ProArgi 9 + Customer Testimonials

ProArgi 9+ Customer testimonials 5 0 out of 5 stars Miracle just happened May 26, 2016 Verified Purchase We were told by our brother in Malaysia to try this product. One of the testimonies that really interested us was we read an old lady who had been on dialysis for 5 years after using it for … Read more ProArgi 9 + Customer Testimonials

Peripheral artery disease Testimonial

Severe Case of Peripheral Artery Disease “I used the enzyme to treat a severe case of peripheral artery disease (PAD). After four months use, the PAD does not appear to be as severe. In addition, there is much improvement in both feet with respect to warmth. The color and the sense of feeling also returned … Read more Peripheral artery disease Testimonial

Gout testimonial Serrapeptase

Gout Testimonial Serrapeptase One healthcare practitioner describes the effectiveness of Serrapeptase for gout treatment: “I have a client who has suffered with a severe gout-like arthritic pain for 5 years, possibly as a result of taking ecstasy in his youth. His general health also suffered, he developed a lung problem and he was at a … Read more Gout testimonial Serrapeptase

L Arginine Heart Testimonials

L Arginine Heart Testimonials L-Arginine has been proven to help in reversing heart disease, please read some of the thousands of L-Arginine heart testimonials and judge for yourself. Arginine and L-citroline in one product .. Excellent Posted by Hani-Abdel-Kader on October 26 2015| Verified Purchase As a pharmacist and a natural medicine therapist, I recommend using this product, … Read more L Arginine Heart Testimonials

Nattokinase testimonials

Nattokinase Testimonials Please read Nattokinase testimonials and you will find that Nattokinase is helpful for heart problems and it has other health benefits. Nattokinase or Natto has been used by the Japanese people for thousands of years, the rate of heart disease in Japan is ten times less than the Western world.  I had a … Read more Nattokinase testimonials

Serrapeptase COPD Testimonials

Serrapeptase Copd testimonials COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder is a progressive illness that affects your breathing. There are natural alternatives that have worked to relieve breathing. Serrapeptase is a preteolytic enzyme used for many years by healthcare practitioners, read Serrapeptase COPD testimonials. ‘I call it a MIRACLE’ “I’ve had a persistent cough in the … Read more Serrapeptase COPD Testimonials

Serrapeptase Benefits COPD

Serrapeptase Benefits COPD- Great story I hope that you have come here to find out some more information on Serrapeptase benefits Copd.  Before you do anything else I would urge you to listen to Stephen’s heartfelt story on Serrapeptase benefits Copd. Stephen is over 70 years of age,he has had some really challenging issues with … Read more Serrapeptase Benefits COPD

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