Carpal tunnel treatment without surgery

Carpal tunnel treatment without surgery

Is it possible to have carpal tunnel treatment without surgery? People ask if it is possible to have Carpal tunnel treatment without surgery, the answer is YES!

I know this because I have seen a friend of mine who had carpal tunnel syndrome get relief from the condition without having to go for surgery. How did she do it? Read on

What is carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel is quite a common condition it occurs when extra pressure is placed on the median nerve leading to less sensation to your thumb index finger and middle finger, it also affects the ring finger but not the small finger. The median nerve traverses the carpal tunnel just where it enters the hand.

People complain of pain, weakness and numbness around the hand and wrist area, the median nerve strengthens the muscles at the base of the thumb however the condition affects the strength in the hand and the fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur at any given time, usually it starts out slowly and the earliest symptoms are tingling or pain or both in the fingers especially the thumb, index and middle finger.

People often complain of hand numbness especially at night, some of us sleep with our wrists curled up so this may account for the numbness at night to the extent that we wake up.

Shaking the hand usually relieves the numbness in the earlier stages of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel symptoms

People report decreased feeling and tingling during the day in their fingertips, they also find it hard to lift small items grasp a car steering wheel, writing, hold a tablet or book, they also report finding it difficult to use a computer keyboard.

The symptoms become more regular as the condition worsens, the hand becomes weaker and people find it more difficult to perform simple everyday tasks such as tying a shoelace, zipping trousers up, fastening a button on a shirt.

It’s not uncommon for people with an advanced stage of the condition to keep dropping things onto the floor, as the condition turns severe the muscles visibly shrink at the base of the thumb.

Carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis

Following a visit to the doctor your symptoms and medical history will be discussed your doctor will conduct a hand examination before performing the following tests:

  • Phalen or Wrist flexion test the doctor will ask you to rest your elbows on the table and let your wrists hang forward freely. If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome within 60 seconds you will feel tingling and numbness in your fingers, the faster the symptoms appear may indicate how severe your condition is.
  • Tinel’s sign: during this test the doctor will tap over the wrist where the median nerve is located to look for a tingling feeling in the fingers.
  • Should there be limited wrist motion or signs of a trauma or arthritis you may need an X-ray of the wrist.
  • EMG (Electromyography) studies how well the nerves in the hand are controlling muscle movement

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatments

Surgery for carpal tunnel is usually the last resort, other non-surgical treatments will be tried first like:

  • Wearing a wrist splint at night and take anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Cortisone injection for temporary relief of symptoms
  • Work station changes like lowering your chair or changes in where and how you place your hands when working on the computer

Carpal tunnel surgerySurgical treatment

If the non-surgical treatments don’t lead to an improvement in the condition the recommended course of action is surgery to alleviate pressure on the tendons and nerves that go through the tunnel.

Surgery will make the tunnel larger and allow more room for the nerves and tendons to work better.

The procedure means a cut in the transverse carpal ligament this releases the ligament covering the carpal tunnel at the bottom of the palm.

This cut releases the pressure around and on the median nerve which relieves the symptoms. Another incision is performed at the base of the palm, this incision will allow the surgeon to view the transverse carpal ligament and split it.

The broken skin is stitched and the hole where the ligament was cut is left like that so the carpal tunnel can widen, by widening the carpal tunnel you relieve compression on the median nerve.

Carpal tunnel surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthetic, you won’t be asleep unless you request sedation. Following the surgery there may be some discomfort for between 24 to 72 hours.

Relief can be experienced the following night after surgery, the stitches will be taken out between 10 to 15 days following surgery. You will be given a hand and wrist exercise program to bring the strength back to your hand and fingers.

You won’t be allowed to do heavier activities with the injured hand for a period of 4-6 weeks, the recovery time frame depends on the individuals general health, age, how severe the carpal tunnel was and how long did you have symptoms.

Several people that have the surgery done do attain full relief from all the symptoms, however where there is severe carpal tunnel syndrome progress may be slow after surgery and may never fully complete, in some cases the condition can come back though this is uncommon.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment without Surgery

There is a natural alternative to Carpal Tunnel Surgery Treatment in the form of safe effective proteolytic enzyme called Serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase has been used for hundreds of years as a natural healing solution for many conditions, one of my clients had quite severe carpal tunnel syndrome for several years, she agreed to try Serrapeptase instead of going for surgery.

She tried the strongest dose Serrapeptase 250,000 IU over the following couple of months the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel started to get better, so much so that she cancelled her appointment for Carpal Tunnel surgery.

This is the unsolicited Carpal Tunnel testimonial from Attracta

, “I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in August 2018 and due to undergo surgery in September. Around the middle of August I started taking one Serrapeptase tablet every morning. The dosage was the maximum 250,000 IU.

I believe as a result of taking these tablets I no longer have tingling and numbness in my hand, and so I do not need surgery. I have also noticed I don’t have any aches and pains like I used to. I would highly recommend this product, it has changed my life!”

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    I was just reading your post and I found it very informative.

    I learned a lot and actualy I am going to see a doctor about it.

    The most interesting thing is that you show both choices, with and without treatment.

    The simptoms section also got my attention was also the simptoms explanaition.

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  2. Hi fintan, thank you so much for this insightful, detailed, educative and informative post. My father was diagnosed of this syndrome some years back. He went for surgery and everything functioned well back though he complained of pains after the surgery. However, I’m glad that I came across this post. Should in case I know anyone with the syndrome again, I would strictly advice them to follow the non surgical procedure as stated in the post. 

    thanks for sharing

  3. I love the fact that you did not advice simply to go an have surgery. There are so many people that quickly go to surgery these days and don’t even know there might be another solution out there. Luckily I do not suffer from Carpal Syndrome but my best friend does and she has been adviced by her doctor to do the surgery. I know it’s something quick in and out but if an alternative is there why not try it? I am definitely gonna share your post with her. Thank you

  4. wow just as if I have never heard it before, carpal tunnel syndrome can be traeted without surgery. Someone as actually made mention of this but I didn’t believe not until I read through this and also read the testimony from attracts. That product is really a nice and effective product then, This is really interesting to me.

  5. I love being able to treat issues that sometimes require surgery with alternative and more natural methods. I haven’t heard of serrapeptase before, but it looks really interesting. I have had success with avoiding surgery with regular Bowen therapy treatments.. Perhaps using serrapeptase alongside the bowen therapy, an even better result may be achieved!


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