Does Nattokinase lower blood pressure?

Does Nattokinase lower blood pressure?

The question has been asked “does Nattokinase lower blood pressure” the answer is YES if you read a study written and conducted by Lenninger M, Ero MP, Benson KF in 2015.

During the study 79 male and female’s population ages between 18-85 all had a BP pressure reading in excess of 13 over 90 were given 100 mg 2,000 FU Nattokinase NSK-SD® each day for 8 weeks, some of the study group were given a placebo.

The participants were also giving lifestyle and dietary changes to adhere to whilst they were on the trial as advocated by the American Heart Association.

So to answer the question does Nattokinase lower blood pressure, no doubt about it! I recommend this Nattokinase from the Good Health Naturally people because I use it myself and I trust the product to work.

Natto with riceNattokinase a natural enzyme

This wonderful enzyme Nattokinase is a natural alternative to high blood pressure medication, it is also an effective natural alternative to help prevent or dissolve blood clots. Nattokinase is sourced from Natto containing soy beans in Japan their diet is a natto rich diet where it has been used successfully to lower high blood pressure.

Nattokinase is similar to plasmin, it is proven at dissolving clots, Nattokinase is a safe and effective enzyme and is useful for a number of health conditions such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Heart disease


Hypertension otherwise known high blood pressure is high on the list of risk factors for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure has been called the silent killer because people that have died from the condition had no noticeable symptoms resulting  in a hard attack or a stroke. In the USA more than 50 million people and more than a billion people across the world are affected by high blood pressure, finding the causes and best treatments for high blood pressure has become a priority for researchers everywhere.

Nattokinase a natural solution for high blood pressure

Many studies have been done on Nattokinase to examine the possibility of the enzyme being able to reduce high blood pressure, all of the studies prove conclusively that Nattokinase does indeed lower blood pressure.

Heart disease in Asian countries is much lower than in the Western world, so this fact has made people look at the food that they eat, traditional Asian foods contain soy, Natto is one of those foods. Natto on it’s own isn’t a particularly flavoursome food to eat, of course people with high blood pressure or heart disease could try a Natto diet to lower high blood pressure.

Nattokinase supplementNattokinase in supplement form

Nattokinase derived from natto is now available in supplement form, dosage is 2,000 FU (Fibrinolytic units) or units of activity, dosage is 2,000 FU up to twice a day.

Nattokinase and high blood pressure studies

According to a study published in 2008 where 86 people aged between 20-80 years of age who had a untreated systolic blood pressure reading of between 130 and and 159 were given Nattokinase dosage of 2,000 FU daily for a period of 8 weeks. 73 people finished the trial all of the participants reported a reduction in systolic blood pressure following the intervention.

Nattokinase dosage

The Nattokinase was administered in veggie caps like the placebo which was made from microcrystalline cellulose.

Participants were either given one capsule of Nattokinase or one capsule of the placebo to be taken each morning the bottles were checked each evening.

Blood pressure reading were taken using an Omron blood pressure monitor (741 & 742) subjects were asked not to exercise, smoke or drink coffee at least one hour before the measurement.

The blood pressure screening was performed over a three-day period with the last reading being used as the baseline.

The hypertension measurement was conducted whilst the subject was seated after having a 5-minute rest and there were at least three minutes between each blood pressure measurement.

Blood samples

Blood samples were taken into EDTA blood tubes where plasma was harvested and stored at -80 degrees centigrade. The serum was used to test for the von Willebrand factor & platelet factor -4 or PF4, this test is used to test for excessive or recurring bleeding or personal family history of extreme bleeding.

79 people were enlisted into this North American study five people were taken out of the study for the ensuing reasons two required medication, two dropped out, the data couldn’t be retrieved for one participant.

Nattokinase results

Nattokinase Test Results

The participants that were given Nattokinase showed a reduction in systolic BP, however the reduction wasn’t significantly different from the placebo participants.

However, when the evaluation in the lowering in systolic BP within the Nattokinase group showed a reduction of 144±1.5 mmHg to 140±2 proving it had reached a statistical trend.

When the comparison was made between the two groups it showed a remarkably lower average Blood Pressure reading (84±1.9 mmHg) at the 8-week stage in the Nattokinase group compared to an average reading in the placebo group of 87±1.7 mmHg.

Furthermore, the reduction in BP was more significant in the male participants that consumed Nattokinase (baseline 86 mmHG dropping to 81±2.5 mmHg after 8 weeks.

The results in the placebo group over the 8 weeks showed the diastolic Remained constant at 88±2.6 mmHg.

Serum levels

Serum levels remained unchanged. however, the von Willebrand factor showed an average reduction of 15% compared to the placebo where no appreciable difference was recorded.

Nattokinase consumption and normalization of plasma renin activity (PRA) was clearly in evidence for both male and female participants.

In the study one male participant had very high PRA levels (12.36 ng/mL/h) during the 8 weeks study his PRA levels dropped by 50% to 6.63ng/mL/h but didn’t fully normalize.

Nattokinase study conclusion

The people on the trial experienced reductions in both systolic and diastolic readings by consuming Nattokinase compared to those that were given a placebo, secondly the male participants experienced a stronger reduction.

The female participants also showed a moderate reduction in BP whilst consuming Nattokinase, the reason the reductions may not be as strong as the male participants could be put down to collective effects of oestrogen and female metabolism.

Nattokinase is an enzyme that has been used for a very long time as a natural alternative to drugs for reducing blood pressure, helping people with endometriosis and arterial plaque.



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  1. Hi

    That is an interesting review as this is the first time of hearing about Nattokinase. I am well aware of many natural ways of reducing blood pressure and this product maybe added to the arsenal. It is still to early to say if Nattokinase can be effectively used to control blood pressure, as one study does not necessary prove or disapprove a finding.  So often one study says one thing, another says the exact opposite. 

    With more studies being carried out using larger number of people will probably sort this out one way or another. Does Nattokinase have any side effects?



    • Hi Antonio,

      Nattokinase is not to be taken with blood thinners as it may cause problems, some small side effects include stomach upset and diarrhea not in everybody I must add.

  2. I love how you have given us a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals to lowering your blood pressure. Most people are finding out that pharmaceuticals are having bad side effects for people so natural is always better. I liked how you backed up this was scientific studies. Has this product helped you?


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