Does Curcumin 2000 WORK?

Does Curcumin 2,000 Work?

I had heard some good reports about this product Curcumin 2000, people have been saying that it is good for things like arthritis and pain relief, so I decided to look a little deeper into Curcumin 2000 to find out what all the hype is about and this is my Curcumin 2000 review 2019.

Joint problems

Joint problems are so common, not only do the affect older people but I have heard from some of my relations that they have a joint related health condition called rheumatoid arthritis, it’s hard to believe but Rosie is only 40 years old, that proved to me that joint ailments not only affect the old but also the young. Based on this knowledge it is very important to have a natural product that will help the body to cope with all this pain and stiffness.


There are other joint problems that happen to people and they include gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, other times people can have joint pain and ache from an injury or from pressure put on the joint by too much exercise. I’m thinking here of people who do a lot of road running or who compete in physical contact sports.

Joint pain image

Natural remedy for joint pain

People that suffer every day from joint pain will usually have been to visit their doctor and ben prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory, I have heard of side effects from these drugs so I suppose it isn’t unusual for people that have joint pain and stiffness to look for supplements that will help their situation. Good curcumin supplements are made from natural ingredients which makes them safe to take and are usually free from side effects.

Is Curcumin 2000 safe from side effects, what is in Curcumin 2000? Is it safe to take Curcumin 2000? Where can you buy Curcumin 2000?

A lot of questions, so this is my comprehensive Curcumin 2000 Review 2019

What Is Curcumin 2000?

If you search the internet you will find a vast amount of Curcumin supplements all claiming to provide you with health benefits and some with fast results, I can understand how you could become overwhelmed when trying to decide what is best for you so for today I have decided to stick to giving you as much information as possible on Curcumin 2000 because I believe from what I have read that Curcumin 2000 comes out on top in terms of joint support, providing support for the immune system and it even helps people recover after a strenuous workout.

Curcumin 2000

Where does Curcumin 2000 come from?

Curcumin 2000 is provided by Market Health .com they have been providing and selling supplements for a long number of years and their products come with a good reputation, there is more information on the product on their official website.

According to Market Health they use the very best technology when extracting Curcumin from the Turmeric herb ensuring that the product has the highest quality content of Curcumin in it, Turmeric is a well-known food spice but Curcumin is the part that has the most health benefits, the company also state that they use FDA approved measurements for purity and quality.

The purity and quality standards are reassuring in the sense that Curcumin 2000 doesn’t have any chemicals added it is gluten free and additive free.

What is Curcumin 2000 good for?

Curcumin 2000 contains 30 mg Curcumin as the label suggests Curcumin is the main ingredient, many studies have shown that Curcumin has so many associated health benefits such as:

  • It helps your body to fight against bad bacteria
  • It’s good for cleaning your liver
  • Helps to repair damaged cells
  • Arthritis is inflammation, Curcumin is an excellent anti-inflammatory
  • Good for stomach issues
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • May help with depression

I’m sure that Curcumin 2000 has more health benefits than those listed, it seems from reading customer testimonials that Curcumin 2000 has had a positive effect on people with joint issues.

What is in Curcumin 2000?

As I have mentioned Curcumin 2000 capsules contain all-natural ingredients one important ingredient that it does have is Piperine, this makes Curcumin 2000 easier to absorb into your system allowing it to get to work on the pain and inflammation.

It is a proprietary blend 2,020 mg containing Turmeric Root (Curcuma Longa) Turmeric (root) Extract (curcuma longa) standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Studies have shown time and time again that Curcumin is such an effective ingredient in fighting and in the reduction of inflammation, so not only will it help with joint related conditions like arthritis it may also help people who have ailments resulting from chronic inflammation such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Curcumin 2000 also contains Piperine, it is black pepper extract combined with the Curcumin 2000 makes the product absorb easier into your system so you can experience its health benefits.

Glass of water and pills

What dosage of Curcumin 2000 do I use?

Curcumin 2000 is suitable for people who suffer from arthritis or osteoarthritis; however, it may not be so effective if you are in the advanced stages, it is also suitable for improving joint mobility and reducing inflammation.

As I mentioned earlier Curcumin 2000 is especially good for people who do strenuous workouts or for athletes who want to perform to their optimum.

The recommended dosage of Curcumin 2000 is 1 to 2 capsules per day to be taken with your meal or for athletes straight after a strenuous workout.

How much does Curcumin 2000 Cost?

The company offer the product in three different ways, so it depends on how you want to buy it, you could start off with one bottle, or you may feel that it could take longer for you to get results so go for the three bottle package or you might want to get each bottle at the lowest price so go for the 6 bottle package (the price can go down to as little as (41.66 per bottle)

What happens if you want to send it back?

The company offer a 100% refund on your order if you are not satisfied with your results, so you don’t have to worry about this.

Is there a FREE Trial offer or an auto-ship offer?

Absolutely, the company has the offer of a 90 day trial subscription package meaning that during the trial period of 90 days if you are not happy you just return the unused product for a full refund, obviously you can’t get your money back if you have opened the product. this subscription-based model can be cancelled anytime by contacting their customer service department.


I gathered from reading the customer testimonials that Curcumin 2000 is safe to take, side effects are minimal but be aware that not every customer will feel the same or get the same results, Curcumin 2000 seems to be effective in the treatment of inflammation especially for the likes of arthritis or bursitis both are caused by inflammation, it seems to be also good for joint pain especially if it is caused by a degeneration of the cartilage.

As time goes on these conditions will only get worse, by taking Curcumin 2000 your body should be better able to cope with inflammation and pain, Curcumin 2000 seems to be effective on all fronts and the price is reasonable.

Swollen knee causes

Swollen knee causes

The most common cause of a swollen knee is when too much fluid gathers in or around the knee joint.

To some people it is called fluid or water on the knee, the medical term for the condition is effusion of the knee joint.

Other swollen knee causes could be a result of knee trauma (bang on the knee) overuse of the injured knee or perhaps an underlying condition or disease.

Your doctor will determine the primary cause and recommend an appropriate treatment, some of the fluid may be removed to help with reducing the stiffness and pain linked to the swelling.

Symptoms of swollen knee

The signs & symptoms of swollen knee are:

  • Swelling: The area surrounding the kneecap can noticeably puff up, the affected knee looks much bigger than the other knee
  • Pain: The cause of the swelling will have a direct bearing on how painful the skin area around the knee is, in certain cases it will be very difficult to put any weight on the leg.
  • Stiffness: The excess fluid around the kneecap will make it hard to bend or straighten the leg fully

When should you go to see a Doctor?

If you have tried taking over the counter painkillers but the swelling and pain isn’t going away or if one knee feels warm to touch or it may be red. You may also have tried using an ice pack to no avail.

 Swollen Knee Causes

  • ACL or anterior cruciate injury occurs when the ACL is stretched, partly torn or fully torn. The most common type of ACL is a complete tear, the symptoms consist of pain, unstable knee, and joint swelling.
  • Torn meniscus

This is one of the most common types of knee injuries, a torn meniscus can happen if you put some force behind your knee when you twist or rotate it, this is quite common with sports activities like soccer or football.

The menisci are cartilage shaped like a C that are found in your knees, they form a cushion between the shinbone and the thigh bone. Should the meniscus become torn it will lead to swelling, pain and stiffness, it may also cause trouble when trying to extend the knee out.

Symptoms of a torn meniscus include;

  • Swelling or stiffness
  • A feeling that the knee has popped out
  • Sharp pain when twisting or turning
  • Difficulty when trying to straighten the knee fully
  • The knee feels locked at times

A variety of causes

There are a variety of issues that cause swollen knees they range from trauma type injuries to disease and other conditions

Knee Injuries

Any type of injury to the knee can induce excess fluid to gather around the knee joint, types of injuries include:

  • Meniscus tear
  • A broken bone
  • ACL or torn ligament

Diseases and conditions

Hidden conditions and diseases capable of producing a build up of excess fluid in and near the knee joint include:

  • Bursitis
  • A cyst
  • Infection
  • Pseudogout
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • A tumour
  • Osteoarthritis

Risk factors for swollen knee

  • Ageing: As we age the chances of getting a swollen knee increase
  • Obesity: Being overweight puts added pressure on the joints especially the knee and hip joints causing a deterioration leading to a swollen knee.
  • Osteoarthritis is a common cause of knee and joint swelling obesity compounds the risk of osteoarthritis.
  • Sports: Many sports people suffer from swollen knee especially those sports where there is a lot of twisting and leg turning sports like basketball, soccer, rugby and ice hockey.

Swollen knee complications

There are some complications that come with swollen knee and they are:

  • Loss of muscle: The build-up of fluid in the knee may cause harm to the way the muscles work especially the thigh muscles which may weaken and waste away.
  • Fluid-filled sac: Also known as Baker’s cyst which can form in the knee as a result of the swelling, this complication can be extremely painful and may have to be removed.

Swollen knee prevention

How do you prevent a swollen knee happening? Typically swollen knee is caused by a chronic health condition or an injury, to enable better health and prevent an injury?

  • Control your weight being overweight puts pressure on the joints and can lead to wear and tear on the knee causing swelling
  • Knee exercises: Exercise that builds up the knee muscles may help to ease pressure
  • Low impact exercises: Like swimming, try water aerobics these activities put less strain on the knee joints

Curcumin supplements
Curcumin supplements

Recommended for swollen knee swelling and reduction

Curcumin has been used for centuries for swelling and pain relief, it is a natural anti-inflammatory, it has been proven to reduce swelling and pain.

Take 1-2 capsules daily with water on an empty stomach one hour before eating. Curcumin is safe to take with other medications with few reported side effects, here are just some of the benefits

  • All-Natural Support for Proper Inflammatory Response
  • Supports Healthy Muscles and Joints
  • Promotes Proper Immune System Function
  • Supports Proper Recovery Times After Strenuous Exercise
  • Promotes Healthy Brain Function
  • Promotes Faster Training Recovery

Why not try Curcumin for inflammation, swelling and pain


Best turmeric curcumin supplement 2019

Best Curcumin Turmeric supplement 2019

Best Turmeric Curcumin supplement 2019

The best Turmeric Curcumin supplement 2019 read about the origins of Turmeric and what it can do for inflammation and pain, read where to buy the best quality Turmeric Curcumin supplements and discover what are turmeric curcumin supplement benefits?

Turmeric comes from the turmeric plant, the yellow coloured powder is ground from the root, it is related to the ginger family and grows in India & Indonesia, curcumin is a key chemical found in turmeric it is the most active ingredient with powerful anti-inflammation benefits as well as being an effective antioxidant.

Turmeric in India

The Indian people have used turmeric to help with digestion there are claims that it can help to reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, it has been found to help with bursitis which is caused by inflammation.

How does it Turmeric work?

The Chinese and Indian people have traditionally used Turmeric/Curcumin it to treat arthritis, it is thought to work by blocking the cause of the inflammation namely cytokines & enzymes,where large numbers of white blood cells contain high levels of cytokines and enzymes in patients with RA and septic arthritis.

Turmeric picture

Turmeric/Curcumin studies

Many studies have shown that turmeric/curcumin possesses anti-inflammatory attributes capable of modifying immune system response. During 2006 a study confirmed that turmeric is more effective at inflammation prevention in the joints than reducing it.

A further clinical trial in 2010 used a turmeric supplement Meriva (75%) plus phosphatidylcholine on one hundred patients who suffered from osteoarthritis in the knee. The results showed a big improvement in pain relief and performance over the long-term.

During 2012 a smaller pilot study in which patients with active Rheumatoid Arthritis were given a curcumin supplement, the findings showed a reduction in joint pain and swelling even better results than those achieved with a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. This is good news for the many thousands of people that suffer daily pain from Rheumatoid arthritis and could benefit from best turmeric curcumin supplement 2019.


Turmeric Curcumin study

The curcumin inside the Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory in stopping the joints from becoming inflamed or swollen.

One scientific study showed that 500 mg of Curcumin taken daily was a more effective way of reducing pain and swelling in Rheumatoid patients than prescription drugs such as Diclofenac.

In fact, taking a Curcumin Turmeric supplement 2019 for joint pain has shown it to be a good preventative measure because it starts to kick in before the symptoms of pain and swelling. Turmeric can help to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis or other degenerative disease.


Osteoarthritis take a 400-600 mg capsule 3 times per day or use powdered root 0.5 grams -1 gram up to 3 grams per day.
Rheumatoid arthritis takes 500 mg twice daily.

Be careful

Before buying Curcumin Turmeric supplement 2019 make sure that the standard amount of Curcumin in Turmeric should be in the 2-6 % range. Most of the studies conducted on Curcumin used a supplement containing 1 gram of the herb per day.

So, to get the most benefit you need to take a supplement with a minimum of 2-6% of Curcumin in it.


If you are taking blood thinners like warfarin do not take a Curcumin Turmeric supplement because it can also thin the blood or may cause a tummy upset. Pregnant women or those with gallbladder disease should avoid it also.

Are there side effects?

None unless taking blood thinners, in fact Turmeric is a spice used to add flavour to food, taking a Cutcumin Turmeric supplement with water will have no effect. Let’s not forget that it has been used for hundreds of years in China and India for treating inflammatory conditions, wounds, digestion problems, skin disease, and liver conditions.

Causes of inflammation

In the western world chronic inflammation is prevalent because of the amount of processed foods that are eaten, processed foods that contain sugar are the biggest threat to inflammation. A diet high in sugar has been linked to many chronic illnesses including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, obesity and cancer.

To keep your body healthy, it is important to eat the right foods so a diet of unprocessed foods such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts, fish and supplementing your diet with anti-inflammatory ingredients like Turmeric.

People that have inflammation invariably have swelling and pain, most doctors will prescribe aspirin or ibuprofen for the pain and swelling but successive studies have shown that Curcumin Turmeric capsules are equally effective at reducing inflammation without SIDE EFFECTS, not only that Turmeric is natural.

Beneficial for your heart

Did you know that by taking Curcumin Turmeric supplement 2019 can be beneficial for your heart? inflammation in the endothelium (the lining of the blood vessels) can have a serious impact on what happens in your blood vessels.

Inflammation can cause plaque build-up that can lead to a blockage putting your heart under pressure and making it difficult for the correct amount of blood to flow to your heart and other organs.

This obstruction may cause plaque to break off if it makes its way to the heart it may cause a heart attack, if it makes its way to the brain it could cause a stroke.
Turmeric has many benefits, if it is used regularly in supplement or powder form it can make improvements to the lining of the blood vessel and reduce inflammation in the endothelium.

Turmeric Fights inflammation.

Several studies mentioned by the Arthritis foundation have shown that Turmeric reduced inflammation, its anti-inflammatory abilities allow it to reduce the swelling and pain that people with arthritis have in their joints.

The recommended dosage for arthritis pain relief is a Turmeric capsule containing 400-600 mgs up to 3 times daily.

Turmeric helps with Pain relief

We know that Turmeric can help with pain relief and it may help with arthritis pain also. In one study the participants took 800 mg of Turmeric in a capsule daily, the study showed that it was as effective as taking ibuprofen.

Improves liver function

A Curcumin Turmeric supplement is a good antioxidant to take, it can help to keep the liver working efficiently and free from any damage from toxins, for example people who are on long-term use drugs for diabetes or other conditions would benefit from a Turmeric supplement.

Turmeric supplements are available in powder form capsules, extracts, fluids and tinctures, to increase the absorption of Turmeric Bromelain (derived from Pineapple) is added.

Turmeric supplements are available online Click Here to find out more

NB Please check with your doctor if you are thinking of taking a Turmeric supplement.

This paper written by NCBI a well-respected health journal from the National Library of Medicine concluded after much research that Curcumin was a definite recommendation for the treatment for arthritis sufferers as an alternative dietary adjunct to conventional therapy.

They did stress the need for larger clinical trial to take place to provide further evidence that Curcumin could be accepted as a standard arthritis therapy and other possible inflammatory conditions.

In this report by the same organization covering a 8-12 week study of Turmeric extracts where patients were given 100 mg per day of Curcumin treatment for arthritis symptoms (mostly inflammation and pain related symptoms) the results showed improvements that would be similar if those same people were taking ibuprofen or diclofenac sodium.

The conclusion was that Turmeric extracts such as Curcumin could be recommended to alleviate symptoms like inflammation, pain and swelling associated with arthritis.


Turmeric supplements black pepper

Turmeric supplements black pepper
Turmeric/Curcumin Supplements image

Turmeric supplements black pepper

The combination of Curcumin and Piperine makes Curcumin 2000 a very potent supplement to help reduce inflammation and pain. Curcumin plays a central role in supporting the body to fight against dangerous and painful inflammation, Curcumin 2000 is one of the few turmeric supplements that contain black pepper and curcumin.

 This is beneficial to the end user, the combination of a unique Curcumin extract allied to a high quality piperine allows the product to absorb easily and start to work to reduce inflammation and ease the pain. In fact, Curcumin 2000  has the bio availability equal to 42,000 mg of any other Curcumin supplement in the marketplace.

Turmeric is a spice that is used to give curry it’s yellow color. Turmeric is an everyday spice and medicinal herb found and used in households in India for the past few thousand years.

In recent times scientists have started to do the research into turmeric showing what the Indian people have known for years that Turmeric really does have compounds that offer medicinal properties. Curcumin is one of these compounds that are known as curcuminoids.

The main active ingredient in turmeric is Curcumin. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory along with being a strong anti-oxidant but the amount of curcumin in turmeric is low around 3% by weight.

Turmeric studied

Turmeric studies

In the main studies on this herb use a turmeric extract containing mainly Curcumin only, with dosages normally exceeding 1 gram per day.

To have success against inflammation and pain by using turmeric in your food would be difficult. To reach these levels and have the maximum effect you will need to start taking a good quality supplement that contains a significant amount of curcumin.

One of the issues with Curcumin has been its slow absorption into the bloodstream, by adding piperine (a natural absorption substance) enhances the ability of the supplement to quickly absorb into the body, sometimes by as much as 2,000 % and start to reduce inflammation and pain.

Only the best curcumin supplements have piperine, considerably increasing how effective they are.

Curcumin is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it can be taken with higher fat foods.

What is inflammation important?

Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting off foreign invaders, inflammation plays a role in repairing damage done to the body.

If we didn’t have inflammation, pathogens such as bacteria may take command of your body and end your life.

Short term inflammation (acute) is advantageous but when inflammation becomes chronic or long lasting it does become a large problem because the body’s tissues are attacked, and the immune system starts to break down.

Western disease such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, degenerative conditions and cancer have a common thread. According to scientist’s low-level inflammation plays a major role in the development of such diseases.

To be honest any natural product that can assist in the fight against chronic inflammation is of great importance in treating and perhaps preventing these diseases.

Curcumin is a strong natural anti-inflammatory. It is so powerful that it is just as effective as some of the anti-inflammatory drugs being prescribed for people nowadays.

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Supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis

Supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis hands

Supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis

There are supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis that can help with symptoms, RA is an autoimmune ailment,it affects the joints, making them hot, swollen and painful.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a continuing and long lasting disease, finding supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis is a challenge but it is possible to get pain relief from Rheumatoid arthritis using a natural product.

The most common symptoms are pain and a feeling of stiffness in the hands and wrists,the condition can also affect other parts of the body.

Symptoms start and increase progressively over the weeks and into months/years, inflammation is a major part in the cause of Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation can affect the heart, lungs,the red blood cells count may be low, it’s not unusual to see lower energy and fever symptoms.

The inflammation releases chemicals causing damage to the bones,cartilage,ligaments and tendons. These chemicals can lead to the joint losing its contour and positioning if the RA isn’t dealt with.

Rheumatoid arthritis causes

​There are several theories as to the cause of the disease, for example it is thought that infection or a virus triggers the immune system to attack healthy tissue in the body, it is also thought that a mixture of envrironmental and genetics are related the causes.

Rheumatoid arthritis affects almost every joint in the body, it can be very painful in the hands.

None of these causes have actually been proven to be the case,smokers are at a substantially higher risk of developing RA, however smokers report that smoking makes the pain lessen in the joints, this may explain why people with the disease may find stopping smoking difficult.


Red meat diet

​According to a study​ by eating red meat or a diet with low levels of vitamin C may increase the risk of contracting RA, on the other hand a Mediterranean diet seems to help keep the inflammation at bay.

Many people find that supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis help especially those that contain Curcumin.

For example, Curcumin 4000X with piperine fights back against the root cause of arthritic pain namely inflammation, it’s made with organic Turmeric.

Customers report that its beneficial effects on Rheumatoid arthritis pain is nothing short of remarkable, to find out more details on Curcumin 4000X go here.

Throughout the world, RA is more prevalent in women compared to men. which indicates that hormonal issues are responsible for the formation of the disease,RA will go into reprieve during a pregnancy.

Life expectancy 

​Due to the various symptoms attached to the disease it is difficult to predict how many years less a person with the disease will live but in general terms​ a person’s life expectancy with this type of disease could be shortened by 10-15 years approximately. 


Doctors visit

Your doctor will  listen as you describe the symptoms that you have, he will inspect the joints for any swelling and check your mobility.

If the GP suspects that you may have RA you will be referred to a Rheumatologist for further examination.

Additionally your doctor may perform a blood test even though there is no specific blood test to determine Rheumatoid arthritis, a full blood count, ESR and C-reactive protein will be measured.

The blood tests will help to determine if you have RA or not, about 50% of people with RA are found to have a rheumatoid factor existing when the disease starts in the blood.On occasions a test for antibodies (known as anti-CCP) is used because people found with anti-CCP are likely to progress to RA.

This doesn’t mean that everybody with RA has this particular antibody, people with both of these (RA+anti CCP) present are most likely to have the type of rheumatoid arthritis necessitating a high level of treatment, in cases like this supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis may be of little value.

Medications for Rheumatoid arthritis pain treatment

We know that there is no cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis, according to a study​ people in the obese category experienced more progressively increasing disability,people with weight loss are a poor prognostic sign of RA, this category should be referred for physical therapy,strength training as well as other interventions to stave off disability.

In many cases physical therapy, prescription medications and diet help in some way to alleviate the main symptom that is pain, supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis can be used in conjunction with these measures.

If you are experiencing symptoms of RA it is imperative to get an early diagnosis,strong medications((DMARDs) can help to modify Rheumatoid arthritis.

Depending on how severe the symptoms are and how long you have had them will determine the best course of action:



Nsaids are a type of medication that can reduce pain and inflammation, the more common ones such as Ibuprofen,Motrin, Advil and Aleve can be purchased over the counter but stronger drugs are only available on a doctors prescription.

Side effects

​Ringing ears,stomach issues,heart issues liver and kidney damage

Corticosteroid medications:

These are steroids such as Prednisone designed to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and slow damage to the joint.

Side effects;

Vision issues,acne,glaucoma or cataracts,sleep issues,weight gain,high blood pressure.


 These disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs​ are designed to slow the devlopement of RA  as wll as saving the joints and tissue from long lasting damage

Side effects

May be liver damage,chronic lung infections and suppression of the bone marrow.

​Can supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis help?

​When you are in pain almost 24 hours a day it can be extremely debilitating as you go about your daily activities hence the need to find supplements for Rheumatoid  arthritis that work for arthritis pain relief.

If you have tried all the normal painkillers, exercises and therapy and the pain and swelling still persists why not look at a natural alternative​​ for rheumatoid arthritis pain relief and possibly remove it for GOOD!

Curcumin 4000 X Supplements for Rheumatoid arthritis

Curcumin 4000X has been used by people for a long time to help with Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief because of its unique ability to reduce the inflammation and pain.

Curcumin 4000X is completely safe to take with medications,it is a natural way to reduce the causes of inflammation,

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