that there are natural health supplements to reverse the symptoms of Coronary Heart Disease.

What is Coronary Artery Disease?

CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) occurs in our coronary arteries (heart arteries) when a sticky substance known as plaque gathers and sticks to the walls of the coronary arteries impeding blood flow and lifesaving oxygen to the heart muscle.

This condition is known as atherosclerosis and happens over several years. Coronary Artery Disease is also known as:

  • Narrowing of the arteries
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • ischemic heart disease
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Heart disease

Atherosclerosis and CHD disease 

Atherosclerosis happens when the plaque starts to harden or worse still it can come apart, a blood clot will form, depending on the size of the blood clot it can block altogether the flow of blood through the coronary artery.

That is the only problem because that ruptured plaque clings together hardening and narrowing the coronary arteries, some call it clogged arteries, in a nutshell there is your answer to what is CHD disease.

Coronary artery what is CHD d6

Outcome of CHD disease 

The normal flow of blood to the heart is disrupted by the blockage of plaque resulting in angina or a heart attack.

One of the symptoms of the disruption is angina, this feels like pressure, pain or discomfort in your chest.

The pain may also happen in your arms, shoulders, jaw, neck or back, sometimes it can be mistaken for indigestion or heartburn.

What happens then?

We know that a heart attack happens when the oxygen-rich blood going to the heart muscle is closed off, if this situation isn’t rectified immediately part of the heart muscle will die.

It is vitally important to get treatment quickly because a heart attack can result in death or other very serious health issues.

Over a period, CHD disease weakens the heart muscle, leading to heart failure and arrhythmias, when your heart can’t pump enough blood supply to meet the needs of your body we call this heart failure, an arrhythmia happens when the rhythm of the heart isn’t normal.

Cholesterol HDL LDL

CHD disease causes

Researchers have found that specific elements cause damage to the internal layers connecting the coronary arteries.

These elements consist of:

1.High levels of bad cholesterol and certain types of fat in the blood.


3.Raised blood sugar levels because of diabetes or insulin resistance

4.Inflammation of the blood vessels

5.Elevated blood pressure

Damage to the arteries

All these factors contribute to damage to the arteries causing inflammation, in some cases it has started during the childhood years and over a period the hardening of plaque reduces the blood flowing to the heart.

This process can lead to angina (pain in the chest) the biggest concern is when the plaque breaks up or ruptures little platelets (blood cell fragments) may attach to the inflamed area and form a blood clot.

Should the blood clot become big enough it can cause a major blockage in the coronary artery and result in a heart attack

Person having a heart attack

Common symptoms of CHD  Disease

There are several common symptoms to look out for, the severity may vary but as the plaque build-up it will persist in blocking the coronary arteries.

1.Shortness of breath

2.Chest pain/discomfort

3.Arm and neck pain

4.Fluid build-up in the lungs

5.Back pain

6.Extreme tiredness

7.Feeling sick, vomiting

8.Feeling faint or lightheaded

9.Breaking out into a cold sweat.

10.Sleep issues

11.You look a grey colour

What is heart failure?

Heart failure happens when your heart just cannot pump sufficient blood to satisfy your body’s needs, it does not mean that the heart has come to a stop or it is about to do that.

Common symptoms and signs are difficulty breathing, tiredness (fatigue) swollen ankles, legs, feet and blood vessels in the neck.

Soon after symptoms start you may feel very tired for a long period of time or you may be breathless after physical work effort or when you must climb a stair.

What is arrhythmia?

Every heard the saying “my heart skipped a beat” that’s what arrhythmia feels like, the rhythm of your heartbeat isn’t normal it tends to skip a beat, or it beats too fast, some have described these feelings like a flutter or a palpitation.

A sudden cardiac arrest is when your heart stops beating suddenly, you must get treatment immediately or death can be only a few short minutes away.

Reduce the risk of CHD disease 

There are several things that you can do to control and prevent CHD Disease, by taking as much care as possible around the risk factors is a good place to start, there are several risk factors which include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Overweight
  • Stress
  • Family history
  • Smoking

Control high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be controlled by taking medication, high cholesterol can be lowered by watching the foods that you eat, (cut out fatty foods) there are several cholesterols lowering drugs that work well whatever about the long-term use side effects.

Losing weight can help, I believe that by combining a low-fat diet and exercise the weight will start to come down.

Everybody has their own way of dealing with stress, it is important to get the stress levels under control because this can be a major factor in causing a heart attack.

If any of your family have a history of heart disease tell your doctor and he will decide on the best course of action, if you smoke try to give them up it doesn’t help.

How to reverse the causes of CHD Disease

Plaque artery

Now that you know what is CHD disease, in my humble opinion the causes of CHD such as plaque build-up can be completely reversed.

Is it easy, definitely not, however it can be done by taking a natural heart health supplement to unblock the build-up of plaque in the coronary arteries.

Here is my recommendation

Plaque build-up in the arteries needs to be taken care of, the best way to dissolve plaque in the arteries is to focus on incorporating a supplement that will dissolve artery plaque over time.

You will need to take Blockbuster Allclear every day, it could take up to 12 months for the hard plaque to dissolve, you will need to take 4 capsules on an empty stomach every day without fail.

To get started on dissolving arterial plaque of you have CHD disease go to the Good Health Naturally website to order Blockbuster Allclear.

The science

In 1998 an American pharmacologist Doctor Louis Ignarro along with two other scientists made the discovery that a tiny molecule known as Nitric Oxide helps to control the blood flow to every part of the body.

The American heart society gave him a Basic Research Prize for his outstanding contribution to the development of Cardiovascular science.

Since this amazing discovery many studies have been published on the effects of Nitric Oxide and how it works to relax the endothelium and cleanse the coronary arteries of plaque.

Nitric Oxide has a wide range of applications, it is used in the making of Viagra as well as nutritional supplements to reverse coronary artery disease.

How does it work?

​Basically, there is a build-up of plaque and bad cholesterol in the coronary arteries, as explained this can lead to a heart attack or a stroke, so we need to get rid of the arterial plaque to prevent a heart attack or stroke happening.

A supplement that assists your body to produce Nitric Oxide when taken on an empty stomach with water gets to work immediately helping our bodies produce that vital cleansing and relaxing of the arteries.

Why doesn’t our bodies do this naturally?

​It’s part of the growing older process, normally we get the Nitric Oxide from the foods that we eat foods like:

  • Beetroot
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Arugula​
  • Cress
  • Nuts and berries

​But as we age our bodies make less and less Nitric Oxide this leads to a build-up of plaque in the arterial system and along with other factors can lead to Coronary Heart Disease.

Clinical syudies

​According to this study by using L-Arginine and L-Citrulline combination significant increases were seen in Nitric Oxide production of the people who were tested.

This knowledge has led to some nutraceutical companies developing natural products containing L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to help our bodies to produce more Nitric Oxide gas.Nitric Oxide gas is short lived gas.

Side effects

​L-Arginine has been used in clinical trials, the participants were found to have a few side effects lasting up to three months, these included stomach pain/bloating, diarrhea,and gout-Arginine may have an interaction with blood pressure tablets, heart meds or drugs such as Viagra.

On the positive side a very large 90-day study in the High Desert Heart Institute showed remarkable improvements in Cardiovascular Health of the participants.

Where can I buy L-Arginine?

​It is important to remember that not all L-Arginine products are created equally, my recommendation is to use a high quality natural L-Arginine supplement that contains the following:

  • L-Arginine 5 gram
  • L-Citrulline 200 mg​
  • Vitamin C 60 mg
  • Vitamin D 5 ug
  • Vitamin B6 2mg
  • Vitamin B12 3 ug
  • Vitamin k 20 ug
  • Folic acid 200 ug

What are customers saying about Health Supplements for heart disease?

​There are many testimonials and success stories on the effectiveness of natural heart health supplements  read them click here.

My Recommendation

I recommend that you give Healthyflow TM a try, the product is supplied by Good Health Naturally in powder fom, all you have to do is add water, Healthyflow TM will help your body to increase Nitric oxide and begin the process of clearing your arteries.


Natural heart health supplements

Natural heart health supplements

Heart disease kills more people per head of population worldwide than all the cancers put together.

Even though doctors treat heart disease with medication such as cholesterol lowering drugs are there more natural heart health supplements available and what are the best heart supplements to support a healthy heart?

The answer is yes if you are prepared to try this natural treatment for heart health.

Heart disease facts

If we look at the figures for the United States (2009) we see that roughly 610,000 people or one in every four deaths occur because of heart disease, it not only affects men, but it is also the leading cause of death in women, the figures are staggering each of us will know of a family member or friend who will die from a heart attack!

Coronary heart disease

The most common type of heart disease is coronary heart disease, this accounts for more than 370,001 people each year, more than 736,000 USA citizens will suffer a heart attack each year, for roughly half of these it will be their first heart attack and for just under a quarter of these it will be their second heart attack.

Heart disease by Race

In the United States deaths from heart disease vary by race, it is still the main cause of death in most ethnicities, this includes African American, Whites and Hispanics. Heart disease is second to cancer in American Indians, Asian, Pacific Islanders or Alaskan Natives.

Signs of a heart attack

What are the signs of Heart Disease?

According to this report the Doctors say that if you have any of the symptoms described here you may be having a heart attack or have a potential heart issue.

Here are the 11 main symptoms to watch out for:

1.Pain in your chest

Chest pain is the classic symptom of a heart attack, most people don’t understand that they need to go to a doctor, according to Professor Newby if you experience chest pain and you don’t feel well at all you must call 999 immediately.

A heart attack can be described as a type of heaviness,pressure or tightness around the chest area, it feels like the life is being squeezed out of you.(My own personal experience)

Some people experience chest pain when walking stairs or exerting themselves, if this goes away when you stop it is more than likely to be angina, you should see your doctor, however if you feel chest pain and really unwell at the same time please call 999 for assistance.

2.Sweaty feeling

Most of us will sweat when doing physical work, especially on a very hot day or when we go to the gym and there is nothing to worry about however if you feel sweaty and hot alongside a chest pain you should call for an ambulance

Sweaty feeling before a heart attack

3.Sick feeling

According to Professor Newby if you feel sick or nauseous it doesn’t always mean you are having a heart attack, nevertheless if the sickness is accompanied by chest pain and you have been doing nothing to exert yourself please call 999 for assistance.

4.Indigestion or heartburn

Very often people will experience a burning sensation (heartburn) or an indigestion type pain and think that that is all that is wrong, however and you can take my word for it (I almost died from a massive heart attack)

I had a heartburn or indigestion type feeling just before I had my heart attack, so  if this happens to you take my advice and don’t ignore a symptom like this get some medical advice without delay.

Neck pain pre heart attack

5.A pain in your arm

​ If you experience a pain in your arm especially around the neck, the left shoulder and down into the arm it may not seem like a warning sign of a heart attack, but it could well be a heart related more so than indigestion.

Perhaps you already have heart disease and you have tried the nitrolingual heart  spray, but the pain wont go away you should be looking for medical advice asap.

6.Back or jaw pain

According to Professor Newby when it comes to a heart attack the pain can be felt in the jaw or the back, the advice is similar if it doesn’t stop call the ambulance service.

Studies have shown that the signs of heart attacks in women are seemingly more likely to be different from those in men, surprisingly women are less likely to look for medical attention following the symptoms.

7.Pain in the leg

​The symptoms of peripheral artery disease can start off as a tightening of the calves or a cramping feeling in the calves, it may be worth visiting your doctor especially if you are a smoker or diabetes.

Bloated ankle

8.Bloated Ankles

Bloated or swollen ankles can be a sign of heart failure not to be ignored particularly if your ankles become seriously large however it may be connected to many other conditions, some drugs for high blood pressure can cause this swelling. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry so contact your doctor.

9.Irregular heartbeat 

Should you experience a blackout, or your heart has been beating really fast you should see your doctor. Occasionally people will have a jump in their heart beat, normally this is nothing to get worried about.

Professor Newby did a study of about 700 people and found that about 25% had atrial fibrillation increasing their risk of stroke but the largest amount only had ectopic beat usually quite harmless.

Excessive fatigue

10.Excessive fatigue

Many people complain to their doctors about feeling very tired a lot of the time, this could be a symptom of heart disease or some other condition.

However, it’s hard for a doctor to know exactly the cause unless you have been working long hours or not getting enough sleep, it may not be your heart but it’s good to talk to your doctor.

11.Gagging/Choking sensation

Angina is described as a choking or gagging sensation that the pain can be experienced from the chest right up to the throat, if you have an experience like this or any of the other signs please get in touch with medical services.

What are the causes of a heart attack?

​Coronary heart disease is by far the most common cause of a heart attack, caused by a build-up of fat like deposits on the arterial walls surrounding the heart (coronary arteries)

This build up contributes to making the arteries narrow and restricts the flow of blood to the vital organ the heart, this is known as atherosclerosis.

Heart disease risks

  • ​Smoking
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • lack of exercise
  • Family history
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Thrombosis (blood clot)

Natural heart health supplements

Natural Heart Health Supplements

​Do natural heart health supplements work to fight heart disease? Traditionally Cardiologists will usually do a heart bypass operation to alleviate the pain and improve the blood flow to the heart following a heart attack. Doctors will prescribe statin drugs to people with high cholesterol and/or blood pressure tablets to bring down the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels or the high blood pressure.

But what if you are someone who has arterial plaque build-up and or high blood pressure and high cholesterol and you are looking for some heart healthy supplements that work!

Click here to find out what people are saying about natural heart health supplements


Causes of a heart attack

Causes of a heart attack.

I am well qualified to give advice on the main causes of a heart attack because at age 45 I had a massive heart attack that almost killed me,.

I was a dad to three beautiful daughters and husband who didn’t pay attention to the main causes of a heart attack and almost paid the price with my life.

I work in healthcare I see a lot of people having heart attacks some survive, and some don’t, despite all the advice from doctors and all the medication prescribed heart disease is still the number one killer in the modern world today. I must ask the question, why is that?

Is fitness and diet enough?

Fitness and diet just aren’t enough
Being fit and eating the right foods may not be enough when it comes to preventing a heart attack.

A good example is the actor James Galdonfini who famously portrayed Tony Soprano a mobster who had a heart on the hit TV series the Sopranos.

Tony unfortunstely died from a massive heart attack.

For example just look at some of the fittest people in the world that had a heart attack, Ugo Ehiogu (RIP) was an English footballer who sadly passed away at age 44.

It was speculated that he died from a heart attack but it turned out it was a sudden cardiac arrest, something completely different from the more common reason for heart attacks which is the blood flow to your heart is impeded or blocked putting pressure on the heart.

Cardiac arrest

During a coronary arrest the electrical system of your heart malfunctions or breakdown resulting in your heart beating irregularly and alarmingly fast.

The coronary going to your heart are normally clear and, in most cases, there are few if any symptoms until just before the event such as feeling dizzy, faint or having heart palpitations.

Death happens quickly without emergency treatment because the blood supply isn’t being pumped to the vital organs as it normally is.

In some cases where young people die from sudden cardiac arrest there are other underlying causes such as an enlarged heart (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) in as many as 50% of all sudden cardiac deaths cases the post mortem showed that the heart was found to be completely normal, these had to be classified in the autopsy negative unexplained deaths category.

Athletes-Cardiac arrest

According to this study and allowing for inconsistencies the rate of sudden cardiac arrest in athletes is a leading cause of death, according to estimates there is a 1 in 3,000 chance of a cardiac arrest in athletes.

Similarly the risk amongst Div.1 basketball players has been appraised at ten times more than those in the whole athlete community,(1 in 5190 versus 1 in 53701 athletes per annum)
When a young person dies from a heart attack it may be because of a genetically inherited abnormality that lead to high cholesterol levels.

The heart muscle becomes diseased the muscle tissue changes to fat and scar tissue in place of muscle tissue causing a sudden cardiac arrest, this may happen in children also.

Other examples of sudden death causes are inflammation of the heart known as myocarditis, this is a congenital abnormality of a coronary artery or a heart valve.

In sudden death cases that happen to young people roughly 15% happen because of conditions external to the heart, for example intracranial haemorrhage (bleeding inside the skull) a blood clot causing a sudden blockage (pulmonary embolism)

Does Stress Increase your risk of heart disease?

It is true to say that stress increases your risk of a heart attack, however medical opinion is divided as to how does stress increase the likelihood of a heart attack, for example does stress:

1.Make your blood pressure go higher?

2.Make your cholesterol worse?

3. Make you exercise less?

4.Make your heart beat faster

5.Give you chest pain?

6.Make you smoke?

There are studies linking stress to heart disease, stress can subject your body to damaging levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Stress can affect the way blood clots which will increase your risk of a heart attack.

Stressed person
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Is stress the same for everyone?

The short answer is no, as individuals we react to stress in different ways, some people can handle everyday stress with ease.

Whereas others react in the opposite way by feeling angry, anxious, moody or guilty.


Main causes of a heart attack?

We are led to believe that most heart attacks are caused by a blockage in the arterial vessels leading to the heart, (surgeons will usually perform a bypass or insert a stent) this is a very simplistic answer but let’s look a little deeper into this theory.

What causes the blockage in the arterial blood vessels?

It starts with inflammation causing destabilizing of plaque and making it rupture and tear the lining of the blood vessel (the endothelium) this leads to a blood clot which is very dangerous and is one of the leading causes of a heart attack.

Why is the endothelium so important?

The entire circulatory system is lined with vascular endothelial cells all the way from your heart to the tiniest capillaries.

These cells are so important in fluid filtration, hormone trafficking, neutrophil recruitment, blood vessel tone, haemostasis, preventing diffusion of proteins from the blood into the surrounding tissues, and glomeruli of the kidneys.

The endothelial cells play a fundamental role in regulating blood flow, nearly all tissues rely on a continuous supply of blood, that blood supply entirely depends on the endothelial cells, they form the lining of the blood vessel.

What causes damage to the endothelium?

The endothelium becomes damaged by several conditions such as:
1.Coronary heart failure,
3.Peripheral vascular disease
4.Chronic kidney failure
5.Chronic heart failure
6.Viral infections
7.High blood pressure
8.High LDL cholesterol

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are caused by smoking, being overweight, sleep issues, acute microbial infections, exposure to air pollutants and metals, and high glucose consumption.

Free radicals can disturb the balance of Nitric Oxide and lead to damage to the endothelium leaving it unduly absorbent letting toxins pass into body tissues.

What is Nitric Oxide?

The endothelium makes Nitric Oxide, Nitric Oxide is a gas which is short lived, NO does a really important job within the arterial system because it keeps the artery walls smooth and supple allowing blood to flow freely to the vital organs.

Doctor Louis Ignarro was awarded a Nobel prize in medicine when he made the discovery that NO is a signalling molecule produced within the body, it is a vasodilator that assists to control blood flow to every blood vessel in the body.

What is atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is a hardening of the arteries, this happens as we age because our capability to produce NO is diminished and plaque, cholesterol and calcium build up in our arteries.

This build-up or hardening can lead to a heart attack or stroke because the blood flow is interrupted, doctors usually prescribe nitro glycerine spray pumps for heart attack or stroke patients.

How do we prevent or cure the cause of a heart attack?

It would seem to be quite logical to me, simply increase the amount of Nitric Oxide in our bodies!

By increasing the amount of NO we help to repair the damage done to the endothelium, remember the endothelium is the single most important part of keeping your arteries flexible and free of arterial plaque.

Nitric oxide is found in certain foods that we eat like citrus, dark chocolate, walnuts, spinach, argula, watermelon, beetroot and others.

The problem is that it would be nearly impossible to consume enough of these foods to make enough Nitric Oxide to repair the endothelium. So, what is the answer?

You need to supplement your diet with natural products that will increase your body’s production of Nitric Oxide gas.

My recommendations. (because they worked for me)

SerraEnzyme contains Serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase has a unique ability to dissolve plaque and lower cholesterol.

SerraEnzyme has been used because of its effectiveness in the natural healing process.

Try SerraEnzyme it WORKS!


Blockbuster All clear:

Powerful Support For Normal Arterial & Cardiovascular Health

  • Provides 80,000 IU Of Serrapeptase Per Serving

    Blockbuster AllClear™ is a careful blend of powerful enzymes such as Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Digestive Enzymes, antioxidants and proanthocyanidins (Grape Seed Extract and Pycnogenoir).

  • Powerful Support For Normal Arterial & Cardiovascular Health

    Serrapeptase is thought to show accelerated healing and effective support for normal cardio, arterial function and anti-inflammatory health. Contains Nattokinase™, a potent fibrinolytic enzyme extracted and highly purified from a traditional Japanese food called Natto.

  • Contains Nattokinase – A Potent Fibrinolytic Enzyme

    The human body produces several types of enzymes for making thrombus, but only one main enzyme from breaking thrombus down and dissolving it – plasmin. Nattokinase has properties that closely resemble plasmin.

  • High-Level Support For Healthy Lungs

    Serrapeptase can provide relief from inflammation and dead scar tissue in the lungs. This can make breathing easier.

  • Safe For Long-Term Maintenance

    Serrapeptase and the Blockbuster AllClear™ formula is safe to take in the long term. Blockbuster AllClear™ is now available in delayed-release capsules.

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Proargi 9 plus

Proargi 9 plus is a natural powder based supplement,it is the only L-Arginine supplement mentioned in the Physicians desk manual.

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