Supplements to clear arteries

Supplements to clear arteries

Clogged arteries are a real health concern, blood vessels become blocked causing heart attacks, are there supplements to clear arteries that work or can you clear arteries with prescription medications?.

Before we look at natural supplements that may clear blocked arteries let’s see why arteries become blocked and why heart disease or cardiovascular disease develops.

What are the causes of blocked arteries

The US centre for disease control say that heart disease is the primary cause of death on men and women across the USA, the heart muscle pumps blood all over the body through 100,000 miles of arteries, veins and blood vessels, that’s a huge amount of work for a muscle that is described as the size of your fist.

Heart muscle supplements to clear arteries

Doesn’t it make sense to look after your heart and support healthy blood vessels, so why do so many men and women have symptoms of cardiovascular disease? It’s a mixture of reasons why blood vessels become blocked or clogged, what’s disturbing is that many people follow a heart healthy lifestyle and still end up with blocked blood vessels.

Doctors will tell you to avoid smoking, eat heart healthy foods, avoid stress, get regular exercise and keep your cholesterol down to normal levels so that you give your heart and blood vessels the best possible chance of staying healthy.

Having healthy blood vessels is key however blood vessels become blocked because of smoking, obesity, diabetes, bad food choices, sedentary lifestyle, family history, most of all high cholesterol is attributed to plaque build-up in the arteries causing them to become clogged.

Medications or supplements for cholesterol?

Doctors will prescribe cholesterol lowering medications but long term use can cause any number of side effects like muscle pain, stomach cramps, tiredness or headaches, people search for supplements to clear arteries and lower cholesterol so what are the best supplements to clear arteries and restore blood vessels to good health.

Supplements for blocked arteries

Let’s look at the scientific evidence around supplements to clear arteries, one such supplement that caught my eye is Nattokinase a promising nutraceutical therapy that has been proven in a number of studies to be beneficial in reversing atherosclerosis.

A recently published study out of China reported that seventy-six people with carotid atherosclerosis or blocked arteries were given Nattokinase 6,000 FU or a statin (Simivastatin 20mg) over a period of twenty-six weeks, cholesterol levels were taken in both groups where a fall was recorded.

The difference between both sets of people was in the Nattokinase group HDL or good cholesterol actually rose and atherosclerosis reversal was profound as plaque build-up volumes fell by 37%, Nattokinase has many advantages over statin drugs, it is a natural product that can be taken in supplement form, it is safe and economical to take.

As one of the recommended supplements to clear arteries and to purchase top quality Nattokinase go to the Good Health Naturally website here.

Have people been having success with Nattokinase?

The scientific evidence is behind Nattokinase clearly it works in a natural way to dissolve fibrin, fibrin is what makes up part of plaque build-up in the arteries, plaque build-up is the reason that blood vessels become blocked and causes heart attacks and strokes.

People are having success with Nattokinase as one of the recommended supplements to clear arteries, her is what one customer had to say:

“I started taking NK a month ago because I was having heart pain, nothing terribly serious as doctors never find any problems with my heart. After a few weeks I have not had any heart pains, and feel better, sleep better, etc. I attribute it to the Nattokinase, and will continue to take it.

My dad had heart problems so I am aware that I must prevent the same. Taking anything else would be contrary to what works. It is clear that Dr. Davis doesn’t have a cure for heart disease and therefore can make no claims that NK does not work. You can’t have it both ways chum.
The scam is the drug cartels, not natural products that work ”

Vitamin K2 and D3

Could Vitamin K2 and D3 help to clear arteries? It would appear to be the case, it has to do with deposits of calcium in the blood vessels these deposits form part of dangerous plaque build-up and cause heart attacks, its known as calcification of the arteries.

During calcification of the arteries a complicated process where a protein called osteocalin is produced by osteblasts to mineralize bones and calcium homeostasis, the process is activated by carboxylation where Vitamin K2 is the essential co factor.

Following the activation process osteocalin binds calcium into the bloodstream on it’s way to the bone matrix, Vitamin K2 also plays a role in activating something called MGP or matrix Gla protein through a process called carboxylation.

What all this really means is that Vitamin K2 ensures that calcium is used in the bones and not sent to arteries or other tissues where it causes plaque build-up, inflammation and heart disease, a vital part of these recommended supplements to clear arteries is Vitamin D3.

A four-month study where Vitamin D3 was given to a group of people that were vitamin deficient, young and overweight showed a marked reduction in arterial stiffness, so a combination supplement of Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 in spray form is a recommended supplement to clear arteries.Vitamin K2 and D3 supplements to clear arteries

Coenzyme Q10 supplements to clear arteries

Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinol supplements are a popular way to offset the side effects of statin drugs, it is a natural enzyme that your body can produce in small numbers, the aging process, bad diet and other factors can raise cholesterol levels and lower healthy Coenzyme levels.

Doctors prescribe statin drugs to lower cholesterol some will recommend a Coenzyme Q10 supplement to because it can be beneficial in lowering blood pressure and reducing the side effects of statin drugs, recommended Coenzyme Q10 supplement to clear arteries is Ubiquinol UB8Q10 from the people at Good Health Naturally.

Are people having success with CoQ10?

As you get older you may notice a drop in your energy levels especially if you have high cholesterol heart disease or high blood pressure, it’s not surprising because your heart is under so much more pressure trying to keep up with the extra demands placed on it by these conditions. Statins and heart medications can affect how energy is produced in your body by taking a quality Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol) supplement can help to raise your energy levels and offset the side effects of medications.

UB8Q10L-Arginine supplements to clear arteries

L-Arginine supplements are a very popular way for athletes and body builders to build up muscle strength and energy, they are also an important way to create more Nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is an important molecule it is produced by almost every cell in the body and is really important for the health of blood vessels.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, it works to relax the endothelium or inner muscle in your blood vessels, this is part of the process that makes blood vessels widen allowing normal blood flow to all parts of the body, it also keeps blood pressure normal.

How is Nitric oxide made?

Arginine or L-Arginine is an amino acid and is used by the body’s cells to produce Nitric oxide, arginine is supplied by certain foods like seafood, Turkey, seeds, nuts, beans and dairy, a study published in a journal Nutrients in 2016 reported that higher levels of arginine foods were strongly linked to higher levels of Nitric oxide.

Back in 1988 Dr Louis Ignarro, Dr R. Furcgott and Dr F Murad were awarded the Nobel prize for their discovery on how Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to expand, following this discovery many nutraceutical companies have produced L-Arginine supplements to clear arteries, lower blood pressure, increase energy, improve circulation and be effective for clogged arteries.

Some evidence has emerged showing that the amino acid L-Arginine changes into the molecule Nitric oxide that works to relax blood vessels, improve circulation, clear arteries and keep blood flowing to all parts of the body, other benefits of L-Arginine supplementation suggest less chest pain, reduction in clogged arteries, reduction in coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease.

Recommended L-Arginine supplements to clear arteries

The people at Advanced Bionutritionals have a long history of providing well researched, science backed supplements for a number of health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood sugars, bone support and immunity support.

The unique herbal formulas are backed by a number of doctors, the knee that caught my eye as a supplement to clear arteries is called Circ02, it comes in an easy to take lozenge form and provides your exact daily recommended amount of Nitric oxide, Circ02 has become a very popular supplement for energy and to boost your Nitric oxide levels.

This supplement works! *


This supplement helps my blood pressure and blood flow. I am now at a level with the optimum amount of nitric oxide in my system. I will continue to use as needed. Thanks


I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog post supplements to clear arteries, I had blocked arteries that were cleared by taking a supplement for cardiovascular health called Blockbuster Allclear.

To learn more about Blockbuster Allclear go to this page.

How long does it take to clear arteries?

I know from my own experience that clearing artery plaque is a long process, a lot depends on the percentage blockage, age, health condition, diet, exercise regime, medications etc.

Supplements to clear arteries can be taken in conjunction with other medications, however it is prudent to speak to your doctor beforehand.

Some supplements can cause unwanted side effects when taken with heart medications, I didn’t have any side effects taking Blockbuster Allclear or Nattokinase.



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