Supplements for brain and memory

Supplements for brain and memory

Did you know that supplements for brain and memory provided by Advanced Bionutritionals consisted of brain boosting herbs that scientists have found to energise brain cells.

When we think of youth, we picture ourselves wrinkle-free and able to move with the same vigour as we could at 25 – but why do we never stop to consider the youth of our brain?

As we age, our brains begin to mature and become affected by both our age and the general stress of everyday life, stunting our creativity and the thrill for life we had in our younger days.

But what if I told you that there was a way to take several years off your brain age and restore your youth? Well today is your lucky day!

Brain and memory supplements

With the power of brain and memory supplements, it’s now possible to reverse the effects of brain aging and help you maintain your youth despite your age.

However, the supplement market is often shrouded with fad products and medication-based substances that won’t help unlock your brain’s potential.

That’s why we’re here today to guide you through the world of supplements for the brain and memory and help you revitalise your inner youth.

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What is NGF?

Nerve Growth Factor (or NGF) is Dr. Levi-Montalcini’s revolutionary Nobel Prize winning discovery that has begun to revolutionise the way supplements for brain and memory work.

Backed by extensive research conducted at Stanford University, this protein has been correlated with an increase in both long- and short-term memory, memory recall, and photographic memory.

This might sound too good to be true, but rest assured NGF has had a vast range of clinical trials conducted to assess how useful it can be in a range of contexts and for a range of brain and memory issues.

One crucial study, emphasised how valuable NGF can be for those suffering with extreme brain shrinkage. Following initial MRI scans, patients were found to have significant shrinkage – yet to try and combat this, scientists implanted NGF capsules into the patients.

Over the course of 12 months, this revealed the notable halting of brain shrinkage!
If you aren’t already sold by NGF, wait until you hear that:

● It helps in the reversal of age-related memory loss and cognitive decline.
● It boosts the survival of brain cells by prompting more maintenance.
● It aids in repairing any damaged cells so they can work at maximum capacity.
● helps stop brain shrinkage.
● and even better – you don’t need to have a capsule implanted, as you can raise your NGF levels using brain and memory supplements!

Memory cells memory and brain supplements

How to boost NGF

If you haven’t gathered from before, having a capsule implanted every few months is not the only efficient way to boost your levels of NGF.

After scientists realised the difficulty of this task, they began to look towards medical literature and conducted a range of clinical trials on hundreds of nutrients that were used as supplements for brain and memory maintenance.

Out of this research, scientists uncovered 33 primary nutrients that could support NGF increase, with one reigning as the leader of the pack – Luteolin. Luteolin is a nutrient that has been correlated with increased brain capacity, higher levels of NGF, and an increased aptitude for learning.

Luteolin is a promising supplement for the brain and memory that can rejuvenate our brain’s youth. But how can it support your needs?

What can luteolin offer you?

Whether you experience memory issues, or general brain fog, the general issue could lead back to inflammation, which can contribute to regular issues with recall and rational thinking – which generally disrupts our attention and makes everyday tasks harder to accomplish.

Luckily, Luteolin is a nutrient that can target inflammation at the source and also prevent rapid onset brain aging.
Luteolin is a nutrient that has undergone significant research and trialling, with a famous trial on mice providing substantially impactful results.

A test group of mice were provided water infused with luteolin, whilst a control group were given regular water, after three weeks a substance was injected to trigger inflammation – and the results were staggering.

The test group of mice were found to have significantly decreased level of inflammation in their hippocampi when compared to the control group, this meant that the mice had their memory preserved and largely unaffected due to the substitution of luteolin!

With so little nutrients able to specifically pinpoint this region of the brain, luteolin is reimagining the market of supplements for the brain and memory. With such significant results replicable in human trials, luteolin is the ideal supplement for those looking to restore their brain’s youth and prioritise their health.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Where can you get Luteolin?

Luteolin is best substituted through the Advanced Memory Formula, which is a supplement for brain and memory designed to boost and restore healthy levels of NGF to help preserve your hippocampus, boost the quality of your memory, prevent brain shrinkage, and protect you from inflammation.

However, whilst Luteolin is a viable option in terms of supplements for brain and memory – there are also a huge range of other ingredients available in these supplements for brain and memory for those looking to restore their youth and preserve all regions of their brain.

Scientific studies supplements for brain and memory

Can you build a younger brain using BDNF?

As we grow older, we often reminisce on how fantastic our memory and learning ability was in our youth – however, age is no longer a defining factor of your brain’s youth.

With revolutionary research completed by Dr. Eric Kandel, earning him a Nobel Prize, Kandel’s trailblazing research proved the possibility for brain cell reconstruction.

By rebuilding brain cells, anyone can begin to regenerate their brain’s health and revitalise the recall and memory they had in their youth.

Using the essential protein, BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), any supplement taker can regrow their brain cells and restore the accuracy of their memory and brain functioning.

BDNF has been widely studied, with the defining study being a series of trials in which brain cells were injected with BDNF on a petri dish, revealing unfathomable results.

The brain cells began to form branches and regenerate transmitters required to communicate with every area of the brain and body.

Scientists began to explore the potential of BDNF on patients to unlock the true capabilities of the protein as a supplement for the brain and memory.

What does BDNF do?

BDNF is an essential protein that helps restructure the brain and give any memory a new lease of life – regardless of age!

During Dr. Kandel’s first trials of BDNF, he provided blood tests to a group of patients to measure their BDNF levels prior to assigning them with a facial recognition and general recall test.

Following a brief interim break, each participant was asked to recall the name of each face they were shown.

An astonishing discovery was made, those with higher BDNF levels were found to retain a higher level of names – meaning that the higher the BDNF levels, the better the memory of the participant!

How can you boost BDNF?

BDNF is integral for memory recall and maintaining optimal memory performance – which is essential for students, workers, and the retired alike.

When it comes to using BDNF as a supplement for brain and memory, finding the ideal way to supplement this into your diet is often an over complicated process – but it no longer has to be!

Cup of coffee

Many of us drink coffee regularly to heighten our energy levels and prepare us for everyday life; taking this into account, scientists began to wonder how else this significant effect could be applied to supplements for the brain and memory.

In response, scientists created a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, which involved a group of participants having a blood test, following which, half were given a concentrate made from coffee fruit, whilst the others were given a placebo.

An additional blood test was then carried out a further half an hour later – revealing unprecedented results.

The participants who were supplemented with coffee fruit concentrate had their BDNF levels skyrocket by up to 143%, whilst the placebo group maintained the same levels of BDNF they had during the initial blood test.

These staggering results prompted scientists to further harness the power of coffee fruit – leading them to formulate NeuroFactor.

NeuroFactor is a leading supplement for the brain and memory that has a range of herbal ingredients, with the ultimate BDNF powerhouse being coffee fruit.

For those of you who find coffee more on the repulsive side, don’t fret! NeuroFactor is entirely tasteless and odourless, so any concerns you may have are gone.

However, what’s even more exciting, is the fact that Advanced Memory Formula contains the essential daily dose of 100mg of Neurofactor – so you can receive all of the memory rejuvenating formulae your body needs.

However, there are even more options for those of you looking to fully inform your purchases or even create a supplementation routine!

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

What is acetylcholine?

During a late night before Easter in 1921, German scientist Otto Loewi was experiencing unusually vivid dreams proclaiming a new scientific idea to him – yet as the morning woke him, he found that his memory was failing him and the discovery appeared lost forever.

Yet, that night a miracle happened – Loewi had the same dream reoccur and was able to immediately take action.

Upon waking, Loewi rushed to his laboratory and conducted the experiment – which led to the revolutionary discovery that reformed how scientists across the globe viewed the inner complexities of the human brain.

Nobel prize

Loewi’s discovery was so impactful, that his research went on to win the 1936 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Yet what exactly did Loewi uncover? To answer that simply, Loewi discovered the wondrous effects of Acetylcholine, which is a communicative messenger that helps brain cells coordinate with one another.

Whether it be the storage of memory or their retrieval – Acetylcholine plays a vital role in maintaining the brain and memory as a whole.

Acetylcholine is produced in excess throughout our youth, hence why the young tend to have sharp memories and the ability to effectively learn and maintain hundreds of new skills.

Yet as we age, Acetylcholine production begins to fall – hence why our memory begins to fade and more ‘senile’ moments occur.

However, low Acetylcholine doesn’t have to define the health of your brain – thanks to new and innovative supplements for the brain and memory.

Accelerating your memory with acetylcholine

When it comes to successfully boosting your Acetylcholine, there are a huge range of supplements for the brain and memory that can provide varying levels of success.

As shown by the fact that Choline can be an effective supplement to boost Acetylcholine levels temporarily – yet the body struggles to efficiently store and distribute it across the body, sometimes leading to adverse effects.

When selecting the right supplement for brain and memory, it’s crucial that there is a degree of certainty in terms of effectiveness. However, scientists have recently made this more attainable.

Scientists have adapted choline to be easier to absorb and use within the body – breaking the boundaries of supplements for brain and memory. If you thought the advantages ended there, then brace yourself – this is the only form of choline that can cross between the brain-blood barrier.

This means that this form of choline can easily enter the brain cells and unleash their potential in the correct organ, so no waste occurs.

This variant of choline is called Alpha-glycero-phosphocholine, or to a majority of us Alpha-GPC, and it focuses on immediately boosting the production of Acetylcholine.

So the brain can start to the reap the benefits of these supplements for brain and memory straight away!

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Why you need to take Alpha-GPC

Alpha-GPC has had over 20 clinical trials conducted to test its correlation with Acetylcholine and how this can impact a wide range of people.

During these trials, it was uncovered that even patients with severe mental decline and poor brain health could unlock the benefits of increased Acetylcholine using Alpha-GPC.

This study focused on 176 hospitals across the globe, where 2,044 patients suffering from severe mental decline following debilitating strokes were provided with Alpha-GPC across the course of 28 days.

Herbs for memory

Throughout this period, it was revealed that every participant had experienced some level of increased verbal fluency, recall, and cognitive function.

But the benefits of Alpha-GPC as a supplement for brain and memory don’t end there however, it can also offer:

● An improved attention span to help you focus on important tasks.
● A way to ease your worries and alleviate stress.
● A means of speeding up your mind and improving your reaction time.
● An essential enhancer of the brain regions responsible for coordinated movement.

If you were considering buying Alpha-GPC as an additional supplement – you don’t have to! With Advanced Memory Formula, Alpha-GPC is already rooted in the ingredients of the product, so that you can receive the full benefits of every type of supplement for the brain and memory available on the market.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

 PS: The brain fuel you need

Imagine you just took an exam based on memory, but you only got 56%. Disappointed, you retake the exam after taking a supplement for the brain and memory – yet your results read a perfect 100%!

This might sound outlandish, but it’s in fact possible – as this is exactly what happened in an Italian study.

170 patients between 55 and 80 were prescribed a daily supplement to help enhance their brain’s ability.

After three months, a review was conducted, thus revealing a huge increase of 44% in terms of their memory, ability to learn new information and skills, their speech, and their word association ability.

These supplements for brain and memory might sound fictional – yet Phosphatidylserine (or PS) is a building block of all cell membranes that helps maintain their health and promote efficient communication between cells.

PS speeds up your brain to unlock the sharpness and attentiveness you had in your youth.

What can PS do for you?

In a collaborative study between Stanford and Vanderbilt Universities, scientists trialled PS on 149 patients suffering from memory loss.

During the initial trial, patients were tasked with memory tests; however, half of the patients were provided with placebos instead of PS; after 12 weeks, patients were instructed to complete the tests again.

Those who had taken PS were seen to have had a huge improvement in their overall memory, learning, and cognition – allowing them to recall faces, paragraphs, and phone numbers with ease!

What’s even more shocking, is that despite the fact the average age of all of the patients was 64, those who had taken PS were shown to have the mental capacity of a 52-year-old – meaning that PS had reduced their brain age by up to 12 years.
The possibilities of PS don’t end here.

Why is PS essential?

As we get older, stress becomes more of a normality and moments of peace and quiet become a feature we long for – yet stress leads us to become so consumed with frustrations and anxieties, that we become forgetful of the more important things in life.

However, PS can reduce your stress levels and help bring up any low moods to improve the quality of your life and the health of your brain. In a study of 425 elderly patients – it was reported that taking PS leads to significant stress relief.

During this study, the participants claimed to have felt happier and at ease in their surroundings – as well as also having improved communicative abilities in any social environment!

Yet this wasn’t the only study revealing such phenomenal results, over 2,800 research papers and 63 clinical studies have demonstrated how beneficial PS can be when restoring memory loss, boosting low mood, and enhancing mental performance.

Advanced memory formula

If you want to unlock the benefits of PS, look no further than Advanced Memory Formula – which includes the daily dose of 150mg of PS to help you absorb all the essential supplements for the brain and body that you need to see visible results.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

 The brain and memory energiser for all ages

L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that boosts the body’s energy production and helps unlock both your physical and mental capabilities. Energising your heart, lungs, liver, and brain – the benefits of L-Carnitine are unlimited.

However, L-Carnitine faces an issue amongst all of this – it can’t cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning that the supplement for the brain and body can’t access the most crucial region of the body.

But, there are a huge range of other forms of L-carnitine that can permeate the brain and fully unleash it’s huge range of benefits on the brain and memory.

This other form is called Acetyl-L-Carnitine, or ACL for short, this supplement for the brain and body is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and invigorate your brain with an essential energy boost.

ALC has been proven to be efficient across 21 double-blind studies over the years – with a Stanford University study revealing that patients experiencing severe mental decline had a rejuvenated memory after taking daily supplementation of ALC.

In a similar study on patients with less severe mental decline, it was revealed that those who had taken ALC compared to placebos performed 2.8 times better on memory tests.

In another study, patients over 100 years old who had taken ALC for more than six months were found to have both improved cognitive functions, reinvigorated energy, stronger muscles, and decreased body fat!

With ALC having such a proportionate effect on those over 100, imagine the impacts it could have on both your brain and body!

However, you don’t have to imagine anymore – as Advanced Memory Formula has the generous daily dose of 250mg that you need to protect yourself from mental decline and maintain a supple healthy body and mind!

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Berries supplements for memory and brain

Berry Brain Booster

Berries are undeniably fantastic for our health – they’re full of natural antioxidants and can improve both our mental and physical health.

Yet one berry stands out from the crowd, even when compared to over 40 fruits and vegetables – particularly in terms of having high levels of free radical fighters, 20 times more antioxidants than tomatoes and 10 times more than beta-carotene.

If you haven’t guessed already – the berry in mind is blueberries!

Blueberries are packed full of essential anthocyanin’s, which are a specialised type of antioxidants that can bypass the blood-brain barrier to provide essential care and maintenance to the brain in order to flush away any issues in the brain to help prompt an efficient and long-lasting memory!

In addition to this, blueberries are also rich in pterostilbene, which is a highly researched compound that is shown to harness more power than resveratrol due it’s absorbent power, which is 4 times better than resveratrol – and it can also stay in the body up to 7 times longer.

Pterostilbene also has the ability to reactivate the genes that promote sharper memory function, whilst slowing any signs of brain aging.

Blueberries can be used as an essential supplement for the brain and memory, but if consuming them as one of your five-a-day isn’t to your tastes, then Advanced Memory Formula are the supplements for the brain and memory that is suited directly to you.

Including 125mg of concentrated blueberry extract, your brain will be able to ward off free radicals.

Now that I’ve covered 6 clinically trialled supplements for brain and memory, there are also a huge range of other nutrients and herbal remedies that are also included in Advanced Memory Formula to enhance your brain’s ability and to help reinvigorate the youth of your body and mind!

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.


Lecithin is an essential nutrient that aids in the decomposition of fatty materials that can lead to build-ups in your brain – thus reinvigorating the speed and efficiency it had in your younger years.

This nutrient when used as a supplement for the brain and memory can reduce the amount of memory lapses and forgetful ‘senior’ moments you might have.

In a study conducted on the impacts of lecithins as a supplement for the brain and memory, it was found that elderly participants had their forgetful, ‘senior’ moments reduced by up to 50% as it helped them maintain mental clarity.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri has been used for millennia by Indian herbal doctors to help boost the long-lasting memory in those of all ages.

To investigate these impacts further, scientists have conducted over 14 studies to understand whether bacopa monnieri truly works – with overwhelmingly positive results.

One study revealed that bacopa monnieri improved overall memory and the ability to recall in those over 55 years old; with a similar study uncovering that it can also prompt more accurate absorption of information and the recall of this information several days later.

Yet the study that was most impactful proved that bacopa monnieri can help people learn a new skill up to 40% faster!

Supplements for memory and brain


Vinpocetine is a compound derived from periwinkles plants that has been extensively proven to increase blood flow to the brain and circulation in general by opening tiny capillaries in your brain to help boost oxygen absorption, whilst also providing a passage for nutrients to enter the brain so that they can perform optimally.

With over 100 studies involving 20,000 participants, vinpocetine has been shown to improve the memory of those suffering from severe mental decline – with a staggering 100% success rate.

Advanced Memory Formula provides every user with 10mg of vinpocetine, so that it is the optimal supplement for brain and memory.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Ginkgo Biloba

Similar to vinpocetine, ginkgo biloba has been demonstrated to have beneficial impacts on blood circulation to the brain across a range of clinical studies.

Often referenced and used within herbal medicine, ginkgo biloba is an essential nutrient that can increase the quality of memory and alertness due to the stimulation it provides the body.

With over 1000 studies to reinforce its positive effects, ginkgo biloba is an essential component of the best supplements for the brain and memory.


Calcium is too often limited to the status of being a ‘bone mineral’ – however, calcium is a crucial component of any healthy and functioning brain that prompts the development of memories!

In a study of 6000 elderly patients, low calcium levels were correlated with an increase in memory loss and confusion – however, those with higher calcium levels were shown to be able to retain memories at a higher level.

Due to calcium’s essential role in supplements for the brain and memory, Advanced Memory Formula provides the optimal daily dose so that your brain can take advantage of this beneficial nutrient and help you keep all of your memories – even in old age.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.


Phosphorus is perhaps one of the more underrated minerals, as it seldom is credited for the 3 integral ways in which it supports healthy functioning brains.

1. It aids in repairing cell membranes to protect your brain cells and protect them from any damage, which could jeopardise the health of your brain and memory.

2. It helps maintain healthy brain communications, the ‘wiring’ between each of your brain cells is essential as it allows signals to be transmitted with ease, so you can become more alert.

3. It unlocks your brain’s potential to efficiently utilise energy so that cells can begin to produce more energy that is properly used across the body and the brain, as opposed to being wasted.

Phosphorus has been trialled and tested extensively, hence why it is used within a huge range of supplements for brain and memory – particularly, Advanced Memory Formula.

Advanced memory formula Bionutritionals

What are the right supplements for brain and memory?

Now that I’ve taken you through some essential nutrients and minerals that can unleash your brain’s potential and re instil your youth – it’s crucial to decide on a final supplement for the brain and memory that suits your needs.

Unless you require a supplement that focuses on one specific niche of brain health, Advanced Memory Formula are the ideal supplements for brain and memory due to the way in which it encompasses every aspect of your brain and memory health to ensure that you’re able to mentally perform to the highest standard – regardless of your age.

Whether you want increased energy, enhanced critical thinking, alertness, improved facial recognition, improved recall, or the ability to remember memories from your youth – Advanced Memory Formula is the optimal supplement for brain and memory.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Using Advanced Memory Formula allows your brain to unlock its full potential by halting the repercussions of cell inflammation, brain shrinkage, aging, and severe mental decline, to help you sustain an efficient memory that will last you a lifetime.

Imagine having the ability to remember every important aspect of your life and live stress free – well, you no longer have to imagine. Advanced Memory Formula is the ideal supplement for the brain and memory if you fall into these categories.

Advanced Memory Formula are the recommended supplements for brain and memory ar reasonably affordable prices – now is the time to get yours!

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements 2021 review

Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements

Why should you consider vitamin D3 and K2 supplements?, in a nutshell a quality supplement containing the vitamins D3 and K2 taken on a daily basis will not only make your bones stronger the supplement will also have a major impact on your cardiovascular health.

Many articles have been written in recent times about the vitamin d, scientists have become more aware of a vitamin d deficiency in many adults so the public are more aware of how important Vitamin d is to bone health and overall health.

Not only is Vitamin d important for strong and healthy bones and because the vitamin d receptor is found in almost all tissue types in the body it has been established that Vitamin d plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal health and the prevention of disease.

Vitamin d studies

Several studies have demonstrated how important vitamin d is for a healthy immune system, in fact throughout many of those large scale studies it was discovered that low levels of vitamin d was closely associated with (all cause) mortality rates, basically the scientific evidence points to a longer lifespan for those that have optimal levels of vitamin d.

I’ll get to the part that shows why you should be taking quality Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements, before I do let’s get to some important facts about Vitamin d, it’s not like other essential nutrients that are found in our food the primary source of vitamin d is in fact SUNSHINE!

Sunshine vitamin D3 and K2

How does the body make vitamin d

People that live on sunnier climates should have ample supplies of vitamin d by simply being in the sun allowing your skin to make vitamin d from the rays of sunshine, however people that live in countries where sunshine is less available especially during winter don’t get enough vitamin d.

Most dietitians and doctors recommend that people in those countries take a vitamin d supplement to boost vitamin d levels, this is certainly the case in the United Kingdom where the national health service constantly recommend that everyone should use a vitamin d supplement all year round.

This isn’t the full story, the NHS actually recommend taking vitamin D3 a and K2 supplements because this combination offers a Holistic way to boost your immune system, support bone health and most important protect you against heart disease.

What is science saying about vitamin D3 and K2 supplements

The scientific evidence is overwhelming in favor of vitamin D3 and K2 supplements combination because as a pair they compliment each other perfectly, you could say that vitamin D3 and K2 on their own are good but when you put the two together they work so much better.

Both of these vitamins are fat soluble meaning they blend in to the fatty tissues in the body along with fats in your diet, both vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 work to metabolize calcium, they accomplish this by activating helpful proteins, vitamin D3 supports better calcium absorption while vitamin K2 decides where best to use the calcium.

How important is calcium

Calcium is so important to support the maintenance of strong bones and to carry out so many necessary functions in the body, it is stored mostly in your bones and teeth from there it supports their structure and hardness, your body needs calcium to support muscle movement, it also carries messages from your brain to every part of your body.

Bones become weaker when your body may not be getting enough calcium from the food that you eat, that’s because your body takes the calcium that it needs from your bones, in order to prevent bones from weakening you will need a Vitamin k2 supplement.

A vitamin k2 supplement supports bone calcification, in other words it sends calcium to where it is needed the most by regulating and reducing the damaging effects on the arteries.

Calcification of the arteries occurs when too much calcium builds up within the endothelium or walls of the blood vessels going to the heart.

Calcium supplements

The build-up of calcium

The build-up of calcium causes hardening of the arteries as is the case with atherosclerosis, the results can have a devastating effect on cardiovascular health and mortality rates, hopefully by now you are beginning to see why you need to take vitamin D3 and K2 supplements.

Strong scientific evidence suggests that taking vitamin K2 and D3 supplements together could help to offset the risk of developing some chronic diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis and kidney disease, we understand that more studies need to be done in this area.

There is no doubt in my mind about the health benefits of taking vitamin D3 and K2 supplements on a daily basis, I recommend that you take a look at Dr Sam Robbins quality Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements by logging on to the official HDL Solutions website here.

What foods contain vitamin D3 and K2

The results of a survey done in the UK highlighted that only 30% of the survey participants conducted by Public Health England admitted that they consumed their recommended five a day, in other words enough fruit and vegetables, that figure means that too many people are not getting the essential nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy.

Vitamin D is found in good measure when you consume fatty fish, fish oil, egg yolks, red meat and liver, by eating these foods on a regular basis especially as the winter approaches could help to prevent seasonal effective disorder or the winter blues, more importantly taking vitamin d and k3 supplements ensures you reduce your risks in terms of conditions related to calcium deficiency.

Vitamin k is more commonly found in foods from animal sources, fermented foods and dark leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, brussels sprouts and lettuce, studies show that a relatively high amount of vitamin k is needed to support bone health and cardiovascular health.

How much Vitamin D3 and K2 do you need

If you feel extra stressed either physically or emotionally or you could have a cold or flu taking vitamin D3 and K2 supplements could be a way to boost your immune system, I recommend that you listen the advice of Dr Sam Robbins and take 3-4 tablets a day of HFL ( health for longevity) Perfect Vitamin D & K supplements.

To get more information on Perfect Vitamin D & K formulated by Dr Sam Robbins go to the official HFL solutions website by clicking here.

Studies on vitamin D3 and K2

Studies on Vitamin K

In one particular study of post menopausal women where the women were given vitamin k for a period of 3 years, at the conclusion of the study it was found that vitamin k supported positive effects for bone deterioration related to age and spine collapse.

Further studies on vitamin k show definite benefits in reversing calcification of the arteries by activating proteins in the blood that help to prevent arterial calcification, calcification or hardening in the arteries is a leading cause of death or life threatening complications.

By life threatening complications I mean heart attacks, strokes or in some cases’ dementia, calcification of the arteries means a loss of oxygen rich blood supply to the heart, brain and other regions in the body, a deficiency in vitamin k is known to be the trigger.

By taking a quality vitamin D3 and K2 supplements you start the process of de-calcifing those blocked arteries and over time the blood vessels will begin to soften and allow normal blood flow to resume, to learn more on calcification of the arteries go here.

How to pick vitamin D3 and K2 supplements

When choosing to pick vitamin D3 K2 supplements I recommend two types, the first one is Perfect Vitamin D & K formulated by Dr Sam Robbins because it has been proven to be effective over the last 8 years, not only that Dr Robbins vitamin D3 and K2 supplements are plant based and doctor formulated.

Dr Sam Robbins vitamin D3 and K2 supplements features

Dr Sam Robbins vitamin D3 and K2 supplements contain only the best active forms of patented D3 and K2, these vitamins are very absorbable and bio available, they come in micro encapsulated capsules for improved absorption and freshness.

Vitamin d3 and K2 supplements benefits

  • Improved immune system
  • Boost to energy levels
  • Stronger bones, joints and muscles
  • Improved circulation and blood clotting
  • Support for calcium metabolism
  • Mood support
  • Healthier heart and cardiovascular system

Vitamin D+K Get the vitamins you need today! > Doctor Endorsed > Clinically Validated > Scientifically Proven Try It Risk FreeVitamin D3 and K2 dr Sam Robbins Perfect d +I

What are customers saying about Perfect D + K

“D+K = perfect combo I did a lot of research before I committed to Perfect Vitamin D&K. I researched the differences in oil and plant based D3. I researched the dosages. I researched the best forms of vitamin K. The correct ratios and combinations of these 2 fat soluble vitamins. I researched different companies, prices, etc. As a former accountant, I’m very analytical. Dr. Robbins has “literally” created the perfect Vitamin D+K formula, dosage and ratio. I’m very pleased”

Vitamin D+K Get the vitamins you need today! > Doctor Endorsed > Clinically Validated > Scientifically Proven Try It Risk Free

Vitamin D3 and K2 sublingual spray good health naturally

Sublingual spray vitamin D3 and K2 supplements

My second recommendation vitamin D3 and K2 supplements is Vitamin D3 and K2 Sublingual Spray™ supplied by Good Health Naturally, the difference between Vitamin D3 and K2 Sublingual Spray™ and Perfect D + K is this product is available in a simple sublingual spray, meaning you simply spray it onto your tongue or your food.

Vitamin D3 and K2 Sublingual Spray™ is sold in a convenient all-in-one vegan friendly spray, the bottle is easy to store and so easy to to use, the dosage is 5 sprays on your food or tongue, each spray contains the highest quality 2,000 iu vitamin D3 and K2.

What are customers saying about Vitamin D3 and K2 Sublingual Spray™

“The only D3/K2 sublingual spray that I know of at time of review. Just a few sprays under tongue each day. Straight into the bloodstream. Good quality ingredients, no fillers. This along with B12 spray and the odd magnesium salt foot soak has helped immensely with depression in winter months. They do a buy 3 get 4th free offer”

To learn more about Good Health Naturally Vitamin D3 and K2 Sublingual Spray™ go straight to their website here.


Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements are a must for people that are calcium deficient because of a poor diet or an underlying condition, keep in mind that the most benefits from this type of supplement are found in bone health and heart disease.


Blood flow supplements do they work?

Blood flow supplements

If you have blood flow problems maybe it’s time to look at blood flow supplements that could help to improve blood flow and alleviate symptoms of poor circulation that may be causing you to feel unhealthy, healthy blood flow is essential for your body to perform at its optimum.

Believe it or not, there are approximately 95,560 kilometers of blood vessels in your body, those blood vessels along with your heart and other muscles make up the circulatory system, this massive network of blood vessels is responsible for carrying oxygen rich blood and important nutrition to every part of your body.

Blood flow image blood flow supplements

Problems with blood flow

Over time some people have problems with blood flow, caused by obstructions in the blood vessels and the main heart arteries, this leads to poor circulation and the cells in the body are deprived of vital nutrients and oxygen that they need to keep you healthy.

Doctors will prescribe blood thinning medications such as aspirin and cholesterol tablets in an effort to thin the blood, however these medications don’t address the fundamental cause of poor blood flow.

Poor blood flow is primarily caused by a build-up of plaque in the blood vessels, plaque consists of bad cholesterol, fatty deposits and calcium, plaque is very hard to shift it affects blood flow, so can blood flow supplements help with poor circulation.

Alternative medicine can help blood flow

Alternative medicine practitioners are of the opinion that blood flow supplements can indeed help with poor circulation, a couple of companies like Dr Sam Robbins HFL Solutions and Advanced Bionutritionals have done a lot of research into herbs and vitamins that could be beneficial for poor blood flow.

For example Dr Robbins company have a highly thought of supplement for blood flow called Blood Flow Optimizer that has been on the market for 12 years now with very positive reviews, go here to find out more about Dr Sam Robbins blood flow supplements.

Similarly the team and doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals have formulated their blood flow supplements to deliver maximum results in minimum time, the supplement for blood flow is called CircO2, it comes in lozenge form and has been their most consistent best-selling blood flow supplement for many years.

Circ02 is unique, as far as I understand it is the only lozenge type blood flow supplements that contains L-Arginine, L-Arginine is vital to help your body produce more Nitric oxide, sadly as our bodies get older Nitric oxide levels drop off and this has an impact on blood flow.

As blood flow supplements go Circ02 is right up there in terms of improving blood flow and reducing those obstructions that are causing your body to be unhealthy, to learn more on Circ02 go straight to Advanced Bionutritionals supplements website.

Poor blood circulation

Millions of people suffer from poor blood circulation, you could be one of those if you often have cold hands or cold feet, these never seem to warm up, it isn’t good for your health, poor blood circulation can have some very negative effects not only on your hands and feet but also your heart, your sex life, it can even affect your brain.

Good blood is essential to a healthy life, poor circulation can lead to a host of symptoms that include:

  • Chest pain
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Poor digestion
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Slower healing time
  • Clogged arteries
  • Lightheadedness
  • Confusion

Medical treatment for blood flow symptoms

Medical treatments for blood flow

There are medical treatments for blood flow, doctors prescribe different treatments depending on the cause of the symptoms, for example

  • Drugs for blockages (may have nasty side effects)
  • Swollen legs that are painful compression socks
  • Specific exercises to increase circulation
  • Diabetes can cause poor blood flow, insulin
  • Surgery in the case of varicose veins
  • Heart bypass blocked arteries
  • Heart stenting

Can blood flow supplements help

Taking drugs over a long period of time can be detrimental to your body in terms of side effects or damage to your liver, surgery or stenting can help in the case of clogged arteries, a lot of these treatments avoided if the root cause of poor circulation is addressed.

Can blood flow supplements help, alternative medicine has the answer, lets take a closer look at how blood flow supplements with the right natural ingredients can contribute to improved blood circulation and a healthier life.

Most popular herbs, vitamins and enzymes for poor blood flow

Natural alternative health advocates and I must confess I am one of those believe that blood flow supplements should contain some of the most popular herbs, vitamins and enzymes for poor blood flow in order for them to work:

  • Magnesium
  • L Citruilline
  • L Carnitine
  • L Arginine
  • Nattokinase
  • Ginger
  • Nitric oxide
  • Vitamin C
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Vitamin B12

Can circulation be improved naturally

Apart from taking these recommended blood flow supplements Blood Flow Optimizer or Circ02 you can help to speed up how your body improves poor circulation by exercise, managing stress, proper fluid intake, get a massage and stopping smoking.


I highly recommend that you incorporate regular exercise to get blood flowing, don’t forget your heart is the muscle that drives blood flow, by exercising regularly and getting your heart to bear faster will have a knock on effect of improving blood flow.

Managing stress

Stress doesn’t help blood flow, in fact it has the opposite effect, that’s why doctors often ask people with poor blood flow if they have stress in their lives, excess stress causes blood vessels to contract, this impacts on blood flow, so learn to manage stress.

Proper fluid intake

It’s so easy for your body to become dehydrated, remember drink at least three pints of water a day, it will help with poor circulation.

Get a massage

A professional massage can be most beneficial not only for managing stress but it can also help poor circulation by releasing those wonderful positive endorphins that makes us feel so good.

Stopping smoking

If you are a smoker, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to consider stopping smoking, smoking affects your blood flow by causing blood vessels to constrict, this process harms those vital nutrients getting to the areas where they are needed most.


Blood flow supplements

Erectile dysfunction and blood flow supplements

Erectile dysfunction or ED is the primary cause of a poor sex life for so many men, erectile dysfunction is associated with poor blood flow to the Male penis, is there a connection between erectile dysfunction and blood flow supplements?

It stands to reason that if blood flow to the penis is associated with ED then it makes perfect sense that blood flow supplements would be a terrific way to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, I took a look at some of the customer testimonials that took Dr Robbins Blood Flow Optimizer for ed,

“very, very happy

Hi Dr. Sam thank you again for your email so much good information you have share with me.

I am using your product Blood flow Optimizer under two weeks now and what a great improvement to my health I am noticing.

I am getting so much harder erection all the time now like I was in my 20 without me thinking about any sexual taught. I am more responsive and flexible.

I am also taking Alphaviril I have seen and feel so great changes in my body.

Thank you for these two great products that have done so much for me in a short time.

Blood flow Optimizer and Alphaviril.

So I can imagine as I keep thinking these two products as time goes on how my health will improve more within and outward appearance and mentally and physically.

Thanks again”

If you are struggling with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and want a better sex life why not try Dr Robbins blood flow supplements, I’m sure you will notice a difference.
Blood flow supplements blood flow Optimizer dr Sam Robbins

Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood flow Optimizer is a top-selling blood flow supplements formulated by Dr Sam Robbins to deliver much better blood flow and anti aging effects and support for your heart, eyes, muscles brain, bones, and especially your sex life, to learn how you can improve your blood flow using a natural alternative go to HFL Solutions here.

Studies on L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an important amino acid, there are a number if food sources that provide your body with sufficient L-Arginine amounts to release Nitric oxide, it is a type of gas or compound that does a very important job of relaxing the endothelium or smooth muscles lining your blood vessel walls.

Nitric oxide was studied by a well-known physicist Dr Louis ignarro and his colleagues, the published studies showed that Nitric oxide is vital to the health of your arteries, the studies also showed that our bodies begin to produce less Nitric oxide as the years following by.

That causes problems for blood circulation because the blood vessels aren’t as flexible and don’t allow the right amounts of oxygen and nutrients to get to where they are needed most, this brings on plaque deposits in the arteries or calcification of the arteries.

Calcification of the arteries is closely associated with poor circulation, the best blood flow supplements that you can take to address calcification of the arteries and poor circulation is Circ02, Circ02 by Advanced Bionutritionals will help your body to create more Nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is absolutely vital to keep the inner lining in the blood vessels relaxed meaning blood flow to the extremities will be made easier, to learn more about Circ02 one of the best blood flow supplements go to Advanced Bionutritionals supplements website here.

Circ02 blood flow supplements

Circ02 is one of my top rated blood flow supplements the other being Blood Flow Optimize, Circ02 uses a patented world-class delivery system in a fast dissolving lozenge that goes onto your tongue, it dissolves down as it reacts with the saliva and delivers a powerful and fast acting Nitric oxide boost to help your body improve circulation.


What are the benefits of Circ02

Significantly Circ02 acts swiftly, customers say you can feel the effects within minutes, it supports healthy delivery of nutrients and oxygen into the body’s cells, the benefits of Circ02 are:

  • Swift boost to energy levels
  • Better circulation
  • Support for your heart
  • Support for sharper thinking and memory
  • Improved sexual health
  • Healthier blood pressure


I hope that you are in a better position now to understand blood flow supplements and what are the best ingredients that make blood flow supplements work, I highly recommended that you take a closer look at Blood Flow Optimizer and Circ02, both of these blood flow supplements will I’m sure be able to help you.









Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula

Many people that are light sleepers may be interested in reading this article on Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula, after all in general light sleepers often find that they never get a full night’s sleep.

A light sleeper will often say that the simplest movement of their partner or sound can wake them up and they find it difficult to go into a deep sleep.

Not getting enough deep sleep has a negetative impact on ones life, from feeling tired, being irritable, finding it hard to concentrate and lacking in energy, Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula supplement may just be the answer to finding that elusive deep sleep that is so important.

Who is Dr Sam Robbins?

Dr Sam Robbins is a very successful natural health coach, he has been involved in natural health solutions for many age related conditions since 1999, over that period Dr Robbins has completed a Ph. D in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, an M.S. in Nutrition, a B.S. in Kinesiology, Dr Sam is also a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner.

His expertise has led to the development of many quality natural supplements that have helped thousands of people to gain better health, none more so than Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula, this unique formula was designed with the light sleeper in mind.

The formula was put together by doctors to help balance and optimize your sleep hormones, once that is accomplished you will notice a higher quality and deeper sleep.

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula

What does Deep sleep formula do

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula works in two ways, first this natural herbal supplement relaxes you to the point where you fall asleep quickly, secondly and most importantly you will find that you stay asleep longer.

Deep sleep formula contains natural organic bio identical ingredients that are safe to use and non-addictive, the good news is that the product can be tried out risk free because Dr Robbins offers a full one-year guarantee, he created deep sleep formula because he is a light sleeper and wanted a solution that works.

Why is deep sleep so important

Some find it hard to fall asleep while others experience the opposite and go to sleep without a problem, many people find that they wake up either to go to the loo or because their minds are working overtime and won’t let their bodies rest, to get over being a light sleeper some people try blackout shades, eye shades or ear plugs.

These things help in one way or the other, however getting a good night’s deep sleep seems elusive for many, according to Dr Sam Robbins a good night’s quality sleep has many advantages:

  • It balances and optimizes youth hormones
  • It burns belly fat and builds muscle
  • It optimizes happy chemicals and lifts your mood
  • It helps to boost your immune system
  • it promotes better health against illness and disease
  • It reduces stress
  • It improves your memory, brain function and cognition
  • It slows the aging process

Does age affect sleep

Sad to say as the years roll by getting a good night’s sleep seems harder and harder, statistics will point to the fact that most people simply don’t get enough quality sleep, in fact about one third of us are sleep deprived or don’t get enough quality sleep.

That’s where Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula is so effective especially for the 78% of people that report poor sleep quality, feeling untested, feeling tired or having a disruptive sleep, our modern society doesn’t help either.

Think for a moment about our lives nowadays, everyone seems to be under one kind of stress or another, stress in the workplace, financial stress, family stress or relationship stress, it’s well proven that stress plays a major role in poor quality sleep.

The end result of poor quality sleep is an imbalance in your hormones that makes you age faster, have less energy, find it harder to focus, be indecisive and generally find life hard to cope with, now is the time to take a good look at Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula to help you improve and get the deep sleep that you need.

Deep Sleep Formula

Start getting better sleep today!

> Doctor Endorsed
> Clinically Validated
> Scientifically Proven

Try It Risk Free

How does deep sleep formula work

Dr Robbins deep sleep formula works in three specific ways, there are 3 sleep hormones Orexin, Melatonin and Cortisol, deep sleep formula balances and gets the most out of these hormones.

Secondly the ingredients help your brain to relax by stimulating GABA receptors, alpha and beta waves, thirdly this unique formula improves circadian rhythm by increasing deep quality sleep stages for NTEM and REM.

How will you feel taking deep sleep formula

Many satisfied customers have reported a more sustained deeper and restful sleep, this is a direct result of more production of youthful hormones, others have reported feeling energized, refreshed, happier and more content, a deeper sleep means better clarity, mental focus and drive.

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula testimonials

I always like to read what customers are saying about a product, it help to give me confidence that the product will work for me, here are some deep sleep formula customer testimonials,

“Definitely helps me fall asleep and sleep longer. When I wake up during the night, I also fall back to sleep more easily. I wake up feeling good.”

“So important

Deep Sleep is truly a lifesaver for me. I had struggled with not being able to fall asleep for so long and now if I have trouble falling asleep, I remember that I forgot to take Doctor Sams Deep Sleep Formula. What a wonderful product!”

To learn more about Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula go straight to his website here.

How important is deep sleep

Imagine waking up feeling less stressed, worried of anxious because you didn’t sleep well, that’s why deep sleep is clinically proven to work and help you get a deeper sleep than would normally be the case, it’s really important as you age to have the benefits of a good nights sleep.

What does deep sleep formula contain

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula contains only the very best herbal ingredients that work to give a more restful sleep and they are:

120 MG Chamomile Extract (flower)

100 MG Melatonin (as MicroActive®)

120 MG Perluxan® Hops [std. 30% Extract alpha + iso-alpha acids

400 MG Honokiol (4% magnolia extract)[std. to 20% apigenin]

Blend † L-Tryptophan TryptoPure®250 MG L-Tryptophan Peptide (PepForm® technology)

250 MG GABA as PharmaGABA®500 MG Ornithine


Dr Robbins deep sleep formula has a strong track record of success because the formula uses ingredients backed by research and supported by clinical data.

100% of the ingredients are verified as having been produced under GMP each has a certificate to prove that, there are no artificial colors, gluten, wheat, fish, dairy, peanuts or egg.

How many deep sleep pills to take

The recommended amount of Dr Dam Robbins deep sleep formula pills to take is two pills just before bed on an empty stomach or as directed by a healthcare professional, if results aren’t as expected it’s safe to take 1-2 more per night.


Deep sleep formula is only for adults, do not drive or operate a machine after use, talk to a healthcare professional if you are taking medications, pregnant or have a medical condition.

Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula guarantee

The beauty of this deep sleep formula is you can try it for yourself completely risk free, the company offer a one-year, believe it or not 200% product satisfaction guarantee.

They are so confident that you will enjoy a much improved deeper sleep that they are willing to let you try this wonderful product without risking your money.

To learn more about Dr Sam Robbins deep sleep formula go right now to his website here. 




Advanced Bionutritionals Supplements

Advanced Bionutritionals Supplements

If you are looking for a supplement that can help you get the nutrients your body needs, then Advanced Bionutritionals Supplements could be what you’re looking for. These are not only made for adults, but they are also perfect for children to take. They have a complete line of products that can keep your body healthy, as well as making sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need each and every day.

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements are not just a brand that can help you to be healthier, this brand has a complete range of unique supplements that will keep you healthy and strong. The ingredients in their supplements will work together to give you the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Many people are looking into nutritional supplements in order to make sure that they are getting everything they need to stay healthy and strong. It’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and that it takes certain amounts of vitamins and minerals for it to function properly. When you are taking a supplement, you will be able to get what you need for the best results.

Vitamins and nutrients

There are different nutrients that everyone needs for them to function properly. Some of these nutrients include vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as minerals like magnesium and iron. These nutrients are essential to help the body absorb what it needs, as well as to ensure that it is functioning at its peak.

Bionutritionals supplements have all of the different nutrients that you need, so that you will be getting everything you need in one product. They will have all of the different ingredients that you need as well, so you will have a complete line of products to choose from. They will even give you free shipping on all of their products, which makes it easy to see why they are the best choice for those who are looking for a good supplement.

Stat healthy Advanced Supplements

Bionutritional’s supplements are a great way to stay healthy and to make sure that you are getting the proper amount of nutrients every day. There are a few different ways that you can get these nutrients, but with Advanced Bionutritionals Supplements, you will be getting them in the best way possible. When you are looking for a supplement, you will be getting all of the nutrients that you need.

With Advanced Bionutritionals supplements, you will know that you’re getting all of the vitamins, nutrients, and protein that you need. and you will also be getting them in the best way possible. This is a great supplement to have and to ensure that you stay healthy.

Many people feel that dieting and losing weight will help to get rid of wrinkles on the face and other areas of the body. When you are looking for something to use as an anti-wrinkle cream, you will be looking for something that has all of the ingredients that you need.

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements offer a quality range of herbal supplements that have been formulated and tested by doctors, you need to make sure that you get the right nutrients that will help your skin to be stronger and healthier. When you are trying to look younger and feel better, you will want something that will do both of these things.

Advanced Bionutritionals has many different types of supplements that you will find that will keep you healthy and looking great. They have facial scrubs, as well as body and joint creams that you can use for these products. All of these products are safe and easy to use.

When you are looking to use Advanced Bionutritionals supplements, you can use all of them in one spot. This is a great idea, because when you are using one of these products, you can mix it up a little bit if you like, and make it a unique way to get the benefits that you need. The different ingredients work together in order to help your skin look healthier and younger.

Healthier skin

You do not want to buy something that is only one type or brand, but instead, make it a little bit more than one. This way, you will have multiple types of supplements that you will use to make your skin look and feel better and healthier. You will be able to keep your skin looking healthy all day, every day.

An advanced supplement is the next level in nutritional nutrition. Bionutritionals supplements are intended to supplement a person’s diet. A supplement may be composed of a combination of herbs, minerals and other dietary ingredients, or a single component of a dietary supplement.

Combine with your diet

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements are often used in combination with a person’s primary dietary source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The purpose of this combination is to increase the body’s ability to absorb more nutrients and to reduce the amount of nutrients absorbed from the primary dietary source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

In many cases, an advanced supplement may have to be taken along with a regular vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure that all of the nutrient sources are adequately consumed. The goal is to provide an optimal balance of nutrients for optimal health.

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements are available in many different forms. They are generally sold as pills, capsules, powders, and liquid supplements. Some supplements are available in the form of drinks or dietary foods. There are also many nutritional bars available. Some of these bars contain several different types of advanced bionutritionals supplements, including green tea and ginseng.

The effectiveness of each of these supplements is based on the composition of the supplement itself. Some people may benefit from more than one supplement, while others may only need one or two of these supplements for optimal health.

Herbal supplements

Many people are familiar with herbal supplements such as ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and other herbs. However, most people are not aware of how to choose the best supplements for their body. This article will help you decide which supplement to use, and what to look for when purchasing a supplement.

Boost your immune system

Ginseng is often combined with vitamin A and zinc to increase your body’s immune system. These two vitamins are very important in boosting the body’s immune system, and they can help boost the overall immune system by increasing white blood cell production.

When taken together, these ingredients will improve your body’s ability to fight off infection. Some other people combine ginseng with a special type of herb called ginkgo biloba, which has been shown to help slow down the progress of aging.

Magnesium is important in lowering the risk of many kinds of cancer. If you do not take a magnesium supplement, you could have a greater risk of colon cancer, kidney cancer, and breast cancer. Magnesium has also been shown to be a good antioxidant, which helps to prevent free radical damage to your body cells.

Formulated by doctors

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements are formulated by doctors, you can be rest assured that the quality is second to none and contain all the nutrients necessary for optimal health. These nutrients should also be in the right amounts for your body. While you are taking any supplement, make sure that it contains the proper amount of the vitamins, minerals and other elements that your body needs for optimal health.

You should also make sure to check the manufacturer’s website and ingredients list to see what kind of a formulation the supplement contains before you buy it. This is very important, because not all supplements contain all of the components necessary for proper intake.

If you want to use a supplement that improves your body’s immune system, you should take a supplement that has ginkgo biloba and magnesium. Other ingredients that are often combined with ginkgo biloba and magnesium are licorice root, green tea, nettle root, and echinacea. These herbs are usually the foundation of an all-natural immune system supplement.

Conquer the aging process

As we age, our bodies tend to lose the ability to produce as many antioxidants as we had when we were younger. This is why it is important to supplement our body with a good amount of these nutrients. If we don’t, our bodies are much more prone to getting sick, developing disease, and developing serious conditions like cancer. By using an immune system supplement, we can help keep our immune systems strong and healthy for many years to come.

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02

Stronger bones and immune system

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements are designed to help strengthen the immune system, but they also help to improve the quality of our skin. The ingredients contained in these supplements help to repair collagen and elastin, the two major substances that contribute to the skin’s elasticity.

There are a number of other things that this supplement can improve like the production of healthy red blood cells, the production of vitamin A in the blood, and the production of calcium. In order to achieve the best results, you may want to use these supplements in conjunction with a comprehensive daily skin care routine.

Advanced Bionutritionals supplements are a great way to get your body on track. By making sure that you purchase the right supplement, you are ensuring that you are improving all of the functions of your body. The best supplements have a combination of ingredients that will help improve the functioning of every part of your body, giving you optimal results.


People often ask is Advanced Bionutritionals a scam, absolutely not, the company is based in Norcross GA, the products are quality based on science and formulated by doctors.

Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide the full story

Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide

What’s the connection between Dr Janet Zand and Nitric Oxide? Have you heard about Circ02 a powerful and best-selling Nitric oxide enhancer from Advanced Bionutritionals. Read on and let me tell you about how and why Dr Janet Zand became involved in this winning Nitric oxide formula that is helping so many people with poor circulation, aches and pains, a lack of energy and vitality.

Who is Dr Janet Zand?

Dr Janet Zand OMD, LAC is a well-respected Board-certified Acupuncturist, lecturer, author, a Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she has helped many thousands of people through her work formulating natural herbal and nutraceutical supplements and products.

Dr Janet Zand has a vast reservoir of knowledge in natural health, she is the editor of Women’s Health Letter, a weekly newsletter, she advises her newsletter readers on ways to get healthy, Dr Zand is focused on providing science backed solution oriented natural supplements for the leading nutraceutical company Advanced Bionutritionals.

Doctor Zand is an author and health adviser to a number of professional athletes, movie stars and rock stars, her 25 years in natural medicine has led to the establishment of McZand Herbal and Zand Herbal Formulas that are for sale in leading natural health stores in the USA. She has written and co-authored three books around natural health and healing including The Nitric Oxide Solution, Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child and Smart Medicine for Healthier Living.

Dr Janet Zand and Nitric 4

The connection between Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide

As I mentioned Dr Zand was involved in writing The Nitric Oxide Solution a book that details how important Nitric oxide is for your health, Nitric oxide is essentially a molecule or gas that is produced by your body naturally and is so important for many aspects of your health.

Nitric oxide or NO is pivotal to vasodilation a function that relaxes the endothelium or inner muscles in your blood vessels making them wider and allowing blood and nutrients to travel throughout the cardiovascular system, by eating vegetables high in nitrates and foods high in antioxidants ensures a steady supply of Nitric oxide for your body’s needs.

What affects Nitric oxide production?

Similar to a lot of conditions caused by ageing Nitric oxide production is affected also, the process of making this molecule is harmed by any number of diseases as the body weakens, less Nitric oxide in the body can cause:

• Lower energy levels

• Less vitality

• Creaky bones

• Cardiovascular disease

• Poor circulation

• Varicose veins

• Faster ageing

• Declining memory

• Hypertension

• Aches and pains

Nitric oxide supplement

The good news is Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide has the answer in the form of Circ02 a Nitric oxide supplement developed and formulated by De Zand and the team at Advanced Bionutritionals, this supplement is supplied in lozenge form for easier absorption and faster results, its particularly good for adrenal fatigue.

Circ02 is a top selling supplement to boost Nitric oxide levels and increase blood circulation to all parts of the body, when the arteries begin to relax more wonderful things happen, energy levels increase, vitality and a feeling of improved health follows, Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide have the ingredients in Circ02 that makes better health possible for thousands of people.

“My husband and I have been taking this for several years and find at age 70 that we are still very active with running, golf, hiking, yoga, strength training and just overall good health. Our bloodwork is great, and we are so much healthier than others our age”

” I have been taking it for 3 months and I feel much better and more inclined to do things, I have more energy and don’t want to just sit around anymore”

Dr Janet Zand Nitric oxide CircO2

Dr Janet Zand Nitric oxide and CircO2

Circ O2 came into being because of Dr Zand and Nitric oxide based on her knowledge of what would be the best natural ingredients to add to this unique formula to make the most effective and safe to take Nitric oxide supplement on the market.

CircO2 was formulated by Doctor Janet Zand and is marketed by a well-respected nutraceutical company Advanced Bionutritionals, the product is targeted at those people that want to remain active for as long as possible, the product is provided in lozenge form that easily dissolves into water, not only that you are provided with a Nitric oxide test strip to check your levels of NO.

To find out more about Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide (CircO2) go directly to Advanced Bionutritionals here.

What is in Circ02?

CircO2 is full of natural ingredients that include essential minerals and nutrients,

• Beetroot powder (proprietary blend to boost Nitric oxide production)

• Magnesium to enhance blood flow

• L-Citrulline

• Sodium nitrate

• Hawthorn berry extract

• Vitamin C to improve energy

• Vitamin B12 to boost muscle tissue use

What are the health benefits?

The benefits of taking Dr Janet Zand and Nitric Oxide CircO2 for your health are many such as:

• Better energy

• Better focus

• A feeling of wellbeing

• Better circulation

• More vitality

• Less aches and pains

• Better mental health


In a nutshell

In a nutshell Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide Circ02 is a reliable Nitric oxide supplement that you can take on a daily basis dissolved in a glass of water that will help your body to produce more NO and make you healthier, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Circ02 is the way to go if you find that you have poor circulation and you are low on energy,

The impact of Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide CircO2 on your health is clear, NO widens the blood vessels as a result each cell and organ in your body gets an improved amount of vital minerals and nutrients that enhance your health, customers of this wonderful Nitric oxide supplement have so many good things to say, just go over to the Advanced Bionutritionals website and read Citc02 testimonials here.


From reading customer testimonials on Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide (Circ02) it’s clear that a natural supplement that enhances Nitric oxide in the body is a must for those that find their “get up and go” has been lacking, it is safe to take even with medications, the ingredients are all natural and packed with vital vitamins and minerals that are backed by science.

To find out more about Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide (CircO2) go directly to Advanced Bionutritionals here.


Best Nattokinase brand value for money

Best Nattokinase brand

Have you heard about the health benefits of Nattokinase and want to know the best  Nattokinase brand , let me walk you through how this wonderful enzyme came into being, how it can help with various health conditions, what are the side effects and what is a safe dosage.

What is Nattokinase

Nattokinase was originally found in a popular Japanese dish called natto, natto is made from fermented soy beans, if you have ever eaten natto for breakfast you will know that it has a strong cheesy smell and is quite sticky.

Natto is made by the addition of Bacillus subtillis to boiled soya beans and left until the fermentation process completes. Natto can only be produced in this way to make it available in capsule or tablet form as a food supplement.

Japanese people place a lot of trust in natto as a traditional folk remedy especially in the area of cardiovascular disease, they believe that natto can help to unblock arterial plaque and lower blood pressure, the incidence of heart attacks and strokes is considerably less in Japan than in the Western world.

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What are the health benefits

To look at the health benefits of the best Nattokinase brand its important to know what is Nattokinase good for, as a food supplement Nattokinase is considered to be safe to take and well tolerated, side effects are minimal however there could be interactions with drugs that are designed to thin the blood.

Alternative health care practitioners believe that Nattokinase is good for people that suffer from heart disease and poor circulation by breaking down dangerous blood clots that affect blood circulation, in this way the best Nattokinase brand  is good for a number of conditions that include:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Stroke
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Angina
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Varicose veins
  • Heart attack

What is Nattokinase good for studies

Best Nattokinase brand  studies

Nattokinase has been studied extensively and there is a strong body of evidence to back up these claims, most of the studies were small in nature but proved what Nattokinase is good for, here are some examples:

2015 Study deep vein thrombosis

DVT or deep vein thrombosis is medical terminology that describes how a blood clot usually in the leg affects mainly older people that are overweight and have problems with circulation in the legs.

A 2015 scientific study that was published in Scientific Reports journal stated that the study showed that participants that were give 100 milligrams of Nattokinase orally found that it could break down fibrin ( fibrin is a protein associated with blood clotting) in a more effective manner than the placebo.

During the study it was found that Nattokinase acted as a blood thinner by reducing the concentration of Factor VII a blood clotting protein, the study pointed out that the best Nattokinase brand supplement could provide relief for those suffering from DVT by preventing blood clots from forming.

2015 Study Stroke

A stroke is the result of a blockage in the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to your brain, the blockage is caused by a blood clot or rupture, when this occurs parts of the brain are cut off from blood and oxygen so some brain cells will die.

Brain health and cardiovascular disease are closely linked, over the past number of years it has been suggested that the best  Nattokinase brand possesses neurological properties that can reduce the progression of ischemic strokes in people.

During 2015 a published study on Stroke journal reported that Nattokinase given intravenously could improve the flow of blood to the brain following a stroke, admittedly the study was carried out on mice in the lab.

However when the mice were put into an induced stroke state and were given 3 Nattokinase doses they scientists discovered that the smaller blood vessels in the brain stayed unblocked thus limiting the spread of further damage to surrounding tissues.

The study suggested that Nattokinase has a strong ability to break down fibrin (fibrinolysis) making the best Nattokinase brand supplement ideal for not only people that have had a stroke but it could also be helpful for Alzheimer’s disease.

2018 Study Atherosclerosis best Nattokinase brand

Atherosclerosis is one of the most common causes of heart attacks and strokes it begins when fatty substances known as plaques begin to stick together and harden on the arterial walls eventually causing an interruption of vital blood supply to the heart, brain and other body parts, sometimes with fatal consequences.

During 2018 a Chinese study on seventy-six adults with atherosclerosis were administered a 150 milligram Nattokinase supplement dose for a twenty-six week period.

The study results showed that patients experienced a thirty-six percent reduction in plaque in the arteries compared to a lesser amount of eleven percent in those patients that were given simivastatin a cholesterol lowering drug.

Best Nattokinase brand good cholesterol

In addition Nattokinase was found to be beneficial in raising “good” cholesterol levels whereas the statin drug didn’t.

That’s not to say that statin drugs don’t have a role to play in reducing atherosclerosis because it’s been well publicized that statins are the most effective and affordable way to reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides

Both are known to be high risk markers for heart disease. More research is needed to prove what Nattokinase is good for, many of the previous Nattokinase studies highlighted the supplement and its effectiveness in dealing with blood clots preventing heart attacks and improving circulation.

Are there side effects?

Nattokinase is a derivative of natto, a traditional Japanese dish that has been eaten for centuries and well thought of because of its health benefits, indeed the number of research articles point to its effectiveness and safety when taken in daily doses of 2,000 fu.

However it must be pointed out in this article about what Nattokinase is good for but also what are the side effects for:

  • People that are taking blood thinners like aspirin and warfarin should avoid because of extra bleeding and bruising.
  • People that have a bleeding disorder it may exacerbate the condition.
  • People that experience low blood pressure it mat make the condition worse.
  • People taking high blood pressure medications it may increase the effect of the drugs.


If you are taking the best Nattokinase brand and have surgery scheduled it is recommended that you stop taking the supplement two weeks beforehand in case of excessive bleeding, the Nattokinase supplement should not be taken while pregnant or during breastfeeding.

How much  per day is recommended?

Nattokinase is good for so many conditions associated with poor circulation, Nattokinase is available to buy in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and almost every country in the world, it is sold in capsule and tablet form, often in units of fibrinolytic activity or FU.

So, 2,000 FU twice a day is the normal recommended dosage, 2,000 Fibrinolytic Activity units is approximately 100 mgs or 150 mgs translates to 3,000 FU, Nattokinase is safe to take in units of 4,000 FU per day on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

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What is Nattokinase good for best Nattokinase brand

Is Nattokinase good for other conditions

CRS or chronic rhinosinisutis is a common condition that affects the nasal and sinus areas, the condition can become quite chronic causing a lot of discomfort and pain, inflammation is the root cause of CRS, a recent study suggested that Nattokinase is good for CRS by reducing the cause that is inflammation.

Nattokinase is good for the respiratory tract because it can shrink the viscosity of nasal discharge and sputum in people with CRS, I hope that you have enough information on the best Nattokinase brand what Nattokinase is good for that will give you the trust and confidence to buy Nattokinase from Good Health Naturally so that you can experience its health changing benefits.