Fix erectile dysfunction boost your sex life

Fix erectile dysfunction

It is possible to fix erectile dysfunction, many men across the world report to their doctors about Erectile Dysfunction or ED. It is the most common sex problem that affects as many as 30 million men.

It is a problem associated with keeping an erection firm enough for sex. The fix erectile dysfunction has become a major concern worldwide.

This problem can happen routinely with sex so it should be treated right away.

If you are unable to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, it is a condition commonly known as impotence. The symptoms of this condition include reduced sexual desire or libido.

If it lasts for more than a few weeks or months, you should look for effective ways to fix erectile dysfunction or consult your doctor. It affects a large number or people in the United States and across the world.

Can supplements help erectile dysfunction

ED can be treated with natural supplements. There are some standard treatments as well, including vacuum pumps, implants, and surgery. But many people from all over the world prefer natural supplements because of their health benefits.

Such supplements are proven to be very effective in supporting erectile dysfunction.

Fix erectile dysfunction

How do erections work?

Firstly, you should know how an erection works during sexual performance. Nerves play a vital role in releasing chemicals. These chemicals increase the blood flow into the penis.

Remember, this blood flows into two erection chambers. The spongy tissue tends to relax and trap blood.

As a result, it makes the penis firm which leads to an erection. As soon as an orgasm occurs, there is a second set of nerve signal that reaches the penis. It causes the muscular tissue to contract and the blood gets released back into circulation, making the erection comes down.

The penis remains soft and limp in case you are not sexually aroused. Most importantly, the size of the penis may vary depending on the warmth, cold or worry. Remember, such things are normal because of the blood coming and leaving the penis.


As discussed above, it becomes difficult to maintain an erection that is firm enough for sex with erectile dysfunction. If it is a routine problem then you should take the necessary actions to boost your sex life.

It may be because of any cardiovascular disease. ED may indicate building blockages in your vascular system. Most importantly, people with Erectile Dysfunction are at more severe risk of getting a heart attack, a circulatory problem in the legs, or stroke.

For that reason, it is important to fix erectile dysfunction as soon as possible.

Here are some of the common symptoms of ED:

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Trouble getting or maintaining an erection

ED should be treated if it is affecting your well-being or relationship. Opt for natural treatments that can enhance or fix erectile dysfunction and help circulatory health.


When it comes to sexual arousal, it is a complex process. Such a process involves hormones, the brain, emotions, muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Therefore, ED can result from any problem associated with these.

Remember, stress can further worsen erectile dysfunction with the passage of time.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are many causes of Erectile Dysfunction. A combination of psychological and physical issues can lead to ED. For instance, any physical condition can slow down your sexual response, causing anxiety about maintaining an erection. It can lead to erectile dysfunction in the end.

Erectile dysfunction issues

Physical causes of ED

Some physical conditions can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction, such as:

  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Clogged blood vessels
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Obesity
  • Scar tissue inside the penis
  • Sleep disorders
  • Tobacco and alcohol use
  • Certain prescription medications

These are some of the common physical causes of ED. Make sure to fix erectile dysfunction if you experience any of the listed conditions.

Psychological causes of ED

Stress and mental health can affect erectile dysfunction to a great extent. When it comes to triggering a series of physical events that cause ED, your brain plays a vital role.

A range of things can cause erectile dysfunction, including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety or depress
  • Mental health conditions


The physical and psychological causes can lead to some complications resulting from erectile dysfunction.

  • Relationship problems
  • An unsatisfactory sex life
  • Inability to get your partner pregnant
  • Stress or depression
  • Low self-esteem

Such complications can cause major problems in both of your lives. Therefore, it is important to fix erectile dysfunction using the best natural supplements. One such supplement is AlphaViril supplied by Dr. Sam Robbins and manufactured by HFL solutions..

Fix erectile dysfunction using Alphaviril supplements

What is AlphaViril?

AlphaViril is a supplement for erectile dysfunction that can boost libido and enhance testosterone. It is manufactured to support fertility, virility and sexual performance.

When it comes to minimizing female hormones and increase testosterone levels, AlphaViril is an ideal natural supplement for you to fix erectile dysfunction.

If you want to fix erectile dysfunction, this supplement can work perfectly for you. Besides that, it offers a range of benefits such as:

  • Better circulation for erections and increases blood flow
  • Reduces belly fat and increases testosterone levels for enhanced libido
  • Help to reduce DHT and stress
  • Maintains hormonal balance
  • Very effective in improving dopamine levels for emotional drive and energy

AlphaViril is manufactured by HFL solutions. The company has been producing a range of dietary formulas since 1992. Dr. Sam Robbins is a founder of a company and he has decades of experience in medicine.

This product is manufactured with the natural ingredients that are safest to use. If you want to solve common health issues like erectile dysfunction, look no further than AlphaViril to resolve male enhancement problems.

Most importantly, it can also help with metabolism, weight loss and blood sugar, all of these can contribute to a health sex drive and libido.

AlphaViril’s ingredients

The product is a blend of natural ingredients that can fix erectile dysfunction by boosting estrogen, dopamine and testosterone hormone levels. Let’s take a look at some of the common natural herbs present in this supplement.

Tongkat Ali Extract

It is a traditional Southeast Asian ingredient. Whether you want to treat fevers or erectile dysfunction, this natural herb has been helping for centuries. It is used as a health supplement all over the world.

Fenugreek Extract

It is the best testosterone optimizer that belongs to Soy Family. This ingredient helps increase male sexual performance. In addition, there are countless benefits of Fenugreek Extract. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and controls appetite. It can also reduce inflammation and increase sperm count.

Avena Sativa Extract

Avena Sativa Extract is rich in many minerals including zinc. Such components are essential in enhancing testosterone levels. If you want to fix erectile dysfunction, get the best sexual enhancer in men, learn more here.

Causes of ef

How does AlphaViril work?

Using natural ingredients, AlphaViril optimizes hormonal pathways. The increase of testosterone in the body is essential for proper erection. This supplement can increase testosterone levels and reduce the production of the stimulating hormone.

Remember, luteinizing is an important hormone that promotes the release of testosterone in the testes. AlphaViril is a major source that stimulates the release of this vital hormone.

Stress or depression is a major psychological cause of erectile dysfunction. This supplement increases the release of dopamine, thus reducing stress and improving mood.

When it comes to improving overall sexual performance, AlphaViril stimulates the production of nitric oxide to increase blood flow. As a result, it supports better erection to fix erectile dysfunction.

Most importantly, a blend of natural ingredients increases physical performance. For instance, Fenugreek is the best source of energy. More energy means better sexual drive.

Besides, there are a lot of minerals and vitamins present in the supplement. Such components maintain optimum hormone levels.

Alphaviril is a fast acting supplement to fix erectile dysfunction, here is what some guys had to say about Alphaviril

  • game changer for sureHonestly I’ve never left a review for something I’ve bought. I’ve been on anti depressants for a while and it destroyed my ability to have sex at the same time made me feel a lot better mentally.A tough trade off. I’m 35 so doctors assume my sexual problems are psychological rather than physical. I recently got so desperate I ordered Alphaviril online thinking it definitely wouldn’t work. But it did! It worked the first time and every time I’ve taken it. As long as I take 1 or 2 the same day I’m trying to have sex it 100% works for me. The first week it upset my stomach a little, but now it doesn’t. I’m blow away. It’s worth at least a try if you’re in my previous situation.
  • doctor approved and endorsedI live in Las Vegas and since  I have been taking Blood Sugar Optimizer, my blood sugar level dropped from 99 to 80 and I went from being  pre diabetic to not at risk at all.  I take 2-4 Blood sugar Optimizers a day.  In addition, my mental state has been a lot sharper and my mood has been superb. I no longer take Vitamin D.I’m also taking your testosterone booster, AlphaViril which works like a charm. I’ve gotten all of the benefits, as advertised. I am recommending the product to all my male patients.  I would love to speak with you or meet you some day.  I am very impressed with your products.I am the author of 2  books, 4 Step Process to Mental Illness by Dr. H V Smith and The Illness, Take Back your Mental State and I am about to release  The Quick Survival Guide to Mood Disorders and I will mention your products in this book.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Hearley Smith

How to use AlphaViril?

It is recommended to take 2 pills a day. If you are a first-time user, take one pill in the morning and in the afternoon. Most importantly, you can increase the dose up to 4 pills at maximum.

Never exceed 2 pills at any given time. It is advised to take a pill 15 minutes before a meal with a glass of water.

Taking it at night may cause insomnia. So make sure to read the label on the product and follow the instructions to fix erectile dysfunction.

To learn more about Dr. Sam Robbins and the team at HFL Solutions go to this page.


AlphaViril is a blend of natural herbs, some of which have been used for decades to increase sexual performance. Want to enhance your sex drive?

Look no further than the AlphaViril supplement to fix erectile dysfunction as it is the best supplement for you.

It can maintain sexual as well as physical health. You may need to consult your doctor if you still don’t get relief.

A medical checkup can help indicate any underlying issue.

Supplements for ed this one works!

Supplements for ed

Erectile dysfunction or ed can make your sex life a complete misery, there are natural supplements for ed that make some outrageous claims, a counterfeit ed supplement drug market exists, the last thing you need are supplements for ed that could harm you.

Its important to know where you are getting erectile dysfunction supplements and whether or not they will be safe to take and actually help the condition, ed sometimes called impotence is classified as an inability to get an erection that stays hard enough for you to have sex.

Supplements for ed image

Having trouble with an erection

Having trouble with an erection shouldn’t necessarily be something to concern you, however if ed or erectile dysfunction is a regular occurrence it can cause moments of doubt in your ability to enjoy sex, it could affect your stress levels, your mental health as well as your ability to have a normal relationship.

People with ed struggle to get an erection or to keep the erection for long enough to enjoy sex, it could be because of an underlying health condition that needs medical treatment and increase the risk if heart disease.

In the United States, ed or Male impotence affects almost 5% of men in their 40s and more than 50% of men in their 60s, erectile dysfunction is a common problem, the good news is that many men are having success with supplements for ed, I want to let you know about one particular supplement for ed called Alphaviril.

Alphaviril supplements for ed

Alphaviral supplements for ed is a wholly natural testosterone stimulator, the product was put together by Dr Sam Robbins following scientific studies demonstrating how low testosterone levels have a significant impact on ed and a mans ability to get it up and keep it up.

Dr Robbins also discovered that high levels of estrogen in men contribute to male impotence, so over 21 years ago he developed Alphaviril supplements for ed.

I’m going to walk you through why Alphaviril could be a benefit for you in terms of improving ed, to give you taste of what these supplements for ed can do for a man’s sex life I found this customer testimonial on the HFL solutions website.

Alphaviril supplements for ed

Long term user

“Dr Sam! I’ve been using AlphaViril long term because it’s absolutely amazing. Anyone who has any doubt, forget it about it. Get it, try it and get your “mojo” back, LOL”

To read further testimonials and to listen to what Dr Sam has to say about supplements for ed go here.

What are the ingredients in Alphaviril supplements for ed

Alphaviral supplements for ed are synergistically mixed to enhance the beneficial effects of each ingredient, in other words these all-natural herbal ingredients target testosterone and estrogen levels as well as cortisol levels to help you gain a fuller more erect and longer lasting erection so that you can get more pleasure from your sex life.

The all-natural herbal ingredients are clinical proven to enhance Male impotence issues, they include Avena extract, Bulgarian pro tribulus teressitis, Tongkat ali, Stinging nettle, Ginger extract, L-Arginine, L-citruilline and other vitamins.

The unique combination has proven to be a top selling supplements for ed over the past 21 years.

Avina sativa extract is proven in studies to support testosterone levels, testosterone levels are affected by stress avina Sativa extract can have a calming effect and improve sexual function.

Herbs for supplements for ed

Tongkat Ali extract is a brilliant herb because it has quassinoids in it, they can improve energy, libido, burn unwanted fat, reduce estrogen and enhance sexual health.

Bulgarian pro Tribulus is a natural oil used for centuries to help with stamina and Male impotence.

To put it in a nutshell Alphaviril male testosterone supplement is a unique combination of all- naturally clinically proven ingredients formulated to target the most common causes of ed, that is low testosterone and high estrogen levels.

To find out more on what Alphaviril supplements for ed can do to help with erectile dysfunction problems please go to the official HFL Solutions website by clicking here.

Who is behind Alphaviril supplements for ed

Alphaviril testosterone supplements are supplied by Health for longevity solutions (HFL) the company was set up by Doctor Sam Robbins an endocrinology doctor more than 21 years ago.

The company is based in LA California, they are very successful and help people with ed, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, blood flow and many other common conditions.

Do Alphaviril supplements for ed work

To be honest, I speak as a guy in his middle 60’s that has tried every conceivable method to support my ed problems to find that I wasted a ton of money trying to improve my sex life.

I began by going to my doctor for advice, would you believe he sent me to a clinic in a big city where a guy injected my penis with a drug.

The drug actually gave me a hard-on that was so painful, it lasted for about two hours, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience, my next effort was to try Viagra, as you know it is a prescription medication for ed, Viagra gave me a headache it didn’t really help my ed, following that I tried ed pumps not really a success either.

I experimented with other supplements for ed, to be honest none of them worked until I discovered Dr Sam Robbins Alphaviril testosterone supplements

I can say hands down when it comes to delivering a boost to your body’s testosterone levels Alphaviril is the best all-natural solution for erectile dysfunction that is available on the market.

Happy couple having sex

What are the benefits of supplements for ed

Alphaviril supplements for erectile dysfunction do help with the physical side of the condition while at the same time supporting the physcological effects of not being able through no fault of your own to enjoy a healthy sex life.

The unique all-natural herbal formula can help with:

  • Male sexual dysfunction
  • Improve symptoms of ed
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Decrease estrogen levels
  • Enhance energy
  • Boost stamina
  • Boost your libido

Are there side effects

Just like every other supplement for ed some people will experience side effects and many won’t have any side effects, the side effects to look out for include:

  • Skin irritation
  • Flatulence
  • Bloating
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach upset

Frequently asked questions about Alphaviril supplements for ed

It’s only natural that people have questions about Alphaviril supplements for ed, here is a selection of them and the answers

How much does it cost

Alphaviral testosterone supplement cost approximately .62 cent per capsule, it can be purchased at a cheaper price when you avail of the special offers on the official website here.

Can you try it risk free

The company offer a full refund policy for those customers that don’t experience satisfaction.

Is it safe to take

Yes, the product consists of all-natural ingredients that can’t harm you.

Are there side effects

In these cases however the full refund policy is in place.

How many should you take

The company recommend that you consume two tablets a day with a glass of water, one in the morning and one in the evening, if you don’t experience the desired effects after the first week you can take an additional 1-2 Alphaviril in the afternoon.

Why should you try Alphaviril supplements for ed

If you have been trying to improve your sexual performance without any success now may be the opportune time to try Dr Ssm Robbins supplements for ed because:

  • Best-selling supplements for ed
  • Over 21 years of success helping men with ed
  • All-natural herbal formula
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Doctor formula
  • Thousands of satisfied customers

To learn more about Alphaviril supplements for ed listen to what Dr Sam Robbins has to say go here.


High Island Health prostate massager device

High Island Health prostate massager

If you suffer from the symptoms of prostatitis, prostate massage therapy could help, High Island health prostate massager is a leading prostate health massage device that when used correctly can take away the symptoms associated with prostatitis.

Prostatis is a medical condition that develops when the prostate a walnut sized gland becomes swollen causing you to experience pain around your pelvis and groin area when you take a pee, .

It can happen over time the prostate becomes tender from the swelling, the swelling is caused by inflammation, prostatis isn’t cancerous, the condition can be improved by using a prostate health prostate device.

Enlarged prostate high island health prostate massager

Prostate enlargement

Prostate enlargement or benign prostatic enlargement (BPH) occurs when the prostate gland becomes enlarged causing issues when you pee, the symptoms are a weak urine stream and a feeling that you didn’t completely empty your bladder.

Doctors prescribe lifestyle changes, prescription medications, surgery or prostate massage therapy.

What does prostate massage therapy do

The high island health prostate massager device is designed to clear the prostatic duct, the duct is a pipeline that connects your prostate to the rest of your urinary and reproductive system.

High Island health prostate massager will massage the prostate and produce a spontaneous fluid secretion.

The secretion of fluid enables the prostatic duct to clear itself of any blockages that may be causing the symptoms you are experiencing and improve your quality of life.

Prostate massage therapy is the use of a quality massage device to massage the Male prostate for therapeutic or medical reasons, to learn more about the High Island health prostate massager go to their website here.


Prostate massaging has over the years become a support for a number of conditions that include:

  • Chronic prostatitis
  • BPH
  • Erectile dysfunction

Prostate massaging using the High Island health prostate massager may be beneficial for specific groups of men, the symptoms associated with the following may improve after using this simple device:

Pain when urinating

The prostate gland surrounds the urethra, over time the inflammation causes the swelling of the prostate to increase, this process interferes with urine flow, it may even cut it off altogether, prostate massage therapy may help to bring the swelling down and symptoms will improve.

Relieve painful ejaculation

As fluid blockages build up in the prostate blockages may occur and cause painful ejaculation during sex, one of the health benefits of a prostate massage is the lessening of pain during ejaculation and a better sex life.

To learn more about the High Island health prostate massager go to their website here.

ED or erectile dysfunction

ED or erectile dysfunction is a worry for many men, there are many causes BPH or an enlarged prostate amongst then, the High Island health prostate massager could alleviate the symptoms and help to treat ED, to purchase a prostate massager device go to the High Island website here.

Prostatitis diagnosis

A prostatitis diagnosis is not the end of the world, nowadays massage therapy is one of the ways that can effectively improve the symptoms, learn how to use a prostate massage device for prostatitis.

High Island Health

High Island Health was founded in 1997 based on medical inventions that are designed to help thousands of men around the world with the symptoms of enlarged prostate or BPH, their medical products have worldwide patents because of the health improvements people feel when they use their products.

High Island Health Products Click here

High Island health prostate massage device history

The High Island health prostate massage device has been studied and reported on by Dr Aaron Katz and Jillian Capodice M.S. L.Ac in the Open Urology and Nephrology Journal, the study took two years to complete and involved 154 men using the Pro-State massage device.

The trial participants had symptoms of chronic prostatitis (BPH) following the study over 90% of the men stated that they had significant improvement in their symptoms.

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers high Island health prostate massager

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers.

For more than 10 years, the High Island health prostate massage therapy has been effectively helping men from all over the world to alleviate prostate issues, boost sexual health and to support the health of the pelvis.

The Pro-State® Prostate Massagers are anatomically and precisely engineered to allow men with prostate problems to effectively and safely self use this wonderful gently prostate massage device at home.

The High Island health company have engineered and created their own patented massage products based on the principle of improved circulation correlates with improved symptoms, .

High Island health prostate massager concentrates on improving prostate health through effective massaging of the body’s own muscles, in this way the Pro-State® Prostate Massagers provide a natural, safe and thoroughly gentle way to address these lower body disorders.

Doctor image high island health prostate massager
Doctors visit
Photo by Online Marketing on Unsplash

Doctor recommended

High Island health prostate massager products are doctor recommended, Doctor Aaron Katz is a prominent expert in prostate health, his research details the best ways to treat prostate health and supports the use of Pro-State® Prostate Massagers.

There are many books on how to deal with prostate health, Prostate health in 90 days was written by Dr Larry Clapp, the author recommends that men should consider using Pro-State® Prostate Massagers.

Dr David William’s is the author of Alternatives newsletter, he has over 200,000 subscribers the Pro-State® Prostate Massagers from High Island Health prostate massage company has been featured.

To learn more about the High Island health prostate massager go to their website here

Features and benefits of High Island health prostate massager

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers enable the user to self massage the prostate and perineum hygienically and conveniently in private at home.

The High Island health prostate massager is driven by contractions in the anal sphincter, the user will determine how much pressure to use as he gradually increases this simple prostate exercise program.

Please note that the massage device is designed for gentle use so as not to cause any harm to the prostate.

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers are a safe, effective and easy to use prostate massage using it correctly you will find improvements in prostate and overall health.

High Island health prostate massager testimonials

There are so many happy High Island health prostate massager testimonials, I read through any of then on the website, this one caught my eye, it may help to give you confidence that Pro-State® Prostate Massagers actually work.

“Dear High Island Health,
…I want you to know personally that the prostate massage product you introduced me to has the potential to save a life. I am 5 ll, 160lbs, slim, fit and overall a healthy 57-year old man. Yet for over 30 years, I have been bothered by recurrent painful sessions of the prostatitis that doctors prescribed antibiotics for, but had no idea what caused it or how to prevent it.

It hurt to ejaculate, it ached not to. As I aged passed 50 the same thing started happening with urination. I could see my future going in the direction the other men in my family with prostate enlargement, cancer and horrible things doctors do to people with those difficulties.

While researching, I found out about High Island Health through the Internet. I was reluctant to call. When I finally did, the woman I got to speak with was way ahead of me. I did not know what to say but she was understanding, informative, and helpful.

While I was not clear what my problems were, she had technical knowledge and explained it to me. It was not just your product but also the caring explanation that turned me toward HIH.

Thank you for helping turn my health in a better direction.”


I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this post on High Island health prostate massager, the people at High Island health have been fully committed to improving the lives of men with prostate conditions for more then 10 years, I believe that they can be trusted to help you.


Circ02 Nitric Oxide

Circ02 nitric oxide

Circ02 nitric oxide is a must have Nitric oxide supplement that works efficiently and effectively to combat aging, boost the immune system and most importantly enhance your energy levels.


Circ02 Nitric oxide


This new unique formula was developed by the doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals essentially to help your body create more Nitric oxide because it is a vital molecule that regresses as you age causing poor circulation to your heart, brain, bones and muscles.

Nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is created when you put a Circ02 nitric oxide lozenge into a glass of water and simply drink it down on an empty stomach, the results are pretty amazing, according to one customer who said “Feeling better than I have in 10 years. More energy and feeling stronger” so what ingredients are in the Circ02 nitric oxide formula?

Circ02 nitric oxide formula

The first thing to say is all of the ingredients are natural so they cannot harm you, it is a dietary lozenge that helps you to make more Nitric oxide, it works pretty quickly (within minutes) the effects last for a number of hours, the primary ingredients are:

• Proprietary Circ02 nitric oxide blend with beet powder

• L-Citrulline

• Sodium nitrate

• Vitamin C

• Vitamin B12

• Hawthorn berry extract

• Xylitol

• Magnesium

• Mannitol

• Cellulose Silica

• Natural colouring

• Vegetable stearate


Scientific studies Nitric oxide
Scientific studies

Why take Circ02 nitric oxide?

Thanks to the scientific research that won the Nobel prize in medicine we now know that the aging process has a drastic effect on your body’s ability to produce Nitric oxide with unavoidable consequences for your body, I’m talking about changes to your health and how you feel.

The changes are subtle and happen progressively especially to the cardiovascular system, overall physical, mental and sexual health isn’t what it used to be even though the heart rate is the same it doesn’t go faster the way it used to. This progressive and subtle changes affect your metabolism and energy levels, increases in blood pressure and heart disease are common.

Understanding your body’s needs

These changes in the body are noticed more as you enter your late 40s into your 50s and 60s energy levels begin to deplete and the immune system begins to change, the body is more vulnerable to disease, sexual health can be affected and generally you don’t feel as well as you used to.

Understanding your body’s needs and the nutrients that it needs are important especially as you grow older, nitric oxide is normally produced in your body when you eat certain foods like garlic, meat, citrus fruits, seeds and nuts, leafy greens and beets.

However the aging process affects how your body processes these Nitric oxide foods and that is where Circ02 nitric oxide helps to boost your NO levels causing blood circulation to increase in such a way that healthy oxygenated blood and nutrients reach all parts of the body, one happy customer remarked “This supplement helps my blood pressure and blood flow. I am now at a level with the optimum amount of nitric oxide in my system. I will continue to use as needed. Thanks”

Is it safe to take Circ02 nitric oxide?

Circ02 nitric oxide is formulated by Doctor Janet Zand, the company emphasizes how natural the ingredients are and in the correct amounts to be effective at helping the body in Nitric oxide production and improving circulation, the benefits of improved blood flow are numerous such as:

• Improved energy

• Less aches and pains

• Better heart health

• Better skin

• Less muscle or joint pain

• More vitality

• Improved sex drive

• Lower blood pressure

• Better memory

Does Circa02 have side effects?

Circ02 nitric oxide is generally safe to take, reported side effects are few, however you should be aware of potential side effects including diarrhoea, stomach upset and dark urine or stool, Citca02 nitric oxide is deemed safe to take with other medications, to order Circa02 nitric oxide directly from the people that put the formula together go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

What is the main ingredient in CircO2 nitric oxide?

The main ingredient in CircO2 nitric oxide is Magnesium because it is effective and beneficial for blood circulation and supporting cardiovascular health, the unique formula also contains beetroot also scientifically proven to help with circulation.


Circ02 Nitric oxide

Another very important ingredient is Vitamin C because of its effectiveness in boosting energy and fighting oxidative stress, Vitamin B12 supports concentration and focus, overall, this new formula Circ02 nitric oxide is a well-balanced and effective lozenge for energy, your immune y and stamina.

How much does Circa02 cost?

Circa02 is a dependable Nitric oxide supplement (lozenge) brought to you by a 30 years old company Advanced Bionutritionals, the product is formulated by doctors and based on the best scientific evidence and extensive research.

Circ02 comes in lozenge form, just pop it into a glass of water it will go straight into your bloodstream and begin to work its magic, this amazing nitric oxide supplement is ideal for boosting energy, some people in the fitness industry use it to build muscle mass.

The product isn’t overly expensive, it works out at less than the price of a cup of coffee for one Circ02 Nitric oxide tablet, not bad considering the health benefits, the product is even cheaper if you want to avail of their special offer, to find out more go to this page.


To recap, Circa02 nitric oxide is an effective vasodilator meaning it sends a signal to the blood vessels that makes them relax so that blood can circulate much easier, the health benefits are:

• More energy

• More stamina

• More mental clarity

• Less aches and pains

• Stronger immune system

• Enhanced sexual desire (be careful)

Circa02 is an effective, safe and reliable Nitric oxide supplement, the health benefits of Nitric oxide are well documented, side effects are few, there is no risk taking the product because the company offer a 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

To purchase Circa02 Nitric Oxide direct from Advanced Bionutritionals go here.


Prostate massager for enlarged prostate

Prostate massager for enlarged prostate

A prostate massager for enlarged prostate can help to alleviate the symptoms of the prostate gland becoming enlarged a very common condition that happens to most men as the years roll by.

The prostate is simply a gland that is connected to fluid production associated with sperm when you ejaculate, the prostate gland borders the urethra a tube that urine flows through and out of the body.

The prostate becomes enlarged because the glands become bigger causing the urethra to narrow putting pressure on the urine flow, this process can cause pain and other symptoms.

An enlarged prostate is not cancerous and is referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

What are the causes

Despite the fact that almost all men develop BPH the cause of the condition has not been pinpointed, it is thought that the aging process and cell membrane of the testicles changes have a role to play in the swelling of the gland, another factor thought to influence the gland enlargement are Male testosterone levels.

When testicles are removed as is the case with testicular cancer BPH does not develop, the same applies if testicles are removed following the development of BPH although this treatment isn’t standard procedure.

Prostate massager

A prostrate massager for enlarged prostate is a relatively new therapy where the prostate is gently massaged for medical and therapeutic reasons, many men have reported progressive improvements by using a quality prostate massager for the condition as well as erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

How does a prostate massager work?

A prostate massager works by clearing the prostatic duct that or pipeline that runs between the prostate and the remainder of the reproductive and urinary structure, by using the prostatic massager it produces an instinctive fluid secretion that assists in clearing any fluid present in the prostatic duct.

The fluid reduction corresponds to the elimination of any symptoms that you are experiencing.

Although a prostatic massager for enlarged prostate use isn’t widely supported through research, a large number of people have reported the benefits of a prostate massager by clearing the fluid build up in the prostatic duct and relieving the symptoms.

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers.

For more than 11 years Pro-State® Prostate Massagers have been helping men like yourself to alleviate conditions associated with prostate problems by rejuvenating sexual performance and helping lower pelvic health.

To find out more about how Pro-State® Prostate Massagers can help to massage your prostate go to the website here.


The Pro-State® Prostate Massager is a patented hands-free mechanism, anatomically and precisely designed to let you massage the prostate in a safe and effective manner.

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I’m terribly sorry about this

I’m terribly sorry about this, due to unforeseen circumstances the Sonic prostate device is no longer available, in its place I recommend that you take a look at a natural alternative that has some great reviews.

A prostate massager for enlarged prostate can have health benefits for certain groups of men that suffer from the following symptoms:
  • Prostatitis: caused when the walnut sized prostate that is located under the bladder in men becomes inflamed and swells causing painful or difficult urination.
  • Erectile dysfunction: a common problem for men, caused by the blood supply to the penis being cut off, other causes include heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, a prostate massager for enlarged prostate can be used to treat ed
  • Urine flow: the prostate covers the urethra, as the inflammation takes hold swelling may have an effect on urine flow or stop it altogether, the prostate massager therapy can help to reduce the swelling and improve the symptoms.
  • Painful ejaculation: caused by fluid blockage in the reproductive system leading to pain or discomfort when ejaculating, a prostate massager may help to ease the fluid build-up and symptoms will improve.

What are the risks

The only risk in using this therapy for enlarged prostate symptoms is that some people are too vigorous when inserting it and make the symptoms worse, the secret to getting the prostate back to optimal health is to use the prostate massager for enlarged prostate as gently and sensitively as possible.

Better still, if you try the Sonic Prostate Massager and it doesn’t work for you, the company offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, to learn more about how you can’t lose when you try the best prostate massager on the market.

I’m terribly sorry about this

I’m terribly sorry about this, due to unforeseen circumstances the Sonic prostate device is no longer available, in its place I recommend that you take a look at a natural alternative that has some great reviews.

Prostate massager for enlarged prostate

Sonic prostate massager

The Sonic prostate massager is a top selling product because it is specifically designed to restore the prostate to full health by using sonic wave technology that creates flat non turbulent waves and prevents any potential damage to the prostate gland.

Sonic prostate massager unique design and features makes the job of insertion and massaging a perfect experience culminating in positive results in around 2-5 weeks following regular use.

In fact the numbers of satisfied customers that use this device are as high as 95% that tells you a lot about the quality and performance of this top selling product.

“Finally!! I’m writing to you because after 8 long years of living chronic prostatitis I thought I’d never find a cure to relieve the annoying symptoms. After using 3D Sonic Massager for 2 months, I’m now feeling better than I ever did. Thank you so much and hooray for Sonic Massager!

Shane T Brighton, UK”

Sonic prostate massager

Why not try Sonic prostate massager?

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate like difficult or painful urination, painful ejaculation, prostatitis or erectile dysfunction then why not try sonic prostate massager, if used properly and regularly (2-3 times a week) results are generally seen in the first 2-5 weeks.

I’m terribly sorry about this

I’m terribly sorry about this, due to unforeseen circumstances the Sonic prostate device is no longer available, in its place I recommend that you take a look at a natural alternative that has some great reviews.



Male enhancement reviews

Male enhancement reviews 2020

Male enhancement reviews

This post is about Male enhancement reviews, It gets confusing with so many Male enhancement products on the market I’m going to help you decide which Male enhancement product is the right one for you.

Let’s face it and I have been in your shoes, there’s nothing as disappointing as not being able through no fault of your own of not being able to satisfy your partner’s sexual desires, perhaps you have spent a very romantic evening together.

You get home and into bed looking forward to that close intimate contact that can only be got from sticking your penis into a warm soft juicy vagina, foreplay has begun, both of you are sexually aroused the next thing you know your penis has ejaculated prematurely or at worst you can’t even get an erection.

What a bummer!! I have been there many times and yeah it is so embarrassing, frustrating and downright disappointing you think there must be a better way to improve your performance in bed, that’s where you need some help in the form of Male enhancement products so follow my post on Male enhancement reviews, how each product works and the good and bad points.

Male enhancement reviews enlast cream

Enlast cream review

Depending on your preference and I have tried them all but of all of the Male enhancement products on the market a cream that delays ejaculation might be worth a try so here is the information on enlast cream.

From my research many Male enhancement creams promise to cure premature ejaculation however not all of them are proven, only a small number actually work, this is the case with enlast cream.

This product was specifically designed for men that find it difficult to last in the bedroom, it contains l arginine, an amino acid that produces nitric oxide, it makes the blood vessels going to your penis bigger so that you last longer in bed.

Ingredients of enlast cream

The unique formula of enlast cream contains l arginine and benzocaine, both ingredients are approved by the FDA as being safe to use, l arginine is used to produce nitric oxide in much the same fashion as Viagra the original Male enhancer this amino acid helps the arteries in your penis to relax allowing more blood to flow to the penis head.

Benzocaine is an anesthetic lubricant that helps to numb the penis and make it a little less sensitive delaying the ejaculation and prolong the excitement.

Benefits of enlast cream

Enlast cream isn’t sticky or messy, you need to apply the cream starting from the top of the penis and all the way down, the cream is a lubricant and will make sexual activity more enjoyable and comfortable, you can use a condom with this product if desired, the active ingredients can really improve the satisfaction of not only you but your partner, simply apply the enlast cream before intercourse and away you go!!

How much does it cost?

Enlast is probably not the cheapest Male enhancement cream out there, however just like everything else in life you pay for what you get, I consider enlast cream to have proven benefits with natural ingredients, being sexually satisfied is so important, one tube of enlast cream costs $50 however I believe the company have a discount available at their official website here.

Are there side effects?

Generally most men don’t experience any side effects, some have had a small allergic reaction to the ingredients it’s a case of try it and see, that was my first example of Male enhancement reviews now onto the next product Vitility Ex.

Virility Ex

What is Virility Ex?

This natural Male enhancement product has been tried and tested over a period of 10 years, the company behind the product have tested and refined Virility Ex to make it safe, powerful and effective, you can find out more on the product by going to their official website.

How does it work?

Firstly, Virility Ex is sold in pill form, it works by expanding the corpora cavernous area of the penis that’s the area between the glans penis at the top and the urethra at the bottom, by expanding this area you increase blood circulation making you rock hard and ready for action!!

How long before you feel improvement?

This Male enhancement product is 100% natural unlike others, the combination of natural herbs guarantees that the product is safe, powerful and effective, the manufacturers guarantee that the chances of any side effects are low.

However, there are a few that you need to know about this product, the pills may give you a small headache make sure to drink plenty of water with them, secondly these pills take time to work, they need to be in your system for a couple of months before you get the full impact.

Results to expect

Providing you take the Virility Ex pills for at least two months you can expect:

  • Stronger erections
  • Long lasting erection
  • Penis enlargement
  • Greater penis width

Just to be clear, individual results may vary.


Virility Ex has a powerful natural formula that works as an effective dietary supplement to enhance the Male penis the ingredients include;

  • Tribulus
  • Horny goat weed
  • Oat straw
  • Damiana
  • Yohimbe
  • Oat straw

Other ingredients include nutrients that make erection possible, support the libido and enhance the penis

What’s good about Virility Ex?

This Male enhancement pill is designed for long term sexual satisfaction, it is safe and effective with natural ingredients, try it for free with their one month supply offer, delivery is discreet product is delivered in a box with no indication as to the contents, Virility Ex comes with a 100% manufacturer guarantee.

What’s bad about it?

A bit pricey but there is an offer on the official website, it takes time for it to work, only available from the website, free shipping in the USA but a charge if you live outside the USA.

That concludes the second part of my Male enhancement reviews now for the next Male enhancement product review I’m going to talk about Natural Gain Plus.

Natural gain plus Male enhancement reviews

What is Natural Gain Plus?

Natural gain plus is a supplement to improve Male impotence and assist in attaining a better sex love, they claim that the product cures ed and increases your libido, they also say that natural gain plus increases the size of your penis and avoids early ejaculation. But how true are these claims?

What are the ingredients?

I had a look at the ingredients and all of them are natural for example:

  • L-arginine I’m a total believer in this wonderful amino acid because of the science behind it and what it can do for increasing blood flow to any part of the body, in my book any good Male enhancer must contain L-Arginine. Not only does it help with erections but it boosts the immune system and manages testosterone which is a pivotal part of Male sexual health.
  • Niacin and vitamin b3 help to maintain blood pressure boost blood flow and improve libido.
  • Maca is helpful for libido boosting enhanced Male fertility
  • Zinc oxide protects Male sperm from any negative side effects and positive effects on Male fertility
  • Muirs Pauma is a 100% natural administered boost for sexual dysfunction

Natural Gain Plus helps to improve blood flow to the penis, grow your erections and increase your stamina, from what I have read Natural Gain Plus delivers on what it promises, it is 100% natural and reliable, for more details go to the official website.

How does it work?

The formula for this product offers distinct advantages for certain hormonal agents, neuro transmitters and specific systems within your body related to sexual health, sexual health can be affected negatively by certain hormonal actions, the circulatory system and neurotransmitters.

Getting an erection and keeping it up are totally dependent on your body’s ability to be able to pump enough blood into the penile area, a weak or unhealthy circulatory system makes the job of pumping blood extremely difficult and can set off erectile dysfunction.

What’s good about Natural Gain Plus?

The ingredients are 100% natural and based on scientific evidence, the company offers money back guarantee meaning they are confident that it will work for you, discounts are available on the official website.

What’s bad about it?

The claim that your penis will grow is unverifiable, I couldn’t find any customer testimonials, delivery can be slow.


I sincerely hope that you have all the information that you need to make a decision from reading my post on Male enhancement reviews, whether you decide on a cream or a pill I wish you the best of luck in your efforts to improve your sexual performance.

L Arginine benefits or side effects

L Arginine benefits or side effects

Have you heard about L Arginine benefits or side effects, L arginine is an amino acid, it acts as a building block for proteins, l arginine benefits are worth taking a look at especially in the area of cardiovascular and sexual health for men, there are also health benefits from l arginine for women.

Much like similar amino acids, L-arginine plays an important role in building protein. Our bodies use protein to rebuild tissue and to help build muscle, protein in the body is also used for building bones, muscle, skin, cartilage and blood.

Because l arginine is a building block for proteins researchers have examined l arginine health benefits in relation to how effective it could be in treating tissue waste during serious illness as well as an alternative treatment for wounds.

Food sources of l arginine

Where does l arginine come from?

L arginine is pivotal to creating Nitric oxide gas, nitric oxide is vital for the cardiovascular system because it widens blood vessels creating maximum efficiency in pumping oxygen and nutrient rich blood around the circulatory system.

Our bodies naturally produce l arginine from the foods that we eat for example foods like dairy, fish, poultry, or other meats, seeds, soya bean, peanuts, spiriulina or chickpeas.

L Arginine is created naturally from certain foods that you eat, that’s all fine as you are younger and benefit from L Arginine benefits or side effects.

Red meat, dairy, eggs and fish all contain low enough amounts of l arginine that help our bodies to restore its essential resources, at times our bodies needs for l arginine may be greater than what our bodies can produce normally especially when it comes to certain medical conditions as we age.

In cases like this doctors may prescribe artificial l arginine in the form injections, oral medications or creams, l arginine benefits can accrue from increasing the intake of this amino acid.

L arginine is widely available in supplement form, it can be purchased in powder or capsule form, it is important to follow the dosage Instructions even though l arginine is safe to take in moderate doses.

How does it work?

L arginine works in two ways it converts onto Nitric oxide and it helps in building protein, these positive effects make the health benefits of l arginine beneficial for heart disease, deep vein thrombosis, bad circulation, muscle building wound repair and sexual health.

Although, many l arginine manufacturers claim that it has many health benefits not all of them have scientific studies to back those claims up, let’s examine in a bit more detail scientific evidence on L Arginine benefits or side effects.

Solution for blood flow and circulation

This is the best solution for improving your blood flow & circulation.

Did you know that poor blood flow and circulation can lead to:
– high blood pressure
– blood clots
– a stroke or heart attack
– muscle cramps
– varicose veins
– poor eyesight and hair loss
– cardiovascular disease
– ED problems for men (in the bedroom)

… and other potentially life threatening health issues. However, the good news is that all of this can be avoided with one simple solution.

What does science say about l arginine?

A number if studies have been completed on l arginine health benefits and uses, here are the examples of what does l arginine work for;

  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Reducing heart disease symptoms
  • Treating ed or erectile dysfunction
  • Treating high blood sugars in diabetics
  • Tissue repair
  • Reducing inflammation in the digestive tract
  • Correcting inborn errors of urea synthesis

In addition to the health benefits of L arginine listed above and while appreciating the fact that more research needs to be done l arginine may also help with:

  • Improving blood flow
  • Wound healing
  • A treatment for burns
  • Enhancing exercise performance
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • For people with congestive heart failure, if any help improve kidney function

L arginine benefits for men

L arginine benefits for men

Science has proven that l arginine acts as a vasodilator, in other words it makes it possible for the endothelium (the inner lining of the arteries) to become expand and contract allowing blood to flow normally, why is this significant in terms of make sexual health or more specifically erectile dysfunction (ed).

In a nutshell if you are experiencing difficulties trying to get an erect penis or trying to keep your penis erect for long enough to satisfy your partner, then I may be l arginine may able to help you, let me explain this particular aspect of L Arginine benefits.

Your penis consists of many small blood and lymphatic vessels, it is a type of sponge structure with thin skin and connective tissue, when you get an erection the blood rushes into the blood vessels and fills the sponge structure up.

Nitric oxide plays a part it increases the blood supply until your penis is rock hard.

According to the statistics getting and keeping an erect penis is a big problem for more than 20% of men over 55 it gets worse when you get to over 75 where the problem doubles.

I suspect that many younger men have difficulty in maintaining an erection so an l arginine supplement may be the answer, in fact studies have shown how extra Nitric oxide produced from l arginine had a beneficial effect (80% success rate)

In people with low nitric oxide levels the study involved the participants taking a mixture of l arginine and pycnogenol for erectile dysfunction.

L arginine benefits lower blood pressure

Studies on patients with hypertension showed that l arginine can decrease blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels causing them to expand allowing blood to flow better.

Boosts endurance

Many athletes and runners use l arginine because of its properties in increasing blood flow, it also increases glycogen in the muscles which is a primary source of energy for the muscles in the body, l arginine reduces some lactic acid build up during exercise so that assists recovery time.

Increases muscle mass

L arginine health benefits extend to increasing muscle mass, there is research to back this up probably why so many body builders take l arginine supplements. It makes a lot of sense when you consider that amino acids make muscles!

So l arginine supplements help to build muscles up in the body not only that but when you are using your muscles you are burning energy up so l arginine helps nitric oxide production meaning increased blood supply and more energy.

As you can tell l Arginine benefits or side effects go hand in hand, so what are the side effects of taking L Arginine.

Side effects

Once you take l arginine in the recommended dose on an empty stomach and two hours before a meal there should not be any side effects, however everyone is different so the potential side effects include:

  • Upset tummy
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Low blood pressure
  • Abdominal pain
  • Gout

May help with migraine

Migraine affects many people symptoms are a severe headache along with nausea, light sensitivity or visual distortion. L arginine supplements may help to relieve the symptoms in conjunction with non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen under the supervision of a doctor.

L arginine benefits for women

L arginine health benefits for women

An interesting health benefit of l arginine supplements for women with a history of not becoming pregnant through in vitro fertilization is that L-arginine has been shown to improve fertility.

This is good news for couples trying to have a baby, by supplementing with l arginine (16 gms daily) seems to improve fertilization.

Sexual desire

One study on women with a low libido showed that by supplementing with l arginine plus ginkgo, vitamins, minerals and damiana improved the sexual desire in over 60% of the trial participants, its thought that l arginine increased the Nitric oxide and lifted the libido by intensifying sensation, increasing blood flow and stimulating the vaginal and clitoral area.

Medication contraindications

L arginine benefits or side effects are many however there are potential risks in the following circumstances like:

  • Children and infants
  • Not to be taken before or during surgery
  • Herpes
  • Following a heart attack
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Viagra

Foods Rich in L-arginine

As mentioned earlier l arginine exists in many foods that we consume here is a quick breakdown of the goods that you should eat to boost your l arginine levels

1. Fish like salmon or tuna are a great source of l arginine, salmon contains 1.2 per 100 grams and tuna 1.7 per 100 grams.

2. Chicken is popularly used it has around 70% of the daily protein recommended and around 9 grams of l arginine.

3. Vegetables especially green vegetables like spinach have high levels of l arginine at around 3.3 grams per 100 grams.

4. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc and iron as well as having 7 grams of l arginine in a cup full of seeds.

5. Turkey breast holds the highest amount of l arginine as well as omega 3 and vitamin b.

6. Eggs contain about 0.1 grams per 100 grams of l arginine

7. Lentils in raw form contain 2.1 grams per 100 grams lentils are also a great source of fiber.

8. Nuts like peanuts walnuts or almonds are a good source of l arginine containing between 1-÷.1 grams respectively.

L arginine can also be obtained in supplement form, I recommend that you take a supplement in powder form for better absorption and one that contains both l arginine and Citrulline because studies have shown the combination to be very effective.

Recommended l arginine supplement Healthyflow TM

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  L arginine health benefits healthyflow tmHealthyflow tm ingredients


L arginine benefits or side effects

Recommended Nitric Oxide lozenges

I have heard some great things about Advanced Bionutritionals and their Nitric Oxide lozenges, it’s called Circ O2 you can read more about Circ02 here.



I hope you have enough information on l arginine benefits or side effects in this post to help you make a decision on whether you could benefit from taking an l arginine supplement,effect.

I highly recommend you try l arginine for health conditions like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, poor circulation, erectile dysfunction or tissue repair, scientific research has proven the link between l arginine, nitric oxide and better circulation.