Do eggs cause heart disease?

Do eggs cause heart disease?


Heart disease is a leading cause of death in every part of the world, there has been a perception that eating eggs raises your cholesterol indeed this has been the case for a very long time but new research has proven that eggs can in fact be good for us.
I just love eating eggs, they are so versatile in the different ways that you can eat them, poached, scrambled, fried, omelette, eggs with bacon, quiche.

The list is endless but is there a connection between heart disease and eggs? or do eggs cause heart disease?


What do the doctors say?

Many doctors will advise you to stop eating eggs if you have a history of heart disease in your family and your cholesterol is high, this advice would make you believe that eating eggs will lead you to get some form of heart disease because the belief is that eggs raise your cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol has been proven to be the leading cause of cardiovascular disease so we should stay away from eggs right?

Scientific studies eggs heart disease
Scientific studies

What do the scientific studies say?

Many noteworthy studies has showed that the link between your intake of eggs and heart disease is quite tenuous and weak. Eggs are in fact good for you, egg white is a good source of protein and it is rich in essential amino acids, our bodies need these amino acids for good health, our bodies don’t make these essential acids so we need to get them from the food that we eat.

Eggs contain protein and this gives your body the energy that it needs to function every day, children need protein to build muscles, older people need protein to stop a decline in muscle mass.

What else are eggs good for?


The egg white contains more than 50% of the protein, it also has Vitamin B2, there is also less fat than in the yolk of the egg, eggs are selenium rich and contain other vitamins B6, B12, Vitamin D along with important minerals iron, zinc, and copper. There are more fat and calories in the egg yoke a source of fat soluble Vitamins A,D,, K an a compound lecithin.

Eggs contain Lucien which protects your eyes from degenerative eye related cataracts, eggs also contain cholesterol, is this a problem for your heart health?


According to some research done on the effect of eating eggs regularly and your cholesterol it was found that in people who are generally healthy eating a couple of eggs each day will not have an effect on your cholesterol level, however other research supported the theory that egg yolk may even elevate the healthy fats preventing blood clots to form.


High cholesterol

People with high cholesterol are advised not to eat eggs every day but rather one egg up to four times a week or use a lower cholesterol egg.
Egg yolk is a useful source of choline, this vitamin is important for your memory and brain development especially when you are younger, choline is also good for your heart because it converts homocysteine a molecule into a safer material.

Eggs nutrition

Nutrition in eggs

Don’t worry about putting on weight from eating eggs, they are relatively low in calories and are so simple and easy to prepare as food. Newer research has proved that eggs are much healthier than was previously thought so people are bring encouraged to eat more eggs.

When buying eggs watch out for the amount of the levels of Omega 3 and 6 in the eggs, you need more of the omega 3 fatty acids and less of the omega 6.


Heart disease and eggs

Based on the evidence gathered from the various studies it would seem that overall eggs are good for your overall health especially your heart health, however people with high cholesterol should only eat no more than four eggs per week.

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