Is Provanax a scam?

Is Provanax a scam?

Is Provanax a scam? Dr Sam Robbins is the founder of HFL Solutions he is an endocrinologist so he knows a lot about hormones, the experience he has gained over two decades has led to the development of a range of natural solutions for a range of common health conditions.

Who is Dr Sam Robbins

While Dr Robbins was in medical school he was dissatisfied with how doctors prescribed drugs for nearly every conceivable condition, he got his degree in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, he also studied nutrition and has an M.S. in Nutrition as well as a B.S. in Kinesiology.

One of those natural products that he has developed is the popular mood enhancer Provanax, I can understand why some people ask is Provanax a scam but the truth is Provanax is far from being a scam, it is an excellent supplement to help people with mood swings and emotional balance.

Is Provanax a scam

Provanax for Depression and Anxiety

If you are reading this article and you suffer from depression or anxiety chances are your emotions are all over the place, this is a good time to let you know that Provanax may be able to help to bring your emotions under control.

By taking action now you may be able to prevent mood disorders from reoccurring and stave off a long term physiological illness.

Everybody has some kind of stress on a regular basis, it quite natural, it’s how people cope with stress that counts, conditions like anxiety and depression bring the stress levels to an unnatural high, Provanax works by helping people to cope with high stress levels and keep anxiety, depression and stress away.

Provanax and brain chemistry

To fully understand the answer to your question is Provanax a scam its important to have some knowledge of the brain circuit, the brain is made up of cells known as “neurons” these cells are called “neurotransmitters” they actually send messages to each other during neuronal activity.

There are two main types of neurotransmitters known as Serotonin and Dopamine they work together to send messages to your brain alerting it to carry out various physical and mental functions, these neurotransmitters are your “feel good” hormones that keep you motivated, active and happy.

Neurotransmitters and aging

Unfortunately, the aging process tends to have a negative effect on the signaling effectiveness of these neurotransmitters especially the “feel good” hormone Dopamine in other words the body just doesn’t produce sufficient dopamine to keep a happy mental state.

Provanax is a dietary supplement that works to targets and boost the productivity and activity of neurotransmitters and neurons, Provanax was formulated by Dr Sam Robbins over 21 years ago to support better mental health when emotions are in balance.

Provanax is not a scam

Provanax is not a scam, over the years Provanax has proven itself as a top mood enhancer, it has a positive effect on those that use it on a regular basis by re balancing, restoring and rejuvenating brain health.

Provanax accomplishes this by creating enough production of these chemical neurotransmitters to bring about a happier healthier you, when your body has the correct amounts of chemical messengers like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin you will be on a happier place.

Is Provanax a scam image

Provanax and hormonal health

As women pass through the menopause they can feel a bit down at times, hormones are all over the place, Provanax can support better hormonal health by dealing with premenstrual syndrome and the mental symptoms of the menopause.

Is Provanax a scam, I doubt believe it is, this anxiety and depression supplement is bursting with 100 billion of good healthy bacteria that is very beneficial for gut and brain health.

What are Provanax ingredients

L-Theanine: L-Theanine helps with stress, it also helps people to relax, it supports activity in the alpha frequency band, found in black and green tea, research has shown that in a larger amount like that found in Provanax will help to relax your mind without causing any drowsiness.

PheniBUT (B-phenyl gamma-aminobutyric acid): helps to control restlessness and ease stress levels, has been used for a long time to treat stuttering, insomnia, stress reduction, it supports a calmer you and helps to control emotions and feelings.

St John Wort: a very popular herb, also called Hypericum St John’s Wort helps to regulate your mood by regulating the proper secreting of neurotransmitters or chemical messengers in your brain, this herb works wonders in improving prefrontal cortex activity that is linked to concentration, decision-making, cognitive function and mood.

L-taurine: L-taurine helps to reduce brain aging, it supports brain metabolism and calms the nervous system.

Valerian root: is a wonderful herb that relaxes you and aids a better sleep, valerie acid is the essential component that reduces Valeric breakdown in the brain, it supports better Serotonin levels, takes care of anxiety attacks resulting in tranquility and calmness.

ĢABA Gamma Amino Butyric Acid: The brain is so complex, at times it can become overcrowded with too many thoughts, toxicity and negativity can prevail, GABA will help to unscramble these thoughts and calm the mind.

5-HTP5-Hydroxytryptophan: is a naturally occurring amino acid found in L-Tryptophan, it is included in the Provanax formula and is a primary reason why the answer to the question is Provanax a scam is definitely not, this amino acid helps Dopamine to synthesize.

It also helps to boost low Serotonin levels, a very important reason to buy Provanax because low Serotonin levels can cause depression, mood disorders and anxiety.

Passion flower: has been used for centuries as a remedy for regulating blood pressure, very beneficial for promoting restful sleep and curbing anxiety attacks.

Provanax Ingredients

Provanax benefits

I hope that you are beginning to see the reasons why the answers to is Provanax a scam are based on scientific evidence and natural ingredients that a top Endocrinology doctor has formulated to help support people with chronic depression and anxiety symptoms.

So, what are the benefits of taking Provanax, there are many,

* Provanax works to relieve nervous tension and stress by supporting the release of cortisol a stress hormone.

* This natural anxiety supplement helps to promote a more positive mood and balance the emotions, it’s hard to control emotions by yourself especially when you feel low.

*Is Provanax a scam, I don’t believe so otherwise it would not promote relaxation and calmness, when you don’t sleep properly all sorts of negative thoughts enter your mind, Provanax can support a more restful sleep and improve quality if life.

* Provanax helps to not only support brain health, it also helps with the health of your gut, both are intertwined.

Provanax Benefits

Is Provanax safe to take

It is very safe to take because Provanax is vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten free, the product is manufactured from wholly natural ingredients in a good manufacturing facility, the ingredients are tested by a 3rd party, all of the ingredients are backed by years of clinically proven research.

Will Provanax work for you?

Provanax contains 14 wholly organic ingredients, it is a good natural alternative to prescription drugs, Provanax is formulated to stimulate the release of neurotransmitters in a more natural way with no reported side effects, Provanax has a long and proven track record.

Provanax customer testimonials

To give you confidence in Provanax I took a peek at some customer testimonials from the official HFL website, you can read more customer testimonials by going here.

  • Slept great, feel greatI hope this message finds the right dept. I was really depressed and nervous could not sleep only 2 hours at a time i ordered ProVanax first night I slept all night long second night 6 hrs so much energy now will tell everyone Thank you so much
  • really great productGreat product!!!! My husband worries about everything, and gets very anxious when things don’t work out the way he plans them, since he started taking provanax, he seems to be more tolerant when things go wrong, he is not worried all the time anymore, he has a more positive outlook in life… He takes one pill every morning, sometimes he needs to take two, depending on what is going on that particular day… overall I believe provanax has helped my husband control his anxiety, and makes him feel more relax

Recommended dosage

Dr Robbins recommends that you take 2 Provanax pills on an empty stomach up to two times daily to support your mental health and well being.

Provanax Recommended Usage

How long before Provanax works

Dr Robbins is a great advocate of using Provanax on a daily basis to give the all-natural ingredients time to assimilate into your system, it is not a quick fix solution so follow the instructions on the label and give Provanax the time it needs to work on your brain and gut health.

Provanax versus prescription drugs

Not only is Provanax great value especially when you avail of the special offer from the official HFL Solutions website many individuals suffer with the symptoms of terrible stress like anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks and a feel of insecurity, many have been prescribed drugs but find they either don’t work, are too expensive, or have some awful side effects.

People have reported some awful withdrawal symptoms after they try to cope without prescription drugs for depression and anxiety, is Provanax a scam or is it the answer as a natural alternative to prescription medicines, its certainly worth a try, it’s a more natural way to treat depression or anxiety.

Where can I buy Provax

Doctor Sam Robbins has made it very easy to buy Provanax, it is only available for shipping worldwide from the official website, when you purchase Provanax from the official website you will have direct access and help from Dr Robbins.

Everyday stress

Most of us have some kind of everyday stress, it could be in the workplace, at home or in relationships, most of the time it goes away, however some of us suffer more long term mental illness that requires serious treatment, if you are receiving treatment but find prescription medications too much for you why not give Provanax a try.

Provanax is a legitimate natural mood enhancer formulated by the well-known and respected endocrinologist Dr Sam Robbins, he has been helping people with anxiety, depression and many other diseases for more than twenty years, his official website is HFL Solutions.

Probiotics Mood Gut Brain

Is Provanax an anti depressant

Provanax is a more natural way to combat depression, it does work through its unique herbal composition and has positive effects on well being when you need something natural to combat depression, anxiety and stress, the unique herbal composition of Provanax supports the happy hormones in your body.

Provanax has over the years helped many insomniacs to get a more restful sleep, you can find out more by visiting the official website he


I would like to think that you are now better informed on the question of is Provanax a scam, I hope that by now you know that Dr Sam Robbins Provanax is a legit and safe way to treat depression, anxiety and stress without any harmful side effects.

Its clear to me from reading what others are saying about Provanax that it offers a more natural way to treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression, why not drop over to Dr Robbins website to find out all you can about Provanax.


Anxiety supplements for adults

Anxiety supplements for adults

Anxiety affects millions of adults across the world, many have different reasons for feeling anxious, this article looks at anxiety supplements for adults to determine if Provanax an all-natural supplement for anxiety created by top Endocrinology doctor Dr Sam Robbins can help with the symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety supplements for adults have become an effective natural way to relieve stress and anxiety, I believe that you should look no further that Provanax the all natural supplement for anxiety created by Dr Sam Robbins to help with anxiety or depression, people ask is Provanax a scam, how does it work, is it effective, how much does Provanax cost, and where can you buy Provanax.

Anxiety image

In short, Provanax is a top-selling all natural supplement for anxiety because ProVanax can fend off stress and anxiety naturally.

Created by doctors, ProVanax anxiety supplements for adults is an organic, all natural anxiety supplement to help with by facilitating the release of happy chemicals.

To find out more about ProVanax and if it’s suitable for you, keep reading on, especially if you’re on the lookout for natural supplements to help with anxiety.

What exactly is ProVanax and how does it help with anxiety?

ProVanax has been specially designed for stress management, be it acute or chronic. When compared to other anti-anxiety products, it becomes evident that ProVanax is much more effective and fast-acting.

Made from 100% herbal ingredients, ProVanax provides you with a safe, healthy, and natural way to combat stress-related symptoms such as depression and anxiety, as well as panic attacks, mood swings, irritability, and insomnia.

Dr. Sam Robbins created ProVanax anxiety supplements for adults during his med school years. The creation comes as a result of him looking for an organic formula that could help with anxiety and make him sleep soundly through the night. With the goal to make ProVanax the best natural supplement to help with anxiety, Dr. Sam has been perfecting the formula to unlock its optimal performance for over 20 years.

Why is stress management so important?

Stress can best be known as emotional or physical tension that results in us feeling angry, irritable, anxious, and frustrated. Stress can be brought upon by a variety of factors. Stress is a very normal thing, and gets aggravated when one has to face challenging events and situations.

Acute and chronic are the 2 well-known classifications of stress. While acute stress is often experienced for a short while and subsides, the latter tends to stick around for a while.

It is better to keep an eye out for Chronic stress, as it can lead to a variety of difficult health conditions when left unaddressed, and can significantly impact psychological health.

Anxiety and depression often accompany chronic stress, which brings about feelings of despair, irritability, and sadness. Not only does stress affect your mood, but it also wreaks havoc on your overall health.

ProVanax is a natural supplement to help with anxiety and provides many benefits for the body by activating the following chemicals:

  • Dopamine. Responsible for libido and emotional pleasure.
  • Serotonin. Also known as the “happy chemical”, Serotonin works hand-in-hand with Dopamine to give an overall sense of happiness well-being.
  • Cortisol. Mainly responsible for governing stress, abdominal fat and aging.
  • Oxytocin. known as the love hormone, gives a sense of happiness and well being.
  • Neurotransmitters: Youthful brain chemicals responsible for mood regulation
  • Probiotics. The good bacteria in your gut that can help in mood regulation and improvement.

Provanax anxiety supplements for adults

Effects & Benefits

ProVanax anxiety supplements for adults are designed to be a safe and effective supplement to help with anxiety, and is made from all-natural ingredients which help deliver the following benefits:

  • Emotional balance. ProVanax helps lower anxiety which can significantly improve mood, mind, and body balance. This leads to an improved sense of well being.
  • Positive mood. Increased serotonin and dopamine levels help you feel content and happier. They also reduce irritability and encourage a positive outlook on life.
  • Stress relief. Many reviewers would suggest that the pill lowers their anxiety, but it’s actually the action of the ingredients that promote chemical balance and keep you calm. When chemical levels are optimized, stress finishes naturally.
  • Improved digestion. Stress can cause gas build-up and tummy grumbles which may make you uncomfortable. ProVanax is packed with healthy probiotics so that you don’t run into these digestive issues.
  • Better sleep. Lower stress levels mean that it is easier for you to unwind and fall asleep. Provanax is a natural supplement to help with anxiety and relaxes your body to help you sleep better, therefore improving insomnia symptoms.
  • Hormonal balance. High cortisol levels can throw off your hormonal balance. ProVanax is a natural supplement to help with anxiety and helps promote neurotransmitter and hormone balance which help improve mood and overall well being.

Positive results from anxiety supplements for adults

  • Mental Calmness & Physical Relaxation
  • Positive Mood & Emotional Balance
  • Relief to Worry, Nervousness & Tension

Ingredients for anxiety supplements for adults


ProVanax anxiety supplements for adults are a natural alternative to prescription drugs to help with anxiety and has been created to improve well being without using any harmful or artificial substances. One capsule contains the following ingredients:

  1. Lemon Balm Extract 10:1 is a herb originating from the mint family and has GABA enhancement properties. Rosmarinic acid, which is one of ProVanax’s ingredients, inhibits the enzymes responsible for degrading GABA, therefore boosting it. This results in improved mood, heightened focus, relaxation and calm, along with improved libido.
  2. 5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan is known as oxitriptan, which is a naturally prevailing amino acid that can help keep depression and anxiety at bay by encouraging serotonin production.
  3. St. John’s Wort is also known as hypericum perforatum in the scientific realm. This flowering plant has often been used to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  4. Passion Flower is also known as Passiflora, is a vine that originates from the US and assists with insomnia and anxiety without causing any drowsiness or sedation.
  5. Valerian Extract 5:1 is a sleep-inducing flower that can help alleviate anxiety.
  6. Inositol is also known as Myo-inositol is a carbocyclic sugar that exists in the brain. It manages anxiety and stress by regulating serotonin and dopamine levels
  7. Green Tea Extract contains high antioxidant levels that boost overall health by combining with L-theanine. This results in lowered stress and blood pressure. Its non-sedative properties promote better memory and focus.
  8. L-Taurine is mainly prevalent in seafood and fatty fish, and can help promote overall health, as well as combat anxiety by strengthening your nerves.
  9. Magnesium is essential for optimal body functioning. Sufficient magnesium levels can help relax your muscles, calm the nerves, and regulates blood pressure.
  10. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is one of the brain’s chemical messenger that keeps adrenaline signals at bay to help you feel relaxed.

Some other beneficial ingredients that make ProVanax the best natural supplement to help with anxiety:

  • L-Tryptophan
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Lithium orotate
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum

Anxiety supplements for adults dosage

Dosage & Usage

Both the mind and body are crucial for your overall well-being. Many reviews suggest that taking the these anxiety supplements for adults capsules according to the recommended dosage guidelines provides benefits that help you live life to the fullest.

Every bottle contains 80 capsules and is enough to last you for a whole month. You may have to take more or fewer capsules based on your condition.

Dr. Robbins recommends starting out with smaller doses to see how the product affects you and your body’s reaction to it. One capsule is usually considered to be sufficient for relieving panic attacks. The dose can be increased to 2 or 3 capsules if there is no significant improvement.

ProVanax should also be taken in cycles. For example, you can take it for 5 days and then skip 2, or you could take it straight for 3 weeks and then skip 1.

Individuals suffering from anxiety who already take prescription medication should discuss with their doctor before using ProVanax.

Side Effects

ProVanax is a natural supplement to help with anxiety and has little to no side effects as it is made up of 100% natural ingredients. It is also non-habit forming, making it safe for consumption.

For depression, larger doses can be taken as long as they remain under the maximum recommended dose. You can experiment with different dosages to see what suits you best. If one capsule is enough to treat your symptoms, then you can keep using 1 daily. This will also help you get the most value for your money.

Should you decide to discontinue ProVanax, you can safely do so as there will be no withdrawals or rebound effects.

Where to Buy ProVanax?

People usually buy Provanax anxiety supplements for adults from Doctor Sam Robbins trusted websites. The best option would be to directly buy from Dr. Sam’s website as you can get exclusive discounts when you get more than 1 bottle.

Dr. Sam Robbins is the one who created ProVanax, and so it’s best to get your product from the person who made it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common questions that users have about ProVanax:

Is ProVanax Scam real?

No, it isn’t. ProVanax falls under the umbrella of natural supplements to help with anxiety but it is not a cure for severe cases. The effects are different for everyone.

ProVanax is not designed to mask the condition, but rather to support you by replenishing essential nutrients so that you feel calmer and happier.

You can read some of our reviews to see how effective ProVanax is.

What is ProVanax priced at?

One 80-capsule bottle of ProVanax normally costs $69.97. You can avail special discounts when you buy from the HFL website. Your savings will increase further when you buy larger quantities.

Are Prescriptions Needed for Buying ProVanax?

If you are looking for anxiety supplements for adults that work, look no further than ProVanax is an anxiety relief supplement for adults that helps with those thoughts that make you feel anxious or stressed, Provanax can easily be purchased from the Health for Longevity website without any prescriptions, to learn more go here.


ProVanax from Doctor Sam Robbins are a top-selling anxiety supplements for adults that provides a safe way to manage stress and anxiety. Because it is made up of all-natural and organic ingredients, it isn’t harmful to the body even at large doses.

People worry that Provanax is a scam, i can assure you that Dr Sam Robbins is legit, there is no such thing as a ProVanax scam so you are good to go.

ProVanax are good anxiety supplements for adults formulated by Dr Sam Robbins to help with anxiety and boost vital nutrients and chemicals, which can boost your overall well being. However, it is important to be mindful of the fact that ProVanax works best for mild symptoms. You may need to consult a healthcare professional if you don’t see any improvements even after consuming larger doses.

What is the best anxiety supplements?

What is the best anxiety supplements?

Whether you’re happy, sad or in between, anxiety can be overwhelming, anxiety supplements can help  but what is the best anxiety supplements.

For those of us who experience anxiety or anxious thoughts, sometimes understanding why your brain processes in this way is a difficult task.

When memory loss, exhaustion, the inability to focus, and intrusive thoughts begin to cloud your mind and make everyday life harder – anxiety may be the issue,

When these emotions become unbearable and the traditional methods of prescription drugs or reaching out to your loved ones fail to help these emotions subside – sometimes searching for anxiety supplements that work is a great way to eliminate these emotions and move forward with your life.

If what I just described sounds like you, then let me answer the burning question: ‘What is the best anxiety supplements?’ and help make your life calmer and happier.What is the best anxiety supplements Provanax Dr Sam Robbins

What is Provanax anxiety supplements?

In order to navigate everyday life with ease, your body requires nutrients and minerals to help regulate your internal organs. For example, green vegetables are full of iron and the iron is fantastic for your overall functioning – the same way that the right  natural anxiety supplements can help regulate your hormones and alleviate anxious thoughts.

So when you’re on the search for the best anxiety supplement, you may face a huge market of antidepressants, fad medicines, and herbal remedies – likely leading you astray.

However, the natural anxiety supplement Provanax formulated by Dr Sam Robbins is a  natural anxiety supplement unlike any other on the market.

Provanax is a dietary supplement that aims to heal hormonal imbalances and regulate the amount of hormones travelling throughout your body to protect your mind from cerebral aging and neurological conditions such as chronic anxiety or panic disorders.

This unique formula sets it apart from the rest of the market, likely making it a viable choice in your search for the best anxiety supplement.

Using a ‘Nootropic’ formula, the supplement when taken helps provide users with the freedom to undergo daily tasks and accomplish any anxiety inducing situations with ease.

How does Provanax anxiety supplement work?

Dopamine is one of the primary hormones that helps control and regulate emotions and cognitive functions – when there is a deficiency, often people struggle to function properly and navigate everyday life.

Anxiety and depression are common issues that can affect anyone, but often those with low dopamine are those most affected.

This anxiety supplement acts as a stabiliser of dopamine to avoid excessive or insufficient release to help keep the body and mind healthy and attentive. The addition of ‘nootropics’ aids in the improvement of brain functions, the storage of memories, cognitive activities, attention span, alongside a range of other mental attributes to help maintain a healthy quality of life.

Additionally, the supplement has additional benefits of neurotransmitters that function as preventatives against age-related issues and neurodegeneration and Acetylcholine to sharpen your cognitive functions and help maintain muscle mass – with so many benefits.

What are customers saying about Provanax anxiety supplements

“This product changed my life

This product changed my life. Within the past 2 years I lost my father, my aunt, my uncle, my cat, and my home. As a result I fell into such a deep depression that my life had no meaning at all. Everyday had no soul, no hope. Seriously, I felt as low as I ever have and the intense anxiety I wish upon nobody. So I tried your product out of desperation and there is hope. My mood has improved significantly and the nervousness I felt has almost dissipated. Dr. Sam Robbins is one of a kind because he doesn’t prescribe harsh chemicals and actually took the time to do something right. Bless you! Brendan”

Provanax may be your answer to what is the best anxiety supplements on the market! To learn more go to Dr Sam Robbins website here.

 The benefits of Provanax anxiety supplements

If you’re still speculative about whether Provanax  is one of the best anxiety supplements on the market, the supplement has a huge range of benefits that could better your quality of life.

  • ● Can unlock a range of cell functions, including the fast release of energy due to the high nutrient concentration in the supplement.
  • ● The supplement helps maintain blood circulation to help better your breathing and ensure that a rich oxygen supply is consistently distributed across the body.
  • ● Memory storage enhancement due to the nutrients providing increased attentiveness and memory span.
  • ● Whether it be stress, anxiety, or depression – Body Brain Energy can help you begin to overcome these symptoms and take charge of your life once again.
  • ● There is also the increased function of the cells, which leads to higher levels of adenosine Triphosphate that helps maintain strength and energy – regardless of the situation.
  • ● Both gluten free and vegan friendly!
  • ● Cost effective, with a money back guarantee available if the supplement doesn’t work for you.
  • ● A highly researched product that is known to have a huge range of benefits across the body.

Mood Effex anxiety supplements

If you’re still on the hunt for the best anxiety supplement and you’re looking for an alternative to Provanax  – Mood Effex is another fantastic option, Mood Effex is one of the best-selling mood and anxiety supplements.

A specialised formula that aims to decrease depression and anxiety induced symptoms, Mood Effex is endorsed by Dr. Stacey Miller, a chief Clinical Formulator who believes that this supplement is the way to conquer psychologically challenging emotions and sensations so that anyone suffering can take charge of their life and combat their poor mental health.

Composed of natural herbs Mood Effex is a supplement that has clinical backing in terms of its revolutionary impact in the alleviation of anxiety and depression. 100% natural, 100% safe – what more could you want?

Mood Effex mood support

What is in Mood Support anxiety supplements?

This nutritional supplement consists of seven pure minerals and herbs that have generational reputations within Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures for being natural medicines which truly resolve any mental and physical health issues. This organic ‘feel-good’ supplement could be a contender in your search for what is the best anxiety supplements available on the market.

Curious about the seven pure minerals and herbs? Well let us take you through them:

  • ● Tribulus Terrestris: Conventionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, this blooming plant is renowned for its effects on mood and the libido.
  • ● Nardostachys Chinensis: This trusted herbal medicine is traditionally used in Indian medication.
  • ● Cyperus Rotundus Root: Used in alternative medicine, this root promotes psychological health maintenance.
  • ● Albizzia Julibrissin Duran Blossom: Believed to have calming properties, this blossom is used in a huge range of organic medicines.
  • ● Miranda Officinalis Root: A staple of Chinese medicine, this root has a range of stress reducing properties.
  • ● St. John’s Wort: One of the most popular herbs used in natural medicine, it provides an all-natural remedy for anxiety, stress, and depression.

How can Mood Support Help you?

When on the hunt for the best anxiety supplement, it’s important that you find a herbal anxiety supplement that addresses your concerns and can provide fantastic benefits to you.

  • ● Mood Support is formulated to support a healthy and happy mind.
  • ● This ‘feel-good’ supplement contains tested, proven, and mood enhancing natural extracts.
  • ● They aim to develop your psychological state and your memory performance.
  • ● I here diners are proven to raise your libido.
  • ● Lowers both physiological and psychological tension to enhance your quality of life.
  • ● Helps to recover your body’s balance.
  • ● Provides optimal circulatory power to boost your organ functions.
  • ● You can buy it here: Mood support anxiety supplements

What are customers with anxiety saying about Mood Support

Sori Yamamoto

“After two years of feeling numb and empty, I decided it was time to look into a natural remedy for my depression. I was on prescribed chemical medication which made me feel like a zombie with no emotional life. It also ruined my interest in sex. Mood Effex has made real sense of my depression and has given me the opportunity to embrace life again. My mind is sharp and am using my time and energy efficiently.”

The Bottom Line

If your search for what is the best anxiety supplements on the market is still in full force, we hope that our recommendations of both Provanax and Mood Effex have piqued your interest and hopefully can provide alleviation to your anxiety and low mood during these hard times.

With both of these medications trialled and endorsed by psychological professionals across the globe, now is the time to take an active stance on your mental health and get what is the best anxiety supplements to make your quality of life better.

Prescription drugs for anxiety and depression can have awful side effects, if you are in that situation why not take a look at what a natural alternative for anxiety and depression could do for you.


What is Provanax help for anxiety and depression

What is Provanax

You may have heard about Dr Sam Robbins and his all-natural depression and anxiety supplement Provanax Dr Sam Robbins HFL solutions and wondered what is Provanax, read on and this article will give you all the facts about Provanax, what is Provanax, what does it do for anxiety and depression and does Provanax work.

Anxiety depression what is Provanax

More about Provanax

Provanax is a support to help manage stress, all kinds of stress acute or chronic, compared to many anti anxiety supplements on the market Provanax works fast and effectively to reduce stress and anxiety.

People often ask what is Provanax and what are the ingredients, I can tell you that its unique formula contains 100% all-natural ingredients making it a safe solution to fight the stress related symptoms of anxiety or depression,

Provanax can also help to reduce panic attacks, bad mood and insomnia.

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Who created Provanax

This very innovative Provanax Dr Sam Robbins HFL Solutions was created because Sam needed a natural organic product that would help him with his sleep and anxiety during his time in medical school, he put together Provanax using the best natural ingredients, first he used the product himself and found relief from stress and anxiety.

After finishing medical school he set up his own company HFL Solutions to provide a number of natural products for many common health conditions like high blood pressure, brain and memory health, low sex drive, heart disease, depression and anxiety, over the past 20 years he has worked tirelessly to make Provanax a top-selling anxiety and depression supplement.

What is stress

Stress can best be described as a physical or emotional tension that affects how you feel, it can manifest itself by making you feel frustrated, angry, or just plain anxious, especially nowadays with all that is going on in the world many people feel stressed.

Is stress normal

Without a doubt stress is a very normal part of life, stress is particularly felt if you have a challenge or event in your life, most of us experience the type of stress that comes and goes away pretty quickly, however some people have a much more challenging experience because stress is chronic and stays for longer.

Chronic stress is something to be very aware of because if left untreated it can affect your well being and lead to any number of serious health conditions, fortunately the answer to what is Provanax is that this natural supplement can help a lot with the symptoms of stress related illness.

Chronic stress causes anxiety and depression, these cause physiological issues that manifest themselves into a feeling of hopelessness and sadness, a feeling of helplessness, your mood is affected as well as your life and your health in the long term.

What is Provanax going to do for you

Provanax has over 100 million probiotics formulated to support neurotransmitters in the brain, to fully explain what is Provanax its important to understand what is going on with chemical reactions in the brain and why you feel so sad or depressed.

What are neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are simply chemical messages that are constantly fired around in the body, neurotransmitters are molecules used in the central nervous system to relay messages between neurons or directly from neurons to muscles.

Neurons otherwise known as nerve cells or neurones are the fundamental unit of the nervous system and brain, neurons are the cells that are responsible for receiving information from the outside world, neurons act on that input to send motor commands to muscles in the body, they also transform and relay electrical signals all the time.

Basically your mood is affected in one way or another by a reduction in neurotransmitters, it’s not quite clear why this is so but lower levels of neurotransmitters can cause feelings of:

  • Sadness
  • Feeling negetative
  • Worthlessness
  • Emptiness
  • Irritability
  • Lack of energy
  • Socially distant
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Hearing a voice in your head
  • Difficulties in concentration
  • A sense of Impending danger
  • Not being hungry

How can Provanax help

To go a little deeper into what is Provanax Dr Sam Robbins HFL Solutions, it can work wonders by activating more of those mind bending neurotransmitters that will make you feel better and more positive, Provanax activates important chemicals in the brain that ultimately affect your mood, for example:

Cortisol is the main hormone for aging, stress or stomach fat

Oxytocin is called the love hormone that amplifies positivity

Dopamine is a happy chemical associated with sexual drive and pleasure

Serotonin is similar to dopamine another happiness chemical

Neurotransmitters are young chemicals in the brain that control your mood

Probiotics are beneficial gut bacteria that support a good mood

What is Provanax health benefits

Provanax formulated by Dr Sam Robbins and sold by his company HFL Solutions contains 100% natural ingredients but what is Provanax health benefits, the primary function of Provanax is to:

Provide emotional balance by reducing anxiety and supporting a balance between your body and mind.

Encourage a positive mood by optimizing dopamine levels and serotonin levels to help your body to feel happier, positive and motivated, by feeling happier mood swings will take a back seat and your outlook on life will be brighter.

Relive all that stress that you are feeling, Provanax users say the anxiety and depression supplement makes them feel less anxious by keeping the calm, the knock on effect is that the body responds by feeling better and more refreshed.

Provanax works to calm you down this leads to a much better sleep and sweeter dreams.

Better digestion occurs because as I pointed out stress, anxiety or depression can affect your appetite, some complain of feeling bloated or a gassy stomach, what is Provanax is better understood when you know that it contains probiotics that support better digestion.

Provanax supports better hormonal balance by balancing the amounts of cortisol in the body, lower levels of cortisol affect your hormones and neurotransmitters.

What is Provanax ingredients

Provanax Dr Sam Robbins HFL Solutions stands out from the crowd as a very effective anxiety or depression support, what is Provanax ingredients, well there are many all-natural ingredients in Provanax that include:

St John’s Wort also known as hypericum perforatum is a flowering plant found to be beneficial in reducing anxiety and depression.

5-HTP also known as 5-Hydroxytryptophan or oxitripian is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to increase serotonin levels and reduce anxiety or depression.

Valerian extract is a flowering plant that induces sleep, the roots of the Valerian plant are used to treat anxiety.

Lemon balm extract is a herb from the mint family that supports neurotransmitter activity.

Magnesium is an absolute must for your body to function at it’s best, having the optimum amount of magnesium helps to calm nerves, relax muscles and keep blood pressure normal.

GABA or game aminobutyric acid is an important chemical messenger in your brain that puts the brakes on specific brain signals to keep you relaxed.

Provanax has many other beneficial all-natural ingredients that you can learn about by clicking here.

What is Provanax, in a nutshell Provanax is one of the best anxiety and depression supplements that you can take, the three main benefits are:

1.Physical relaxation and mental calmness

2.Relief from worry, tension and nervousness

3.Support for a positive mood

4.Better emotional balance

How long has Provanax been in use

Provanax has been a top selling supplement to treat anxiety and depression for more than 21 years, from reading the customer testimonials it is clear that Provanax can help with symptoms of anxiety or depression and make you feel yourself again, here is what one customer had to say, ( you can read more Provanax customer testimonials here)

“This product changed my life

This product changed my life. Within the past 2 years I lost my father, my aunt, my uncle, my cat, and my home. As a result I fell into such a deep depression that my life had no meaning at all. Everyday had no soul, no hope. Seriously, I felt as low as I ever have and the intense anxiety I wish upon nobody.

So I tried your product out of desperation and there is hope. My mood has improved significantly and the nervousness I felt has almost dissipated. Dr. Sam Robbins is one of a kind because he doesn’t prescribe harsh chemicals and actually took the time to do something right. Bless you! Brendan”

How much Provanax do you need to take

Dr Sam Robbins and his company HFL Solutions have a detailed list of how much Provanax to take, you can read the full instructions here, each bottle of Provanax contains 80 capsules, they recommend that you start by taking 2-3 capsules up to three times a day with a glass of water on an empty stomach.

What is Provanax dosage, it is to be taken as required, in other words take the recommended Provanax Dr Dam Robbins HDL Solutions dosage, listen to your body, you will know whether you need more or less, each person’s metabolism is different, it’s a case of suck it and see if you get my drift.

What Dr Robbins is saying is that Provanax works well to relieve stress and anxiety, finding the optimum dosage for you will take a bit of trial and error, some people have reported feeling better after four weeks of Provanax, if you are hooked on prescription drugs and want to try Provanax it’s best to bring all the details to your doctor.

What is Provanax side effects

Provanax is similar to all of the other products supplied by Dr Robbins, it is 100% all-natural so any side effects are minimal, the product isn’t addictive unlike some anti depressants, one capsule can work wonders for sine people, the best way to save money on Provanax is to go directly to the HFL Solutions website here and avail of the special discount offer.

What is Provanax cost

Provanax costs about $2.50 a day, the price depends on which of the special offers you are interested in, of course you can try Provanax by selecting the risk free option by clicking here.

People often as is Provanax a scam, definitely not, it has been helping people with depression and anxiety for the past 21 years, why not give Provanax a try, go to Dr Sam’s website here.


I sincerely hope that you have enough information on what is Provanax Dr Sam Robbins HFL Solutions, the good news is you don’t need a prescription to purchase Provanax, it’s a natural alternative to anti depressants, you are welcome to try Provanax risk free, to learn more go to  Dr Robbins HFL Solutions website here.



The best supplement for brain health and memory

The best supplement for brain health and memory

Are you struggling to remember things and want to know what is the best supplement for brain health and memory, let me tell you about Dr Dam Robbins best memory pill provided by his company HFL Solutions ( HFL means health for longevity)

Do you find that no matter how hard you try there are certain things that you just can’t remember, do you have memory loss, suffer from drowsiness, brain fog or you seem to lose attention quickly, did you know there is a connection between your body and your brain.

If your body isn’t properly nourished your brain just won’t behave the way you want it to, you need higher physical performance to sharpen your mental clarity and get more out of life, in today’s fast paced life it can be difficult to have that physical energy that you need for mental sharpness.

This is where the best supplement for brain health and memory can help, Dr Sam Robbins and his team at HFL solutions have developed a memory supplement called HFL’s Body Brain Energy supplement, it has all-natural minerals and nutrients that your body and brain requires so that it can function better.

Human brain the best supplement for brain health and memory

Why is Body Brain Energy the best supplement for brain and energy

Why not take a closer look at the reasons why Body Brain Energy is the best supplement for brain and energy, this natural solution to the issue of memory loss has been clinically tested, proven to work and effective at improving memory and physical energy through 21 pathways.

So if you feel that you need help with your physical energy as well as your mental awareness the look no further than Body Brain Energy the best supplement for brain and memory.

Why does memory get worse

Your memory is so precious, studies have shown that things like age, loss of strength, fatigue, stamina and a loss of essential minerals and vitamins affect the brain cells causing memory issues and a loss of focus, when you can’t remember stuff it leads to difficulties and frustration.

Of course nearly everyone has a problem forgetting things from time to time, it could be as a result of stress, overwork, alcohol abuse, medications, financial worries, family worries, relationships or other factors, so the best supplement for brain health and memory can help.

Why is HFL’s Body Brain Energy for brain health and memory

Have you heard about nootropic supplements, they are a class of supplement or drug that are scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on brain function, many nootropics supplements like HFL’s Body Brain Energy best supplement for brain and energy can:

  • Boost memory
  • Boost energy
  • Promote motivation
  • Improve alertness
  • Promote better cognitive function
  • Reduce age related loss in memory

Body Brain Energy the best supplement for brain health and memory

How does HFL’s Body Brain Energy supplement work

This best supplement for brain and memory works to heal hormone imbalances and return them to more normal levels, Body Brain Energy is an all-natural cognition enhancer that contains a formula consisting of specialized active ingredients that work to boost your physical and mental health.

To fully understand how the best supplement for brain and memory works its important to know that it works to protect you against cerebral aging and neurological problems, Body Brain Energy was formulated by an endocrinologist and hormone doctor, it contains 21 ingredients that are well researched to improve physical drive and mental sharpness.

HFL’s best supplement for brain health and memory is formulated to reduce cognitive decline and help to get the most out of your brain in a natural progressive way by repairing DNA, regaining muscle stamina and neural firing.

By repairing DNA supports reaction times and speeds, furthermore supporting the usage of the maximum oxygen amount throughout the body and brain, this progression affects how you feel at a cellular level in terms of more energy and better mental clarity.

Primary energy pathways

The unique and revolutionary formula in the best supplement for brain health and memory optimizes the primary energy pathways throughout the body, the process works to boost the uptake of oxygen, reduce stress levels, stimulate neurotransmitters, maximize ATP production (used to store energy) and mitochondrial processes.

HFL’s Body Brain Energy memory supplement has been on sale for the past 16 years, it is a best-selling supplement for memory problems containing herbal extracts that are backed by science to get the best results, in fact this best supplement for brain health and memory is extraordinary because it overcomes mental degeneration issues mostly caused by aging.

What are the ingredients in the best supplement for brain health and memory

This very smart memory pill increases cell functions that amplify energy and brain levels, it boosts blood circulation and supports memory restoration, the formula contains:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Stress/Cortisol/Adrenal Optimizer
  • Dopamine Optimizer
  • Neuravena Wild Green Oat extract, Velvet Bean extract, Suntheanine
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine, Ubiquinol, PQQ
  • Mitochondria Optimizer
  • ATP Optimizer
  • Rhodiola extract, NADH
  • Vinpocetine
  • Ginkgo biloba extract,
  • Green tea extract
  • Cerebral Circulation & Oxygen Optimizer
  • Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline, CDP Choline, Choline Bitartrate, Huperzine A
  • Acetylcholine Optimizer
  • Bacopa extract
  • Nootropic Optimizer
  • Phosphatidylserine, Sensoril Ashwagandha extract, N-Acetyl Tyrosine

Health benefits the best supplement for brain health and memory

Health benefits of the best supplement for brain health and memory

What are the health benefits when you take HFL’s Body Brain Energy supplement, there are a number of key benefits that you can expect from the best supplement for brain health and memory that include:

  • Restoration of damaged DNA in the body
  • Promotion of mental cognition
  • Supports swifter brain responses
  • Rids stress inducing compounds
  • Promotes efficiency and productivity
  • Helps you to feel more enthusiastic and younger
  • Supports a good mood
  • Promotes brain cell rejuvenation
  • Boosts concentration and focus
  • Helps with your sex life
  • Overcomes depression and anxiety

How long does Body Brain Energy take to work

I checked out the best supplement for brain health and memory reviews, a number of people that use Body Brain Energy from HFL Solutions report improved memory and energy within the first 14 days, I wouldn’t say that that is typical of what you can expect but the product seems to work quite fast in some cases, you can learn more about this unique brain supplement here.


HFL’s Body Brain Energy Multiple Benefits

Are there any side effects

Over the last 16 years this well-balanced clinically tested supplement for brain health and memory has been taken by thousands of customers to help them with mental focus, energy and stamina, the formula is backed by a doctor to enhance your memory.

The product is manufactured in a good manufacturing practice facility using non GMO vegan and organic ingredients, there are no additives, artificial fillers or stimulants, this is a nootropic product that doesn’t cause any side effects.

Customer testimonials

There are many customer testimonials on the HFL Solutions website, I noticed this one, it gives confidence in the best supplement for brain health and memory, you can read more customer testimonials here.

“Been Using It Off and On. I See the Difference

few years. I mainly use it when needing to do high level focused work, studying, or research. I’m 59 years old at 190lbs and take two capsules in the morning with a cup of coffee. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be adding any caffeine, but I love my morning coffee.

I take periodic breaks from vitamins and supplements to make sure I’m not over doing anything. I definitely see a difference in things as simple as spelling words, talking to others, and the level of focus I’m able to achieve when taking Body Brain Energy. As for short term memory, well that’s never going to get fixed in my case, but I definitely am able to comprehend things faster and easier on Body brain Energy. I wasn’t a believer until I was off it for 4-6 weeks and then went back on it again. Major improvement”

best decision

I Love Body Brain Energy. I am much more alert and aware with solid improvement with recall memory. I have been taking this product for 3 months now and can tell you there is a significant difference in how I feel,

“It just works”

HFL's Body Brain Energy memory supplement

Will the best supplement for brain health and memory work for you

Definitely, no matter what stage your memory recall is at and providing your are relatively healthy the best brain and memory supplement provided by HFL Solutions will work for you, it will give your memory and energy a timely boost that will help your overall feeling of well being.

By improving your memory everything else in your life will improve, a better memory for a better life.

Why not give HFL Solutions Body Brain Energy supplements a try, there is a great deal on the best supplement for brain health and memory on the website right now, to find out more about the special offer go here now.

The product that I believe is unquestionably the best supplement for brain health and memory is risk-free, in other words you can avail of the 12 month 100% satisfaction guarantee by clicking here for more details.

Ways in which HFL’s Body Brain Energy work


I hope you have all the information that you need on the best supplement for brain health and memory, Dr Sam Robbins has great success with Body Brain Energy, the company also provde other solutions for a range of health conditions including low testosterone.

Natural medicine for mental health Lithium Balance

Natural medicine for mental health

Are you searching for a natural medicine for mental health? May I suggest to you that you take a closer look at Lithium Balance supplements from Good Health Naturally.

Lithium is present in the food that you eat and the water that you drink, people often associate lithium with heavy duty medications that come with some serious side effects for people with a bipolar condition.

However, there is strong evidence that lithium in laboratory form may likely be helpful for a range of conditions, we consume lithium in trace levels everyday with benefits for our brain and mental health.

I spoke with a psychiatrist recently, she explained that lithium supplements are prescribed for a wide variety of her patients and not just people with a bipolar disorder.

Interestingly, low dose lithium supplements as a natural medicine for mental offer less mood swings, better sleep and less anxiety, the feedback from her patients was on the whole very positive from people that try lithium supplementation.

Lithium and mental health

In this article I’m going to shed more light on this overlooked and misunderstood mineral that has great potential to help your cognitive and mental health wellbeing by simply supplementing your diet with this natural medicine for mental health.

Lithium Balance natural medicine for mental health

For those of you that take anti-depressants and find your results are somewhat unsatisfactory may be interested in Lithium Balance a natural medicine for mental health.

Lithium Balance natural medicine for mental health What is Lithium Balance

The people at Good Health Naturally offer Lithium Balance supplements as a safe, effective natural alternative to anti-depressants, the product contains trace mineral lithium in a supplement oratate form.

Lithium is a trace mineral naturally present in several foods, the primary sources of lithium are found in vegetable and whole grains, it is also present in systems and organs throughout the body.

Lithium is one of those critical minerals that our brains need to be healthy and function properly, it is a natural salt so drinking water is the easiest way to get your daily intake.

Of course you can also get a supply of lithium from foods like:

  • Potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Cereals
  • Mineral waters
  • Coriander seeds
  • Nutmeg
  • Cumin

Does a lithium deficiency cause anxiety or depression

Yes, low lithium levels are associated with a range of disorders connected to the central nervous system, they include:

  • Impulse control disorder
  • Depression
  • Mood disorder
  • Drug dependency
  • Reduced fertility
  • Violent behaviour
  • Learning disorder
  • Anxiety

Lithium medications anti-depressant

Lithium medications for mental health

Lithium medications have been used successfully for many years to counteract depression, it seems that exposure to this pharmaceutical psychotropic medication can control to a degree mental health.

Are there side effects

Lithium pharmaceutical medications are prescribed quite commonly for bipolar disorder, more than 75% of patients confirm a number of side effects, that isn’t  the case with the natural alternative Lithium Balance a natural medicine for mental health.

Common side effects of pharmaceutical lithium

There are a number of common side effects of pharmaceutical lithium that include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Increased thirst
  • Impaired memory
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Poor concentration
  • Weak muscles
  • Hand tremors
  • Drowsiness
  • Decreased thyroid function

Lithium balance ingredients Is Lithium Balance the natural answer

I believe that Lithium Balance natural medicine for mental health is a natural, safe, alternative to prescription lithium, it is organic lithium that delivers results in the blood cells of the brain.

Lithium Balance natural medicine for mental health supports chemical imbalances in the brain, it combines with orate and is far more effective than pharmaceutical grade lithium.

Lithium Balance is available in supplement form, it brings natural lithium to the brain where it is needed most.

Are there side effects from natural lithium

When you use Lithium Balance natural medicine for mental health as part of your overall holistic nutritional regime you will find a calming effect with few reported side effects.

What are the ingredients

Lithium Balance is natural lithium the ingredients consist of:

  • Lithium from 114 mg lithium oratate
  • Microcrystalline cellulose 10 mg
  • Median chain fatty acids
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

What are the benefits

Lithium Balance contains the organic trace mineral lithium and oratate to create a safe mood stabilizer and a natural healthier alternative to pharmaceutical lithium or anti-depressants.

The benefits to your health are:

  • Healthy brain chemical response
  • Balanced moods
  • Safe mood stabilizer
  • Important brain nutrition
  • Calming effect
  • No loss of energy
  • No harmful side effects

How many do you take

The people at Good Health Naturally recommend that you start off slowly by taking one tablet per day, give your body time to adjust, when you begin to feel more comfortable with this natural medicine for mental health you may increase the dosage to two tablets a day with water.

The product is gluten free, store in a cool place, keep away from children, if pregnant nursing,  or allergic to any of the ingredients consult a healthcare professional.

Lithium Balance a natural medicine for mental health is 100% natural, it is highly effective, completely safe to take for moood swings, it doesn’t lower energy levels unlike anti-depressants, and it has no side effects.

Lithium Balance is a natural remedy for a range of conditions that include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Frequent headaches
  • Migraines
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Parkinsons disease
  • PMS anorexia

Lithium Balance is a successful UK natural organic depression and anxiety supplement that is formulated to balance the brain and support a healthy mood.

Natural medicine for mental health

Is natural medicine for mental health backed by science

This natural medicine for mental health is backed by science, the formula uses ancient Chinese herbs and root extracts that have proven over the centuries to help boost peoples mood, improve mental health as well as other conditions, mental health is a major problem across the world as anxiety and depression take hold like never before.

As humans we like to mix with other humans, belong to a supportive family and live in a supportive community, Covid 19 has had a negative impact on people’s mental health, it has created loneliness and isolation, depression and anxiety are fuelled by loneliness and anxiety.

Mental health woman image

Natural medicine mental health Lithium Balance

The ingredients for natural medicine for mental health (Lithium Balance) are sourced from the best places on the planet where these ancient herbs grow, natural Lithium Balance has the best ingredients with powerful healing effects.

The ingredients are sourced from reliable and trusted suppliers, they are then sent for processing to a GMP certified facility where strict quality control procedures are in place.

Mental health

It can be a struggle to deal with mental health when the symptoms are persistent and cause a depressed mood, loss of interest in daily activities and a general feeling of feeling down.

This new natural medicine for mental health may help to lift the mood and bring you some way back to your normal self, what are customers saying about Lithium Balance. 

“I have been taking lithium balance for a few years now, and although it’s not as effective as it once was, it still helps me to cope with day to day stresses.”

October 25

Nicolas Haynes

“Excellent uncommon product because it really makes a profound difference to anyone with ADD or mild autism or people who are similarly bio-chemically challenged with MTHFR issues”Lithium Balance natural medicine for mental healthWhy not try ou this natural medicine for mental health Lithium Balance go to the company’s website here.






Supplements that help depression

 Supplements that help depression

Are there supplements that help depression is a question that will take some time to answer, supplements for depression have been studied, these studies may provide the answers as whether or not a dietary supplement can help people with depression.

Depression is associated or influenced by a range of processes within the body, these include oxidative stress, inflammation and more, supplements have been used in preference to or with anti depressant drugs for a long time.

There are any number of depression supplements on the market, some make exaggerated claims about bring the best supplement for the symptoms of depression, if you suffer from feeling low a quality supplement may help but what supplements help depression.

Let’s take a closer look at the scientific evidence to find out what specific ingredients should be in a supplement for depression to determine what supplements can help you to feel better.

Supplements that help depression


Over the years numerous studies have been carried out to evaluate what ingredients need to be part of a supplement to make it effective in treating depression, not all the studies were of top quality but one in particular caught my eye, it was completed by scientists at Harvard and was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

The study was a comprehensive evaluation of some existing studies (meta-analysis) that offered a reliable and condensed outcome on what works for depression. The study analyzed a range of supplements sixteen in total to determine what ingredients were backed by science.

The study ended by proving that supplements for depression used in conjunction with antidepressants could help to reduce the symptoms, in other words what supplements help depression.

Results of the study

In no particular order here are the results of the study into supplements that help depression:

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is naturally produced by our bodies when we get enough sun, people with depression have been found to have insufficient Vitamin D3 levels, particularly those that live in countries where the sun doesn’t shine so much, so people with low Vitamin D3 levels are more prone to suffer depression, certain receptors in the brain involving Vitamin D3 are associated with depression.

To find out more on how Vitamin D3 can help with depression go here.

2. Fish oil

Fish oils are long associated with reducing inflammation and cholesterol, they are rich in Omega 3’s that are key to specific brain functions, depression is associated with inflammation, fish oils have two types of Omega 3 fatty acids, one is EPA and the other is DHA, EPA was found by the researchers to be the best omega 3 fatty acid to help with inflammation causing depression.

To find out more on how Fish oils supplements can help with depression go here.

3. L-Methylfolate

Impairment of folic acid in the cellular process has been shown in scientific evidence to be associated with depression, to help keep these vital cellular processes moving L-Methylfolate is an augmenting agent commonly used in antidepressant drugs to bridge the gap and keep folic acid at its optimum level.

4. Sam-E

Sam-e or S-adenosylmethionine is a natural substance that every cell in the body and brain uses and needs, a deficiency in Sam-e could lead to depression so a supplement containing Sam-e could be beneficial for depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain similar to antidepressant treatment.

To find out more information on supplements that helps depression that contains Sam-e go to the Good health naturally website here.

5. Angelica sinensis

Angelica sinensis is an ancient Chinese herb used to help women with menstruation, digestion, circulation and paleness, it is filled with vitamins and minerals, because Angelica sinensis is gently stimulating the Chinese also use it for depression, anxiety, or for people who just feel down.


Research has suggested that supplements can have a natural, effective calming effect on those suffering with depression, the research is encouraging and it showed what supplements help depression but also how safe they are to take, side effects are rare.

However,  every human body has it’s own characteristics so results will vary. Most supplements for depression are not FDA regulated, so it’s best to do your research before you purchase, pick a supplement for depression that suits you make sure it is high quality and read customer reviews.

I have found one recommended supplement for depression that will will help based on price and customer testimonials.

Provanax from Dr Sam Robbins

Discover A SIMPLE & PROVEN Way To Naturally

* Enhance Your Mood & Stop Depression
* Almost Eliminate Anxiety
* Dramatically Reduce Mental Stress

FAST Relief! NO prescription. NO drugs. NO side-effects.
It works for men and women, whether you’re 18 or 75 years old!

Go to

Provanax supplements that help depression Provanax supplements that help depression and anxiety

Provanax supplements that help depression are made in the USA, it is an organic depression supplement that helps to balance the brain and support a healthy mood and give you energy.

All natural Provanax by Dr Sam Robbins has a unique formula that contained seven of the most effective and organic ingredients that are scientifically proven to contribute to enhanced mental health by treating depression and anxiety naturally .

Provanax is a recommended supplements that help depression because the formula consists of all natural ingredients potent herbs, roots and plant extracts that are effective at boosting your mood and help you to feel more normal.

I picked out some customer testimonials for you to give confidence in Provanax supplements that help depression:

“This product changed my life

This product changed my life. Within the past 2 years I lost my father, my aunt, my uncle, my cat, and my home. As a result I fell into such a deep depression that my life had no meaning at all. Everyday had no soul, no hope. Seriously, I felt as low as I ever have and the intense anxiety I wish upon nobody.

So I tried your product out of desperation and there is hope. My mood has improved significantly and the nervousness I felt has almost dissipated. Dr. Sam Robbins is one of a kind because he doesn’t prescribe harsh chemicals and actually took the time to do something right. Bless you! Brendan”

What does Provanax offer

Provanax supplements that help depression are based on scientific studies, the ingredients were scrutinized under double-blind placebo controlled studies showing that all-natural Provanax could help:

  • Support mild to moderate anxiety or depression symptoms
  • Promote a happier you
  • Encourage the soothing of frazzled nerves
  • Supports the body in building resilience against depression
  • Increases circulation to vital organs
  • Encourages harmonious balance
  • Reduces stress
  • May increase alertness and mental awareness
  • Promotes better and more restful sleep
  • Promotes calmness

How much should you take

The recommended dosage is two capsules to be taken twice a day, the best results take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

The company behind All natural mood effex is Dr Sam Robbins HFL Solutions in the USA, they offer worldwide shipping and by buying the product you have no risk because of the 60-day money back guarantee, to find out more about the recommended what supplement helps depression go to the HFL Solutions website here.

To learn more about good mood supplements go here.