Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer is a health supplement which promises to help support good blood flow. By taking it frequently, you will find improvements in your health, specifically blood flow and circulation will be enhanced when you consume Blood Flow Optimizer.

The lifeline of our entire body is the cardiovascular system. It includes the heart, arteries, capillaries and veins. It’s liable for the flow of blood through the entire body.

Cardiovascular disease is accountable for approximately one in four deaths in the US. It equates to approximately 610,000 folks a year.

There are numerous reasons of cardiovascular disease. These include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Lifestyle choices as smoking and drinking excessive alcohol
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Lack of exercise
  • Obesity
  • Genetics

It is generally related to a build up of fatty deposits inside the arteries. This’s called atherosclerosis. It might in addition be triggered by an increased risk of blood clots.

Atherosclerosis is a decrease of blood flow as a result of an accumulation plaque on the walls of the arteries. This plaque narrows the arteries transporting the blood around the body, its important to improve blood flow in the arteries.

Blood Flow Optimizer image
This is where Blood Flow Optimizer can help, for more on this go to Dr Sam Robbins website here.

The Blood flow Optimizer is a health supplement that is designed to optimize blood flow in order to maintain a healthy blood flow. It will help you to fight off inflammation, improve circulation, and thin your blood stream if you take it regularly.

The cardiovascular system is the lifeline of the human body. It consists of the heart, capillaries, veins, and arteries. It’s accountable for the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Cardiovascular disease accounts for around 1 in four deaths in the US. That’s more or less 610,000 people annually.

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What is the cause of heart disease?

There are different types of cardiovascular disease, and the causes of each can vary. Atherosclerosis, for example, causes plaque buildup in the arteries and peripheral artery disease.

Arrhythmias can be caused by any number of things, including genetic disorders, heart muscle scarring, and coronary artery disease. Ageing, rheumatic diseases and infections can also result in valve disease.

What are some of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease?

If you have the following risk factors, you are more likely to get cardiovascular disease:

  • Hypertension / high blood pressure.
  • High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) Tobacco usage.
  • Diabetes.
  • Heart disease is in the family history.
  • Obesity or sedentary lifestyle.
  • A diet high in fat, sugar and sodium.
  • Excessive use of alcohol.
  • Toxemia or preeclampsia.
  • Diabetes gestational diabetes.
  • Conditions that are chronically inflammatory or autoimmune.
  • Chronic kidney disease.

Blood flow Optimizer is a pill – based health supplement that claims to do the following things:

  • Naturally thin blood & help boost blood flow.
  • Create and maintain strong and flexible blood vessels.
  • Supports normal clotting and proper fibrin function.
  • Combat free radical harm all through your body.
  • Distribute calcium out of the blood and into the bones.

What exactly is it regarding this little pill that does all these things?

Let us take a more detailed look at Blood Flow Optimizer.

What’s Blood Flow Optimizer?

The company behind this particular item is HFL Solutions. Created by Dr. Sam Robbins in 1999 they work from Las Vegas. It’s an internet business selling health supplements including Blood Flow Optimizer.

Dr Sam Robbins image
Dr. Robbins promises to have experience in a number of places, including:

Nutrition, exercise physiology, natural hormone re balancing of the body and “real world” healthcare knowledge.

He’s a doctor of Philosophy with a Diploma from the Faculty of California.

B.S. in Kinesiology -” He said this carried on my education about the human body, how muscles function, losing fat, building muscle, injury prevention, athletic performance, being balanced, etc.”

M.S. in Nutrition & Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) – “I’m board certified by the American College of Nutrition. This made a huge effect during my life ever since I started to heavily integrate supplement and nutrition into my life and the clients of mine.”

This caused big improvements in overall health and performance.

Ph.D. in Medical and molecular Pharmacology

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Health, Fitness and Longevity

Also, he created a charitable foundation. The Institute of Health, Longevity and Fitness Solutions, to offer all natural options to drugs, from there Blood Flow Optimizer began.

Blood Flow Optimizer ingredients

Ingredients of the Blood flow Optimizer product take a look at what these ingredients do

Three blends are contained in the Blood flow Optimizer. They are:

  • Minerals and Vitamins
  • Magna Max Blend:
  • Synergy Optimizer Blend:

Vitamins and minerals – THE Vitamins AND Minerals

Vitamin C: It may also help to reduce high blood pressure. Coral calcium is felt to be needed for further investigation. May reduce or prevent menopausal bone loss.

Vitamin D3: This vitamin is essential for cardiovascular health.

Vitamin E may also be beneficial for weight loss. Vitamin K2-7 may also be helpful in reducing atherosclerosis This vitamin may also stop calcium deposits in the arteries. It could lower the risk of heart disease,

Magnesium: Effects on glucose levels may have an effect.


Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Aspartate, TRAACS Magnesium Glycinate Chelate Every cell in your body has magnesium. Cells need this to function.

Magnesium is easily absorbed with these types of supplements.

They may reduce high blood pressure, which may be beneficial. They might also have other benefits for your health.

466mg of: Synergy Optimizer Blend contains 466mg of

L-Cysteine: N-Acetyl L-Cysteine Acetyl L-Carnitine is an antioxidant that could have health benefits. It is an amino acid that is produced in the body by the body naturally. Produces energy for the body. It is vital for the function of the heart and the brain.

Improves blood flow image blood flow Optimizer
It promotes proper muscle movement and a variety of other body functions. It may also help improve the condition of the heart and the blood vessels. It may also help with chest pain, high cholesterol, and congestive heart failure.

Why not give Blood Flow Optimizer a try today

Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine (GPLC): This could be utilized to treat leg pain because of poor blood circulation. It is also used to treat heart failure.

L Fumarate: L-Carnitine This produces energy for the body.

It is vital for the function of the heart and the brain. It helps with muscle movement and a number of other functions of the body.

NSK-SD: Nattokinase NSK-SD Ginger may lower your blood pressure, and may reduce your high blood pressure, too. Indians and Chinese are thought to have created ginger root as a tonic.

They’ve utilized it for more than 5000 years to deal with numerous ailments. It seems to improve fat metabolism and reduce cholesterol. It may also help to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Green tea Extract (93 % Polyphenols, 50 % EGCG): Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is a catechin that is present in green tea. It’s believed to be the active part of green tea. It might be to blame for the antioxidant and fat burning abilities of tea

Salicin (25 %): White Willow Extract May be similar to aspirin in effect. May also serve as an anti – inflammatory analgesic.

In what way does Blood flow Optimizer Work?

Dr Sam Robbins company HFL Solutions say that this blood flow supplement is an “all-in-one” natural alternative that works to improve circulation by thinning the blood using natural ingredients.

  • Blood Flow Optimizer helps to thin the blood naturally and also improves circulation.
  • Moves excess minerals and calcium out of your arteries for better blood circulation.
  • Encourages flexible and strong blood vessels (helps stop ruptures and tears).
  • Strong protection against inflammation (major stroke causes).
  • Helps get harmful metals and harmful toxins from your arteries.
  • Supports normal clotting and proper fibrin function (leads to better blood flow).

Anti-aging benefits: Fights free radicals in all parts of your body.

Some of the ingredients may actually help your circulation, and there is clinical evidence to support this. In turn, this will improve blood circulation and reduce high blood pressure.

Antioxidants are also found to help fight free radicals, and certain ingredients may contain antioxidants.

It is not known how much each ingredient is.

There’s been no independent clinical study of the product in general. It’s thus not known if the product is going to work as promised, however there are hundreds of customer testimonials pointing to good results using Blood Flow Optimizer.

Blood flow Optimizer Side Effects

Presently there are no listed unwanted side effects.

The HFL Solutions do advise that:

If you’re expecting, lactating, attempting to conceive, under the age of eighteen, and taking medications (Coumadin®, heparin or perhaps some other blood thinning medication), check with the health care practitioner of yours before utilizing this or perhaps any kind of new nutritional product.

Blood flow Optimizer prices

The Blood flow Optimizer: Packages, Prices ;

Where In order to Buy It 1 bottle: TOTAL SAVINGS: USD 49.97 31.48 USD, 1 bottle with “Auto-Ship” Club: TOTAL SAVINGS: 39.97 USD $40.70: 2 ounces, 1 FREE TOTAL SAVINGS: USD 99.97 USD 139.94 The HFL Optimized “Auto-Ship” Club is a monthly membership program.

As you are able to look over at the business site this option offering couple benefits.

– Receive an ADDITIONAL 20 % discount on present day order and all future auto-ships.

– No hassle, quick and convenient delivery at a discount.

– Pay for every order as it is shipped.

– You are able to set the frequency and quantity of each shipment at any time (pause, add more or fewer items, ship more or maybe less frequently).

There are no obligations, contracts, fees or commitments. Cancel at anytime.

What is the delivery terms?

Charges for shipping and handling may apply, but weren’t detailed. They are going to be added at the end of the checkout to your order.

You will be able to see how the official site appears here.

Return/Refund Policy

HFL Solutions provide a complete refund along with an additional USD 100.00 money back.

They additionally offer a 200 % satisfaction guarantee. If you are purchasing something for the first time, you have a limited time frame of 365 days in which to return the product if you do not use it.

This is effective in several ways.

You can return any of the bottles for a refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt, less the shipping charges. This is true for both unopened and opened products.

Between 31-90 days you are able to buy a complete refund for unopened product. This includes the cost of shipping and handling.

You can exchange your purchase for a store credit of 200 % or get a store credit of 90 days. The credit has no expiration date. It might be used towards any service or product provided by the company.

Once you have shipped your second bottle of HFL Optimized “Auto-Ship” Club, you are not guaranteed a refund.

Any product returned without authorization will be charged a restocking fee of 25 %. This includes sending it back to the sender. If you want to cancel an autoship, you must do so 7 days before the shipping date.

To be eligible for the USD 100 money back you have to confirm before and after medical examinations that the product hasn’t worked.

Full details can be found on the company site under their FAQS area.

Why not give Blood Flow Optimizer a try today

Cons and pros


  • Might help blood flow.
  • Clinical trials have shown that some ingredients are beneficial to health.
  • Cash back guarantees.


Absolutely no clinical study to demonstrate the product works as promised.

The price might be too much for some.

Available only online.

What is the Blood flow Optimizer? A Review Final Words

Blood Flow Optimizer has numerous good reviews and originates from a recognized company.

Many companies advertise their health benefits, but they don’t back up the claims. They claim it’s endorsed by physicians and scientifically evaluated. It can also help to reduce the risk of heart attack as well as stroke.

No clinical studies have taken place, and there is no indication. Doctors who recommended it aren’t named. It is not known how many of the individual ingredients are present. They might not be very effective.

I suggest that the jury might be out for this one. It’s about fifty-fifty. You have a lot of satisfied customers, on the one hand. On the other hand, there is no scientific evidence that the product actually works.

You might want to test it out and find out if it is effective for you. In case not, the business has a couple of cash back guarantee.









Does Circ02 work

Does CircO2 work?

People often ask what is Circ02 and more importantly does Circ02 work, this top selling Nitric oxide supplement was created by Dr Janet Zand and Advanced Bionutritionals, the famous brand name.

Does Circ02 work, Official Website: Click Here

Due to the fact that they contain multiple breakthrough supplements which can wind up helping plenty of individuals, they’re getting quite the buzz around the world.

CircO2 helps your body circulate oxygen more efficiently all through your body, and also helps to prevent and treat inflammatory diseases. CircO2 was invented by Dr Janet Zand and is considered a major breakthrough in the field of Nitric oxide supplements.

It’s a supplement in lozenge form that helps your body produce nitric oxide on a natural basis. It has been made from plant extracts that naturally provide your body with vitamins and nitric oxide, this fact helps to answer the question does Circ02 work.

The supplement can improve your overall health and immunity by reducing the effects of aging, as well as preventing certain diseases that may affect your overall health.

The ingredients are tested multiple times, as well as the formula is made in facilities which are accredited by GMP.

The good news is that CircO2 is free of harmful ingredients, chemicals, and toxins. This product contains a combination of natural ingredients which can boost your blood nitric oxide levels by as much as 200 %. Thus, for anybody over 40, CircO2 is a great blessing.

What are the elements in CircO2?

Janet Zand only used natural ingredients in her formulation. Here is the complete list.

Magnesium Ascorbate as well as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): Vitamin C is a good antioxidant which will help eliminate plaque out of your veins and nerves. It promotes the growth of good bacteria and enzymes, a good example of how does Circ02 work.

It will also help your immune system become more efficient and able to fight off multiple diseases at the same time. Vitamin C helps numerous other minerals and vitamins in the body to be more soluble..

Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12): By age 40 or 50, nearly all people have B12 deficiencies. This vitamin plays a crucial role in helping to maintain a healthy blood circulation and blood flow, by producing sufficient nitric oxide.

There are a lot of side effects that can occur when you don’t get enough vitamin B12 in your body, such as fatigue, anemia, joint pain, pale skin and so forth. The supplement also contains Vitamin B12.

Nitric oxide image
Nitric Oxide Blend: Proprietary Nitric Oxide Blend Beet Root Powder: Beetroot has been used for hundreds of years for healing, and is a very strong antiseptic that is very effective in dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels.

It will make the blood thinner and also will help it circulates quicker through the veins. Your body will automatically boost your nitric oxide levels, thereby boosting your youthful vitality and power.

As a result, beetroot must be consumed daily to maintain a healthy level of nitric oxide in your body, another excellent example of how does Circ02 work.

Hawthorn Berry Extract: In addition to the healing properties of Hawthorn Berry, your body can also clear up any infections, plaque buildup, and impurities by using it as a natural cleanser.

Does Circ02 work, Official Website: Click Here

It’s high in flavonoids, which can help fight high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. It opens the arteries and nerves and allows blood to flow more easily to the various organs.

Citrulline: L-citrulline: This is one of the most crucial nutrients within this formula. It is a protein that helps your body fight back pain as well as inflammation with its youthful energy and strength.

Improves blood circulation

Circ02 improves blood circulation and widens the arteries. Circ02 improves the functioning of your reproductive organs and promotes a healthy blood flow to your genitals.

Your memory as well as cognitive functions are enhanced by L-Citrulline as a result of the nitric oxide that is produced. Magnesium: Most of us are lacking in this mineral, and it’s not something we normally find in our bodies.

There are many functions that magnesium regulates. It is important because it relaxes our muscles, arteries and veins, which prevents them from clenching and constricting our blood vessels.

Magnesium opens the arteries so that blood flows more freely. It will also help to reduce calcium buildup in your body, which is bad for your joints, bones and heart. The elderly can benefit from this formula, as it contains magnesium, which protects their joints and hearts from joint pain.

Other ingredients are: Mannitol, modified cellulose, xylitol, organic flavorings, magnesium vegetable stearite, stevia, silica and organic carmine color.

These ingredients are readily available and you can certainly take in them, but what’s the use of them? Can these ingredients work together and does Circ02 work?

Circ02 has been helping people for years to improve their health and regain their mojo, why not give Circ02 a try, go to Advanced Bionutritionals website here to find out more.

Does Circ02 work image 2

What is the function of CircO2?

For people over the age of 40, CircO2 is a dietary supplement that is naturally formulated to increase your nitric oxide amounts naturally. The formula helps individuals conquer the anxiety about arterial plaque, cardiovascular problems and joint pain in the elderly.

Additionally it helps to increase the amount of nitric oxide in the bloodstream, and that makes the blood thinner and also widens the arteries, so that the blood flows more freely all through the body.

CircO2 is a dietary supplement which helps you get the missing amounts of nitric oxide into your body and provides it to all of your blood cells.

If you are in your mid – forties, you suffer from heart disease, poor circulation, sore hips, knees or back pain you may want to try this Circ02 as a supplement to get those important nutrients into the areas where they are needed.

How does Circ02 work

People often want to know does Circ02 work or how does it work, the unique formula is so easy to take, you simply suck the Nitric oxide lozenge, supplement’s formula is readily dissolvable and gets absorbed quickly so you do not need to wrestle with any unwanted side effects also.

The blood is also detoxified in another way that the formula functions. As we advance in age, the body ceases to detoxify.

To clean the blood, we have to include detoxifies. CircO2 is, therefore, an excellent way to both clean our blood and provide it with a good blood supply, does Circ02 work, absolutely!

You will be very happy when you give it a try, click here to read what people are saying about Advanced bionutritionals Circ02.

Circ02 dosage image

How do I consume the CircO2 supplement?

To answer the question of does Circ02 work its important to remember that CircO2 offers a different consumption pattern compared to other dietary supplements. CircO2 contains 30 tablets that quickly dissolve into the blood stream.

One tablet will dissolve very quickly if you put it in your mouth immediately. You can even take the capsules and chew them. The good news is the fact that because of the natural flavors, the capsules do not taste like medicine whatsoever, the mixed berry flavour is a very popular supplement of choice.

For best results, take one tablet three times a day for a minimum of three months. Before you take this supplement, it’s a good idea to get the opinion of a physician if you are pregnant or have a medical condition that is complicated.

Otherwise, it is safe for consumption by everyone! Does Circ02 work for everyone, it is effective mainly for individuals over 40. It is possible to get it if you are 40, 50, sixty as well as seventy and CircO2 will continue to work for you.

Lozenge form

Dr Zand decided to formulate Circ02 in lozenge form, she has also included in the product a Nitric oxide strip, you simply place the strip in some saliva test your Nitric oxide levels, the strip will change color, it will indicate that your Nitric oxide levels are low, so just suck the lozenge until it dissolves fully.

The nitric oxide absorption starts when these tablets are dissolved in saliva and mixed, I hope this explains how does Circ02 work, why not give it a try.

Does CircO2 work, yes here are the benefits of this supplement

If you suffer from poor circulation, tiredness, then Circ02 may be just right for you, This may be the opportune time to consume a CircO2 supplement. It dissolves and tastes good! Here is a summary of its health advantages.

  • It will also raise the nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream.
  • It immediately decreases high blood pressure.
  • It is going to lower your blood pressure, which in turn cuts down on the levels of bad cholesterol.
  • It also regulates glucose and sugar.
  • It will improve the metabolism and absorption of nutrients in your body.
  • It can help you work out more often and improve your energy levels.
  • It comes with a test kit that tests for free nitric oxide. All you have to do is drop a little bit of saliva on the nitric oxide strip and test it.
  • After a few weeks, it enhances nitric oxide absorption.
  • Circ02 improves your memory and cognitive skills.
  • It lowers the chance of developing of heart disease.
  • It boosts sexual performance even when you get older.
  • It will make you more energetic and active.
  • Circ02 improves your mood and moods.
  • It can fight multiple diseases and recharge your immunity, all while improving your health.

How does Circ02 work best

To get the results you want, you need to take this supplement on a regular basis for a longer time. For longer periods of time, people who took CircO2 showed better benefits.

Are there side effects

Dr Zand has included some of the best herbal ingredients in Circ02, it’s a completely natural Nitric oxide enhancer, side effects are very rare, if you have a problem with the product it can be returned by making use of the 90-day money back guarantee.

Is Circ02 expensive

Depends on what you mean by expensive, having good health is priceless, having said that you can purchase Circ02 for as little as $1.38 for one lozenge, imagine being able to improve your health for the price of a cup of coffee a day, check out the special offer on the Advanced Bionutritionals official website here.


I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this article on does Circ02 work, I’m in my 60s I have tried Circ02 believe me it definitely does work, after a couple of weeks taking Circ02 I can definitely say that the answer to the question does Circ02 work absolutely!! positively YES!!

Does Circ02 work, Official Website: Click Here

CircO2 Supplement




Circutol reviews

Circutol reviews

If you are looking to improve blood flow my Circutol reviews post may be of I interest to you, Circutol is a new supplement for circulation brought to you by the team at Advanced bionutritionals, let’s take a closer look at Circutol reviews to assess if this natural product for circulation and blood flow is any good

Healthy circulation

For a healthy life, you need to have healthy blood circulation. Your cognition can improve and your energy levels can skyrocket if you have a healthy circulation. Your body can go through many different problems if you don’t have proper blood circulation.

Anything can happen, from cardiovascular problems to poor circulation, hence this Circutol reviews to help people understand what Circutol is.

Even though supplements can help improve blood circulation, with a lot of dietary supplements available in the industry, it’s difficult to differentiate the fake from the legitimate. Many of these supplements are sold with big claims but don’t deliver on the results promised. These formulas also have side effects that adverse affects the human body.

Circutol reviews image

What’s Circutol?

Circutol from Advanced Bionutritionals is a blood circulation booster, a formula that uses natural ingredients to help the blood become thinner and to improve the flow of blood through the vessels. The formula of Circutol is completely free of chemical substances and man made additives and it is therefore safe for long-range use.

Circutol is the result of many years of investigation and experimentation. We have tested its formula completely. Circutol has made a major name for itself among medical experts and patients because of how it works, and why it is a very effective treatment.

Nevertheless, before you make use of some formula, you need to find out everything about its operation and makeup to ensure you do not put your body in the threat of any future complications, Circutol reviews contains all the information on this new natural product for circulation.

Circutol from Advanced Bionutritionals is a natural dietary supplement which supports overall health and blood flow enhancement. It improves cardiovascular health, increases energy expenditure, and also helps make the user more energetic. It will also help you get rid of your feet and hands of coldness.

For hundreds of years, the ingredients in this formula have been utilized in conventional medicine to promote cardiovascular health. All of these ingredients have been tested and proven to work, Circutol reviews include scientific evidence to support these claims.

Circutol is different from other blood flow supplements on the market today because of its distinctive blend of ingredients. It increases the flow of blood to the heart, which in turn protects the heart against future complications and cardiovascular diseases.

The quality of the formula is the best it can be; It is manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility. All of these elements combined make this formula completely different from everything else you will discover on the web or the entire store.


Who developed Circutol?

The person driving the Circutol formulation is Steve Kroening, ND; He has written five books on nutrition and health, and has more than twenty-five years of experience.

Additionally, Steve has a massive 200,000 people on his Nutrient newsletter mailing list, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to circulation and poor blood flow.

Steve has been using natural therapies for a long time, Steve has helped a lot of people with persistent illnesses, Circutol reviews is a recommended solution for people with blocked blood vessels and poor circulation.

He discovered a number of ingredients that were used for hundreds of years in natural medicine and have been shown to have benefits for the cardiovascular system.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a specialist in supplement formulation, asked Kroening for the primary ingredients for a blood-flow boosting formulation. The 2 then worked in concert and wrote the formula that came together as Circutol.

Just how does the Circutol formula work?

The work of Circutol is unique. Circutol, an all natural formulation, deals with the real cause of the issue from a different angle. It brings together the best of both worlds – known remedies for blood flow disorders, and utilizes the latest research with proven methods. Circutol’s workings are described below:

Circutol primarily increases blood flow
In order to the blood vessels the main function of Circutol is to enhance the flow of blood through the body. A natural solution is provided by the combination of all-natural ingredients, which also helps to reduce blood viscosity.

During the writing of Circutol reviews I discovered that it stops clotting and makes the blood thinner by blocking the pigment that makes the blood thinner.

Your arteries are what carry oxygen and nutrients to your organs, and they are expanded when your arteries expand. Circutol helps your body absorb oxygen more efficiently by expanding your arteries.

This increased oxygen intake increases the rate of respiration in the body, which in turn leads to increased energy and an increased sense of activity.

The body increases bio availability

Circutol increases the amount of nutrients reaching the vital organs by increasing the blood flow, thus increasing the bio availability of the body.

Something else I learned when researching Circutol reviews was that it improved bio availability meaning the body absorbs far more nutrients, and you enjoy the maximum benefits of all you eat.

The formula improves your Immunity by providing your body with crucial vitamins and minerals It improves the immune system and is therefore effective against a wide variety of diseases.

Circutol reviews image
What is Circutol? What are the ingredients?

Circutol is a mixture of ingredients, which have been blended in an optimal ratio to get the best of each constituent. This is where Dr. Eliaz’s genius and expertise come to bear. The benefits of each of these ingredients are detailed below, and they have been scientifically tested.

Salvia, also referred to as Chinese Salvia, is a very well – respected traditional Chinese herb that has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine.

It was not until contemporary research found all its concealed benefits, however, that its full potential was realized. It is full of Magnesium Tanshinone B (MTB), which relaxes and raises the diameter of blood vessels, thereby allowing more blood to flow through them.

Something else I learned during my research to write about Circutol reviews is magnesium tanshinone a constituent of Circutol is vital for relaxing the blood vessels.

Circutol testimonials

I checked the official website during my research for this post on Circutol reviews, I found some Circutol testimonials and here is just one of them, you can read more on the official website here.

Great Product *

By Antonia S. (Fairview Park, OH) – 10/30/2021

“I have a circulatory medical issue. When not using Circutol, my hands and feet sometimes turn purple to an inadequate blood supply. Circutol has alleviated that problem”

The human body

The human body also protects itself against future diseases because MTB stops the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Additionally, it supports as well as repairs the heart muscles, and it is therefore of fundamental importance to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Hawthorn Berry is an important ingredient in the formula. It’s a treatment that has been in existence in natural medicine for centuries. They have documented all its benefits.

It improves blood flow throughout the body, reduces high blood pressure, and relaxes the blood vessels. Hawthorn Berry also maintains regular heartbeats and enhances the performance of the heart in general.

A medicinal mushroom known as Reishi is noted for its ability to boost immunity. Reishi boosts cardiovascular health, and also acts as an immunity boost.

It maintains a good blood pressure and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Reishi also reduces cholesterol levels and removes triglycerides from the bloodstream, finding out about this ingredient during my time writing Circutol reviews reviews convinced me that this natural supplement for circulation should be recommended to people.

L-Carnitine is a protein that functions as a fat transporter, which allows for the burning of more fats for energy. It boosts your level of energy and also makes you feel much more energetic. The circulation is also improved by L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine is a protein that functions as a fat transporter, which allows for the burning of more fats for energy. It boosts your level of energy and also makes you feel much more energetic.

Something else learned my time writing Circutol reviews reviews, L-Carnitine is a must if you want to improve circulation.

Cordyceps Cordyceps is full of power, boosts endurance, and reduces fatigue. A report discovered that cordyceps can boost energy levels by up to 55 %.

Nattokinase (NSK-SD) Nattokinase happens to be an enzyme. The NSK-SD is the strongest form of Nattokinase and it is crucial for circulatory and cardiovascular health. By using the Circutol formula, you will ensure that your body receives enough NSK

image 1

Circutol – What Are The Benefits

The body can receive countless benefits from the Circutol formula. a few of them can be mentioned below:

  • Increases the flow of blood in the body
    Improves heart health.
  • Stimulates the body’s immune system.
  • Increases your energy level.
  • Reduces joint pain
    Increases the quantity of nutrients that gets to the organs.
  • Improves the metabolic process.
  • Cognitive function improves.
  • Blood vessels expand when they are expanded.
  • Reduces fatigue.
    Stamina –
  •  Increase your enduranceCircutol –

Are there side effects

Poor circulation image

No side effects have been reported from the Circutol formula, which has been tried and tried. A huge number of customers have utilized the product; Not a single of them disclosed side effects of any sort.

Nevertheless, if you’ve any medical conditions, or conditions that have occurred before, you need to talk to your physician before taking this medication.

How much is Circutol

As I write Circutol reviews I discovered that the product is only available from the Advanced Bionutritionals official website, the prices are not too bad, especially if you take advantage of their special offers.

One bottle of Circutol will set you back $39.95 for a 30-day supply, of course if you are really serious about improving blood circulation why not avail of the special offer buy 6 bottles for $199.50 with FREE SHIPPING.

Is there a money back guarantee

Yes, if you are not happy with your purchase you can return the product within 90 days for a full refund, in fact all of Advanced Bionutritionals product range are covered by this guarantee, they can be contacted at.


Is Circutol really worth the price?

I really hope you are now more informed after reading Circutol reviews, Circutol will help you solve your circulatory and cardiovascular problems. it’s an all-in-one system that can get rid of your worries.

It consists of all natural ingredients that allow it to be protected from all negative effects and complications. Everyone who has tried this formula has found it to be very effective and rapid results.

It can reverse the effects of aging and restore your youthfulness, all by restoring your body to its original state. If you want a one stop shop for all your heart problems, Circutol is the perfect formula for you.

image 2




Circ02 Nitric Oxide

Circ02 Nitric Oxide

Have you heard about Circ02 Nitric Oxide from Advanced Bionutritionals and you want to know more about Nitric oxide, what does Nitric oxide do in the body, are you deficient in Nitric oxide, what is a nitric oxide supplement, are there side effects to taking a Circ02 Nitric oxide lozenge, how much does Circ02 Nitric oxide cost, what are the ingredients in Circ02, where can you buy Circ02.

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Why is Nitric oxide essential

Nitric oxide is essential to a healthy immune system, which encourages youthful vigor and also wards off the negative effects of growing older. Aging and the signs of growing old are inevitable facets of life.

Nitric oxide appears to play a crucial role in helping to maintain the effectiveness of the immune system, according to new research. To provide the body with sufficient nitric oxide, doctors created CircO2 Nitric Oxide.

Advanced bionutritionals developed Circ02 Nitric Oxide to help people deal with some of the adverse signs of aging by providing enhanced Nitric oxide levels in the body.

CircO2 Nitric oxide is a nutritional supplement that helps to create and maintain normal nitric oxide amounts in the body. It is made entirely of naturally obtained crucial vitamins and minerals.

The users of Circ02 Nitric Oxide report feeling more positive and energized a short time after taking this nitric oxide lozenge.

This allows the user to have more energy and perform better in their everyday life without any negative side effects.

Nitric Oxide science

Many scientists believe that nitric oxide has many beneficial effects on the body. The forms of this vitamin that are most common are L-citrulline and L-arginine.

Our bodies produce certain amounts naturally from foods that we eat,

these amounts might not be sufficient to achieve a healthy body and avoid aging-related fatigue.

Nitric oxide supplements may help with this. Nitric oxide helps the body boost its nitric oxide production. Circ02 Nitric Oxide has many beneficial aspects, the following are just a few of them.

Circ02 benefits

It also relaxes the arteries, which opens them wider and allows more blood to flow through, thus improving blood pressure and reducing cardiac risk.

Nitric Oxide helps to increase the endurance and performance of its users by providing the muscles with more energy.

Increased levels of nitric oxide allow the brain to quickly send and receive impulses, think, react and become alert.

Increases the growth of your bones while lowering decomposition, and supports healthy and strong bones.

Nitric oxide improves blood circulation, cholesterol levels, and heart health.

Your immune system begins to work better and starts to get rid of harmful contaminants allowing you gradually to feel better.

But Circ02 Nitric oxide
People with low nitric oxide levels are not aware of just how it impacts health. When you are in your 20s nitric oxide concentrations are sufficient and you feel well.

However, upon reaching your forties, Nitric oxide production reduces to almost 50%.

When you are in your forties, your blood nitric oxide levels are thirty-five percent, and when you add another ten years, they are only fifteen percent. With the aging process, these levels become extremely low.

At only 15 %, the body is now at exhausted levels leading to limited blood flow because of the shortage of oxygen and nutrients the body needs to be healthy.

Low levels of nitric oxide can lead to joint pain, muscle stiffness, bone loss, and high blood pressure.

Low levels may also impact the brain, leading to cognitive issues, exhaustion, and illness. By taking Circ02 Nitric Oxide, people can increase NO levels and over time become healthy again.

The all-natural formula can help to prevent nitric oxide deficiency and improve health.

What is nitric oxide? What role does it play in the human body?

The list below lists some of the recognized functions of nitric oxide.

  • The cardiovascular system controls the vascular tone.
  • Reduces blood pressure and relaxes vascular smooth muscles.
  • Dilates vessels and also eases the pain associated with angina.
  • Stops the accumulation of platelets within vessels and stops thrombotic events.
  • The nerve system acts as a neurotransmitter, in particular within the autonomic nervous system.
  • Increases the flow of cerebral blood as well as oxygen to the human brain.
  • Among the most important mediators of penile erection throughout sexual arousal.
  • Lungs dilates pulmonary veins.
  • Beneficial in adult respiratory distress syndrome, chronic obstructive airway disease as well as pulmonary hypertension.
  • In inflammatory lung conditions, it is produced in abnormal quantities.

A marker of airway inflammation is the concentration of NO in inhaled air.

The gastro – intestinal tract regulates relaxement of smooth muscles.

Controls the peristalsis and function of sphincters.

The renal system increases the blood flow to the kidneys As a result of its vasodilatory effect.

Increases the rate of glomerular filtration as well as urine production.

Immune system

Modulates T cell-mediated immune response

Signs of Nitric oxide deficiencies

Fatigue is a common problem that people face, and it can make you feel like you aren’t getting as much out of your day as you could. It is also associated with nitric oxide deficiencies.

Nitric oxide is a very effective transporter that helps regulate the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, such as the brain. So, if you find yourself feeling sleepy all the time, or that you feel like you’re suffering from chronic jet lag, or that you feel like you’ve had a big meal, you may need to increase your No levels.

Increasing nitric oxide amounts through diet and exercise will help us avoid fatigue as we grow older, taking Circ02 Nitric oxide supplement can also help.

Advanced bionutritionals Circ02

Notice the difference

It can feel totally different to work out in your 20s or in your 50s. There is a typical component which remains, the time needed for your muscles to get back to normal.

Low nitric oxide signifies a reduction in the body’s potential to provide nutrients to sore places, which becomes even more apparent as we grow older. In case, you find your post-workout healing time is sluggish and becoming extended, this’s an indication that your particular nitric oxide levels are likely low.

Your body will appreciate the nutrients provided by Circ02 Nitric Oxide when it’s paired with a protein- rich snack after your workout.

Symptoms of a nitric oxide deficiency

In case, you do not know about this molecule, it can be very easy to overlook These nitric oxide deficiency symptoms can go unnoticed.

Now that you know the warning signs, you can begin to listen to your body’s need for nutrition and replenish your No levels as needed, Circ02 Nitric oxide can help you achieve this.

In the following paragraphs we are going to be looking at some of the more interesting things you should know about nitric oxide and the important role it plays in our bodies.

You may know of others that are showing the signs of lower nitric oxide levels, why not share this article about Circ02 Nitric oxide with them.

Circ02 L-citrulline has been scientifically proven to improve blood flow to the genital areas and improves memory cognition in women and men.

Beet root powder helps fight ED, improves brain function, fights inflammation and lowers blood pressure.

Hawthorn berry is known for its use against heart failure, atherosclerosis, circulatory disorders, arrhythmia, and atherosclerosis. The hawthorne berries also help improve the circulation and blood flow by supporting L-citrulline and the benefits of beetroot powder.

B12 (cobalamin) – B12 helps keep the nerve cells and blood in good health in the body and makes DNA the genetic material in all cells. It also helps to prevent anemia, which is when someone’s blood is low enough to cause fatigue and weakness.

The antioxidants contained in vitamin C- 80 percent of nitrates are antioxidants, like vitamin C.

Magnesium supports the production of nerves, energy and muscle functions. A low magnesium level will not usually cause symptoms. Chronically low levels, however, increase risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

When to take Circ02 Nitric oxide

Nitric oxide levels are a crucial determinant of health. It’s a neurotorque gas that is produced in the body in many different ways and expended rapidly as it is produced.

A gaseous molecule of nitric oxide has a half-life of unbelievably short second.

Therefore, the issue really is not when you should take nitric oxide but when’s the very best time to increase nitric oxide. The answer is dependent upon the objective for raising nitric oxide amounts.

The optimal time to leverage nitric oxide boosting activities is determined by a number of factors.

The best way to determine when to take Circ02 Nitric oxide

Nitric oxide can be increased in many ways by eating foods such as nitrate, L-arginine, and L-citrulline. Nitric oxide amounts may additionally be increased by exercise, contact with sunshine on the skin, and inhaling through the nose.

Taking Circ02 nitric oxide boosting steps is usually a good idea, but there are certain instances where a dedicated boost is needed, including but not limited to:

  • Before exercising
  • Exercise can trigger inflammation when it is triggered by exercise.
  • In order to increase energy
  • To bring circadian patterns into balance
  • In order to relieve stress
  • Inhibiting the parasympathetic nervous system is to
  • In order to improve general health

Pros and cons of Circ02

Buy Circ02 image

It helps with the natural blood pressure management.

Because it is an all natural product, there are not many negative effects.

Circ02 Nitric Oxide supports the natural production of Nitric oxide, it is 100 % risk free because in case the client doesn’t see any benefits within 90 days, the refund is given.


This product might only be bought on the web.

Most positives are anecdotal, and there is no systematic study or data to support them.

What are people saying about Circ02

“I have used CircO2 for 30 days. Two things that I wanted to do and it did. And that was help with my circulation… I have noticed during hard [cross-fit] work outs I could breathe. My blood pressure was the second thing… half-way through this box my blood pressure was phenomenal, even my nurses were talking about it. I was very happy and very satisfied with this product.”

Cost of Circ02 Nitric oxide

The cost of Circ02 Nitric oxide depends on which bundle is selected from the official Circ02 website. To save even more money, consumers can opt for a monthly auto-ship program.

USD 41.50 Each for six Boxes

3 Boxes USD 44.95 Each

A Box costs USD 49.95. Each

There’s a sale on the product. In case, you buy a 6-month supply, you are going to save USD 50.70 above the single-box price and get no cost shipping.

In case, you aren’t entirely satisfied with the products after ninety days, you can send them back. You may even get a refund in full; This is a risk-free product, so you simply return the empty bottle and pay the return shipping charges.


If you have had a nitric oxide shortage in the past, CircO2 Nitric oxide could be very useful. All you need to accomplish is look at your nitric oxide levels and begin using it to observe results in a quick time period.

CircO2 Nitric oxide is suggested as it’s been established by MIT researchers as great for people with no or small negative consequences because of its natural origins.

The official website can be visited by anyone interested in improving circulation and overall health.



Perfect Amino Minkoff

Perfect Amino Minkoff

The number one product we recommend for overall well being and health optimization is Perfect Amino Minkoff, It’s a natural product, easy to take, and incredibly effective in curbing what’s unquestionably the biggest deficiency our present society is suffering from, namely: protein malnourishment.

We’re proud and honored to be associated with Perfect Amino Minkoff MD, he is world renowned for his knowledge on common health conditions.

David Minkoff has conducted his amazing research on this particular topic ie muscle loss in old age, to be able to stand four square behind Perfect Amino Minkoff.

Perfect Amino Minkoff

This’s the trojan horse of the healing industry, and what sets Perfect Amino Minkoff apart from other amino products is its ability to treat the internal organs of the body in a way that is beneficial to the user.

Since Perfect Amino Minkoff is so important in its function, we would recommend replacing most of your other supplements with this one product. There are many other health issues that Perfect Amino helps address that are not understood by most people, including people that as Is aging and muscle loss related.

Whether you’re with us on this issue (muscle loss in old age) or not, we encourage you to read this article simply because it is an issue that affects everyone in regard to our life expectancy and long term health.

What does Perfect Amino Minkoff consist of

Perfect amino consists of the eight essential Amino acids that the body needs to maintain and support its hormonal, enzymatic, skeletal, and muscular systems.

Perfect amino Minkoff contains the essential Amino acids needed for optimal utilization by the body in the exact proportions.

Dr David Minkoff Bio

Dr. David Minkoff is seventy-two years old and very healthy! He is a world- famous natural health doctor, 42-time Ironman competitor and triathlete, expert in alternative health, guest lecturer, author, TV and radio show guest.

In his groundbreaking book “The Search for the Perfect Protein”, Dr. Minkoff offers new understanding and insights of these crucial parts in regard to quality of life & well-being.

He looks at the healing or dangerous consequences of the meals you consume frequently and the missing link in our diet– the correct proportions of these essential amino acids, from his work Perfect Amino Minkoff was born.

Dr David Minkoff
Perfect Amino Minkoff was put together by Dr David Minkoff and it is currently NSF Certified for sports! This certification demonstrates that the manufacturer has gone above and beyond the standards for quality in dietary supplements.

What are Amino Acids

Proteins are ” the building blocks of protein. ”

Protein is an important nutrient for many people, but many people don’t realize that they can get enough protein through their diet. Why do we need Amino Acid Minkoff supplement?

Yes, you can get good quality proteins from foods like nuts and eggs, but most of the protein isn’t converted into body protein, so it is a waste of protein that the body needs to get rid of.

Nearly everybody is protein deficient without realizing it – it plays out as a persistent injury which will not heal in the individual, or maybe weak bones within the menopausal females, or maybe frequent colds in children.

You may not be able to identify a protein deficiency by yourself, and your doctor probably doesn’t either. If you don’t get enough protein, you may have low hormones, a weakened immune system, and a higher risk of developing a form of cancer.

So what is the solution? Perfect Amino Minkoff is an Amino acid supplement that is used by the body to create protein 99% of the time.

Not one other type of protein comes close!

Why not give Perfect Amino Minkoff a try for yourself, go here to learn more.

The best sources of animal and plant proteins.

It may be more important to focus on the quantity of protein in the diet than on the type of protein.

According to a study carried out by True Source, including above-average protein in the diet improved symptoms of muscle health like lean mass and quadriceps strength.

The researchers found that the protein content was much more important than the kind of protein.

Some protein sources may be better for your health in general, however, white meats and fish, for example, tend to be lower in fat than red meat.

Health benefits Perfect Amino Minkoff

The choice between plant and animal proteins is a matter that involves many people.

It may be more beneficial to eat a variety of foods rather than one type of protein. This will help to maintain a balance of amino acids along with other nutrients that are essential for a healthy life.

Proteins are the foundation of the human body. Many people are malnourished because they are not getting the amino acids they need to build protein, and this can lead to chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity, and more.

This is a serious problem, as well as David Minkoff, PhD, offers a solution in his book “The Search for the Perfect Protein. ” followed by Perfect Amino Minkoff.

He examines the good or bad effects of the meals you consume regularly. He explains the benefits of clean proteins and where to find them. It’s important to understand that proteins are not all created equal and they aren’t just for bodybuilders.

That is why Perfect Amino Minkoff is the number one recommended amino for muscle loss without putting weight on, go here to give it a try.

Regardless if you are male or female, old or young, an athlete or maybe couch potato, “The Search for the Perfect Protein” and its featured product Perfect Amino Minkoff will point you to a much stronger, more healthy life.

Allow me to share common FAQ about Perfect AMINO Minkoff

Q: What materials are in Perfect Amino?

Perfect Amino is a proprietary combination of 8 essential amino acids and nothing more:

L-Leucine • L Valine • L Phenylalanine • L-Tryptophan • L Isoleucine • L Lysine Hydrochloride • • L Threonine • L-Methionine •

Advanced bionutritionals Perfect Amino
Perfect Amino Minkoff ingredients

Has none of the following: extra fat, preservatives, GMOs, rice, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, yeast, animal or dairy products. In addition to no binders, no stearates, no coating, no fillers or no dyes.

Vegan sourced (culture and plant based) – Crystalline Pharmaceutical Grade – Nutrition 100%

Q: What are essential amino acids?

A: Essential Amino Acids are nutrients which are essential for human life since they can’t be synthesized inside the human body, consequently, they have to be provided through the diet plan.

Q: Are amino acids from animal or maybe vegetable source?

A: Amino acids can’t be classified as either vegetable or animal. They’re, simply, natural elements.

Q: Where will be the amino acids sourced from?

A: The amino acids in Perfect Amino Minkoff products are derived from plant based options like beans and peas combined with a lifestyle which breaks them right down to a sugar form.

Next the unique amino acids are extracted from the broth through a procedure about centrifugal force that separates them by the weights of theirs. They’re natural, crystalline amino acids, pharmaceutical grade.

There aren’t any plant residues or even sugars, preservatives, rice, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, yeast, excipients or perhaps animal products. They’re vegan. They’re manufactured in a GMP Laboratory in the United States.

Q: What’s the daily recommended dosage of Perfect Amino Minkoff for an individual to obtain the best outcomes in the least time period?

A: Although specific dosage may differ based on the intensity, gender, age, and nutritional status and frequency of physical exercise, the typical recommended daily dosage must be:

* For any pro athlete: two scoops of Perfect Amino, thirty mins before training, in conjunction with the daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Plus an extra two scoops of Perfect Amino Minkoff being used thirty minutes before the next meal (dinner or lunch).

Q: It’s been declared during an athletic performance the usage of Perfect Amino Minkoff may enhance muscle mass, energy and stamina, as well as could lessen the muscle recovery period after physical exercise, is that true for everyone?

A: Yes. Whether, you’re fifteen or maybe seventy-five years old, an amateur or maybe a professional athlete, you might experience results that are positive associated with increasing muscle mass, energy and stamina.

The benefits may differ, of course, based on the age of yours, health status, gender, so the intensity and frequency of your workout schedule.

Q: Is Perfect Amino Minkoff an all natural product?

A: Yes, Perfect Amino Minkoff is a hundred % all-natural product.

Q: How long will it take for your body to digest and process Perfect Amino Minkoff?

A: Perfect Amino is digested within twenty-three minutes from its ingestion.

Q: Does Perfect Amino Minkoff have any food or drug interaction?

A: No. Perfect Amino Minkoff doesn’t have any food or drug interaction.

Nevertheless, before taking Perfect Amino or any other nutritional supplements check with the physician of yours.

Q: May protein supplements be taken with Perfect Amino Minkoff

A: No. Protein supplements shouldn’t be considered along with Perfect Amino. This might prevent: a lowering of BPS/min; a rise in the nitrogen catabolites; along with an overloading of digestive functions

Q: How long do you have to take Perfect Amino Minkoff to have the ability to really feel or even measure results that are positive?

A: Results may differ. Nevertheless, you might be ready to really feel or maybe measure a rise in muscle mass endurance after the second or first period using Perfect Amino Minkoff (in the suggested dosage).

Meanwhile, you might be ready to determine a rise in muscle strength after the second or first week using Perfect Amino (in the suggested dosage).

Later, by utilizing Perfect Amino Minkoff during physical exercise, you might be experiencing, week after week, an increased muscle mass, energy and stamina, joined with a shortened recovery period after physical activity.

Eventually you might find that this remarkable improvement isn’t the product of a “psychological effect” but has really been brought on by a pure physiological effect.

Q: I have read through there are 8 essential’ amino acids. Exactly why did you omit histidine in Perfect Amino Minkoff.

A: Histidine is really not essential. When you are taking Perfect Amino the histidine amount in the blood is going to rise within one hour. The absolute genius of Perfect Amino Minkoff is the fact that when you’ve the important eight all the others could be produced as necessary.

Also well worth noting: Arginine, often additionally promoted as an “essential” amino acid, levels will rise in line with histidine after digesting Perfect Amino.

When you are taking Perfect Amino, the body has all it must make any and all proteins – That, by the way, is the reason it is known as Perfect Amino Minkoff.






Muscle loss supplements

Muscle loss supplements

We are going to talk about muscle loss supplements and why as we get a get older we lose muscle mass.

Can muscle loss supplements help to replace what you have lost, how many do you need to take, are there side effects, how much do muscle loss supplements cost, where is the best place to buy muscle loss supplements.

The real reason you are losing muscle mass as you grow old.
How you can stop it as well as reverse It

By the age of 60, the average person has lost 30% of his or her muscle mass. But now, because of a new breakthrough, you can continue to be independent and strong as you get older, and build up more muscle.

Muscle loss supplements image

If you wish to remain strong and independent as you grow older, then the story of my good friend David Minkoff and muscle loss will interest you.

David works as a physician. He is additionally a “health nut.” He does daily exercise.

He is watching what he eats. He also practices anti-aging treatments, such as antioxidants and bio-identical hormone replacement.

You would think that he would be able to remain young and strong.

David maintained his health, but as he grew older he noticed that he began to lose muscle mass.

He could not seem to stop it. And what was worse, he started getting injured more often due to his intense exercise.

Once, he pulled a hamstring muscle and was unable to get it to heal. He has experimented with body work, acupuncture, chiropractors, and much more. But almost nothing worked.

David then experienced an incredible breakthrough that transformed his life for the better.

David completely healed his hamstring injury within 4 weeks after learning this technique.

What is even more amazing is that he gained 12 pounds of slim body mass. And he made it happen without changing his diet or doing any other type of exercise.

David is seventy-three years old today, and he is in much better shape than individuals 30 years younger.

He has strong muscles. He has flat and hard abs. He has only 8% body fat. He also participates in Ironman triathlons.

David trusts the science behind muscle loss supplements.

Ironman is a name you’ve probably heard of. It is a marathon that consists of a 2-mile swim, a 112-mile bike race and a 26-mile marathon.

To top it all there is no break in between the three areas of the race.

David has finished more than a dozen triathlons. And when you visit his office, you will see a wall filled with ribbons, medals, and the trophies he received from these tournaments.

David Minkoff MD

David’s Secret

What happened in David’s body that caused him to stop his muscle loss and reverse it? Surprisingly, it is protein. Yes, protein.

David actually didn’t get his results by eating protein shakes or eating more protein.

No, he obtained those results by getting his body to create protein!

A little known fact about quality muscle loss supplements is they actually help your body to create more protein.

David did indeed make his body produce more protein. And I’ll show you just how he did that in a moment.

However first of all, let’s look at why protein rich foods are so crucial.

Proteins make up your muscles, skin, bones and hair. They are the connective tissue that binds you.

They are even the messengers of your body,. Such as your hormones, brain chemical substances, enzymes, and immune cells.

Think about what that implies. You lose muscle mass if you don’t get enough proteins.

Your skin sags and your hair gets brittle. Your bones start to weaken. Your immune system becomes weak.

That’s not all, though. You lose your sexual drive. You become depressed or anxious.

You become more prone to fall and experience a hip fracture … and less prone to recover from one.

I’m sure you understand why it is so important to have enough proteins in your body, and also why not having enough cannot be good for your health.

Read on and discover why you may need muscle loss supplements to improve the situation.

Where do proteins come from

Where do these important proteins originate from? A lot of people believe they originate from the diet.

But that is not entirely correct. Proteins are in fact manufactured by your body.

However, your diet will provide you with the amino acids you need to create proteins, and these are building blocks for a strong and healthy body.

The way It works

Let’s imagine you are consuming a protein source such as fish or meat.

The meat or fish that you are eating is going to be digested in your stomach.

The protein is then broken down into amino acids by your digestive system.

Then the amino acids travel into your bloodstream through your small intestine.

From there they are spread throughout the body. Then the body takes these amino acids and utilizes them to make the proteins that the body needs.

That’s all fine until aging changes the process, you begin to lose muscle mass and that is why muscle mass supplements are a good option for you.

Amino acids are sometimes converted into muscle. They are made into various types of cells.

They are made into hormones, some of them. And so forth.

What happens with dietary protein

Amino acids are not all turned into proteins, however. Some of them are burned for energy and turned into glucose.

It is a remnant of the days of the caveman. While we were cavemen, food was not abundant. Regardless of what we ate, we had to have the ability to get energy.

Berries? No issue. They have carbohydrates that are used for energy. Nuts? They have fats which are burned for electricity. Freshly killed squirrel?

The meat has some protein which is converted into lean body mass and the rest is turned into glucose which is used as an energy source.

Scientists have discovered what ingredients are needed for muscle mass supplements so the days of the caveman are far behind us.

Eggs protein

Is protein being used correctly

How do you know if the protein is being used for building muscle or if it is being turned into excess glucose? Scientists have responded to the question.

As you can see, amino acids are composed of nitrogen. When amino acids are converted into proteins, the nitrogen stays within your body as part of the protein.

Amino acids are transformed into sugar, but when the nitrogen is released into the blood, it is carried to the urine.

As a matter of fact, the quantity of nitrogen in your urine can be used to determine whether your food is being transformed into sugar or protein, if it’s being transformed into sugar, then you have a problem.

Weight gain and muscle loss which is probably the reason you are reading about muscle loss supplements.

The whole process is called protein utilization or AAU measurement.

Here’s how it works:

If the AAU of a protein is 100%,this means that there is no nitrogen inside your urine and that the body is utilizing all of the amino acids within the food to build protein. That is fantastic!

If your source of protein has an AAU of 10%, your body will only be making use of 10% of the amino acids to produce the protein you are building from.

What this means is that your body is going to turn 90% of the amino acids into sugar. Not great!

What are the best sources of soluble protein with the greatest AAU? It turns out that it is breast milk that has an AAU of 49%.

It makes sense, since infants require a constant supply of protein. However, we are not babies, so what is the next best protein source?

Whole eggs

Whole eggs are a good source of protein. Whole eggs contain 47% of the AAU. It must be the whole egg, however.

You’ll only receive an AAU of 17% in case, you consume egg whites as a health food, contrary to popular belief.

Why? Because egg yolks are rich in methionine, an essential amino acid.

If you leave the yolk out, the protein-building value of an egg is seriously limited.

Meat, poultry and fish come after whole eggs. All of them have an AAU of 32%, and they are equal.

But from there on it goes really downhill from there, read on and find out why and how muscle loss supplements can help.

The truth About Protein Shakes

Are you familiar with the expensive protein powders? They are supposed to be so good at building muscle mass. However, you may be disappointed if they are your protein sources of choice.

Protein powders have just 17% of the AAU. Protein powders are sold that contain either eggs, soy, or dairy proteins.

A percentage of 83% of the protein is converted into sugar, which gives an AAU of 17%.

Then there’s spiraling, a protein supplement made from algae. Spirulina can have an AAU of 0% to 6% depending on the brand. As a protein source, it’s practically worthless.

Let’s then return to the initial problem. Why do people lose body mass as they age?

You will find 3 major reasons:

They don’t eat enough protein.

They’re eating protein from the wrong source. And they’re not digesting the protein.

Not only do you have to eat the right proteins but you have to also take those protein-rich foods and break them down into the various amino acids that are found in the body.

The older we become, the more fragile our digestive systems become.

We make a lot less stomach acids and digestive enzymes.

This may result in a downward spiral, hence the need for muscle loss supplements.

Did you notice that I was talking about how enzymes are proteins?

One would think that if you were protein-deficient, your body wouldn’t make enough digestive enzymes.

This would mean that your food would not be properly digested. This would mean that you would be a lot more protein deficient, which would even cause lower enzyme production. And so forth.

But imagine if you did not need to depend on your digestive system to develop protein?

Would it be better if you could just take amino acids and not worry about this part of the process?

Muscle loss supplements image
Quality muscle loss supplements contain the correct amount of amino acids that would be absorbed into the bloodstream right away.

They could then be utilized to build muscle, hormones, connective tissue, bone, enzymes and more.

That’s precisely what my friend Dr David Minkoff did. He orally took amino acids in these muscle mass supplements but did they make a difference!

The proper combination

He didn’t just buy an amino acid at a health food store; he went to Advanced Bionutritionals health food store online to get what he needed.

Why? He did this because he discovered that you can not just take amino acids at will.

You need to take the proper amino acids in the proper combinations.

Allow me to clarify how this works. Proteins are made from amino acids, and you already know that.

Your body makes some of these amino acids itself. You should realize that you need 8 amino acids in your body in order to function properly.

The essential amino acids are included in Perfect Amino one of the best muscle loss supplements that you can buy.

You would think that your body would end up turning all of those 8 essential amino acids into protein if you ate them, right?

Dr Minkoff thought that is what he discovered in medical school. But, as with a lot of things he learned in college, there is more to the story.

As it turns out, there is a balance that is essential in these muscle loss supplements that we need to have so our bodies needs are taken care if.

Imagine a bicycle factory as an example of this concept. And imagine you’d lots of handlebars and frames and seats, though you only had a single pair of tires.

Well, it does not matter how a lot of the other components you have; in case, you just have a single set of tires, you can just do one bicycle! The other parts go to waste.

This is exactly what happens when you have the wrong balance of amino acids in your body.

When you eat meat you’re going to find that your body only gets 32% of the protein that it needs.

The reason for this is that meat contains too many amino acids that cause it to be out of balance in the body.

The extra aminos are converted into sugar, I hope that you now understand how fundamental it is that the best muscle loss supplements have the correct amount of these 8 amino acids.

Thankfully, Dr Minkoff was in a position to resolve this problem. He developed a product that contains the 8 essential amino acids in perfect balance.

How can we know that it is the perfect balance?

This is because Dr. Minkoff found that this product had an AAU of 99% when he tested it, the product is called Perfect Amino Dr Minkoff feels that when it comes to muscle loss supplements Perfect Amino is just right!

That’s correct; 99%! That means that 99% of the proteins in the product are utilized by your body to create proteins, and just 1% are squandered.

He chose to name the product his own Perfect Amino TM, and the results were phenomenal.

I have already told you what took place when Dr. Minkoff ingested these aminos.

He healed his hamstring injury, gained strength and health in just a couple of weeks and put on twelve pounds of lean body mass.

He grew to be so happy with the results that he began giving it to each one of his people.

They also got excellent results. They received more muscle and less body fat. They had stronger nails and hair that was shinier.

They noted a feeling of overall better well-being when taking the recommended dosage of Perfect Amino muscle mass supplements.

That’s not all, though. Dr. Minkoff happens to be a triathlete, as I mentioned earlier.

He then started giving his triathlete friends some Perfect Amino.

Every year one of these friends competes at the World Championships in Hawaii.

He gets there a couple of weeks early and completes a 145-mile bike ride as part of his race preparation.

Well, the very first time he had taken the Perfect Amino muscle mass supplements he managed to complete the bike ride a half hour quicker than he had ever done it in the past.

Perfect Amino
He panicked and called Dr Minkoff, thinking that Perfect Amino might have banned substances that would disqualify him.

David laughed as he assured his buddy that the powder contained only amino acids.

By the way, in that year David’s buddy won the world Championship.

How about you?

Perfect Amino muscle mass supplements has already helped tens of thousands of people.

Now you are able to, too.

  • You can regain your youthful muscle mass.
  • Your bones can be strengthened so that you will not suffer from fractures in the future.
  • You can feel more healthy and feel more vitality in yourself.

Picture how wonderful it is going to feel having a strong body throughout your life!

Think about how much you will enjoy life without the anxiety about relying on others.

And without the worry that you’ll fall and go through a hip fracture.

Now, you are able to have all that and much more with Perfect Amino muscle mass supplements, to find out more go the Advanced Bionutritionals official website here.

But you realize what? Perfect Amino is not just for building up bone and muscle mass. It helps you, too :

Try to lose weight … and ensure that it stays off.

The researchers used a clinical trial to figure out the effects of eating a diet of healthy fats and vegetables on the lives of 500 overweight people.

However, there was a twist: rather than consuming meat or dairy or fish products, they were given aminos as the only source of protein.

Result: They maintained their muscle mass but lost weight.

Also, Dr. Minkoff today places his people on a similar diet. His patients are slimming down and keeping it off without feeling hungry or deprived of the foods they are eating, he said.

Obtain younger-looking hair and skin.

The people who participated in the study not only lost weight, but had healthier, younger looking skin and hair.

That is because younger hair and skin have much more collagen, and collagen is produced from – you guessed it – protein!

Improve your endurance with muscle mass supplements

In one study, a 51-year-old female athlete hiked 341 miles using a 48-pound backpack. However, this was no typical hike.

It traversed the Taklimakan Desert, where terrain is dangerous and daily temperatures vary from scorching heat to below-freezing.

She used the amino powder as her sole protein source of protein during the hike.

The medical doctors monitoring her anticipated her to waste away.

She instead enhanced her lean body mass, enhanced her cardio-respiratory function, increased her white blood cells and hemoglobin, as well as reduced her resting heart rate.

Avoid Injuries.

A buddy of Dr. Minkoff’s works with professional cyclists. He discovered that whatever sort of treatments he provided them, they created injuries after long distance races.

But when Dr. Minkoff gave the friend of his the aminos in muscle mass supplements and his good friend provided it with the cyclists, they stayed injury free!

Have stronger bones

Collagen is vitally important for strong bones. In reality, bones consist almost completely of minerals (like calcium) along with collagen. It is the collagen which keeps the minerals together.

When you do not have sufficient collagen, the minerals leak out of the bones of yours.

From there, they are able to form other things, plaques, and kidney stones you do not need!

But if you have enough collagen, the nutrients remain in the bones of yours keeping them strong.

Support better mental concentration along with a much better mood.

Did you know that brain transmitters called neurotransmitters are in control of your brain and mood.

They are also proteins, so for your body to make them it must have the correct balance of aminos, you only get that with Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements.

Boost the immunity system to fight infections.

Antibodies help you protect against infection. And antibodies are produced of protein.

Thus, whenever your body has got the perfect protein building blocks, it is able to generate lots of antibodies.

Help alleviate food sensitivity symptoms.

In case, you are afflicted by food sensitivities, you might have leaky gut. Those leaky membranes enable undigested food particles to get into your bloodstream, which causes a reaction from your body’s immune system.

But here is news that is good: your gut membranes are produced of healthy proteins.

It is not surprising that Dr. Minkoff provides Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements to the patients of his with leaky gut.

Side effects image

Do muscle loss supplements have side effects

Not usually, the ingredients in Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements are totally natural amino acids carefully selected to give your body the balance of amino acids that it needs.

Try Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements at the lowest price

A one-month supply of Perfect Amino costs just USD 39.95 (incl. shipping and handling). That is just USD 1.33 per day – less compared to a cup of coffee!

If you wish to save money and have a lot of Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements on hand, then you should look into the 3-Month Perfect Amino savings pack. The cost of the 3-month supply includes shipping and handling and is about USD 107.85.

You are going to save 10% off of the normal price.

Or, for the greatest savings – plus free shipping …

You should try the 6-Month Pack. In case, you are truly serious about keeping your energy plus freedom for the long-run – and saving the most cash – then you really should use the six -Month Perfect Amino The best Value Pack.

A 6-month supply is only USD 199.50. Additionally, you get totally free shipping and handling.

You will save 40.20 USD off the regular price and this is definitely the best value for your investment.

It is like obtaining a free month! Additionally, you get totally free shipping and handling.

Why not do it now, while it is fresh in your mind? All things considered, if you are finding that you have symptoms of muscle loss why not give Perfect Amino muscle loss supplements a try, go to the Dr Minkoff’s website right here.

Advanced bionutritionals are a long established nutritional supplements company, learn more here.





Perfect Amino scam

Perfect Amino scam

Perfect Amino scam is a great question, because of all the hype on the internet about Advanced Bionutritionals new body mass product many are wondering is Perfect Amino scam or real.

I’m going to tell you all about Perfect Amino, is it a scam, who are Advanced bionutritionals, what is the science behind Perfect amino, what are the ingredients, is it safe to take, are there side effects, and finally where can you buy Perfect Amino.

Perfect Amino scam image

PerfectAmino Reviews 2022

Perfect amino originates from the highest quality, non-GMO, vegan, pharmaceutical grade Amino acids. This dietary protein substitute will help you increase your strength and stamina while boosting your protein intake.

Amino Reviews – Canada, United Kingdom, USA and Australia, rest of the world.

Official Website: Click Here

What is Perfect Amino from Advanced Bionutritionals?

All of us desire to remain independent and strong as we grow older. More and more of us are facing health issues nowadays.

Is the answer to increased muscle mass and energy Perfect Amino scam acids.?

As we advance in age, we become more susceptible to physical or mental problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

But even if we do simple lifestyle changes, we may well end up lacking in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that our bodies need.

As a result, we are usually surfing the internet for ways to boost muscle mass without putting on weight, some are unsafe methods and some medicines that have side effects.

Perfect Amino scam reviews – Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, rest of the world.

If you believe Perfect Amino it is going to give you the actual results that you want, the read my Perfect Amino scam review.

What are customers saying about Perfect Amino scam

Muscle mass progress *
By MARK M. (ANCHORAGE, AK) – 2/6/2022

“Muscle mass progress, Has been steady and frankly surprising. I have started doing more physical exercise and I at work I climb three stories worth of stairs every day now with absolutely no problem whatsoever.

And being in my mid to late 60s that’s actually saying something as an administrator that sits most of the day. I would highly recommend this for anyone that needs to build muscle mass and needs that extra boost of energy that comes with consumption.

I love your products and I recommend it to many many of my coworkers who asked me what kind of vitamins I take because I’m always so active. Love your product and can foresee using it well into the future.”

To learn more about Perfect Amino scam go to the official website here.

Are you ready to become more physically attractive and healthy naturally? Then you are in the right place.

Perfect Amino by Advanced Bionutritionals is an all-natural formula that combines eight essential amino acids to provide you with an all-natural boost of energy and anxiety relief.

The results you get from Perfect Amino are natural, safe and side effect free.

Dr David Minkoff perfect amino scam image

Perfect Amino and Doctor Minkoff

Perfect Amino scam is not reflected in the people behind this unique formula, Doctor David Minkoff stands behind what Perfect Amino from Advanced Bionutritionals will do for your health..

Doctor Minkoff is a strong believer in branch chain acids, he uses them himself, they must be doing some good considering he has competed in 8 iron man competitions.

To find out more about Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino scam, read my review.

Find out more about its characteristics, ingredients, and uses below!

About Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino

The perfect amino supplement from Advanced Bionutritionals is an all-natural Amino acid blend that can help your body regulate its energy and calm your anxiety levels.

It’s a great protein health supplement that provides you with 8 essential amino acids which are safe to use by anybody at any age.

What does Perfect Amino do for you

The all-natural supplement will support your overall body function and deliver results in just days.

The PerfectAmino by Advanced Bionutritionals is a combination of 8 essential amino acids that provide your body with complete healing, they are essential for your muscular, skeletal, and hormonal system, while also giving you strength and confidence.

Perfect Amino capsules are made from non-GMO ingredients and do not contain gluten, soy or dairy. The body can make use of this amino supplement effectively, producing very little waste, so your body is getting the full benefits of this amazing supplement.

How long before Perfect Amino works

In just four weeks, Perfect Amino can completely change your life. You are able to get maximum results in only days with Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino pills, which also contains a proprietary blend of essential amino acids that will help you achieve the lean body mass that you desire.

Perfect amino how it works image

Can the Perfect Amino scam help with weight loss?

This is not necessarily what you want if you are searching for a weight loss supplement. While the name of the product states that it helps with weight loss, it isn’t exactly clear that this product is designed to achieve this.

However, it can help you recover quicker after an exercise session. As a result, you should be able to exercise harder and for longer periods of time which will result in a better weight loss if you follow a diet plan and exercise program.

Perfect Amino – the science behind the results

There are eight essential amino acids contained in this product, and they are: L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine Hydrochloride, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, L-Tryptophan.

The product is without binder or fillers, and only two calories per serving. As an exercise aid, the recommended dose is 5 to 10 tablets per day. Taking 5-10 tablets before or after exercise is recommended.

The makers of the product claim that it will help you have a stronger immune system, less fatigue and better cognition. This product is dairy -free, soy, egg, and gluten free and great for people who are ketogenic, paleo or vegan.

Good for senior citizens

Dr Minkoff also thinks that senior citizens have a protein deficiency, even though the Western diet typically lacks protein, is Perfect Amino scam, I believe not Dr Minkoff explains in greater detail here.

However, absorption is a whole other ball game and it would appear that we are not utilizing the protein as we should our bodies are not absorbing it fully.

In senior citizens improvements in hair, nail and muscle development have been found when taking the supplement.

Supplementing with amino acids has been shown to help reduce muscle soreness and to promote healing, and there is even more evidence that it works, Perfect Amino scam review.

Can Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino really work for you?

The proprietary blend of Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino ingredients effectively eliminates harmful toxins from your body, and improves the effectiveness of Perfect Amino scam.

The combination of ingredients in this supplement helps to stimulate the immune system in general.

Using this formula will provide you with natural energy and lean muscle mass – making it a great choice for anyone at any age.

This product will help increase lean muscle mass, curves and strength to boost fat – burning hormones.

You will end up with strong bones and youthful muscle tone — all thanks to this supplement which will enhance your overall well-being. And as you get older, you can start enjoying life to the fullest.

Unique ingredients

The Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino capsules have a unique blend of ingredients that optimizes your endurance, improves your energy recovery and provides a more robust workout than other supplements.

It helps your body to build up muscle mass and converts glucose into energy. It is simple to maintain your muscular system and gain muscle mass with the Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino capsules.

Click here to order Perfect Amino from its official website.

You will also find that this supplement can actually help your mental focus, endurance, and overall energy levels without any negative side effects. This supplement is different from other amino acid supplements because it has a mixture of electrolytes.

The Perfect Amino supplement from Advanced Bionutritionals is the best supplement for improving recovery and metabolism, as well as building lean muscles in the correct proportions.

It’s one dietary supplement with numerous advantages, such as encouraging weight loss by encouraging stamina while supporting too much weight gain, in a word Perfect Amino scam (NO)

List of ingredients perfect Amino

List of ingredients

Essential amino Acids – List of Eight Benefits

L-Leucine is a branched-chain Amino acid (BCAA) that supports the energy needs of skeletal muscles during training. It can be found in milk, eggs, poultry, fish and meat naturally, like BCAAs.

L-Valine: This amino acid is essential for the body as a stimulant. It encourages the growth of muscles and tissues between workouts.
With the best quality ingredients the answer to is Perfect Amino scam has to be a resounding no.

L- Isoleucine promotes longer endurance, increases blood sugar, and increases energy. While some use it to heal injuries, other people use it to build muscle mass and strength.

L- lysine HCI: This amino acid is usually associated with medical use and could help manage cold sores. It can also activate the body’s stress response to heal damage and trigger collagen production.

L-Phenylalanine: This amino acid is found naturally in milk, meat, cheese, eggs and fish. It has been successfully used to treat depression and Parkinson’s disease, as well as a range of other mental disorders.

One of the benefits of this method is that it can increase dopamine levels and soothe chronic pain.

L-Threonine supports the body’s glycine and serine which are used to create collagen. The ability to exercise will be made much easier for consumers if their muscles are strong and elastic.

This ingredient is L- methionine which contains sulfur and can be used to build other proteins. It’s additionally associated with reduced tremor, which makes it a typical ingredient in Parkinson’s disease treatments.

L- tryptophan stimulates the release of serotonin which supports a better sleep and a happier mood at night, many of us find getting a restful night’s sleep difficult Perfect Amino scam can help.

Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino: What is unique about it

  • Optimized for maximum utilization, this proprietary blend of eight proteins helps restore more stamina and confidence.
  • No artificial colors, artificial fillers, artificial binders or synthetic preservatives Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino health supplement is made in the USA from internationally sourced ingredients.
  • It’s thought to be one of the most effective amino acid supplements on the market today.
  • Dr David Minkoff supports the use of Perfect Amino scam, he explains why here.

The Positives:

  • Perfect amino Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino ingredients is an all natural good to use formulation.
  • This product will help to calm your anxiety and increase your energy levels.
  • Eight essential amino acids are included in this supplement and they’re not dangerous to use.
  • It can be used to help you maintain a healthy body and a perfect muscular skeletal system.
  • This supplement really does amazing things within your body.
  • It really fits into your healthy way of life and workout regime.
  • In your daily life, you are able to easily put into action Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino.
  • No matter of what age you are you can reap the benefits of this formula that will help you gain muscle mass.
  • Within a month of using Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino, you will observe remarkable improvements in your body.
  • It makes you awaken each morning much more energized and rejuvenated. (Click To Order Now)

The Negatives:

  • Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino supplement on the internet. There is no availability offline.
  • Try to keep out of the reach of kids.
  • The results are going to differ for every person.
  • With more continual and consistent use, deeper effects are likely to be expected.

Gain muscle mass perfect Amino

Perfect Amino reviews – Final Thoughts: In the end, I highly suggest Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino scam!

Anyone of any age can use this formula safely, Perfect Amino is definitely not a scam.

The use of this supplement can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and it will help the body keep its lean muscles massed and strong.

I’m confident that this supplement will help you achieve your goals, and I’m so certain that you will enjoy it.

There’s absolutely nothing to risk here,why not try  Perfect Amino scam.

In case, you are unsatisfied with the results you receive, you can request your money back. This supplement comes with a 90 – day cash back guarantee. No questions asked.

What’s it you’re waiting for? Buy Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino right now!

Within four weeks of taking Perfect Amino scam you will find a huge surge of energy, proof that Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino actually works, why not give it a try right now.