What is Circ02 used for? You won’t believe this!!

What is Circ02 for? ImageWhat is Circ02 for?

What is Circ02 for? Advanced Bionutritionals doctors have developed Circ02 based on scientific evidence that this Nitric oxide supplement can boost energy levels, let’s find out exactly what is Circ02 for? Indeed, why as we get a bit older does our energy and vitality levels begin to decline?

It’s inevitable that the effects of aging can have some negative change in our bodies, health can decline and in many cases there are changes in the cardiovascular system, overall physical, mental and sexual health are affected, blood pressure and heart disease can become an issue for many.

The process can be gradual, maybe at first you won’t notice these subtle changes taking place, as you pass your 40th birthday you may find that life is very busy, you have a career and a family to take care of, the stress can take its toll and your immune system begins to weaken, you may find that your body reacts and you don’t feel as healthy as you used to.

The question is what can you do to regain your vitality.? In order for your body to perform at it’s best its important to give it the nutrients that it needs, the modern lifestyle means that it’s hard at times to always eat healthily or to get enough exercise on a regular basis.

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Circ02 is the answer

Circ02 is the answer to many of the problems associated with getting older especially as you reach those important milestones eg your 50s, 60s,70’s and beyond, let me tell you what is Circ02 for and why Circ02 was created by Dr Janet Zand, OMD, L.Ac and the team at Advanced Bionutritionals.

Dr Zand has spent a long time researching the reasons for changes in our bodies caused by the aging process, one important fact came to light during her research and that is the negetative impact of poor blood circulation on the body especially to the heart.

To fully explain what is Circ02 for its necessary to appreciate that this amazing and best-selling Nitric oxide lozenge is packed full of vitamins and minerals that are essential to help your body fight against the damaging effects of aging, the unique formula when taken daily will boost blood circulation by delivering all of the nutrients that it is missing.

Here are some examples of what is Circ02 for, these customer testimonials have been taken from Dr Zands official Advanced Bionutritionals website

A good product *

By John S. (Las Vegas, NV) – 1/4/2019

My husband and I have been taking this for several years and find at age 70 that we are still very active with running, golf, hiking, yoga, strength training and just overall good health. Our bloodwork is great, and we are so much healthier than others our age. I Recommend This Supplement Verified Customer

Very Effective and highly recommended. *

By Barney K. (Canada ) – 12/29/2018

This is an excellent supplement that really works fast and gives me immediate energy that lasts for hours. I take one in the morning and slowly let it dissolve. Try it I recommend it!.

Nitric oxide deficiency Circ02

Not many people realize that a Nitric oxide deficiency could be the reason why they don’t feel as energetic or as healthy as you used to, a Nitric oxide deficiency is more common than you think, so what are the signs to look out for, here are the top 5 symptoms to look out for, another good reason to understand what is Circ02 for.

Poor eyesight image

Eyesight declines

Have you noticed a decline in your eyesight? A symptom of Nitric oxide decline is poor vision, scientists will tell you it’s because of something called intraocular pressure, nitric oxide helps to regulate intraocular pressure or the fluid in our eyes, so if you find that you can’t see as clearly as you used to its time to look at what is Circ02 for.

Body heat Circ02

Another symptom to watch out for is a rise in your body heat, it could mean that your body isn’t producing enough Nitric oxide from the foods that you eat so a process called Nitric oxide synthase in the central nervous system can cause normal body temperature to rise.

You may be feeling a little feverish, you may have some aches and pains or you just feel uncomfortable, it could be time to check your Nitric oxide levels and that can be determined by what is Circ02 for.

Inside the Circ02 box are 2 free Nitric oxide strips that will quickly tell you if you are deficient in Nitric oxide, if so simply suck the recommended Circ02 dosage of one lozenge a day and feel the difference.

High stress levels Circ02

High stress levels are altogether too common in these modern times, you may not even be aware that you are stressed, it’s a gradual process your body wears down, blood pressure can go up, heart rate increases, blood vessels come under pressure, Nitric oxide levels fall, what is Circ02 for, Circ02 will help your body to produce a response to the fall off in Nitric oxide production.

Feeling fatigued

If the pace of life is making you feel fatigued or you are simply feeling the effects of getting older than read on and discover what is Circ02 for in terms of helping your body to overcome feeling fatigued, Nitric oxide deficiency can manifest itself in a number of ways.

So if you feel fatigued, sleepy, low on energy it could be the case that your body needs a Nitric oxide boost, it’s a great example of what us Circ02 for, why not give Circ02 a try, it will no doubt help you to regain your vitality, its so easy to take, check it out on the official website Advanced Bionutritionals here.

Slower recovery times

Do you work out or do you find that physical activity makes you feel more tired than usual or that you have slower recovery times? It’s natural that as you get a bit older lower Nitric oxide means that your body just isn’t getting enough nutrients to the areas of the body that are impacted the most.

Recovery times are slower as a result, this process becomes more pronounced with age, it’s a sure sign that Nitric oxide levels are depleted, all the more reason to discover what is Circ02 for by visiting the official website here.

What is Circ02 for ingredients

What are the ingredients in CircO2

To fully understand what is Circ02 for Dr Zand has made it easy for Circ02 to deliver the essential nutrients that work in the body to fight against the negative effects of aging and the damage it can cause to our bodies, thus best-selling Nitric oxide supplement will easily boost blood circulation and have you feeling more energetic in next to no time.

Circ02 contains beetroot powder a well-known Nitric oxide enhancer, the product is manufactured in an FDA approved facility under strict quality assured guidelines, the winning formula also contains:

  • Hawthorn berry: it is a powerful antioxidant, it helps to assimilate l-citruilline, this powerful combination makes it easier for more Nitric oxide to be produced creating better blood flow to the heart, brain and all parts of the body.
  • L-Citruilline: L-Citruilline, beetroot powder and hawthorn berry form the backbone of this unique formula, combined these three nutrients keep blood pressure under control ensuring adequate blood supply to all parts of the body,
  • Magnesium: Magnesium helps the blood vessels to relax a d prevents calcium build-up in the arteries.
  • Vitamin B–12: is included because of its beneficial effects on the nervous system.
  • Vitamin C: Has been long known as an antioxidant that helps to fight against free radical damage.

What are Circ02 benefits

What is Circ02 and what are Circ02 benefits, how can Circ02 help you, the benefits of taking Circ02 are:

  • More energy: The number one reason that people take Circ02 is simply more energy, it’s amazing that a simple Nitric oxide lozenge taken daily can have such a positive impact on your energy levels, it’s TRUE why not give Circ02 a try.
  • Stronger heart: One of the most beneficial effects of what is Circ02 is its ability to boost blood flow to the heart making it stronger and in the process making you healthier.
  • Sharper mind: Circ02 works to help with the production of Nitric oxide which in turn feeds into better blood flow to the brain making for a sharper mind.
  • Stronger immune system: A stronger immune system is dependent on increased Nitric oxide levels, it plays a role in defending against viruses, bacteria and fungi from entering the body.
  • Stronger bones: Circ02 contains magnesium helping to build stronger bones.
  • Normalizes blood pressure: What is Circ02 for in terms of high blood pressure, it creates Nitric oxide the process relaxes blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.
  • Buy CircO2 by Advanced Bionutritionals From Its Official Website

Who are Advanced Bionutritionals

Advanced Bionutritionals have been in the nutraceutical business for more than 20 years, the company have been formulating and manufacturing top quality supplements based on science to help people with many common health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, poor circulation, immune system deficiency and other conditions.

All of their products are backed by doctors, you know you can trust what they say because of the extensive research, scientific evidence and all-natural ingredients in their products, the company is based in P.O. Box 8051

Norcross, GA 30091-8051.
What is Circ02 for? Image

What is Circ02 for and why should you take it

I hope by now you are more aware of what is Circ02 for, now I will point out why you should consider taking it:

1. Circ02 is the best vasodilator that you can take, meaning it helps the blood vessels to relax, that takes the pressure off your heart and you feel better.

2. Circ02 provides those missing essential ingredients that fight free radical damage and fight aging.

3. Improves blood flow to the brain, the heart and sexual organs.

4. Boosts the immune system.

5. Protects the body against inflammation and disease.

6. Reduces stress and relaxes the body and mind.

7. Enhances sexual energy and drive.

8. Helps recovery times following strenuous workouts.

9. Circ02 is reliable, safe and effective.

10. Circ02 has a 90-day money back guarantee

How much does Circ02 cost?

It’s hard to believe but Circ02 only costs $49.95 for a months supply, that means that you take one Nitric oxide lozenge each day to boost energy and feel healthier, if you want to try Circ02 for longer than one month why not avail of the special discounted price on the official website here.


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Supplements and lower cortisol levels

Supplements and lower cortisol levels

Have you heard about the connection between supplements and lower cortisol levels, Dr Sam Robbins the well-known endocrinologist has researched and discovered how elevated cortisol levels affect the stress hormone causing stress levels to heighten, daily stress negatively impacts on our daily lives.

Dr Robbins has come up with an all-natural supplement that can help to lower cortisol levels and provide stress and anxiety relief, if you are aware how cortisol and stress are intertwined then read on and let me explain why you should take a good look at supplements and lower cortisol levels.

Stress & Cortisol Relief

Who Else Wants To Dramatically Reduce Stress and Cortisol levels? The same proven formula my family and I have been using since 2008 …

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Daily stress

Everybody has some form of daily stress, some can easily deal with stress but others find that constant stress all day every day affects concentration, thoughts, performance at work, happiness at home, constant stress does impact on general health and well being.

Why do we get stressed

Stress is the bodies way if coping with stuff that your brain perceives as being harmful, there is a small section of the brain called the hypothalamus, it’s like an alarm bell that goes off when we feel threatened, nerves and hormones send a signal to the adrenal glands to release important hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Our bodies are programmed to react in three ways, we either fight, flight or freeze, as cortisol the stress hormone is released blood sugars are increased, as adrenaline is released it increases heart rate, blood pressure rises and energy levels are affected.

Once your body is on stress alert increased cortisol levels can positively affect your response to stress, you may feel a sudden burst of energy, your brain quickens and you could become less sensitive to pain, these are the primary physiological changes when your body is on stress alert.

When cortisol levels are sustained

When cortisol levels are sustained your body finds a physical response that has a negative impact in terms of decreased immune function, weight gain, increased blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

If these levels of excess cortisol were to be maintained other factors come into the equation for example thinking and brain reactions can be harmed, as well as memory and thinking, excess cortisol can cause “brain fog” or “going blank” Dr Robbins believes that supplements and lower cortisol levels are linked to better mental health and well being.

Stress and cortisol relief supplement

Let me introduce you to a unique supplement for cortisol and stress relief, it’s called exactly that Stress and Cortisol Relief, let’s do a review on Doctor Sam Robbins natural supplements for relieving the cortisol and stress hormone that causes us to stress so much.Doctor Sam Robbins

Official Website: Click Here

Who is Doctor Sam Robbins

Doctor Sam Robbins owns and operates his own company HFL Solutions out of Nevada, USA, his company has been providing natural solutions for people since 1998, originally Dr Robbins wanted to help his parents with high blood pressure because of the negative effects of prescription medications.

He has used all his expertise in Endocrinology to formulate some of the best-selling supplements for conditions that affect so many people worldwide like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor blood flow, diabetes, stress and anxiety, HFL Solutions (health,fitness,longevity) can be contacted at this address.

HFL Solutions supplements and lower cortisol levels

Symptoms of stress

Perhaps you are feeling the symptoms of stress, stress can cause some of the worst feelings in people, stress can bring you down to a point where you need to do something soon before it gets too much for you, if you are feeling angry or frustrated with your life it could be because cortisol levels are too high, take advantage of what supplements and lower cortisol levels can do field your well being.

It’s not your fault your body has reacted to stress by releasing too much cortisol into your body and causing these negative feelings, it’s completely natural but unless you begin to get cortisol levels under control the situation will only get worse.

Perhaps you have been to see your doctor, in cases where stress is a health problem doctors will prescribe medications like drugs, sleeping tablets, other experts will suggest things like diet pills, meditating, therapies, however Dr Robbins believes that none of these offer the best solution.

Stress & Cortisol Relief

Who Else Wants To Dramatically Reduce Stress and Cortisol levels? The same proven formula my family and I have been using since 2008 …

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Dr Robbins believes that excess cortisol levels are the primary reason for increased stress causing sleepless nights, binge eating, a lack of concentration, irritability, poor performance, relationship issues, bad decisions, excess alcohol consumption, that is why he has spent so much time on supplements and lower cortisol levels.

Official Website: Click Here

Stress and cortisol relief from HFL Solutions

Stress and cortisol relief from HFL Solutions can help you to safely and effectively control cortisol levels that are affecting you every day in a number of ways, the research team at HFL Solutions have produced this natural formula that gets your stress hormone under control, e chances your adrenal glands and supports a better nights sleep.



Official Website: Click Here

Stress and cortisol relief from Dr Sam Robbins is a top selling natural alternative to prescription drugs and one of the best things you can take to lower stress hormones, science tells us that supplements and cortisol levels are inextricably linked, stress and cortisol from HFL Solutions is your natural answer to reducing stress.

Doctor Sam Robbins unique formula has all the best natural ingredients that allows you to lower stress hormones in a more natural way by reducing your bodies production of cortisol, not only that it is the only formula that I’m aware of that strengthens your adrenal glands allowing you to get a better nights sleep.

Why is it so important to strengthen your adrenal glands? because your adrenal glands are responsible for producing various hormones that include cortisol, aldosterone, and adrenaline, excess cortisol has a negetative impact on your body and your brain, once you try Dr Robbins stress and cortisol relief, in next to no time you will find why supplements and lower cortisol levels are so good together.

What are the benefits of taking stress and cortisol relief:

  • Support for a youthful and healthy response to emotional and physical stress
  • Reduction of cortisol
  • Stress reduction
  • Healthier appetite control
  • Hormonal balance
  • Calming feeling
  • Improved sleep pattern

What are the ingredients in stress and cortisol relief

The formula that is unique to the team at HFL Solutions contains the perfect combination of ingredients in the right amounts to help you cope with what is causing your stress namely elevated cortisol levels,


Sensoril + KSM-66 ASHWAGANDHA is a plant used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, it is one of the top ingredients associated with supplements and lower cortisol levels, the benefits of this wonderful ingredient are many including lower cortisol levels, memory booster, muscle growth support, anxiety and stress support, it also balances insulin levels to a more normal blood sugar.

Rhodiola, ŹMA blend and Ocibest holy basil

Doctor Sam Robbins has included these 3 herbs to reduce stress levels, fatigue, increase fat burning hormones, boost the immune system, and enhance mood.


Relora is also included because it supports a positive response in lowering stress levels and controlling appetite, Relora is a potent mixture of Phellodendron amurense and Magnolia Officinalis, two plants used to fight against fatigue.

Green tea extract

These particular supplements and lower cortisol levels are also associated with the inclusion of Green tea extract, it has anti-stress properties including the ability to deal with physiological stress, Green tea extract us also good for improving mood and brain function, overall a very calming herb.

Biops Phosphatidylserine

You will also find Biops Phosphatidylserine in stress and cortisol because of its health benefits in improving brain/ cognitive function, relieve stress, decrease cortisol levels, and improve memory.

Stress & Cortisol Relief

Who Else Wants To Dramatically Reduce Stress and Cortisol levels? The same proven formula my family and I have been using since 2008 …

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> Clinically Validated
> Scientifically Proven

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Could Stress and Cortisol relief help you

If you believe that excess cortisol is the root cause of your stress levels, anxiety, lack of concentration, bad decision-making, sleepless nights, relationship problems, and irrationality the rest assured supplements and lower cortisol levels is the way to go, this quality supplement from Dr Sam Robbins has helped many people over the past 9 years.

Official Website: Click Here

Here are some testimonials from people that have tried HFL Solutions stress and cortisol relief supplements.

  • “Everything feels better I started taking Stress & Cortisol Relief about 2 months ago (I’ve used 2 bottles so far, starting my third now) and slowly but surely, it seems that everything in my body is improving. My mood, my sleep, my attitude, my libido, my sugar cravings have decreased, my blood pressure for sure is lower, especially at night and well, this is all that comes to mind so far. I’ve changed nothing else, so I’m certain that it must be this product. I am looking forward to trying other products by HFL and Doctor Sam”
  • “Better than drugsAt the advice of my Dr. I started taking this a few months ago and stopped taking an addictive prescription which was not working well at all. I had no idea that I had developed a physical dependence on the prescription until I stopped taking it. The first few days were really rough, but STRESS & CORTISOL Relief helped tremendously. Now I am way less stress and when I ran out it wasn’t that big of a deal, no withdrawals or anything negative. It’s really safe. My stress is definitely held at bay with this supplement. After two months I feel much more clearheaded and am able to see the positives that surround me which helps in every aspect of my life”

How does it work

Dr Robbins formula works to reduce cortisol levels and stress that may be causing you so many problems, problems that you may find hard to overcome without help, I’m talking about serious physical, emotional and mental issues, all caused by high stress levels, simply use the right supplements and lower cortisol levels will happen for you.

To learn more about supplements and lower cortisol levels go to Dr Robbins website by clicking here.

How much does stress and cortisol relief cost

The product normally costs $69.97 for a bottle containing 60 capsules, you need to take two Capsules a day for the desired results, there is a special offer at the moment on Dr Sam’s website, go there now and save $20 on a single bottle, even more savings if you join the autoship program.


If you are at your wits end and don’t know where to go to find stress relief, I highly recommend that you take a closer look at what supplements and lower cortisol have in common.

To learn more about supplements and lower cortisol levels go to Dr Robbins website by clicking here.