Serrapeptase and Fibroids Testimonial

Serrapeptase and fibroids testimonial

Krista Johnson

I am trying to shrink uterine fibroids and I think it is working. For the first time in 8 years, I had a menstrual cycle that was only 4 days and no heavy bleeding. This is super exciting.

Bonnle L Miller

I have fibroid cystic breasts and you couldn’t touch them they hurt for many years . I take Serra enzyme (250,000IU) serrapeptase . 3 capsules in am and 3 caps in pm on an empty stomach.
For the first time in many years I have no pain . The first 2weeks in taking them I noticed it helped. Plus helped my arthritis, lungs and much more. Good luck to you ?

Sara Carstens

Fibroids is also why I have started serrapeptase. Nothing to report yet but I think I’m not taking enough, I’m taking 120,000 SPU a day, sometimes twice a day, seems like others are taking more….

Candy clouds

My friend was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. After determining it was not malignant, they told her to come back in 3 months and they would ultrasound it again. This had caused her intermittent pain for months. She had never been a big believer in anything not FDA approved. She is in the medical field. However, she decided to give serrapeptase a try. She texted me from the Dr’s office…no cyst now!

Soyica Blakney

It helped for a cyst I had too

Christine Kline

Yes yes yes. Unblocks fallopian tubes, dissolves scar tissues and i kid u not my reproductive parts felt tingly within a days use. This stuff is legit. I passed a single fibrous mass but had to stop tenporarily bc i got violently ill. But it works. 100%

Blockbuster Allclear Testimonials

Blockbuster allclear customer testimonials from customers taken from Good Health Naturally site

13 reviews
2 days ago

Zila Biner

Excellent I feel great
October 23

Julie Duggan

I bought this product to help clear my arteries from a 70% blockage, it’s a bit too soon to tell if the product works. The only way to know for sure is to have an angiogram.
October 17

Corry Groundstroem

I wouldn’t be without this supplement as I think it helps with so many things. Since I started taking it 4 years ago, after having a heart attack, I have had far fewer and much less severe migraines.
September 23

Bara Hreidarsdottir

like it used for some years.
September 17

David Morgan

excellent.made a huge difference to my lungs
September 13

sylvie billiau

So efficient and quick recovery for gut, blood flow issues. Need little more time to dissolve scar tissue in the body…
September 13

David R Higginson

I take these to keep I hope my Artery’s clear.A recent Myoview scan showed no blockages,not bad at 72 years old!
September 4

Kim Thompson

It has gellan gum in it which is an awful cheap additive and a known stomach irritant , I emailed them and no one even responded to discuss. So I have a full bottle that is a total waste of money.
August 26

Jil Waite

Hasn’t made any difference at all
July 28

alfred snieders

This product cleared my arteries and DVT for 100%.I advise it too everyone with this kind of troubles Snieders alfred
July 16


Very good for keeping cholesterol in check
June 12

customerTony Proc…

works well for me always feel a difference internally, thank you.
Blockbuster allclear testimonials

Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2013

Brought my blood pressure down from134/74 to 122-23/68 I take 2 in the morning 1/2 hour before breakfast each day

Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2017

Got at cardiac stress test to see if I had any blockages. No blockages detected. 5 years ago showed 3 at 70% blocked. Been using this 9 months

Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2016

I had experienced terrible swelling in the lower legs.Having used Blockbuster All Clear,the swelling on the left side was gone completely and on the right side was significantly reduced.I’m getting better and better every day. I have used 3 capsules daily for the past 5 weeks and i’m completely satisfied with the results

Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes testimonial

Serrapeptase for blocked fallopian tubes testimonial
AmNLovePosted 11/18/2016Hi ladies!!

I had blocked tubes since I was a teenager. I was diagnosed with pcos which resulted in ruptured cysts from time to time, I had/have endometriosis, and small uterine fibroids. All the women in my family have reproductive issues but I believe Im the worst case so far. Im 26 years old now and was told for years by doctors that I may not be able to conceive in the future due to many issues I have which turned out to be true.

Finally in February of 2016, I decided that I needed to try something different in order to have a child with my current fiancé. We had been BDing unprotected our entire relationship, my cycles were regular (every 28 days), I had positive opks and ov pain on CD14 of every cycle, and I was taking prenatal vitamins and Maca but still couldnt get pregnant. I then remembered what past doctors have said about my “reproductive issues” causing blockages that could result in infertility when i got older.

Since Im into Holistic Health, I found out about Serrapeptase. I started taking four 120,000 unit pills twice a day and continued using Maca and prenatal vits. Not thinking i would concieve quickly, i continued having unprotected sex. The following month (March 2016), I conceived for the first time in my life. I found out that I was pregnant in the beginning of April 2016.

Because my hcg wasnt rising correctly (3800 the first test, but only rose to 4799 two days later), I had to get an emergency ultrasound. To my unfortunate surprise, there was no baby to be found nor any sign of a pregnancy in my uterus. The doctors checked my tubes and my left one was perfect but the right one couldnt be found on the ultrasound. Since i have endo, we assumed my right tube was attached to another organ or it just couldnt be seen. The US techs assumed my baby was in my right tube and told me to either take methrotexate or prepare for surgery. I of course chose methro. Before they gave me the medicine, i went to the bathroom and noticed I was passing big golf ball sized clots. I told the doctors and they gave me another ultrasound to see what was happening. On the ultrasound, it showed something in my uterus that was coming out of me. By that time, it was atleast 12 doctors and students in the room with me trying to figure out what was happening. Half of them believed I was having a miscarriage, but the other half still believed that I had an ectopic so the gave me the methrotexate just in case and sent me home ????

Sorry for the long story!! If I did have an ectopic, i believe the serrapeptase started to clear the blockages but i didnt allow enough time for it to finish so my baby got stuck in the rest of the blockage. If I did have a miscarriage, then the Serrapeptase did clear my blockages enough to conceive and implant but other issues caused the m/c.

Im currently taking Serrapeptase now. Im 9DPO with a lot of pregnancy symptoms so im hoping to have a healthy, viable pregnancy this time!!. I believe Serrapeptase is the answer to a lot of our infertility issues along with progesterone cream!!

Optibac probiotics for women testimonials

Average Rating

4.8 / 5

A well-researched friendly bacteria supplement for women, proven to survive to reach the vaginal flora. Contains Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14® and rhamnosus GR-1®

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I really recommend this product. Discovered this probiotics and would not be without the capsules now. Expensive but so worth it.


  • Beth

    Started taking these probiotics and they’ve changed my life! Highly recommend to anybody.


  • Grace

    I started using this product about 8 months ago. It really worked for me and it was great because it restored my confidence. I’d highly recommend to anyone. At the same time as taking these probiotics, I also cut out dairy and sugar from my diet and I think this helped too because I no longer use the probiotics and I still feel really healthy.


  • Ashley

    This worked.

    So so happy these probiotics exist.


  • Lib

    Wonderful capsules.

    Have also tried the antibiotic ones during a course of Metronidazol.

    Highly recommend.


  • Jessie

    These are the only probiotics that have ever worked for my system. I’m so grateful to have found them and tried them while in London on vacation. Just waiting for a US distributor!


  • Noe

    Tried the optibac woman probiotic. It didnt help. The customer support was really disappointing. Totally dissatisfied with the low level of customer service, and care for the customer. Would not recommend at all.


  • Becky

    A day of desperation had me knee deep into Google where I stumbled upon Optibac for women.

    I was reluctant to splash cash, anticipating nothing good to come of it, but I’m now nearing the bottom of my 30-capsule tub and I’ve just placed an order for my next.

    I couldn’t be more happy!

    Cheers you wonderful, tiny tabs.


  • Joanne

    Been on optibac for women recommended from my health food store. This is a miracle. I also take 2 small scoops of vitamin C powder daily. I can really recommend it


  • Sharlene

    I have finally found something that works… If you are in 2 minds whether to try it or not take my advice and TRY IT YOU WONT REGRET It


Serrapeptase Ear & Sinus Infection Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonial
Photo by Jos Zwaan on Unsplash

Serrapeptase testimonials

These are genuine customer testimonials, none of these people have received a gratuity from Good Health Naturally.

We would like to thank them for sharing their experience with Serrapeptase.

Bobby Leopard’s Cardiovascular Disease

Posted on February 12, 2009. Filed under: Cardiovascular Disease, Testimonials |

Hi Robert,

“In January, my bad cholesterol was 212, my triglycerides were 476, and my blood sugar level was 124. The doctor couldn’t measure my good cholesterol, because my triglycerides were so high.

In the second week of March, I starting taking two 400 mg capsules of Serrapeptase twice a day. By the second week of April – without changing my diet – my bad cholesterol went from 212 to 181, my triglycerides dropped from 476 to 356, and my blood sugar level dropped from 124 to 112.”

Bobby Leopard

Windsor, SC

Arthritis and Cholesterol – Mrs. Eileen Malone

Posted on February 12, 2009. Filed under: Cholesterol, Testimonials |

“I’m so glad I heard that program. I bought myself a bottle and after two weeks the pain lessened.”

Walking was agony for Mrs Malone. The severe arthritis in her knee was so severe and none of the many prescribed medicines she tried had any lasting benefit. By chance she tuned into Dennis the Chemist on her local radio station and heard the name Serrapeptase for the first time. ‘Worth a try’ she told herself.

Says Mrs Malone: “I’m so glad I heard that programme. I bought myself a tub and after two weeks the pain lessened. Then I ran out of it and the pain returned. I’ve been on it ever since. I take 2 in the morning and two in the evening and it has definitely helped me.”

“Recently I went for blood tests because I am anaemic and it appears that both my blood count and cholesterol levels have improved so maybe Serrapeptase has given me other benefits. I tell everyone about it and I just know I’ll go on taking it forever.”

Eileen Malone

Isle Of Man

Ear and Sinus Infection

Posted on February 12, 2009. Filed under: Chronic Ear Infections, Testimonials |

I suffered from an ear & sinus infection for several months. I took three rounds of very strong antibiotics. Within days of taking two tablets each day of Serrapeptase, there was an improvement, and the infection is completely gone now. I am very conservative and cautious about taking supplements; but I was pretty miserable and decided to try the Serrapeptase. In addition to the ear and sinus healing, I notice that I am feeling better overall. I am continuing to take two tablets each day and have started my frail, elderly mother on two tablets each day. She has chronic allergies and breathing problems and I am amazed that, although it is a miniscule dose, she seems to be improving…Really! The best thing is that there have been absolutely NO negative side effects. I appreciate the information you have provided and thank you very much.

Date: February 07, 2006

Country: USA

Initials: B.W.

Serrapeptase helped with my really terrible Catarrhal Rhinopharyngitis

Posted on February 12, 2009. Filed under: Rhinopharyngitis, Testimonials |

When I was taking Serrapeptase it helped my really terrible catarrh, I could hardly breathe in the mornings. Someone advised me to try Serrapeptase and it certainly moved the catarrh. My friends are also using it, One man had trouble with his foot and another had a similar problem with catarrh. We all agree it is very much to be recommended. And I make a point of getting to bed by 10.30 the night Dennis the Chemist is on the radio….the first thing he ever mentions is you’ve guessed it Serrapeptase

‘I have had terrible problems with Catarrh for many years.’

Posted on February 12, 2009. Filed under: Catarrh, Testimonials |

I have found SerraPlus caps marvellous for me. I have had terrible problems with Catarrh for many years. Several of my family have it, so it may be genetic. I developed asthma through stress, but managed to get rid of that by changing my diet and having cranial osteopathy, but was still left with the catarrh. A friend suggested serrapeptase and since I started taking the Serraplus my nose is clear and I no longer have to constantly clear my throat. I am really pleased with them.


Sylvia DeSantis – Naturopathic Counsellor

Posted on February 16, 2009. Filed under: A Practitioner’s Story, Testimonials |

Hi Robert,

I first started ordering Serrapeptase for my neighbour that has cancer. I am her Naturopathic Counsellor. She had a cough that wouldn’t go away and one of the groups I am in recommended Serrapeptase. After taking 2 tablets 3x a day of the 40,000 IU, for about six weeks, her shortness of breath had lessened, her voice was back to normal, and her cough had subsided to just a little.

After doing much research on this product, I decided to buy a case. I gave some to my brother and his wife, my sister, and my son. I started taking 2 capsules 2 x a day of the 40,000, the first part of March 2007. I did have any real ailments that I was targeting but, being a smoker, (I know I should quit), I realized the benefits it would ring. I had a constant pain in my back for over 20 years. It was something I just lived with, and never really took anything for it unless it got too unbearable. After taking Serrapeptase for about three weeks, I was talking to someone about it, and I realized I had no pain. Ever since that time, I have been pain free. This is probably the first time in my life that no matter how hard I work, (and I’m a hard worker), I am completely pain free all the time, and I feel great.

I am so amazed with this product that I talk to people all the time about it. Almost everyone I know could benefit from it one way or another. I now take 2 to 3 a day just for maintenance.

Sylvia DeSantis




What does Nattokinase DO? Nattokinase testimonials

What does Nattokinase do?

I’m often asked about Nattokinase and what does Nattokinase do, in a nutshell this soybean extract is good for blood clots, endometriosis, arterial plaque and deep vein thrombosis.

Nattokinase has become popular with the public for many health conditions, I decided to check and find out what people were saying about Nattokinase health benefits, I have taken some Nattokinase testimonials from satisfied customers on the Good Health Naturally website.

My name is Fintan, I work in healthcare, I see a lot of common health conditions involving inflammation, pain and swelling. I believe in letting nature take care of us especially when it comes to our health, I have had some health challenges, I have a lot of time for doctors however I have found that natural products helped me with inflammation pain and swelling.

Is it a natural product?

Nattokinase is a natural product, it comes from Natto, natto is a traditional food dish used by the Japanese people daily. It is a type of soya bean that the people   eat with rice, natto is a sticky substance, not everybody in Japan likes the cheesy  taste of it.

Interestingly Japanese people have far less experience with heart disease compared to the Western world, in fact the rate of heart disease is nine times less in Japan than in the Western world. What does that tell us? Natto is good for your health, some studies have been done to test the theory that Nattokinase may be beneficial for human health and to find out what does Nattokinase do.

Nattokinase Dissolves fibrin

I was intrigued when I read a study that showed how Nattokinase dissolves fibrin, fibrin is a constant risk the development of blood clots. Fibrin is formed from fibrinogen when your blood clots, fibrin is insoluble meaning that it forms a mesh and slows the flow of blood. When your blood flow slows down it influences other functions like heart rate, blood pressure, energy production, and metabolism.

In another study it was shown that Nattokinase had clear beneficial effects for patients who suffered a stroke.

Doctors don’t know

There are few doctors in the world that will advise you to take Nattokinase for blood clots because they simply don’t know about it, they won’t advise you to take it arterial plaque or deep vein thrombosis, so I checked around to find out what people who have used Nattokinase found and here are some Nattokinase testimonials.

Note: These are genuine testimonials taken from verified Good Health Naturally customers that purchased Nattokinase, please note “DO NOT TAKE NATTOKINASE IF YOU ARE ON BLOOD THINNING MEDICATION OR IF YOU ARE PREGNANT AS IT MAY BE DANGEROUS AND MAKE YOUR BLOOD THINNER”

As with all treatments whether they are doctor prescribed or as a food supplement the results will vary,

Great for us women with ENDOMETRIOSIS

November 12, 2014

Size: 90 Count (Pack of 1)Verified Purchase

I take this Nattokinase along with the Serrapeptase every morning religiously, 2 capsules each. I take them together because they’re supposed to work synergistically, and many people also do so. I also take 2 capsules of DIM along with them, and 2 Vitex later in the day.
That’s it. Other than Vit C, it’s all I take daily. I’m quite a healthy 40 years and don’t need a bunch of other stuff to put in my system.
I must add that the reason why I started taking this is because I read it helps with shrinking fibroids, adherences, etc.
I have noticed a HUGE improvement over the past couple of months: no more pain caused by my endometriosis problem. Before starting this medication cocktail, there were days I could barely walk, really, and I’d feel the need to lie down and take Ibuprofen and stuff, feeling all miserable.
I already had laparoscopic surgery once, but it was about 8 years ago, and it all came back in time. I was bracing myself for doing another, but I don’t think I need it anymore. How freaking awesome is that.
Besides, my belly fat has gone down, but I’m not sure it’s the natto, as much as the DIM I take. But who knows? At any rate, the cocktail works wonders.
Unless I start feeling some side effects, I plan to keep my current regimen.

5 stars I am doing great with the use of Nattokinase

What does Nattokinase doOctober 20, 2015

Size: 90 Count (Pack of 1) Verified Purchase

I have a fib and need blood thinners. I have used this product for many years in place of the many dangerous blood thinners prescribed by doctors. I must say that my doctor almost fires me because of my refusal to comply with his recommendations. I am doing great with the use of Nattokinase, I would also say please research carefully before you use this or any other product if you have a health condition that otherwise prescribes medication.

What a difference 1-year can make!

October 13, 2015

Why Oh Why don’t more women know about Nattokinase??
This product has provided me Lighter, shorter, less painful menstrual cycles over the last year!! Repeat ultrasounds have shown decrease in number of uterine fibroids from 4 down to 2 and reoccurring cysts shown in early months of testing have been absent on last 2 scans.
See a doctor first get the necessary tests to see what is wrong… if diagnosed with uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts this product most likely will ease symptoms. Note…I take one capsule every 8 hours which can be difficult to work in when life is full and busy, but the payoff is less painkillers, less missed work, less supplies needed, and more life lived!
Looking forward to seeing 1-year ultrasound results scheduled later this month!

Nattokinase testimonials

I have taken a small sample of Nattokinase testimonials as you can see these people have good things to say about the product however you will find other testimonials that don’t say good things about Nattokinase overall 72% of customers gave the product a FIVE STAR RATING

Click here to go to the Good Health Nattokinase Testimonials Page


Serrapeptase angina testimonials

Serrapeptase testimonials image

Serrapeptase angina testimonials

Since Taking Serrapeptase ‘I’ve not had an angina attack.’

Posted on February 8, 2009. Filed under: Serrapeptase Angina, Testimonials 

I had angina pains just walking my dog around the block by the time I only reached the half way mark. I took 6 of the SerraEzyme 80K tablets for 30 days, and now I’m down to just 3 a day.

Two weeks after starting the 6 per day, the angina stopped and I’ve not had an angina attack since. I go for a yearly carotid artery check in June, and as the yearly checks showed the blockage increasing around 10% every year, and last year it was up to 60-70. So after the next check due in June, I’m really anxious to see the readings.

I’ve had open heart surgery with 5 bypasses in September of 1995. Ten years later, I got my first stent. Then, after 11 years, I started to have such angina pains that they put me into the hospital, and in 2005 and 2006, I wound up with 15 more stents.

My wife discovered it, I can’t thank her enough.’

Posted on February 8, 2009. Filed under: Angina, Testimonials |

It is a big decision to turn your back on orthodox drugs in favour of longer-term complementary therapies. That is the step J.S. is contemplating now having seen quite dramatic results with serrapeptase. An angina sufferer he has gone through the usual medical route of having a stent inserted and being put on statins to prevent the build up of ‘unfriendly’ cholesterol.Thanks to his wife’s research into enzyme therapy occasioned by both her son’s health problem and her own liver dysfunction the couple discovered serrapeptase.

‘J’ mixes scientific research with a certain intuition which she believes is crucial to finding what is right for the individual.

Says J.S. “Personally I’ve had a great success with serrapeptase.

In the past if I had anything to eat and then went out I had pain in my arm and left side. That condition has gone. When we discovered it on the Internet we ordered four bottles. I am now on my last bottle. We were amazed at how quickly it worked. Before I’d walk over a fairly flat area and get this angina pain. Now I can walk up a 5 in 1 gradient hill and, all right, I arrive at the top a bit breathless but only as anybody else would. Sometimes I’ll feel a slight pain but nothing like it was before.”

J.S. is so confident about his therapy he has given up beta-blockers and aspirin. He takes serrapeptase at a dose of one in the morning one in the evening. Understandably, he is reluctant to give up statins totally although he is now on this low dose.

“I am definitely feeling the effect,” he says, “I think you also have to look after yourself: simple life, the right meals, cut down on processed foods and oily foods. My wife discovered serrapeptase and I can’t thank her enough.”


Bobby Leopard’s Cardiovascular Disease

Posted on February 12, 2009. Filed under: Cardiovascular Disease, Testimonials |

Hi Robert,

“In January, my bad cholesterol was 212, my triglycerides were 476, and my blood sugar level was 124. The doctor couldn’t measure my good cholesterol, because my triglycerides were so high.

In the second week of March, I starting taking two 400 mg capsules of Serrapeptase twice a day. By the second week of April – without changing my diet – my bad cholesterol went from 212 to 181, my triglycerides dropped from 476 to 356, and my blood sugar level dropped from 124 to 112.”

Bobby Leopard

Windsor, SC

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