Is Serrapeptase good?

Is Serrapeptase good?

Is Serrapeptase good for your health, back in 1999 when I came across this enzyme it seemed to good to be true however the following years have proven how Serrapeptase is good for use as a safe ethical medicine.

Scientists have concluded through Serrapeptase studies that this pretolytic enzyme is a popular natural alternative for autoimmune diseases, heart disease, digestive issues, lung health, eye health, ear nose and throat disorders, carpal tunnel, fibroids, muscle and joint pain and blocked fallopian tubes.

Many health practitioners across Europe, Japan and now the rest of the world use Serrapeptase for their clientele because thousands of happy people found that Serrapeptase is good for so many common health conditions.

How I found Serrapeptase

I had some health issues about 5 years ago, the diagnosis was hip bursitis a type of inflammation in the bursa, tiny fluid sacs that keep the motion on the hip smooth.

I had excruciating pain whenever I stood up for more than five minutes, it was a gradual pain that started out as a small niggling pain but over the course of the first year it really started to affect my quality of life. I began to find out is Serrapeptase good for my hip pain by taking a 120,000 IU dosage, two a day day with a glass of water on an empty stomach.

Serrapeptase 120,000 IU strength did have a positive effect on my pain levels but not enough so I upper my dosage to the maximum 250,000 IU that strength Serrapeptase was must what I needed to get rid of the pain in my hip, I’m telling you this so that from my experience you can gauge for yourself if Serrapeptase good for you.

Is Serrapeptase good?

The history of Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase has been around for over 30 years but if really came to promenience in 2000 when Serrapeptase became a top selling nutritional supplement because through a book written about it, people became more aware of the health benefits of Serrapeptase.

How does Serrapeptase really work?

When you read the testimonials of some of the thousands of Serrapeptase users it quickly becomes apparent that Serrapeptase is good for so many conditions that are caused by inflammation indeed many studies have alluded to that fact. Serrapeptase really works because it has the ability to clear, clean and reduce inflammation one of its main benefits is the ability to reduce pain.

Is Serrapeptase the enzyme good for inflamed tissue, I believe it is because the studies show that the enzyme blocks the release of amines that produce pain following inflammation, other research has shown that Serrapeptase is also good for

  • Wound healing
  • Swelling
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Mucus build up
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Breast engorgement
  • Bursitis

What are enzymes

Enzymes are vital to our body’s biology we couldn’t live without naturally enzymes to break down our food into healthy amino acids, Serrapeptase is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme, clinically it is known by a collection of names that inlude

  • Serratiopeptidase
  • Serratia peptidase
  • Serratia E-15
  • SerraEnzyme
  • Serraplus
  • Serrslysin

What is Serrapeptase good for?

Where did it come from?

The actual Serrapeptase enzyme was discovered by scientists in the intestine of the silkworm way back on the 60s as it was dissolving the surrounding cocoon, it works in much the same way in the human body by dissolving scar tissue and clears away waste that the body doesn’t need.

Can Serrapeptase be good for removing scar tissue?, believe it or not scar tissue treatment by using Serrapeptase is one of it’s most widely used characteristics.

Is Serrapeptase safe to take?

Is Serrapeptase good for many common types of inflammation? without a shadow of doubt it is a wonderful enzyme, most people that are looking to try it for because of its health benefits will want to know is Serrapeptase safe to take?

I recommend that if you have a serious health condition like hemophilia then you should take Serrapeptase under your doctors supervision but yet thousands of studies have reported Serrapeptase to be equal if not more effective than conventional NSAIDs or prescription drugs.

The main difference is that Serrapeptase can be taken over the long term without any reported side effects unlike the dreaded side effects of prescription drugs.

How much should you take?

Exactly how much of this marvelous enzyme to take will depend on your health condition, most people find good results by taking up to three tablets per day although some take more as required. It is 100% safe to take even in the highest dose.

Serrapeptase is good to clear cysts, inflammation, pain, people ask is Serrapeptase good for animals? it can also be used for animals like cats, dogs and horses especially in the case of an injury.

What to look for?

When purchasing Serrapeptase look for the best formula in a high dose maximum strength in a delayed release technology capsule

It is safe to take Serrapeptase with medication, as far as I know there are no contraindications it can also be used in conjunction with other super formulated nutrients like Curcumin, immune boosting Vitamin D3.

Serrapeptase also works well with Nattokinase to provide support for a healthy heart, joints, blood circulation and lower cholesterol.

Examples of high quality formulations

Good health naturally


Serrapeptase information

If you have been looking for Serrapeptase information to find out if Serrapeptase is useful for your particular health condition then rest assured that the information that has been provided in this post is thorough, it is based on science and my own and my family’s personal experience.

Serrapeptase warnings

You may have heard that Serrapeptase may stop blood clotting leading to bleeding problems, during my research I found that in the majority of cases Serrapeptase didn’t exacerbate existing bleeding problems like nose bleeds, people just don’t understand how Serrapeptase works.

Can Serrapeptase be used during surgery?

No, I recommend that if you are taking Serrapeptase and surgery is planned that you stop taking it at a minimum of 24 hours beforehand and restart after 48 hours have passed, it will help to clear up any scar tissue following surgery.

Problems with digestion

People that have digestive issues may have discomfort or pain when taking Serrapeptase, this may help take a small teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda mixed in 500 ml of water to alleviate the pain.


I hope that this post entitled is Serrapeptase good has given you the information that you are looking for in relation to this wonderful ” Miracle enzyme” Serrapeptase is good for many inflammation type conditions, look for a quality brand, maximum strength in delayed release capsules.

Too your good health,

Fintan Duggan

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