Rheumatoid arthritis of the hands

If you are affected by rheumatoid arthritis of the hands please read this article, it may provide some answers for you in terms of what will help with Rheumatoid arthritis pain, what is the best rheumatoid arthritis symptoms treatment and how to deal with yet another flare up of rheumatoid arthritis in the hand.

What Is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune ailment, your hands are more inclined to have this very painful condition because of the number of joints in each hand (25 in total) RA happens because your immune system thinks it is under attack and erroneously attacks the joints in your hand, this action leads to inflammation ending in sharp pain.

The symptoms of RA will vary from person to person, some will experience symptoms almost all the time whilst others may have to deal with flare ups that become severe but calm down after a time. The research into autoimmune disorders is ongoing because we need to u understand it better, but it is thought that autoimmune disease such as arthritis, psoriasis, lupus and polymyalgia tend to gather together, in other words people who have one form of autoimmune disease may also develop another form.

Which Hand Joints are Affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis?

The joints that link your fingers to your hands are known as the metacarpophalangeal joints, these are the ones most likely to be affected by RA, the symptoms of swelling and pain will most likely be felt in the joints in the middle knuckle of your finger as well as between the wrist and forearm. At the beginning you may feel less pain in the peripheral joints known as the distal interphalangeal joint until the inflammation spreads to the joints further down the hand.

Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Hands?

People complain mostly about pain, swelling or stiffness in their hands and fingers, some have experienced other symptoms such as:

  • Like carpel tunnel syndrome numbness and tingling
  • Fatigue
  • A warm and tender feeling when touching the finger joint
  • Out of shape wrist or finger joints

The stiffness and pain will usually be felt for more than a couple of hours in the morning time and these symptoms will normally be experienced in both hands.

Treatments for RA in the Hands?

We know that there is no cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis at all, but you can reduce the symptoms of RA and make your life a little more comfortable with several treatments such as:

  • ​Over the counter and prescription anti-inflammatory medications may help to lessen the pain and inflammation when you are dealing with a flare up. To prevent the flare ups, you need to take other types of medication and lessen the pain and damage to your joints. Some people find that by resting it can relieve the pain others recommend regular exercise along with stretches of the affected joints to relieve the stiffness and pain. A physiotherapist can design a muscle strengthening exercise to also help to alleviate the pain and swelling.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids found in foods such as sardines, salmon, mackerel or trout can help to curtail the inflammation, other foods that contain the omega 3 fatty acids would be walnuts or flax seed oil.

Avoid stress

If you are prone to a high level of stress and you have RA in your hands you need to use strategies to deal with that. High levels of stress can bring on a flare up in certain people. By avoiding stressful situations, it can help to lessen the number of flare ups that you have.


In a minority of cases and only where the joints are badly damage would surgery be considered an option.

Home treatment

If you would like to try and treat yourself at home try using an ice pack to reduce the swelling or a heat pack on the affected area, this may help to sooth the inflammation and pain, use the heat pack around the affected area for about 15 minutes to ease the pain, this method is useful before any exercise.

What changes can help Rheumatoid Arthritis victims?

Anyone who has RA for a long period may find that they lose some of their deftness, meaning they can’t do things so well with the affected hand, these simple steps may help to make life that little bit easier:

  • Velcro fasteners on clothing easier to work than buttons
  • Foam padding to writing instruments – easier to grasp
  • Lighter pots and pans
  • Doorknob accessory making them easier to turn

Complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis of the hands?

Treatment may be required in certain cases especially where the condition has deformed the joints, one of these is called a boutonniere deformity whereby the middle finger has been bent in the direction of the palm, at the same time the joint of the last finger has bent the other way. This happens because of chronic inflammation in the middle joint of the finger, in this case the middle finger will be operated on to keep the joint extending properly.

Swan neck deformity

​This type of deformity is quite common and happens when farthest joint of the finger along with the joint that joins it to the hand bend together and the middle joint stays normal and straight. When this occurs over a period it can create a swan-neck type shape making it very difficult to carry out simple tasks such as holding a cup, buttoning your shirt or tying your shoe laces. Depending on how bad the condition is surgery may be required to realign or to fuse the joints to bring back normal movement or a finger splint or ring may be used.

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Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief

(RA) Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune ailment,it affects the joints, making them hot, swollen and painful, Rheumatoid arthritis is a continuing and long lasting disease,finding a solution for Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief is a challenge but it is possible to get pain relief from Rheumatoid arthritis using a natural product.The most common symptoms are pain and a feeling of stiffness in the hands and wrists,the condition can also affect other parts of the body. Symptoms start and increase progressively over the weeks and into months/years,inflammation is a major part in the cause of Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation can affect the heart, lungs,the red blood cells count may be low, it’s not unusual to see lower energy and fever symptoms.The inflammation releases chemicals causing damage to the bones,cartilage,ligaments and tendons.These chemicals can lead to the joint losing its contour and positioning if the RA isn’t dealt with.

Rheumatoid arthritis causes

​There are several therories as to the cause of the disease, for example it is thought that infection or a virus triggers the immune system to attack healthy tissue in the body,it is also thought that a mixture of envrironmental and genetics is the cause.None of these causes have actuallly been proven to be the case,smokers are at a substantially higher risk of developing RA, however smokers report that smoking makes the pain lessen in the joints, this may explain why people with the disease may find stopping smoking difficult.


According to a study​ by eating red meat or a diet with low levels of vitamin C may increase the risk of contracting RA,on the other hand a Mediterrian diet seems to help keep the inflammation at bay.

Throughout the world, RA is more prevalant in women compared to men. which indicates that hormonal issues are responsible for the formation of the disease,RA will go into reprieve during a preganacy.

Life expectancy 

​Due to the various symptoms attached to the disease it is difficult to predict how many years less a person with the disease will live but in general terms​ a person’s life with this type of disease could be shortened by 10-15 years approximately


​Your doctor will  listen as you describe the symptoms that you have, he will inspect the joints for any swelling and check your mobility,if the GP suspects that you may have RA you will be referred to a Rheumatologist for further examination.Additionally your doctor may perform a blood test even though there is no specific blood test to determine Rheumatoid arthritis, a full blood count, ESR and C-reactive protein will be measured.The blood tests will help to determine if you have RA or not, about 50% of people with RA are found to have a rheumatoid factor existing when the disease starts in the blood.On occasions a test for antibodies (known as anti-CCP) is used because people found with anti-CCP are likely to progress to RA,this doesn’t mean that everybody with RA has this particular antibody,people with both of these (RA+anti CCP) present are most likely to have the type of rheumatoid arthritis necessitating a high level of treatment.

Rheumatoid arthritis pain treatment

​We know that there is no cure,according to this study​ people in the obese category experienced more progressively increasing disability,people with weight loss are a poor prognostic sign of RA, this category should be referred for physical therapy,strength training as well as other interventions to stave off disability.if you are experiencing symptoms of RA it is imperative to get an early diagnosis,strong medications((DMARDs) can help to modify Rheumatoid arthritis.

Depending on how severe the symptoms are and how long you have had them will determine the best course of action:


Nsaids are a type of medication that can reduce pain and inflammation, the more common ones such as Ibroprofen,Motrin, Advil and Aleve can be purchased over the counter but stronger drugs are only available on a doctors prescription.

Side effects

​Ringing ears,stomach issues,heart issues liver and kidney damage

Corticosteriod medications:These are steriods such as Prednisone designed to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and slow damage to the joint.

Side effects;

​          Vision issues,acne,glaucoma or cataracts,sleep issues,weight gain,high blood pressure.

(DMARDs). These disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs​ are designed to slow the devlopement of RA  as wll as saving the joints and tissue from long lasting damage

Side effects

May be liver damage,chronic lung infections and suppression of the bone marrow.

​Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief

​When you are in pain almost 24 hours a day it can be extremely debiltating as you go about your daily activities hence the need to find something that works for Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief.If you have tried all the normal painkillers, exercises and therapy and the pain and swelling still persists why not look at a natural alternative​​ for rheumatoid arthritis pain relief and possibly remove it for GOOD!

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