Supplements for blood flow top 3 that work

Supplements for blood flow

Poor blood flow is something to be concerned about, when blood circulation is poor it slows down or blocks blood flow, can supplements for blood flow help to unblock blood vessels and arteries?

Let’s take a closer at supplements for blood flow to find out more about how poor blood flow happens in the first place, what are the symptoms of poor circulation, what are the dangers of blocked blood vessels and what can you to become healthier.

Blood vessels

Did you know that your body has more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels, they are large part of your circulatory system that includes your heart and other muscles, this massive network transports blood to every extremity of your body, when you have poor circulation blood flow is restricted meaning enough nutrients and oxygen don’t get to the cells in your body.

If the cells in your body are being nourished properly through enough oxygen rich blood it can cause any number of health problems, poor blood flow is caused by several conditions that include:

  • Obesity
  • Heart conditions
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Arterial issuesBlocked blood vessels

How to you recognize poor circulation

The signs to look out for in relation to poor circulation are:

  • Cold hands and feet
  • Numbness in the hands or feet
  • Dry skin, cracked skin
  • Wounds are slow to heal
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hair loss on legs or feet
  • Brittle toe nails
  • Legs are pale blue color (lighter skinned people)
  • Angina
  • Chest pain
  • Varicose veins

Supplements to improve blood flow

Now that we know how harmful poor blood flow is for our health, it’s time to look at supplements to improve blood flow, I’m going to explain in detail the three best supplements for blood flow that I personally know about because I use these products myself.

If you want to get the best nutrients, enzymes, proteins, and anti-aging hormones back into your bloodstream and get yourself healthy again then I urge you to read on and find out more about these recommended supplements for blood flow called Blood Flow Optimizer, Blockbuster Allclear and Healthyflow TM.

Prescription drugs

I believe that prescription drugs to more harm then good especially if you are taking them for a long time, I have read about some serious side effects such as stomach pain, hair loss, back pain, poor digestion, muscle ache, does this mean that supplements for blood flow are free of side effects?

The answer to that question lies in each person’s metabolism, will they follow the manufacturer’s dosage advice, will they take these natural supplements for blood flow as directed, will existing medications interfere with supplements to increase blood flow.

If you are taking medications for poor circulation and you have any if the above mentioned conditions or symptoms then you will need all the information possible on supplements to increase blood flow so that you can make an informed decision, let’s start off with Dr Sam Robbins product Blood Flow Optimizer.

Blood flow Optimizer supplements for blood flow

1. Blood Flow Optimizer

Dr Sam Robbins is a well thought of endocrinologist, his company is called HFL Solutions and provide Blood flow Optimizer as a safe, effective and proven to work natural solution for conditions associated with poor blood flow.

Blood Flow Optimizer has an 8 plus years track record of helping people with many health conditions caused by blockages in blood vessels and arteries, all of the ingredients are plant based containing herbs and extract ( organic) natural plant based minerals and vitamins, plus pharmaceutical grade amino acids.

How many to you have to take

Blood Flow Optimizer is available in an easy to take capsule, Dr Robbins advises that you take 1-2 capsules each day, personally I find it easier to take one in the morning with a glass of water and one at night going to bed, I would advise that you take the product with water and on an empty stomach.

Blood Flow Optimizer is best utilized by any person that seeks an improvement in blood flow and circulation that can only ne good for a clearer vascular system and a healthier heart, the reasons being a healthier vascular system is the key to avoiding a heart attack or stroke.

Blood flow Optimizer has been formulated by Doctor Sam Robbins, the ingredients are based on clinical studies, these best-selling supplements for blood flow are manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the USA.

The product is risk free to try because it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, to be honest I don’t think you will be disappointed with the results.

What are Blood Flow Optimizer benefits

These supplements for blood flow have been specifically formulated to tackle unhealthy substances that may have built up in the blood vessels and arteries over the years, the product is medically verified and provides the following benefits:

  • Supports improved circulation
  • Thins the blood
  • Removes excess calcium and minerals from blood vessels and arteries
  • Supports more flexible blood vessels
  • Decreases plaque build-up
  • Smooths the endothelium to allow for better blood flow
  • Removes harmful toxins from the blood vessels
  • Helps to fight against free radical damage
  • Provides support for normal blood clotting

What to people think about Blood Flow Optimizer

I took a look at some of the customer testimonials for these supplements for blood flow, this one caught my eye,

  • It’s blown my mindYour Blood Flow Optimizer has blown my mind. I can’t believe how good, and how fast this stuff works. My blood pressure and pulse are absolutely perfect. I will be getting off of my Lisinopril ASAP. Doesn’t look like I will need anything from my doctor anymore. You should make a pill for as many ailments as you can. Arthritis, joint pain, etc… I am a true believer in your work and products. What an absolutely amazing product, that does exactly what is says it will to. My mind is clearer now as well. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s magic
    Thank you!!!!

I can personally vouch for the difference in how you will feel after taking Blood flow Optimizer, just like the person above you will find a marked improvement in your health when you try Blood flow Optimizer, to learn more about this natural supplement to improve blood flow go to Doctor Sam Robbins website here.

Blood Flow Optimizer Ingredients

Like I stated above, all of the ingredients in this natural supplement to improve blood flow are completely natural, it is a gluten free vegetarian non GMO formula, there are no fillers or additives.

Supplements for blood flow ingredients

Are there side effects

Its important to know about any adverse reactions or side effects from supplements for blood flow, personally I can tell you that I didn’t have any side effects or adverse reactions from Blood Flow Optimizer, however there are always the possibilities of reactions or side effects depending on the person.

Dr Robbins does recommend that women that are pregnant should not take the product, similarly anyone under the age of 18 should not take these blood flow supplements, if one does have a reaction stop immediately and return the product to HFL Solutions for a refund.

Is it safe to take

Dr Robbins has spent a lot of time researching the best natural solutions for people with poor blood flow, he says that his product has no negative side effects, it is safe to take the nutrients are specifically formulated to heal your body from within.

Basically Blood Flow Optimizer cleans the vascular system and naturally gets the maximum out of blood flow.

In fact many people that try Blood Flow Optimizer take the recommended dosage, their symptoms improve as does blood flow, then as needed they go on to a maintenance dose once their health improves.

Blood flow Optimizer reviews

having studied blood flow Optimizer reviews it seems that these supplements for blood flow have been available for more than 8 plus years, most of the reviews point out that you will feel a difference within the first week or two, many are delighted to have a natural alternative to prescription blood thinners and drugs for cardiovascular disease.

How does it work

Blood Flow Optimizer works naturally to clean blood vessels and arteries for improved blood flow and circulation, the walls of the arteries (endothelium) are strengthened and they become softer allowing blood to flow more freely.

Blood Flow Optimizer Results

Blood Flow Optimizer supplements for blood flow to work efficiently and are safe to take, results will vary from person to person, however most people report improvement within the first 14 days of taking the recommended dosage.

Dr Sam Robbins does promote in conjunction with his supplements for blood flow using proper nutrition and a balanced exercise program for best results.

HFL Solutions

Where can you buy Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer supplements for blood flow are available at the best possible price from Dr Robbins company website HFL Solutions, to get the best price and discounts go to HFL Solutions here.

2. Blockbuster Allclear Good Health Naturally

Blockbuster Allclear from the people at Good Health Naturally is a powerful collection of natural enzymes formulated to reduce harmful inflammation, clean blood vessels, reducing blood pressure, and support cardiovascular health.

What are the ingredients

Blockbuster Allclear supplements for blood flow is again an all-natural formula containing some of the best enzymes that promote healing, lowering inflammation and dissolving harmful substances in the bloodstream, some of these exceptional ingredients include:

  • Serrapeptase: Serrapeptase is a great anti-inflammatory enzyme that can clear out any unwanted or harmful tissue.
  • Grapeseed extract: is included in the formula because it’s a great anti-oxidant that promotes healthy circulation and protects against free radical damage.
  • Vitamin k2: in menaquinone-4 form because clinical studies have demonstrated how vitamin K2 redirects excess calcium in the blood vessels back into the bones, this has the effect of clearing blockages in the blood vessels.
  • Pycnogenol: Pycnogonel has been well documented as a natural way to lower blood pressure, it is 50 times stronger and more powerful than vitamin E in terms of its anti-oxidant capabilities, it is particularly good at unblocking varicose veins, swollen legs, and other conditions in blood vessels and veins.
  • Policosanol: A number of studies have shown that policosanol supports lower cholesterol levels by lowering “bad cholesterol ” while increasing “good cholesterol”

Blockbuster allclear how can you remove plaque in arteries

What does Blockbuster allclear supplements for blood flow do

Blockbuster Allclear supplement for blood flow are uniquely effective and provide support for:

  • Cardiovascular and arterial health
  • High blood pressure reduction
  • Circulatory system
  • Autoimmune system
  • Brain and eyes
  • Connective and joint tissue
  • Digestive system
  • Bronchial and lung system

What is in Blockbuster allclear

The primary ingredients in Blockbuster allclear are enteric coated Serrapeptase, water and cellulose, other enzymes and Nattokinase.

Blockbuster allclear ingredients

Recommended dosage

Take 2 capsules twice each day at least 30 minutes before food.

Side effects

To my knowledge these supplements for blood flow have no known side effects, however it is possible that in some cases the ingredients could cause stomach upset or diarrhea.

How much does Blockbuster Allclear cost?

Blockbuster Allclear is only available from the people at Good Health Naturally cost is $45.90 for 120 capsules, there is a special offer available right now on the website, why not take advantage of it.

Blockbuster allclear testimonials

“I noticed a huge change in the coloration of leg circulation, my toes have been black for such a long time, and skin to ankles similar, since using this product, everyone is now making comments on how pink my toes are again. I am delighted with the results. February 19 Mr Mike Berry”

“I use this for a few reasons, two being recovery and cardio vascular health. I have found it genuinely helpful for pain relief, clearing sinuses and aiding in breathing easier and also helping to clear the lungs. It is very worth trying for a range of health concerns and benefits IMO”


Blockbuster Allclear has some ingredients that can dissolve blood clots, while this is beneficial for peoples health it could be harmful in certain conditions, please note that if you have a blood disorder to not take this product as it could affect blood clotting capabilities.

If you have suffered a stroke in the last 6 months or take blood thinning medication consult your doctor first.

Healthy Flow™ Powder supplements for blood flow

3. Healthy Flow™ Powder

Healthyflow TM powder formula consists of some of the most important amino acids to support the circulatory system, this product is mixed with water to boost blood circulation throughout the whole system.

Healthyflow TM powder supplements for blood flow contain Astragin TM to help with and improve the absorption of vitamins, amino acids and glucose.

A major component of Good Health Naturally supplements for blood flow is the inclusion of L-Arginine, it has been proven in numerous studies to give a boost to the production of Nitric oxide, in case you didn’t know Nitric oxide is essential in relaxing blood vessels and keeping them clear of harmful substances.

Unfortunately as people age the amounts of Nitric oxide been generated from the food that is eaten begins to diminish, this process causes harmful substances to form and stick to the arterial walls, over time blood flow is affected leading to co conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, varicose veins, cold hands and feet.

Healthyflow TM is formulated to deal with poor blood flow, it is easy to take, safe and effective and provides

  • Support for healthier blood flow
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • Nitric oxide booster
  • Essential Amino acids booster


Healthyflow TM ingredients

Healthyflow TM testimonials

I checked the Healthyflow TM testimonials, looks like these supplements for blood flow are very effective for people with high blood pressure, heart disease and poor circulation.

“Great ingredients and waiting to what positive effects, though possibly more energy. November 29 Mrs Ann Brehaut

“I use this product to help with my BP it needs to be mixed with filter water.April 24 Carlo”

“Very good. I love it.April 2S Barber”

“Noticeable difference November 25 ANN HARDWICK”

“Really good mix of ingredients. Hoping this will clean my arteries and lower my blood pressure – only time will tell”

To learn more about Healthyflow TM go straight to the Good Health Naturally website here.



Best supplements for blood flow

Best supplements for blood flow

Looking for information on the best supplements for blood flow, let me walk you through the symptoms of poor blood flow, how bad circulation affects your body, learn what you can do to increase blood flow and become healthier.

Poor blood flow can cause a variety of health conditions that include:

  • Cold hands or feet or both
  • Skin color changes
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Memory loss
  • Digestive issues
  • Joint or muscle cramps
  • Leg or feet ulcers
  • Fatigue

Best supplements for blood flow imageYou can see how important it is to restore circulation to all parts of the body as soon as possible, if you recognize any of the above symptoms you will be interested in what increases blood flow and indeed what are the best supplements for blood flow.

Medications for blood flow

Are you already taking medications for blood flow, are you dissatisfied with the results, do you have unhealthy side effects, many prescription drugs have nasty side effects, let me tell you about a natural alternative that has helped many people with circulation problems get healthier.

I’m talking about one of the best supplements for blood flow that has stood the test of time, its called Blood flow Optimizer by Dr. Sam Robbins, he is a qualified Endocrinology doctor, his blood flow supplement is the best solution for improving your blood flow & circulation, not to mention improving your health.

The good news is that poor circulation can be changed and the symptoms associated with poor blood flow can be avoided with one simple solution.

A natural solution for poor blood flow

Dr. Sam Robbins has always been interested in natural solutions for common diseases especially those that affect him and his family, his company HFL Solutions are based in Nevada, he believes in health for longevity, Dr. Robbins developed Blood flow Optimizer over 15 years ago.

Blood flow Optimizer has a proven track record as one of the best supplements for blood flow, the ingredients are natural, they are clinically proven to help promote increased blood flow, many thousands of people have become healthier after using this natural blood flow supplement.

Best supplements for blood flow blood flow Optimizer

What one customer had to say about Blood flow Optimizer

“I don’t look beat up anymore =)

I really hated taking Plavix and even aspirin.I bruised so easily. It was unsightly. Lots of black/blue marks. I told my doctor and he said that this is just how some people react to blood thinners. I lowered the dosage, still the same problem.

I somehow found out about Blood Flow Optimizer. I think it was on google. I read the article, watch the video and everything Dr. Sam said made sense, so I gave the product a try. It’s been 5 weeks and no more black marks on my legs and I have so much more energy. I feel younger.

I don’t know how Blood Flow optimizer compares to drugs, but I sure feel a lot healthier and I think that’s a very good sign”

Blood flow Optimizer

It’s a great name for what increases blood flow because that is precisely what Blood flow Optimizer does, the natural ingredients are based on science, they are organic herbs and extracts, minerals, plant based vitamins and pharmaceutical grade amino acids.

If you want to increase blood flow safely and without unhealthy side effects then Blood flow Optimizer is the answer for you, the circulation supplement is easy to take in capsule form, simply take 1-2 capsules daily with a glass of water or you can take 2 capsules twice daily to prevent a heart attack or stroke or to just be healthier.

HFL Solutions make it easy for you to try their best supplements for blood flow by offering you a full refund plus $100 if you don’t have the desired results within 30 days, personally I think this offer sounds too good to be true.

On the other hand Dr. Sam Robbins is so confident that Blood flow Optimizer will work in the majority of cases that the offer stands up, to learn more about the special offer go here.

What ingredients are in the best supplements for blood flow

Over the past 15 years Dr. Sam Robbins has through improved testing made his best supplements for blood flow more effective and safe to take, the product for improved blood flow is now gluten free, non GMO and vegetarian.

Blood flow Optimizer has no fillers or additives and is free from artificial colors.

Blood flow Optimizer contains no gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, peanuts, or fish, it does contain plant based cellulose gelatin, magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, Nattokinase, acetyl l-carnitine, magna max blend, and other vitamins.

Magnesium-provides a beneficial impact on insulin resistance, inflammation, endothelium function, serum lipid profiles, it provides support for oxidative stress.

Nattokinase- or NSK-SD is a very natural blood thinning enzyme, Nattokinase dissolves fibrin build-up, improves circulation and supports healthy blood pressure.

Carnitine blend-a more bio available form acetyl l-carnitine is used in the best supplements for blood flow Blood flow Optimizer to increase blood flow to the brain and the blood vessels.

Magna max blend- consists of four very important minerals that are clinically proven to support maximum absorption of calcium for healthy bones and maintenance, this blend is targeted to improve the body’s metabolism and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What are the benefits of this supplement for blood flow

I believe that Dr. Sam Robbins has perfected his best supplements for blood flow making Blood flow Optimizer a medically verified natural alternative for improving blood flow, you can expect the product to:

  • Thin the blood and improve circulation
  • Move excess minerals and calcium from the arteries
  • Create better blood flow
  • Support stronger and more flexible blood vessels
  • Provide support against unhealthy inflammation
  • Move heavy metals and toxins from the body
  • Get rid of unhealthy fibrin in blood vessels
  • Defend against damage caused by free radicals

How much do you need to take

The recommended dosage for the best supplements for blood flow Blood flow Optimizer is to consume two capsules a day with water, one in the morning and one in the evening to begin with, the company also say that you can take two capsules if desired.

HFL Solutions also state on their website that you can take a rest from the blood flow supplements at the weekends.

Does it react with medications

To date the company say that there are no reactions with other medications. However, if you are taking prescription medications it would be advisable to start on the lower dose and wait to see if you get a reaction before increasing the dose.

If you do get a reaction you should stop taking the supplement and consult your doctor.

Is it safe to take

Blood flow Optimizer hasn’t just become one of the best supplements for blood flow if it wasn’t save to take, rest assured Dr. Sam Robbins has taken all the necessary precautions and scientific evidence to make his blood flow supplement effective and safe for use.

Is it FDA approved

HFL Solutions best supplements for blood flow complies with the requirements for GMP or good manufacturing practice, the ingredients are sourced from dependable sources the product is manufactured in the USA.

How long before it works

As I stated the product has been supplied for 15 years with a large amount of success with many thousands of satisfied customers, many have reported improvements in symptoms in the first 30 days.

People buy the best supplements for blood flow (Blood flow Optimizer) as a natural alternative to prescription drugs because it works and has little side effects.

Blood flow Optimizer works best when used daily and consistently, many have experienced feeling better in the first 30 days others say it takes a little longer maybe up to 60 days for it to work, the company recommend that the best supplements for blood flow are enhanced by a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How does it work

In order to have normal healthy blood flow you need the best supplements for blood flow that with to clean your blood vessels and make them strong and flexible, Blood flow Optimizer works by inhibiting plaque build-up and calcium, it strengthens blood flow and allows the arteries to become more supple.

Where to buy the best supplements for blood flow,

The best supplements for blood flow (Blood flow Optimizer) is now available at a discounted price from the official HFL website, to listen to Dr. Sam Robbins and to get the discounted price on the best supplements for blood flow go here.

Is it expensive .

In terms of how much does Blood flow Optimizer cost it is it expensive well it depends on if you feel that less than the price of a cup of coffee per day is expensive.


If you are one of the millions of people that want better blood flow, better circulation, a stronger vascular system, a reduction in your risk of heart disease, a healthier life then look no further than the best supplements for blood flow Blood flow Optimizer.

Blood flow Optimizer is a proven 15-year doctor formulated natural clinically tested poor circulation supplement with few reported side effects, to learn more go to Dr. Sam Robbins website here.


blood flow optimizer ingredients



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Is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam?

Is Blood Flow Optimizer a Scam

Have you read about Dr Sam Robbins and his blood flow supplement Blood Flow Optimizer and wondered is blood flow optimizer a scam?

Decreased blood flow can cause a number of problems for health including heart disease, high blood pressure, varicose veins, erectile dysfunction, peripheral artery disease and many others.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take a blood flow supplement like Blood Flow Optimizer and all of your blood flow problems would simply disappear, or is it the case that this natural product doesn’t actually work so yes would be the answer to your question is Blood flow optimizer a scam.

Let’s take a closer look at blood flow optimizer, Dr Sam Robbins and his company behind the product HFL solutions, who is Dr Sam Robbins?

Dr Sam Robbins

Over 20 years ago Dr Sam Robbins decided that what was being taught in medical schools may not necessarily be the only way to deal with so many age related health challenges so he set about learning all he could about nutrition, natural hormone re balancing, exercise physiology.

Following his education he gained a Doctor of Physiology diploma through University of California, he has gained a wealth of experience in naturopathic medicine from where he set up his own company Health Fitness and Longevity Solutions out of Las Vegas, Nevada in 1999.

HFL Solutions provide a large range of natural solutions for many age related illnesses from arthritis pain, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, cholesterol, low testosterone, diabetes, and many others, for this article let’s take a closer look at the answer to the question is blood flow optimizer a scam.

What are the ingredients in Blood flow optimizer


What effect on blood flow does each ingredient have

Blood flow optimizer consists of 3 blends and they are based on the best scientific evidence available out there, they are,

  • Synergy Optimizer blend
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Magna Max blend

Synergy Optimizer Blend

The reason for using the Synergy Optimizer Blend is that each ingredient has a distinct function for example it contains n-acetlyn l-cysteine according to science has many health benefits, including being used in the body to produce antioxidants.

L-Carnitine L Fumarate: A powerful ingredient that is strongly associated with helping the body to produce energy, energy that is vital for heart and brain function, it also helps with many moving parts in the body including muscle movement.

Ginger: Ginger has been used for centuries by the Chinese and Indian populations in ginger root form as a tonic, it is very popular for a number of ailments including its ability to reduce cholesterol and support fat metabolism, ginger root may help in reducing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Willow bark extract made up of it and 24% Salicin, has the same effect as aspirin and works as an anti-inflammatory.

Green tea extract is included in this unique blend because a component in green tea extract called catechin is thought to be the active chemical component that is associated with fat burning antioxidants.

Nattokinase is a well researched natto soybean enzyme, it has proven fibrinolytic properties that mean it can dissolve any excess fibrin that may be affecting blood flow in the arteries.

Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine is found in some drugs that are used to treat poor circulation or congestive heart failure.

Acetyl L-Carnitine a powerful amino acid usually produced naturally in the body to make energy, energy needed for normal heart and brain function, it also helps the heart muscle to pump oxygen rich blood to all parts of the body.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is an antioxidant with many associated health benefits

Vitamins and Minerals
I don’t believe that Blood Flow Optimizer is a scam especially when you take a close look at the science behind the formula, each ingredient has a number of proven health benefits, no supplement would be complete without essential vitamins and minerals for example Blood Flow Optimizer has:

Vitamin D3 proven in many studies to be beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin C many studies link Vitamin C as a booster for the immune system, not only that it can also help with high blood pressure.

Coral calcium helpful for bone loss

Magnesium is included not surprisingly there are a host of studies on Magnesium showing its effectiveness for endurance during exercise, depression aid, hypertension, insulin reduction, type 2 diabetes, as an anti-inflammatory.

Magna Max Blend

What helps to make Blood Flow Optimizer is its Magna Max Blend, the formula contains the very best Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Asparate and Magnesium Oxide to help cells to function at their optimum, these sorts of magnesium absorb easily into the body for maximum effectiveness.

Blood Flow Optimizer how does it work

Picture over 60,000 miles of arteries and blood vessels in the body, imagine how well you feel when normal blood flow is coursing through your veins and arteries, on the other hand imagine how you feel when you have things like plaque build-up obstructing normal blood flow through your body.

Literally plaque build-up and blood clots can cause untold damage to normal blood flow leading to things like high blood pressure, a lack of energy, chest pain, leg pain inflammation, cardiovascular disease or stroke, is Blood flow optimizer a scam, in my humble opinion I believe Blood Flow Optimizer to be effective at:

  • Thinning your blood naturally
  • Promoting flexible and stronger blood vessels
  • Keeping inflammation in the arteries at a safer level
  • Anti aging benefits by reducing free radical damage
  • Helping to remove plaque build-up
  • Removing harmful toxic metals
  • Lowering cholesterol

The circulatory system is blood flow optimizer a scam


Scientific evidence ingredients Blood Flow Optimizer

There is a lot of scientific evidence to answer the question is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam, the ingredients have been carefully chosen to improve circulation, by improving circulation blood flow to all parts of the body improves, free radical damage is reduced, but does Blood Flow optimizer work as promised.?

Let’s take a look at what customers are saying about this improved blood flow product, I had a look at the customer testimonials and to be honest this one caught my eye, it may help to reassure you that Blood flow optimizer is definitely not a scam, you can read more customer testimonials here.

“Your Blood Pressure Optimizer has blown my mind. I can’t believe how good, and how fast this stuff works. My blood pressure and pulse are absolutely perfect. I will be getting off of my Lisinopril ASAP. Doesn’t look like I will need anything from my doctor anymore.

You should make a pill for as many ailments as you can. Arthritis, joint pain, etc… I am a true believer in your work and products. What an absolutely amazing product, that does exactly what is says it will do. My mind is clearer now as well. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s magic

Thank you!!!!”

Blood Pressure Optimizer

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally, In Only 30 Days Or Pay Nothing

> Doctor Endorsed
> Clinically Validated
> Scientifically Proven

Try It Risk Free

Are there side effects from Blood Flow Optimizer

According to HDL solutions there are very few reported side effects, however they do warn that you should consult a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, lactating, under 18, taking any blood thinning medications.

Where is the best place to buy Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer isn’t a scam, the product can be purchased directly from the company, HDL solutions emphasize that the product does work for most people as is evidenced by sales of 65,000 over the past seven years.

Why not give Blood Flow Optimizer a try, go to HDL Solutions here.

How much does it cost?

Is blood flow optimizer a scam image

Each bottle has 60 capsules and costs $49.95

Cheaper by Autoship $39.97

Buy 4 bottles get 15% off

Prices correct at time of publishing

To get the latest price go to the HDL Solutions website here

Dr Sam Robbins and Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer official website

Product guarantee

It is very rare that a company would offer a 200% satisfaction guarantee, that’s right a 200% guarantee that statement answers perfectly for me the answer to is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam. How does the offer work?

What do you have to do if you aren’t happy with the product

When you purchase Blood Flow Optimizer for the first time you are considered to be a new customer and as such you have 365 days to return the product for a refund providing it hasn’t been opened, should you return the product unopened within 31-90 days for a 100% refund excluding shipping and handling.

After 90 days you have the option to exchange the product or get a 200% credit to spend in the company’s store, for a full explanation on the terms and conditions go to this page.

Pros & Cons of buying Blood Flow


The product may help to improve blood flow, most of the ingredients are natural herbal extracts with clinical studies indicating their health benefits, finally you have little risk because of the money back guarantee.


Like every supplement you don’t know if is going to work for you or if it will have side effects, only available on the internet, in some ways price could be an issue.


I don’t believe there is any truth to the question is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam, the product has been in existence for over seven years with many satisfied customers, that tells me that despite the odd negetative feedback most people are happy to try Blood Flow Optimizer because of its health benefits.



Circ02 Nitric Oxide

Circ02 nitric oxide

Circ02 nitric oxide is a must have Nitric oxide supplement that works efficiently and effectively to combat aging, boost the immune system and most importantly enhance your energy levels.


Circ02 Nitric oxide


This new unique formula was developed by the doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals essentially to help your body create more Nitric oxide, NO is a vital molecule that regresses as you age causing poor circulation to your heart, brain, bones and muscles.

Nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is created when you suck a Corco2 Nitric oxide lozenge or put a Circ02 nitric oxide lozenge into a glass of water and simply drink it down on an empty stomach, the results are pretty amazing, according to one customer who said “Feeling better than I have in 10 years. More energy and feeling stronger” so what ingredients are in the Circ02 nitric oxide formula?

Circ02 nitric oxide formula

The first thing to say is all of the ingredients are natural so they cannot harm you, it is a dietary lozenge that helps your body to make more Nitric oxide, it works pretty quickly (within minutes) the effects last for a number of hours, the primary ingredients are:

• Proprietary Circ02 nitric oxide blend with beet powder

• L-Citrulline

• Sodium nitrate

• Vitamin C

• Vitamin B12

• Hawthorn berry extract

• Xylitol

• Magnesium

• Mannitol

• Cellulose Silica

• Natural colouring

• Vegetable stearate


Scientific studies Circ02 Nitric oxide

Why take Circ02 nitric oxide?

Thanks to the scientific research that won the Nobel prize in medicine we now know that the aging process has a drastic effect on your body’s ability to produce Nitric oxide with unavoidable consequences for your body, I’m talking about changes to your health and how you feel.

The changes are subtle and happen progressively especially to the cardiovascular system, overall physical, mental and sexual health isn’t what it used to be even though the heart rate is the same it doesn’t go faster the way it used to.

This progressive and subtle changes affect your metabolism and energy levels, increases in blood pressure and heart disease are common.

Understanding your body’s needs

These changes in the body are noticed more as you enter your late 40s into your 50s and 60s energy levels begin to deplete and the immune system begins to change, the body is more vulnerable to disease, sexual health can be affected and generally you don’t feel as well as you used to.

Understanding your body’s needs and the nutrients that it needs are important especially as you grow older, nitric oxide is normally produced in your body when you eat certain foods like garlic, meat, citrus fruits, seeds and nuts, leafy greens and beets.

However the aging process affects how your body processes these Nitric oxide foods and that is where Circ02 nitric oxide helps to boost your NO levels causing blood circulation to increase in such a way that healthy oxygenated blood and nutrients reach all parts of the body, one happy customer remarked “This supplement helps my blood pressure and blood flow.

I am now at a level with the optimum amount of nitric oxide in my system. I will continue to use as needed. Thanks”

Is it safe to take Circ02 nitric oxide?

Circ02 nitric oxide is a unique formula endorsed by Doctor Janet Zand, the company Advanced Bionutritionals emphasizes how natural the ingredients are and in the correct amounts to be effective at helping the body in Nitric oxide production and improving circulation, the benefits of improved blood flow are numerous such as:

• Improved energy

• Less aches and pains

• Better heart health

• Better skin

• Less muscle or joint pain

• More vitality

• Improved sex drive

• Lower blood pressure

• Better memory

Does Circa02 have side effects?

Circ02 nitric oxide is generally safe to take, reported side effects are few, however you should be aware of potential side effects including diarrhoea, stomach upset and dark urine or stool.

Circ02 nitric oxide is deemed safe to take with other medications, to order Circ02 nitric oxide directly from the people that put the formula together go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

What is the main ingredient in CircO2 nitric oxide?

The main ingredient in CircO2 nitric oxide is Magnesium because it is effective and beneficial for blood circulation and supporting cardiovascular health, the unique formula also contains beetroot also scientifically proven to help with circulation.


Circ02 Nitric oxide

Another very important ingredient is Vitamin C because of its effectiveness in boosting energy and fighting oxidative stress, Vitamin B12 supports concentration and focus, overall, this new formula Circ02 nitric oxide is a well-balanced and effective lozenge for energy, your immune y and stamina.

How much does Circ02 cost?

Circ02 is a dependable Nitric oxide supplement (lozenge) brought to you by a 30 years old company Advanced Bionutritionals, the product is formulated by doctors and based on the best scientific evidence and extensive research.

Circ02 comes in lozenge form, just pop it into a glass of water it will go straight into your bloodstream and begin to work its magic, this amazing nitric oxide supplement is ideal for boosting energy, some people in the fitness industry use it to build muscle mass.

The product isn’t overly expensive, it works out at less than the price of a cup of coffee for one Circ02 Nitric oxide tablet, not bad considering the health benefits, the product is even cheaper if you want to avail of their special offer, to find out more go to this page.


To recap, Circ02 nitric oxide is an effective vasodilator meaning it sends a signal to the blood vessels that makes them relax so that blood can circulate much easier, the health benefits are:

• More energy

• More stamina

• More mental clarity

• Less aches and pains

• Stronger immune system

• Enhanced sexual desire (be careful)

Circ02 is an effective, safe and reliable Nitric oxide supplement, the health benefits of Nitric oxide are well documented, side effects are few, there is no risk taking the product because the company offer a 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

To purchase Circ02 Nitric Oxide direct from Advanced Bionutritionals go here.


Supplements for Clogged Arteries

Supplement for clogged arteries

I’m going to show you how to reverse clogged arteries by using a supplement for clogged arteries, blocked arteries are very dangerous and are caused by high blood pressure, inflammation, and plaque build-up that affects not only the heart but other parts of the body as well.

Clogged arteries can occur in your heart, brain, kidneys as well as your legs and arms, when it happens in the arteries leading to your heart it can cause a heart attack, clogged arteries in your leg area can cause blockages and lead to poor circulation and pain.

A clogged artery leading to your brain can have serious implications for your health in terms of a stroke, a stroke can be debilitating.

PAD supplements for clogged arteriesClogged arteries legs

Clogged arteries in the legs is known as peripheral artery disease and can be quite dangerous, we know that more than ten million people in the USA have PAD or peripheral artery disease.

Some have no symptoms at all, many people experience leg pain when walking making it difficult to walk very far or climb a stairs.

Heart disease (clogged arteries)

The most significant cause of heart disease is clogged arteries that carry oxygen rich blood to the heart, high cholesterol, bad diet, a lack of exercise, poor family history, bad fats, calcium all contribute to plaque build-up and that is exactly what causes heart attacks.

I believe that a supplement for clogged arteries can have a measureable affect on clogged arteries, especially a natural supplement that contains Nattokinase,Serrapeptase or L-Arginine.

Nattokinase is a scientifically proven enzyme that is manufactured from a soya bean called Natto, many years ago a young scientist discovered that Natto could dissolve fibrin.

Most of material that clogged arteries consist of is classed as fibrin, a Nattokinase supplement for clogged arteries can dissolve fibrin over time.

Blockbuster allclear supplements for clogged arteriesLet me introduce you to a Nattokinase supplement for clogged arteries that actually works, this natural product is provided by Good Health Naturally and is called Blockbuster AllClear.

Blockbuster All Clear contains Nattokinase, remember it dissolves fibrin, it also has Serrapeptase another fantastic natural enzyme that works very well at reducing inflammation and pain.

Blockbuster AllClear has been on the market a long number of years, it is effective, safe and doesn’t have any major side effects, to learn more about Blockbuster AllClear supplement for clogged arteries go to this page.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Because of the stiffness and plaque build up in the blood vessels in the legs it creates poor blood flow, every year thousands of people have a foot or leg amputated, many will face a higher than average chance of suffering a heart heart attack, stroke or an early death.

Peripheral artery disease symptoms.

Build up of fatty substances in the arteries

Peripheral artery disease is leg pain. Symptoms are noticeable when walking or climbing and include a heaviness in the legs or buttocks, some people experience an aching or burning sensation.

The symptoms will stop when resting because of intermittent claudication, this is the process that occurs when the narrowed leg arteries can’t deliver enough oxygen rich blood to the muscles in the legs.

Think about it in terms of what happens when the blood supply to the heart muscle is disrupted leading to chest pain, heart attack or stroke, all the more reason to use a natural supplement for clogged arteries.

Roughly one person in three with PAD will have the classic symptoms of PAD which are:

  • Leg pain
  • Stiffness
  • Painful cramps in the hips, thigh or calf muscles
  • Coldness in the affected leg
  • Sores that won’t heal
  • Change in leg color
  • Shiny skin on your legs
  • Erectile dysfunction (caused by slow blood flow to the penis)
  • Weak pulse or no pulse in your feet or legs
  • Slower hair growth or hair loss on the legs

Other symptoms could be hip or lower back pain, tingling in the legs or numbness, a cold feeling in your lower leg or foot, ulcers or sores that just won’t heal.

In addition to the pain interrupting your daily life PAD can increase by 6 times your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.


Peripheral artery disease treatments

One of the best ways to treat PAD is to exercise. plain and simple walk, rest, walk rest! for up to thirty minutes 4-5 times per week.

This exercise will make your leg muscles work with less oxygen. Regular exercise will also improve blood sugar levels, blood pressure and will help with weight loss.

Drugs or supplements for clogged arteries


There are a number of drugs on the market for PAD and include:

Pletal (cilostazol) pentoxifylline) these help to ease the leg pain, because there is a build up of plaque narrowing the leg arteries your doctor may prescribe aspirin or plavix to thin the blood.

If your bad cholesterol is high your doctor may prescribe cholesterol lowering statin to help with leg mobility.

If these measures aren’t working and the pain is increasing to a point where you can’t do your daily activities more drastic action is needed if there is a threat to the blood flow being cut off altogether to the leg.

Blocked arteries bypass

An arterial bypass will be completed and the location of the PAD blockage will determine which operation is used:

  • Aortobifemoral bypass for a blockage in the main arteries in the abdomen or the pelvis
  • Femoropopliteal bypass for the arteries inside the thigh or just under the knee
  • Tibioperoneal bypass for unhealthy arteries in the lower leg or an artery in the foot.
Doctors hospital
Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash

These are procedures all need an anesthetic followed by several days in hospital, and a long recovery time which will vary from person to person.

Not all bypass operations are successful, there can be complications with major surgery, remember the bypass may ease the pain but it doesn’t stop the atherosclerosis from getting worse.

There may be atherosclerosis in the arteries going to the heart which is common in people with peripheral artery disease.

Major surgery is usually held back for people with limb threatening or disabling PAD disease.

There is an alternative supplement for clogged arteries that could offer relief for peripheral artery disease in the shape of an L-Arginine amino acid known as Healthy Flow TM.

Healthy Flow TM is a proven and best selling supplement for clogged arteries, it contains L-Arginine an amino acid that has a role to play in making protein as well as rebuilding tissue and muscle.

Another important function about L-Arginine that was discovered by a team of doctors led by Dr Louis Ignarro is the fact that it relaxes the endothelium or inner lining of the arteries.

Something else came to light during the studies, not only was L-Arginine important for cardiovascular health but so was a gas called nitric oxide that was produced during the process.

In fact Nitric Oxide was discovered to be the main driver at cleaning the inner lining of the arteries.

By relaxing the inner lining of the arteries it allows plaque build-up to be dissolved, put simply without L-Arginine production clogged arteries would be even more commonplace than they are!

HealthyFlow Tm supplements for clogged arteriesWhat’s the problem

The problem is that when you are young your body doesn’t have a problem getting enough L-Arginine from your diet, however once you enter your mid 30’s your body changes and not enough L-Arginine is produced.

This leads to plaque build-up or clogged arteries simply because your body just isn’t able to cope, the answer to clogged arteries is one that I recommend.

Take Healthy Flow TM daily as a one of two supplements for clogged arteries, Healthy Flow TM will help your body to produce more Nitric Oxide, remember Nitric Oxide works to clear clogged arteries.

How long does it take to work

Depending  on how much of the artery is clogged it can take anywhere from 6-18 months to clear blocked arteries using Blockbuster AllClear and Healthy Flow TM as one of two supplements for clogged arteries.

Peripheral artery disease diagnosis

PAD can be difficult to diagnose because leg pain can be caused for other reasons such as diabetes, old age, restless leg syndrome arthritis of the hips spine problems.

Your doctor will ask you to explain in great detail what symptoms you are experiencing, he will do a thorough exam of your legs as well as measuring the blood flow at your ankle and compare it to the blood flow in the upper arm.

Unblocking blocked arteries

Just like in a heart bypass a Roto Rooter or angioplasty is an alternative, from near the top of the leg a tiny balloon is inserted on the end of a wire catheter (wire) in an effort to damp down the plaque build up around the arterial wall.

This will usually open the blood flow to the arteries immediately however plaque build up will start again and the artery may close causing blood to stop flowing as normal.

There are dangers in that the surgeon may damage the lining of the arterial wall during the operation leading to a very painful experience.

In order to keep the artery open a small mesh coated stent is inserted of which there are two types

1.Drug coated stents

2.Bare metal stent

People that have drug coated stents need to take anti clotting drugs like plavix or aspirin for more than 12 months after the operation because of a chance of blood clots inside the stent.

People with bare metal stents may have further stenosis or narrowing of the arteries and the procedure may have to be done again.

When comparing angioplasty to surgery we know that it places les strain on the heart with less complications and a faster recovery time.

In addition if the angioplasty doesn’t work there is always the possibility of a bypass. 

Recommended supplements for Peripheral Artery Disease

We know what the main cause of PAD is, namely a build-up of plaque in the leg arteries.

In fact it may also be present in the main arteries going to the other vital organs including the heart.

So how do we get rid of arterial plaque in the legs ?

Nitric Oxide is the key to removing plaque build up in the arterial system, it is a viable alternative when you consider what Dr Louis Ignarro revealed in his best selling book “No more heart disease” he discovered that Nitric Oxide a tiny molecule is the atom of cardiovascular health.

Are supplements for clogged arteries the answer?

Nitric oxide production is normal when you are young, however as the years roll by Nitric Oxide production becomes a problem and that is why you need a natural supplement

It is known by chemists as NO it is a signalling molecule produced in our bodies, it is a vasodilator that assists our bodies to control the flow of blood to every part of our bodies.

Unfortunately the ageing process diminishes our bodies ability to produce Nitric Oxide and this has a devastating effect on our arterial system because the plaque continues to build up in our arteries leading to conditions such as peripheral artery disease and heart disease.

I highly recommend that you take a good look at Blockbuster AllClear and Healthy Flow TM as a two natural supplements for clogged arteries.

Both Blockbuster AllClear and Healthy Flow TM are now available at discounted prices on the Good Healthy Naturally website here.





Nitric oxide benefits

Health benefits sign

Nitric oxide benefits

The many benefits of Nitric oxide only started to come to the fore after an American pharmacologist and two colleagues received the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1998 because they could demonstrate the signalling properties of this amazing molecule and its importance to the cardiovascular system.

NO is used in supplement form to reverse heart disease and blood pressure, it is also used by people who frequent the gym to be fitter and build muscle. In this article we will discover Nitric oxide benefits and find out is it true that there are sexual benefits to Nitric oxide?

Where does Nitric oxide come from?

NO is produced in several areas in the body, it is a reactive molecule and is hard to measure given its short-lived nature. Our bodies produce NO naturally from the foods that we eat one of the most important aspects of Nitric Oxide is its ability to enhance vasodilation meaning increasing the flow of blood around our bodies.

By controlling blood flow, we protect ourselves from heart disease, high blood pressure, decreased sexual drive and other diseases. The endothelial cells line the inside walls of our blood vessels, this is where Nitric oxide is secreted into the blood vessels allowing for communication with the smooth muscle cells.

This form of communication allows the muscle cells to relax and dilate and makes it easy for the blood to flow to the vital organs in the body including the heart.

Healthy cholesterol diet
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Which foods enhance NO production?

There are three amino acids that are produced after we eat certain foods, these are Arginine, Citrulline, Glutathione along with Nitrates which stops bacteria from forming and protect the immune system.

Meat, fish, dairy products, peanuts, lentils, chickpeas, spirulina, pumpkin seeds, organic soybeans. produce Arginine

Watermelon is the best source of Citrulline, tiny amounts are in poultry, fish, plant foods and dairy products

Fresh foods and vegetables contain Glutathione

Leafy greens, red beetroot and celery are the main sources of Nitrates, other great sources are parsley, leeks, fennel, Chinese cabbage and broccoli.

We have seen how important it is to eat the proper food so that we get enough Nitric oxide to keep our bodies healthy, we have seen how important NO is to the cardiovascular system and the smooth flow of blood to our hearts as well as other organs.

Why do we start to produce less Nitric oxide?

We have all heard about the ageing process, it’s as simple as that our bodies ability to produce NO is impaired as we get older, so we need to take a supplement that will assist our bodies to produce more Nitric Oxide and help our bodies to function better.

Regular exercise is helpful, it helps to increase the conversion process in the nitric oxide production cycle, according to a British study vitamin d is helpful so take a Vitamin D supplement or spend some time in the sun!

Reduced Nitric oxide production-the dangers

Nitric oxide is produced in the inner surface of the arterial system (the endothelial) this keeps our blood vessels soft and flexible allowing for the normal flow of blood to the heart and other organs.

As we age and sometimes it can start in our early thirties plaque will stick to the walls of the artery restricting the flow of blood, this leads to a condition called atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

The knock-on effects are high blood pressure, heart disease and sexual dysfunction, in the case of heart disease doctors will prescribe nitroglycerin (contains NO) for patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke.

Erectile dysfunction solution

For erectile dysfunction or impotence Viagra is a popular treatment because of its effect on the blood vessels in the penis. There a few supplements that contain L-Arginine & L-Citrulline two important combinations to help with NO production. The male penis contains blood vessels and like any other blood vessel they need a strong supply of blood to maintain an erection, blood supply to the penis can be diminished for a number of reasons for example alcohol, drugs, stress, a lack of exercise or physiological issues. By taking Healthyflow TM you enhance the flow of blood into the penis so that you can get hard and maintain the erection.

Healthyflow TM

Healthyflow TM contains l arginine in the formula, it provides support for all of the circulatory systems including the heart and brain. To find out more on this life saving amino acid natural effective product go to the Good Health Naturally website.

Healthyflow TM ingredients

Low Nitric Oxide levels-

What are the signs to look out for?
  • You feel tired and low on energy
  • Low sex drive
  • You feel a bit irritable, depressed or anxious
  • Your blood pressure is high
  • Memory issues
  • You find it hard to sleep
  • Your breathing is affected doing manual tasks
  • Difficulty breathing walking up a hill or the stairs

How do you increase your Nitric oxide levels?

You could eat more of the foods that help to produce more nitric oxide, exercise does help to a certain extent but it has to be vigorous exercise in order to get the heart pumping to it maximum,(if you have a heart condition please be careful don’t do too much all at once) when you exercise your heart pumps more blood around the arterial system releasing more nitric oxide into your blood.

The build-up of plaque in our arteries begins in our early thirties we do hear of many people suffering a heart attack or stroke during their forties and beyond, WHY? Plaque build-up causes atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries one of the most common causes of a heart attack or stroke.Heart disease can be reversed.

By increasing the levels of Nitric oxide in your body you increase your chances of better overall health and lessen the risk of the most common killer of people in the world today, namely heart disease.