What is Peyronie s Disease

What is peyronie s disease

People ask what is Peyronie s a disease (Peyronie’s or penile fibrosis) is a benign condition where the cause is uncertain, characterized by fibrous tissue plaques forming as a hard lump inside the tunica albuginea of the penis, the condition usually causes penile deformity progressing to a form of erectile dysfunction in 41-55% of cases.

The condition was initially diagnosed and described by Francois Gigot de la Peyronie, the most common symptom is a plaque forming on the top of the Male organ (shaft) causing the penis to bend upwards, plaque formation on the underside of the penis will cause it to bend downwards.

In a few cases plaque can develop on the top and the bottom progressing to indentation and a shorter penis, on occasions pain, bending as well as emotional distress cause problems and make sexual intercourse difficult.

How do you diagnose Peyronie s disease

While discussing what is Peyronie a disease its important to know the options on how to treat Peyronie s disease, doctors perform a physical examination that is usually enough to identify scar tissue build-up in the penis and to diagnose Peyronie s disease.

Your doctor will palpate the limp penis to identify where the scar tissue us located and the amount, the penis length may be measured so that if the condition deteriorates doctor can check if it has shortened.

On occasion other tests will be carried out to diagnose Peyronie s disease in an effort to understand specifically what is causing the symptoms, these tests include an ultrasound that examines an erect penis, the patient may be given an injection before the ultrasound to cause an erection, the test will show the presence of scar tissue, it also measures blood flow in the penis or any abnormalities.

What is Peyronie s disease

How do your treat Peyrione s disease?

A number of drugs have been tested to treat Peyronie s disease, however none have been proven to be consistently effective compared to surgery, a lot depends on how long the condition has been there, in some cases the drug is injected straight into the penis in an effort to reduce pain and curvature, sometimes a local anesthetic is used to lessen pain during the treatment.

If you are scheduled to have these treatments you will more than likely be injected many times over a period of months, medications are injected or could be combined with oral drugs or therapies involving traction.

Penile traction therapy consists of stretching your penis with a mechanical device (self-applied) for some time to benefit penis length, deformity or curvature. If the penile deformity is severe doctors may recommend surgery especially if sexual intercourse is difficult however surgery will only be recommended unless the condition has existed for 9-12 months plus the curvature must have stopped growing and has stabilized for 3-6 months.

Is there a natural alternative?

A lot of the aforementioned treatments are not without risks or a guarantee of effectiveness, this has led to a number of men using enzyme therapy as a natural alternative to alleviate the symptoms and improve their sex life.

Whilst researching what is Peyronie s a disease I came across some information that identifies systemic enzymes as being very beneficial for treating the symptoms of peyrione s disease.

Systemic enzymes like Serrapeptase and Nattokinase taken as a food supplement on an empty stomach go straight into the bloodstream, once in the bloodstream the enzyme circulates throughout the body then acting to dissolve unwanted hard lumps and tissue on the penis.

Scar tissue and Peyrione s disease

Simply by supplementing your diet with these marvelous enzymes that are known to digest fibrin which is what scar tissue consists of could be beneficial in reducing and limiting scar tissue build up on the penis.

The most popular enzymes on the market are Serrapeptase taken from the intestines of the silkworm and Nattokinase a soybean extracted during a fermentation process.

Serrapeptase is particularly effective, a number of studies on people that suffered from acute syndrome of ear, nose and throat diseases found that following a Serrapeptase dosage of 250,000 IU over 3-4 days showed significant improvement in symptoms.

The studies concluded that Serrapeptase had anti-endemic, anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic properties meaning it could dissolve protein that was problematic. To purchase top quality Serrapeptase go here to the Good Health Naturally website.

Nattokinase on the other hand has been found in many studies to be effective at enhancing our bodies natural instinct to fight against excess deposits of fibrin, Nattokinase dissolves fibrin easily and plays a role in enhancing the body’s natural production of plasmin as well as clot buster enzymes like urokinase.

Nattokinase is particularly effective at dissolving blood clots and reducing plaque build-up that forms in the arteries, this action is very beneficial in improving blood flow throughout the body.

So Nattokinase could be helpful in reducing the symptoms of Peyrione s disease, to purchase the best quality Nattokinase go to the Good Health Naturally website here.

Peyrione s disease

How is Peyronie s disease associated with inflammation?

I’ve said it time and again, inflammation when it turns chronic is the root cause of so many conditions so by controlling the inflammation you lessen the symptoms associated with inflammation, secondly by dissolving the fibrin or hard lumps that gather on the penis you give the membrane time to heal and grow.

Scientific studies into Nattokinase demonstrate how this wonderful enzyme can reduce the risks of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, stroke and cardiac infraction, the studies suggest that Nattokinase does this by dissolving fibrin in the blood.

In fact some of the studies on patients with high blood pressure showed an average reduction of just over 10.9% in systolic and 9.7% drop in diastolic blood pressure measurements.

Prostate inflammation

A further study on men with APV or amicrobial prostate vasculitis, APV is a  condition thst is caused by inflammation in the prostate even though it isn’t infectious, the trial participants were given non steroidal drugs and some were given Serrapeptase, the scientists found that Serrapeptase was an effective therapy in fighting inflammation just as effective in fact as the NSAIDs without side effects.

Peyrione s disease causes pain

This post on what is Peyronie s disease would not be complete without saying something on the pain that Peyrione s disease brings to men, there is a natural way to deal with the pain associated with Peyrione s disease and Serrapeptase or Serratiopeptidase is an excellent natural way to reduce pain throughout the body.

How does Serrapeptase work

Let’s take a look at what the science is telling us, one study compared how effective two preteolytic enzymes were in treating inflammation in the veins, the results showed that Serrapeptase was very effective at reducing pain (65%) while the other enzyme Seaprose showed an even bigger pain reduction of 85% so both enzymes work to reduce pain.

To find out more about Serrapeptase please go to this website, Seaprose as a product no longer exists, it was withdrawn from the market.

Serrapeptase for swelling

Considering that Peyrione s disease is basically swelling resulting in scar tissue on the Male organ Serrapeptase could well be a natural solution to get rid of the scar tissue and relieve the symptoms of this condition, the scientific evidence points to the benefical effects of Serrapeptase on swelling post op.

In one particular study the participants exhibited swelling and ankle pain, they were given Serrapeptase the test results showed a 50% reduction in symptoms on the third day, while the placebo group showed no decrease at all, ankle pain also decreased in the Serrapeptase group, based on these results Serrapeptase is highly recommended to reduce the symptoms of Peyrione s disease.