How to get a deep sleep try these easy steps

How to get a deep sleep

A deep sleep sleep makes all the difference to how you feel when you wake up, let’s take a closer look at how to get a deep sleep and what you can do to wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy.

As adults, we need to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night, sleep is divided into different stages, so the quality of sleep matters most of us would like more quality sleep but struggle for the answer on how to get a deep sleep.

The stages of sleep

When your body is resting it goes through each different stage of the sleep cycle, for example deep sleep is the stage of sleep that you want because you will wake up and feel refreshed and full of energy, deep sleep is different to REM.

During deep sleep your body and brain waves slow down, you are sleeping soundly, if you were to suddenly wake up from a sleep of this kind you may feel very groggy, finding out how to get a deep sleep without waking up and feeling groggy is just in front of you.

How to get a deep sleep

Sleep categories

There are two sleep categories REM (rapid eye movement) and non REM, as you fall asleep you are in non REM sleep mode, shortly after you fall into REM sleep mode, it’s a cycle and changes every 90 minutes or so, deep sleep happens near the end of nine REM sleep.

What happens during non REM sleep

Sleep is in stages, as you move from being awake to becoming asleep non REM kicks in and lasts for several minutes, this is stage one:

  • Bodily functions such as your heartbeat, eye movements and breathing begin to slow
  • Muscles begin to relax with the odd twitch
  • Brain waves begin to slowly descend into a wakeful state

The second stage of sleep is stage two, it accounts for about half of your total sleep cycle, this is the most restful stage that you will fall into during the night and more then any other stage,

  • You continue to slow down and feel relaxed
  • Your body’s core temperature falls
  • Eye movements begin to stop
  • Brain waves are slower with occasional bursts of activity

Stages three and four are when you are in deep sleep, during this period of sleep a few things are happening:

  • Your heart and breathing slow to a minimum as your muscles relax
  • You are in such a deep sleep that it’s hard to wake you up
  • Your brain waves are at their slowest

Person in a deep sleep

Stages of deep sleep

The stages of deep sleep can be broken into two sections, the first stage can last between 45-90 minute, this stage lasts for a longer period during the first half of the night, the time period shortens as the night of a deep sleep cycle goes on, discovering how to get a good night’s sleep is just ahead.

The final stage five happens about 90 minutes after you move through the non REM stages, during this stage a number of things are happening:

  • You may begin to dream as your brains activity moves to a wakeful state
  • Your eyes move quickly from one side to the other
  • Your breathing increases and may become irregular
  • Your heart rate moves up to its wakeful position
  • Your muscles and limbs become still

Why is it hard to get a deep sleep

Your brain is a hive of activity, it is trying to process so much information during each day, digital devices are wonderful however the amount of information on them is staggering to say the least, without enough quality sleep it can be hard for our brains to process it and convert it to our memories.

When your brain is constantly trying to process information it can be difficult to get a deep sleep, when you couple that with other things going on in your life deep sleep can be very hard to attain, many people try deep sleep supplements, not getting enough quality sleep is linked to conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Poor concentration

The benefits of a deep sleep

You probably don’t need me to tell you about the benefits of a goid nights sleep, when you learn how to get a quality sleep the feeling of well being and your mental health is hard to put into words, in a nutshell learning how to get a deep sleep is the key to a more healthy and happy life.

Other benefits of a deep sleep include the increase of glucose metabolism during your sleep, that affects overall learning and long term memory, during this type of  sleep the pituitary gland secretes very important hormones that are essential for cell growth and body development.

Some of the best benefits of having a deep sleep are energy restoration, increased blood supply to your muscles, boosting your immune system, regenerating cells, support for the growth and repair of bones and tissues.

How much deep sleep is adequate

When you sleep approximately 75% of that is non REM sleep, the remaining 25% is attributed to REM sleep, of that part of sleep (REM) about 13% is the most you get of deep sleep, as you age quality sleep is harder to come by, for example if you are under 35 you could possible get 2 hours of deep sleeps each night.

On the other hand, if you are more than 64 deep sleep will account for about 30 minutes of your REM sleeps each night or in some cases people over 65 may not get any quality sleep at all, if that is your situation read on and find out how to get a deep sleep for longer.

Fitbit displays deep sleep

How much deep sleep you are getting

You almost know when you wake up how much quality sleep you are getting, or you have a fair idea based on whether you feel exhausted or not, if you do feel exhausted it could be linked to not getting enough sleep, of course digital devices can tell you for sure what your sleep cycle is.

How accurate these devices are is open to question, digital devices may not be the most reliable indicator of how much deep sleep you get each night, to get scientific you may need to have a polysomnography test done, it can be arranged through your doctor.

A PSG test is carried out in a laboratory, you will be hooked up to monitors that measure your:

  • Oxygen levels
  • Your breathing rate
  • Your heart rate
  • Your brain waves
  • Your body movements
  • Your breathing rates

Best tips on how to get a deep sleep

If are having trouble getting to sleep or you find that you get to sleep but wake up and find it hard to get back to sleep then these best tips on how to get a deep sleep may help you, did you know that heat may support a better sleep?

1. Why not try taking a hot bath to relax you and help you find that deeper sleep that you need, or indeed if you have a sauna in your home use it to heat your body up and relax your muscles.

2. Exercise is the key to a healthy life and a good night’s sleep, try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, don’t exercise too close to bedtime.

3. Try a different bedtime routine, read a book, newspaper, or listen to relaxing music.

4. Melatonin is a natural way to get a deep sleep, why not try this deep sleep supplement from Dr Sam Robbins.

5. Don’t bring your mobile device to the bedroom.

6. If you wake, don’t lie there for hours, get up read or make a cup of tea.

7. Check your pillows, if they are old change them for a more comfortable one.

8. Don’t drink caffeine for at least 3 hours before bed.

9. Have you thought about hypnosis, research has shown that hypnosis can help people to sleep better.


Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula

Many people that are light sleepers may be interested in reading this article on Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula, after all in general light sleepers often find that they never get a full night’s sleep.

A light sleeper will often say that the simplest movement of their partner or sound can wake them up and they find it difficult to go into a deep sleep.

Not getting enough deep sleep has a negetative impact on ones life, from feeling tired, being irritable, finding it hard to concentrate and lacking in energy, Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula supplement may just be the answer to finding that elusive deep sleep that is so important.

Who is Dr Sam Robbins?

Dr Sam Robbins is a very successful natural health coach, he has been involved in natural health solutions for many age related conditions since 1999, over that period Dr Robbins has completed a Ph. D in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, an M.S. in Nutrition, a B.S. in Kinesiology, Dr Sam is also a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner.

His expertise has led to the development of many quality natural supplements that have helped thousands of people to gain better health, none more so than Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula, this unique formula was designed with the light sleeper in mind.

The formula was put together by doctors to help balance and optimize your sleep hormones, once that is accomplished you will notice a higher quality and deeper sleep.

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula

What does Deep sleep formula do

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula works in two ways, first this natural herbal supplement relaxes you to the point where you fall asleep quickly, secondly and most importantly you will find that you stay asleep longer.

Deep sleep formula contains natural organic bio identical ingredients that are safe to use and non-addictive, the good news is that the product can be tried out risk free because Dr Robbins offers a full one-year guarantee, he created deep sleep formula because he is a light sleeper and wanted a solution that works.

Why is deep sleep so important

Some find it hard to fall asleep while others experience the opposite and go to sleep without a problem, many people find that they wake up either to go to the loo or because their minds are working overtime and won’t let their bodies rest, to get over being a light sleeper some people try blackout shades, eye shades or ear plugs.

These things help in one way or the other, however getting a good night’s deep sleep seems elusive for many, according to Dr Sam Robbins a good night’s quality sleep has many advantages:

  • It balances and optimizes youth hormones
  • It burns belly fat and builds muscle
  • It optimizes happy chemicals and lifts your mood
  • It helps to boost your immune system
  • it promotes better health against illness and disease
  • It reduces stress
  • It improves your memory, brain function and cognition
  • It slows the aging process

Does age affect sleep

Sad to say as the years roll by getting a good night’s sleep seems harder and harder, statistics will point to the fact that most people simply don’t get enough quality sleep, in fact about one third of us are sleep deprived or don’t get enough quality sleep.

That’s where Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula is so effective especially for the 78% of people that report poor sleep quality, feeling untested, feeling tired or having a disruptive sleep, our modern society doesn’t help either.

Think for a moment about our lives nowadays, everyone seems to be under one kind of stress or another, stress in the workplace, financial stress, family stress or relationship stress, it’s well proven that stress plays a major role in poor quality sleep.

The end result of poor quality sleep is an imbalance in your hormones that makes you age faster, have less energy, find it harder to focus, be indecisive and generally find life hard to cope with, now is the time to take a good look at Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula to help you improve and get the deep sleep that you need.

Deep Sleep Formula

Start getting better sleep today!

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> Clinically Validated
> Scientifically Proven

Try It Risk Free

How does deep sleep formula work

Dr Robbins deep sleep formula works in three specific ways, there are 3 sleep hormones Orexin, Melatonin and Cortisol, deep sleep formula balances and gets the most out of these hormones.

Secondly the ingredients help your brain to relax by stimulating GABA receptors, alpha and beta waves, thirdly this unique formula improves circadian rhythm by increasing deep quality sleep stages for NTEM and REM.

How will you feel taking deep sleep formula

Many satisfied customers have reported a more sustained deeper and restful sleep, this is a direct result of more production of youthful hormones, others have reported feeling energized, refreshed, happier and more content, a deeper sleep means better clarity, mental focus and drive.

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula testimonials

I always like to read what customers are saying about a product, it help to give me confidence that the product will work for me, here are some deep sleep formula customer testimonials,

“Definitely helps me fall asleep and sleep longer. When I wake up during the night, I also fall back to sleep more easily. I wake up feeling good.”

“So important

Deep Sleep is truly a lifesaver for me. I had struggled with not being able to fall asleep for so long and now if I have trouble falling asleep, I remember that I forgot to take Doctor Sams Deep Sleep Formula. What a wonderful product!”

To learn more about Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula go straight to his website here.

How important is deep sleep

Imagine waking up feeling less stressed, worried of anxious because you didn’t sleep well, that’s why deep sleep is clinically proven to work and help you get a deeper sleep than would normally be the case, it’s really important as you age to have the benefits of a good nights sleep.

What does deep sleep formula contain

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula contains only the very best herbal ingredients that work to give a more restful sleep and they are:

120 MG Chamomile Extract (flower)

100 MG Melatonin (as MicroActive®)

120 MG Perluxan® Hops [std. 30% Extract alpha + iso-alpha acids

400 MG Honokiol (4% magnolia extract)[std. to 20% apigenin]

Blend † L-Tryptophan TryptoPure®250 MG L-Tryptophan Peptide (PepForm® technology)

250 MG GABA as PharmaGABA®500 MG Ornithine


Dr Robbins deep sleep formula has a strong track record of success because the formula uses ingredients backed by research and supported by clinical data.

100% of the ingredients are verified as having been produced under GMP each has a certificate to prove that, there are no artificial colors, gluten, wheat, fish, dairy, peanuts or egg.

How many deep sleep pills to take

The recommended amount of Dr Dam Robbins deep sleep formula pills to take is two pills just before bed on an empty stomach or as directed by a healthcare professional, if results aren’t as expected it’s safe to take 1-2 more per night.


Deep sleep formula is only for adults, do not drive or operate a machine after use, talk to a healthcare professional if you are taking medications, pregnant or have a medical condition.

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula guarantee

The beauty of this deep sleep formula is you can try it for yourself completely risk free, the company offer a one-year, believe it or not 200% product satisfaction guarantee.

They are so confident that you will enjoy a much improved deeper sleep that they are willing to let you try this wonderful product without risking your money.

To learn more about Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula go right now to his website here. 




Does Melatonin work for sleep?

Does Melatonin work for sleep?

Does Melatonin work for sleep? That is a very relevant question for people that struggle with sleeping, if you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep and you want to know if Melatonin is good for sleep.

This page will tell you all you need to know about Melatonin, does Melatonin work for sleep, what is melatonin, why we need melatonin in our bodies, does melatonin work for insomnia, is melatonin safe to takeand are there Melatonin side effects.

Melatonin production

Everybody produces melatonin but in differing amounts, our melatonin levels rise and fall, they are sparked off and rise when the sun sets, these higher levels in the bloodstream jump start our sleep. People turn to melatonin to help with insomnia, difficulty going to sleep and trouble staying asleep. There are other sleep issues that it could be used for delayed sleep disorder, sleep work disorder or jet lag caused by travelling across different time zones

Low Melatonin levels

The ageing process doesn’t help our melatonin levels, in fact it reduces the levels of it, this may be one reason why elderly people have sleep issues. We know that melatonin is triggered by low light surroundings, a lot of people these days are sitting in front of computers which isn’t natural light and doesn’t help the production of melatonin.

Social Jet Lag

Have you ever heard of social jet lag? Well it something that happens to our bodies if we work different shifts or schedules week after week people that work in hospitals or factories will know what I am talking about.

Your body doesn’t know whether it is day or night because of the different shifts consequently it is hard to go to sleep.

Certain medications can affect the production of melatonin medication like beta blockers for heart conditions this can lead to bouts of insomnia. For people with insomnia extra sleep support will be needed. Let’s look at what science tells us about melatonin, sleep disorders and insomnia.


There is no dispute regarding the question does Melatonin work for sleep, Melatonin does works for sleep, albeit not as effective as sleeping medication, one advantage is that it isn’t as addictive. A circadian related disorder is common amongst people who do shift work, it helps the body to fall asleep when it needs to, it is recommended for people who find it hard to adjust to sleeping during the day after a long night shift.

A review was completed using Samueli Institute’s Rapid Evidence Assessment of the Literature (REAL©) to determine does Melatonin work for sleep in clinical trials, the review showed positive results for people who suffer from insomnia, a placebo was also used however the people on the melatonin reported improved sleep quality, better alertness in the morning and better quality of life.

People in the age 50 plus bracket showed the best results. Children also suffer from sleep disorders particularly those who have autism, in the trial children with autism were given melatonin the results showed significant improvements in the onset of sleep, sleep time, number of wake times during sleep.

Insomnia effectsInsomnia

Insomnia in today’s modern fast paced world has become a common condition, people are trying to juggle everything that live has to throw at them, early morning starts,getting the kids ready for school, rush hour traffic, stressful jobs.

All of these things combined can increase stress levels and sometimes become a little bit down causing sleepless nights.

When this happens over a period of time it develops into insomnia meaning little or no sleep at all, of course this leads to tiredness irrational choices and eventually it takes its toll.

So how do you deal with insomnia?

First off don’t reach for medications or supplements to tackle insomnia, most insomnia can be sorted out by changing your behaviour, however this requires some discipline on your side but it will be worth the effort.

There are some good supplements that deal with insomnia from Advanced Bionutritionals.

The primary aim should be to get to a stage where your body and mind learn how to fall asleep in tandem without the use of drugs, if this approach doesn’t work only then should you look at alternatives, I recommend natural alternatives especially Melatonin.

Is Melatonin safe to take?

Studies conducted over the short term and long term have reported that Melatonin usage:

  • is not linked to insomnia
  • is not linked to melatonin dependence
  • is not linked to withdrawal symptoms

We know from these studies that Melatonin isn’t addictive, we also know that the effects will stay the same even after long term use. It also indicates that if you decide to take it and stop for whatever reason your sleep won’t regress.

It seems to be safe to take in the short term, however we need more long-term studies to make an informed decision on its long-term use. During one study the research showed that Melatonin when given to people with Dementia worsened their mood.

The FDA warned a company in 2011 that sold relaxation brownies pointing out that melatonin in the product wasn’t passed as being safe to consume

Side effects Melatonin

It would be unfair to provide answers to does Melatonin work for sleep without telling you about side effects of Melatonin, it can be taken in supplement form, it is safe to take in a low dosage 2 mg each day, it is safe to take long term as much as two years, in rare cases melatonin could cause some side effects such as:

  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Temporary depressed feeling
  • Dizziness
  • Sleeplessness during the day
  • Stomach cramp

NB: If pregnant or breastfeeding it is better to be cautious about taking Melatonin, the studies on people taking Melatonin during pregnancy are limited.


Things to know about MELATONIN

It is produced and sold in tablet or liquid form, the tablet form may be labelled “time release” meaning that the actual melatonin is released slowly into the bloodstream, on the plus side you might stay asleep for longer, on the negative side because of the slow release it may take it’s time to have the desired effect.

Liquid or spray melatonin gets into the bloodstream faster and start to act quicker than a tablet form, for that reason we recommend a product like SleepWell because it’s faster absorption meaning you will fall asleep quicker.

Relaxwell comes in tablet form, this product contains L-tryptophan the precursor to Melatonin, this product has been used to treat sleep disorders, it produces therapeutic effect through Melatonin mechanisms.

The reports on patients have shown improvement in stage one sleep even with a low dosage of 250 mg, during a trial 2.5 mg was given to people with obstructive sleep apnoea significant improvement was shown with their symptoms.