Cardiovascular disease natural treatment

Cardiovascular disease natural treatment

In this article we are going to look in detail at cardiovascular disease natural treatment the causes of cardiovascular disease and we will also look in depth at the best natural options for cardiovascular disease.

If you have had a major heart scare, just like me you will do exactly what the doctor will tell you to do after the event, usually this involves recovery time, lots of medication, an exercise and diet regime, you will be advised to stay on drugs for the rest of your life.

I had cardiovascular disease

I speak as an ordinary person who had cardiovascular disease in my middle forties which caused me to have a massive heart attack due to a 95% blockage in the left ventricle artery, I almost died, luckily the hospital consultant had the experience to bring me back from the dead.

I have learned a lot since that major health issue in my life about the exact causes of heart disease, I have also learned how to reverse the damage that was done to my heart and the treatment didn’t involve drugs.

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease facts

Cardiovascular disease is by a long stretch the most common heart disease among men and women worldwide. According to the WHO the number of people that die from cardiovascular disease each year will be in the region of 17.7 million, this equates to 31% of global deaths!

A staggering figure 75% of these deaths happen in the low to middle income countries and 85% of almost all cardiovascular disease deaths are attributed to a heart attack or stroke.

Main causes

There are a few reasons for cardiovascular and they include:

  • High cholesterol
  • Family history
  • Poor or unhealthy diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking
  • Stress

These are things that are in your control, to avoid cardiovascular disease it is advisable to exercise, eat a good healthy that includes vegetables and fruit (a good source of vitamins & minerals) these are also low calorie, go for plant based foods, they contain substances that could help to prevent CD, food that are high in calories like snacks, cheese, chocolate and meat should be avoided in favour of veg, fruit and nuts.

Eating the right foods is part of cardiovascular disease natural treatment but you need to supplement your food and follow a healthy exercise routine.

What if you don’t follow a good diet?

Healthy diet

It’s easy when you are hungry to reach for a chocolate bar or some fast food, get the short-term sugar hit but what is it doing to your waistline and your blood sugars?

Especially if you don’t get enough regular exercise or you come home late from work and grab the first bit of food that is there.

Eventually the bad fats that are going into your bloodstream will affect you ldl cholesterol, meaning it will go up over the recommended safe level of 5 points.

This is only the beginning of CD, there are other factors such as lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking, bad heart history in the family, high blood pressure. You can tell how dangerous these risk factors are relation yo heart disease its important to learn cardiovascular disease natural treatment for your health.

When does cardiovascular disease start?

CD happens sometimes as early as your thirties, it starts slowly in your arteries as plaque cholesterol and calcium begin to stick to the arterial wall.

Normally our bodies have a way of dealing with this in the form of Nitric Oxide, nitric oxide is produced in our bodies from the food that we eat, foods such as:

  • Garlic
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Beets
  • Watermelon
  • Spinach
  • Walnuts
  • Arugula
  • Dark chocolate
  • Pomegranate
  • Citrus

No more heart disease

Cardiovascular disease image

According to the famous book “No more heart disease” by Dr Louis Ignarro Nitric oxide is responsible for the smooth transport of blood to the vital organs the most important of which is the heart.

So, what happens?

As we age our bodies find it harder to produce enough Nitric oxide to keep the build-up of plaque, cholesterol and calcium from sticking to the walls of the arteries. The result of this shortage of NO means that the build-up gradually increases.

You may not even know it is happening, there is a reason that they call heart disease “the silent killer”

Cardiovascular disease

Basically, cardiovascular disease is a blockage in the arterial system, this blockage means that the heart and other organs don’t get enough blood.

When this happens people complain of tiredness, shortness of breath or chest pain, this can often be mistaken for indigestion trust me it isn’t.

If you have these symptoms you need to seek medical attention without delay!

Treatments for cardiovascular disease

If you have had a heart attack or stroke you are more than likely to be taking some medication such as beta blockers, aspirin, Lipitor or Crestor (cholesterol lowering drugs) blood pressure tablets along with a healthy exercise program and a healthy diet.

I believe in nature and allowing nature to meet my nutritional needs through the food that I eat.

I don’t know whether you know the soils that our food comes from are sadly depleted from vital nutrients, we are exposed every day to toxins in the air, all of this makes it harder for our bodies to generate enough Nitric oxide for our needs to be heart healthy.


This is what I did to reverse cardiovascular disease

Having read the book ” No more heart disease” it became evident that I needed a supplement to assist me in creating more Nitric Oxide and start the slow process of reversing the effects of cardiovascular disease.

I started on this path (no drugs) in December 2013 by taking 2 sachets per day on an empty stomach of this quality L-Arginine supplement.

I was confident that the Nitric oxide boost would work but I knew that it was going to take time, I was prepared to be patient and wait for the reversal to happen. After two years taking this natural supplement I was feeling good, I made an appointment to go the hospital for an angiogram to determine the condition of my arteries.

The cardiologist gave me some fantastic news “my whole arterial system was 100% clear of any plaque”

That was 5 years ago, to be honest I still take this fantastic L-Arginine supplement and I have never felt better!

HealthyFlow TM is the number one selling L-Arginine product in the world.

It is manufactured by Good health naturally,a quality assured company for many years.I trust these people to give me the correct product with the best ingredients that are tested in their laboratory 60 times before they are happy with the combination.

As I have said I have been taking this product since 2012 and I can vouch for its quality, just ask my cardiologist!

 I highly recommend that you give Healthyflow TM a try , please take this supplement on an empty stomach (up to 3 servings per day) and don’t eat for about one hour afterwards.




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