Serrapeptase and nasal polyps

Serrapeptase and nasal polyps

This post is about Serrapeptase and nasal polyps, this popular enzyme has shown great promise and results in the area of chronic sinusitis, it may also be the answer for nasal polyps.

Nasal polyps are non-cancerous, painless, soft but painless growths that line your nasal passageway or sinuses, they hang down from the nasal passage like a teardrop or a grape.

What are the symptoms

Because nasal polyps are caused by inflammation symptoms are irritation and swelling along with these symptoms that include:

  • Nasal stuffiness that lasts
  • Runny nose
  • Post-natal drip
  • No sense of or decreased smell
  • No sense of taste
  • Pressure over your face and forehead
  • Snoring
  • Upper teeth pain
  • Regular nose bleeds

What causes nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps are caused by chronic inflammation associated with allergies, drug sensitivities, asthma, recurring infection or certain immune conditions, if they are small there may not be any symptoms.

However when they are larger (as in the picture) they can cause your nasal passageway to become blocked, or you could have difficulty breathing through your nose, larger growths can also cause a loss of smell or frequent infections.Nasal polyps Serrapeptase and nasal polyps

Anyone can get nasal polyps, most cases’ appear in adults, medications are often used to reduce or eliminate nasal polyps, in some cases’ surgery may be needed, however after treatment the polyps may come back.

There is a connection between Serrapeptase and nasal polyps because this amazing enzyme can help to get rid of nasal polyps, not only that Serrapeptase has been used for a long number of years to clear up the symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

When should you see your doctor

Symptoms of nasal polyps are quite similar to those of the common cold, sinusitis and other conditions so you should seek medical advice if you have any if the following symptoms:

  • A sudden worsening of symptoms
  • Serious difficulties breathing
  • Reduced or double vision
  • Increased severe headaches with a high fever
  • Difficulty in tipping your head forward
  • Extreme swelling around your eyes

What is sinusitis

Sinusitis is primarily caused by inflammation causing swelling in the lining of the sinuses, they can become infected with bacteria or a virus causing the sticky green or yellowish mucus to block the nasal passageway.

The symptoms of chronic sinusitis are very similar to nasal polyps symptoms and this is where Serrapeptase and nasal polyps come together.

Serrapeptase can help with nasal polyps

Serrapeptase works wonders for chronic sinusitis and it can be equally effective for nasal polyps, nasal polyps are created from excess tissue that sticks to the nasal passageway.

Serrapeptase is an excellent natural enzyme for nasal polyps because it has the ability to dissolve those excessive nasal polyps that are causing the symptoms and making breathing through the nose difficult.

Serrapeptase and nasal polyps is a mutually beneficial partnership, not only that but Serrapeptase can clear up any excessive mucus in the nasal passage making it much easier to reach through the nose.

The only way to relieve the symptoms of nasal polyps is to put stop to the inflammation and swelling by reducing the nasal polyps and clearing up any mucus build-up in the nasal passageway.

Of course there are nasal sprays, nasal irrigation, neti pots, medications or surgery but if you have tried these and the nasal polyps keep returning then why not give Serrapeptase a try.

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Studies on Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase has been available for over 35 years, you may only have heard about the health benefits of Serrapeptase now, I can assure you from my own experience that Serrapeptase really works, it is a natural preteolytic enzyme that is safe to take in doses up to one million units of activity in a day.

Serrapeptase has been studied in some detail and even though we need larger scale studies I would like to draw your attention to one piece of research that was done.

The research involved a low dose of Serrapeptase (100mg) being given to adults with sinusitis, the trial participants were not allowed to take any nose spray, vaporizer, net pots or antihistamines during the 7-day trial.

The results reported a significant improvement in sinusitis symptoms in about 25% of the people while 50% reported fair relief, the low dose of Serrapeptase had no effect on the remainder.

What are your chances of success using Serrapeptase for nasal polyps?

In my humble opinion and from my own experience of using Serrapeptase I am confident that the enzyme Serrapeptase and nasal polyps combined in a stronger dose will not only dissolve those troublesome nasal polyps but will also clear up any mucus build-up allowing for healing to begin and normal breathing through the nose.


I hope that you have enough information on Serrapeptase and nasal polyps to give you the confidence that this wonderful enzyme Serrapeptase is worth trying to alleviate the symptoms of nasal polyps and restore normal breathing through your nose.

If you get a lot of colds or flu throughout the year it can cause congestion. Serrapeptase is a powerful pain reliever as well as being a natural anti inflammatory and antioxidant.

To find out more on Serrapeptase and nasal polyps please go to the Herbs Pro website here.


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