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What does Serrapeptase work for?

What does Serrapeptase work for? you will be surprised when you read this article about the health benefits of Serrapeptase, it works for so many health conditions…

What are the best supplements for heart health?

What are the best supplements for heart health? Like it or not, heart disease is a condition that will affect many of us both men and women as we go forward in life, however there are a number of things that we can do to reduce our risk of heart disease including a heart healthy […]

Total Cholesterol Blood Test Home Kit Curo L5 Amazon

Total Cholesterol Blood Test Home Kit Total cholesterol numbers are very important when assessing your risk for cardiovascular disease, normally we go to our doctors and have a lipid blood test done, the sample is sent to the laboratory and you wait to get your total cholesterol results. This is quite time consuming and you […]

Best Serrapeptase Supplement My Recommendation

Best Serrapeptase Supplement My recommendation Written by Fintan Duggan QQI L5 Healthcare  Are you thinking of taking a Serrapeptase supplement to help with a health condition that you have, and you want to know what is the best serrapeptase supplement? I can help you because I have personal experience of the health benefits of taking […]

Does Nattokinase lower blood pressure? Science says it does!

The question has been asked “does Nattokinase lower blood pressure” the answer is YES if you read a study written and conducted by Lenninger M, Ero MP, Benson KF in 2015. During the study 79 male and female’s population ages between 18-85 all had a BP pressure reading in excess of 13 over 90 were […]

Swollen knee causes and how to reduce the swelling and pain

Swollen knee causes The most common cause of a swollen knee is when too much fluid gathers in or around the knee joint. To some people it is called fluid or water on the knee, the medical term for the condition is effusion of the knee joint. Other swollen knee causes could be a result […]

Where can I buy Nattokinase?

People often ask where can I buy Nattokinase? Natto is a soya bean, it is a popular dish in Japan where the incidence of heart disease is 9 times less than in the Western world. A Japanese scientist was working in his laboratory on a petri dish that contained fibrin, he was eating Natto for […]

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