Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer is a health supplement which promises to help support good blood flow. By taking it frequently, you will find improvements in your health, specifically blood flow and circulation will be enhanced when you consume Blood Flow Optimizer.

The lifeline of our entire body is the cardiovascular system. It includes the heart, arteries, capillaries and veins. It’s liable for the flow of blood through the entire body.

Cardiovascular disease is accountable for approximately one in four deaths in the US. It equates to approximately 610,000 folks a year.

There are numerous reasons of cardiovascular disease. These include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Lifestyle choices as smoking and drinking excessive alcohol
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Lack of exercise
  • Obesity
  • Genetics

It is generally related to a build up of fatty deposits inside the arteries. This’s called atherosclerosis. It might in addition be triggered by an increased risk of blood clots.

Atherosclerosis is a decrease of blood flow as a result of an accumulation plaque on the walls of the arteries. This plaque narrows the arteries transporting the blood around the body, its important to improve blood flow in the arteries.

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This is where Blood Flow Optimizer can help, for more on this go to Dr Sam Robbins website here.

The Blood flow Optimizer is a health supplement that is designed to optimize blood flow in order to maintain a healthy blood flow. It will help you to fight off inflammation, improve circulation, and thin your blood stream if you take it regularly.

The cardiovascular system is the lifeline of the human body. It consists of the heart, capillaries, veins, and arteries. It’s accountable for the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Cardiovascular disease accounts for around 1 in four deaths in the US. That’s more or less 610,000 people annually.

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What is the cause of heart disease?

There are different types of cardiovascular disease, and the causes of each can vary. Atherosclerosis, for example, causes plaque buildup in the arteries and peripheral artery disease.

Arrhythmias can be caused by any number of things, including genetic disorders, heart muscle scarring, and coronary artery disease. Ageing, rheumatic diseases and infections can also result in valve disease.

What are some of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease?

If you have the following risk factors, you are more likely to get cardiovascular disease:

  • Hypertension / high blood pressure.
  • High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) Tobacco usage.
  • Diabetes.
  • Heart disease is in the family history.
  • Obesity or sedentary lifestyle.
  • A diet high in fat, sugar and sodium.
  • Excessive use of alcohol.
  • Toxemia or preeclampsia.
  • Diabetes gestational diabetes.
  • Conditions that are chronically inflammatory or autoimmune.
  • Chronic kidney disease.

Blood flow Optimizer is a pill – based health supplement that claims to do the following things:

  • Naturally thin blood & help boost blood flow.
  • Create and maintain strong and flexible blood vessels.
  • Supports normal clotting and proper fibrin function.
  • Combat free radical harm all through your body.
  • Distribute calcium out of the blood and into the bones.

What exactly is it regarding this little pill that does all these things?

Let us take a more detailed look at Blood Flow Optimizer.

What’s Blood Flow Optimizer?

The company behind this particular item is HFL Solutions. Created by Dr. Sam Robbins in 1999 they work from Las Vegas. It’s an internet business selling health supplements including Blood Flow Optimizer.

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Dr. Robbins promises to have experience in a number of places, including:

Nutrition, exercise physiology, natural hormone re balancing of the body and “real world” healthcare knowledge.

He’s a doctor of Philosophy with a Diploma from the Faculty of California.

B.S. in Kinesiology -” He said this carried on my education about the human body, how muscles function, losing fat, building muscle, injury prevention, athletic performance, being balanced, etc.”

M.S. in Nutrition & Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) – “I’m board certified by the American College of Nutrition. This made a huge effect during my life ever since I started to heavily integrate supplement and nutrition into my life and the clients of mine.”

This caused big improvements in overall health and performance.

Ph.D. in Medical and molecular Pharmacology

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Health, Fitness and Longevity

Also, he created a charitable foundation. The Institute of Health, Longevity and Fitness Solutions, to offer all natural options to drugs, from there Blood Flow Optimizer began.

Blood Flow Optimizer ingredients

Ingredients of the Blood flow Optimizer product take a look at what these ingredients do

Three blends are contained in the Blood flow Optimizer. They are:

  • Minerals and Vitamins
  • Magna Max Blend:
  • Synergy Optimizer Blend:

Vitamins and minerals – THE Vitamins AND Minerals

Vitamin C: It may also help to reduce high blood pressure. Coral calcium is felt to be needed for further investigation. May reduce or prevent menopausal bone loss.

Vitamin D3: This vitamin is essential for cardiovascular health.

Vitamin E may also be beneficial for weight loss. Vitamin K2-7 may also be helpful in reducing atherosclerosis This vitamin may also stop calcium deposits in the arteries. It could lower the risk of heart disease,

Magnesium: Effects on glucose levels may have an effect.


Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Aspartate, TRAACS Magnesium Glycinate Chelate Every cell in your body has magnesium. Cells need this to function.

Magnesium is easily absorbed with these types of supplements.

They may reduce high blood pressure, which may be beneficial. They might also have other benefits for your health.

466mg of: Synergy Optimizer Blend contains 466mg of

L-Cysteine: N-Acetyl L-Cysteine Acetyl L-Carnitine is an antioxidant that could have health benefits. It is an amino acid that is produced in the body by the body naturally. Produces energy for the body. It is vital for the function of the heart and the brain.

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It promotes proper muscle movement and a variety of other body functions. It may also help improve the condition of the heart and the blood vessels. It may also help with chest pain, high cholesterol, and congestive heart failure.

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Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine (GPLC): This could be utilized to treat leg pain because of poor blood circulation. It is also used to treat heart failure.

L Fumarate: L-Carnitine This produces energy for the body.

It is vital for the function of the heart and the brain. It helps with muscle movement and a number of other functions of the body.

NSK-SD: Nattokinase NSK-SD Ginger may lower your blood pressure, and may reduce your high blood pressure, too. Indians and Chinese are thought to have created ginger root as a tonic.

They’ve utilized it for more than 5000 years to deal with numerous ailments. It seems to improve fat metabolism and reduce cholesterol. It may also help to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Green tea Extract (93 % Polyphenols, 50 % EGCG): Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is a catechin that is present in green tea. It’s believed to be the active part of green tea. It might be to blame for the antioxidant and fat burning abilities of tea

Salicin (25 %): White Willow Extract May be similar to aspirin in effect. May also serve as an anti – inflammatory analgesic.

In what way does Blood flow Optimizer Work?

Dr Sam Robbins company HFL Solutions say that this blood flow supplement is an “all-in-one” natural alternative that works to improve circulation by thinning the blood using natural ingredients.

  • Blood Flow Optimizer helps to thin the blood naturally and also improves circulation.
  • Moves excess minerals and calcium out of your arteries for better blood circulation.
  • Encourages flexible and strong blood vessels (helps stop ruptures and tears).
  • Strong protection against inflammation (major stroke causes).
  • Helps get harmful metals and harmful toxins from your arteries.
  • Supports normal clotting and proper fibrin function (leads to better blood flow).

Anti-aging benefits: Fights free radicals in all parts of your body.

Some of the ingredients may actually help your circulation, and there is clinical evidence to support this. In turn, this will improve blood circulation and reduce high blood pressure.

Antioxidants are also found to help fight free radicals, and certain ingredients may contain antioxidants.

It is not known how much each ingredient is.

There’s been no independent clinical study of the product in general. It’s thus not known if the product is going to work as promised, however there are hundreds of customer testimonials pointing to good results using Blood Flow Optimizer.

Blood flow Optimizer Side Effects

Presently there are no listed unwanted side effects.

The HFL Solutions do advise that:

If you’re expecting, lactating, attempting to conceive, under the age of eighteen, and taking medications (Coumadin®, heparin or perhaps some other blood thinning medication), check with the health care practitioner of yours before utilizing this or perhaps any kind of new nutritional product.

Blood flow Optimizer prices

The Blood flow Optimizer: Packages, Prices ;

Where In order to Buy It 1 bottle: TOTAL SAVINGS: USD 49.97 31.48 USD, 1 bottle with “Auto-Ship” Club: TOTAL SAVINGS: 39.97 USD $40.70: 2 ounces, 1 FREE TOTAL SAVINGS: USD 99.97 USD 139.94 The HFL Optimized “Auto-Ship” Club is a monthly membership program.

As you are able to look over at the business site this option offering couple benefits.

– Receive an ADDITIONAL 20 % discount on present day order and all future auto-ships.

– No hassle, quick and convenient delivery at a discount.

– Pay for every order as it is shipped.

– You are able to set the frequency and quantity of each shipment at any time (pause, add more or fewer items, ship more or maybe less frequently).

There are no obligations, contracts, fees or commitments. Cancel at anytime.

What is the delivery terms?

Charges for shipping and handling may apply, but weren’t detailed. They are going to be added at the end of the checkout to your order.

You will be able to see how the official site appears here.

Return/Refund Policy

HFL Solutions provide a complete refund along with an additional USD 100.00 money back.

They additionally offer a 200 % satisfaction guarantee. If you are purchasing something for the first time, you have a limited time frame of 365 days in which to return the product if you do not use it.

This is effective in several ways.

You can return any of the bottles for a refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt, less the shipping charges. This is true for both unopened and opened products.

Between 31-90 days you are able to buy a complete refund for unopened product. This includes the cost of shipping and handling.

You can exchange your purchase for a store credit of 200 % or get a store credit of 90 days. The credit has no expiration date. It might be used towards any service or product provided by the company.

Once you have shipped your second bottle of HFL Optimized “Auto-Ship” Club, you are not guaranteed a refund.

Any product returned without authorization will be charged a restocking fee of 25 %. This includes sending it back to the sender. If you want to cancel an autoship, you must do so 7 days before the shipping date.

To be eligible for the USD 100 money back you have to confirm before and after medical examinations that the product hasn’t worked.

Full details can be found on the company site under their FAQS area.

Why not give Blood Flow Optimizer a try today

Cons and pros


  • Might help blood flow.
  • Clinical trials have shown that some ingredients are beneficial to health.
  • Cash back guarantees.


Absolutely no clinical study to demonstrate the product works as promised.

The price might be too much for some.

Available only online.

What is the Blood flow Optimizer? A Review Final Words

Blood Flow Optimizer has numerous good reviews and originates from a recognized company.

Many companies advertise their health benefits, but they don’t back up the claims. They claim it’s endorsed by physicians and scientifically evaluated. It can also help to reduce the risk of heart attack as well as stroke.

No clinical studies have taken place, and there is no indication. Doctors who recommended it aren’t named. It is not known how many of the individual ingredients are present. They might not be very effective.

I suggest that the jury might be out for this one. It’s about fifty-fifty. You have a lot of satisfied customers, on the one hand. On the other hand, there is no scientific evidence that the product actually works.

You might want to test it out and find out if it is effective for you. In case not, the business has a couple of cash back guarantee.









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