What supplement for varicose veins?

What supplement for varicose veins?

I’m going to explain what supplement for varicose veins in this article, too many people suffer from symptoms of diseases caused by poor circulation, varicose veins, spider veins or hemorrhoids are some of the most common types directly associated to poor circulation. A quality supplement with the right formula can certainly help to ease the pain associated with varicose veins and other conditions associated with poor circulation.

Strangely enough varicose veins affect more women than men, statistics show that twice as many women get varicose veins as men, in America almost 25% of the population are affected.

Often people with varicose veins are told that they need to make a hospital appointment for a less invasive treatment that costs quite a bit of money and may not be covered by health insurance, other treatments can also be expensive.

The good news is that varicose veins, spider veins or hemorrhoids can be helped in a more natural way with supplements so let’s tell you what supplement is best for varicose veins and other poor circulation conditions.

Varicose veins

Circulation problems

Circulation problems don’t just happen overnight, they are very often the result of a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and or the aging process, the condition primarily affects the legs and feet, but can also be in other areas of the body and severe.

Symptoms of poor circulation range from:

  • Tired and heavy legs
  • Leg ulcers
  • Persistent infections and wounds
  • Reduced libido
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Shortness of breath
  • Mental fog
  • Poor memory
  • A lack of energy
  • Dizziness

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged or swollen veins that occur most frequently on the inside of the leg or at the back of the calves, they are usually a blue or dark purple. They look unsightly as they are twisted or knotted often swollen or raised above the surface of the skin in the leg.

The medical name for the cause of varicose veins is venous insufficiency meaning the heart isn’t able to pump enough blood to all areas of the body and this affects the valves within the veins in the legs, fortunately there is a supplement for varicose veins.

These valves are supposed to act as a stop gap to prevent blood from flowing back as it moves up into the legs, the valves become weak causing blood to collect in the vein, the excess blood causes the vein to become swollen and varicose meaning a condition that causes swelling and torturous lengthening of veins.

Varicose veins should not be ignored because they could result in more complications that include leg ulcers, inflamed areas on the legs, varicose eczema or leg itching. In more severe cases varicose veins may cause blood clots, symptoms are swelling, pain and redness in the leg, medical care may be needed without delay.

Risk factors

There are a number of risk factors for varicose veins that include:

  • Standing up or sitting down for long periods of time causing abnormal blood flow
  • Family history plays a part
  • Pregnant women can get varicose veins because of the increase of blood volume to support the baby, changes in hormones can also play a part.
  • Age increases the risk wear and tear on the leg muscles especially the calf muscle causes damage to the valves then the blood stays in the legs and over time starts to bulge.
  • Obesity causes extra pressure on the legs
  • Sex. Women are more likely to develop varicose veins because of certain factors like hormonal changes, the menopause, the pill, or hormone treatments can all have an effect.

Spider veins

Spider veins are similar to varicose veins but smaller in size, they are usually blue, red or purple and are close to the surface of the skin. Called spider veins because they appear to look like the branches of a spider web or a tree, they are usually found on your legs, sometimes found on the face in a localized spot or can be found in a large area of the skin. Spider veins are rather unsightly and similar to varicose veins supplements, spider veins can be removed safely and effectively with a quality supplement.


Also known also as piles, hemorrhoids are small veins inside and outside the anal section of the body, these blood vessels can become swollen inside the anal canal and are referred to as internal hemorrhoids. They can’t be felt but if they become irritated blood may be seen following a bowel movement, on the other hand external hemorrhoids can bleed quite often and can be felt at the anus opening.

Hemorrhoids can be extremely uncomfortable even though there are a number of reasons for both internal and external hemorrhoids the principal reason is down to poor circulation

If you are suffering from varicose veins, spider veins or hemorrhoids to the point where your quality of life is affected then it is time to look at what supplement for varicose veins will work to help calm the symptoms and improve your daily life. You really need to address these health concerns before the implications of poor circulation get worse.

How do you boost poor circulation?

Let’s look again at what is causing poor circulation in the legs we find that enlarged or swollen veins is the primary cause, the enlargement is caused by blood clots blocking the flow of blood and causing pain. This needs to be addressed and the answer to your question what supplement for varicose veins is Blockbuster allclear a combination of pretolytic enzymes that has been proven to dissolve blood clots safely and effectively.

What is Blockbuster allclear?

Blockbuster allclear is a unique combination of powerful natural enzymes and other nutrients formulated to reduce inflammation, promote internal cleansing and healing, reduce blood pressure, clear arteries and support lung function.

This amazing supplement contains 40,000 IU Serrapeptase for an improved anti-inflammatory effect in clearing dead or unwanted tissue.

Blockbuster allclear has Pycnogenol® 10 mg, a well researched supplement known to lower blood pressure, found in the back of white pine, Pycnogenol® 10 mg contains strong antioxidants that strengthen those small blood capillaries in the body particularly in the legs.

There is very sound research suggesting that this supplement is more than fifty times more powerful as an antioxidant than Vitamin E and twenty times more effective than Vitamin C.

Pycnogenol® 10 mg as a supplement for varicose veins has been found to be particularly useful, it is also good for capillary fragility, swollen legs, diabetic retinopathy as well as other conditions caused by inflammation in the veins and capillaries.

Grapeseed extract is a concentrated source of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) these antioxidants help in protecting cells from damage by free radicals, grapeseed extract helps with circulation.

Vitamin k2 is included in Blockbuster allclear formula because studies show that it promotes clearer arteries and slows bone degeneration. The formula boasts Policosanol 6 mg because studies suggest it lowers cholesterol especially the LDL or bad cholesterol, by a unique mechanism it also increases your good HDL cholesterol while reducing triglycerides.( bad fats)

Blockbuster allclear is aptly named because it literally clears out blood clots that cause varicose veins, it also helps to support cardiovascular health, the digestive system, blood pressure and the circulatory system, the joints and connective tissue.

Blockbuster  allclear ingredients:

Rice bran, cellulose and water, (vegetable capsule) Nattokinase from soybean natto, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose Serrapeptase, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Amount per serving

Serrapeptase 40,000 IU

Protease 20,000 hut

Nattokinase 1,600 FU

Cellulase 600 CU

Amylase 4,000 SKB

Amla 45% Tannkns 50 mg

Lactase 1,000 ALU

Policosanol 6 mg

Olive Leaf Citrus Blend Citrolive™ 225 mg

Acerola 17.5% 50 mg

Trace Mineral Complex (Coral Calcium) 100 mg

Grapeseed Extract 25% 100 mg

Policosanol 6 m

Lactospore Probiotics 15 million 25 mg

Trace Mineral Complex (Coral Calcium) 100 m

Recommended Usage:

Take 2 capsules twice daily 30 minutes before food.

Recommended supplement for varicose veins, spider veins and hemorrhoids

Blockbuster  allclear 2,000 FU (Fibrinolytic units) by Good Health Naturally

(Click on the picture to purchase Blockbuster allclear or for more information)

Blockbuster allclear


I hope that you have enough information on what supplement for varicose veins, the Blockbuster allclear supplement is one if a kind in relation to helping blockages in veins and arteries, it comes from natural sources do it’s completely safe to take, it is effective in clearing up blockages that cause varicose veins and other conditions caused by poor circulation.








How to get better blood flow

How to get better blood flow

This article on how to get better blood flow will help those with poor circulation,  poor circulation isn’t a health condition it does means that poor blood flow has been caused by other health issues, in this article I will show you how to get better blood flow and improve circulation by supplementing with some natural alternative products.

There are a number of health conditions that can cause poor blood flow the most common of these include arterial blockages caused by plaque build-up, heart disease, obesity or diabetes, maintaining normal blood flow is paramount for health, healing and in particular cardiovascular and brain health.

How to get better blood flow

Why is it so important

Healthy blood flow is so important to your health overall as well as your physical well-being, healthy blood flow enhances and supports the most basic physical and cognitive functions for example your heart, your lungs and your cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.

When you are healthy you feel good, on the other hand when you are not healthy and there are problems with poor circulation and blood flow you don’t feel 100%.

Unfortunately in some cases poor circulation and blood flow can lead to more serious issues like peripheral artery disease, high blood pressure, worse still a heart attack or stroke.

So its important to learn how to get better blood flow, improving blood circulation is one thing it goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, healthy food, proper sleep and regular exercise are recommended by most doctors and dieticians as a good starting point in learning how to get better blood flow.

These measures are just a starting point, you will need more help to get better blood flow in the form of natural ingredients that have some scientific evidence to suggest that they in conjunction with diet, sleep, less stress and regular can go a long way to get better blood flow.

Supplements for circulation and blood flow

I’m going to take you through the best supplements for circulation and better blood flow, even if you take prescription medications for your heart, cholesterol, high blood pressure or other ailments that could be affecting blood flow there are natural alternative supplements that can help the process in how to get better blood flow.

I have picked 9 supplements that can support and enhance blood flow and circulation in the heart arteries, veins and even the smallest capillaries that carry oxygen rich blood to all parts of your body.

How to get better blood flow supplements

Why is circulation so important

I’ve mentioned that healthy blood circulation is so important because of the support it brings to your overall physical health and mental well-being, having healthy blood circulation means that:

  • Healthy blood carrying oxygen and vital nutrients is circulated to all parts of the body, this process is vital for optimal performance of the main organs like your heart, lungs, brain muscles and cells.
  • Healthy blood is vital to remove waste products
  • Healthy blood is not only important for your cardiovascular system but your brain also needs healthy blood circulation.

Have you symptoms of poor circulation

Perhaps you are reading this article on how to improve blood flow because you have some symptoms of poor circulation, if you recognize those mentioned below you may have unhealthy circulation:

  • Fatigue
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Wounds that are slow to heal
  • Leg and ankle swelling
  • Low sex drive
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle cramping
  • Brain fog
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Leg pain

Best supplements for improved blood flow

Let’s delve into what are the best supplements that will help you to improve blood flow, I’m going to mention Omega 3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10, Nattokinase, L-Arginine, Nitric oxide, Turmeric and Systemic Enzymes.

How to get better blood flow omega 3's

1. Omega 3 fatty acids

One of the most popular supplements to get better blood flow is Omega 3 fatty acids, several studies show that people consuming fish oil or fatty fish a few times a week have found that this cohort has a reduced chance (about 30%) of getting heart disease.

The reason being that Omega 3 reduces one of the main causes of heart disease atherosclerosis and it reduces inflammation in the arteries, you can get Omega 3 in sufficient amounts from fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, anchovies, for those that don’t like fish I recommend this Omega 3 supplements.

2. Coenzyme Q10 is vital for helping your body to produce energy, many studies have demonstrated how cholesterol lowering drugs affect the body’s ability to generate sufficient energy that you need for everyday activities, not only that a study in the Journal of Medicine showed that a quality Coenzyme Q10 supplement protects arteries from damage by ldl or bad cholesterol oxidation.

One of the negative things about getting older is the fact that natural Reserved of Coenzyme Q10 begin to deplete, that’s why I recommend that you consider taking this Coenzyme Q10 supplement as a way to counteract aging and the effects of statins.

To find out how to get better blood flow by taking 100-200 mg of Ubiquibol Co Q10 go to the Good Health Naturally website here.

3. Nattokinase is one of my favorite ingredients for people that want to know how to get better blood flow because it dissolves harmful excess fibrin that could be impeding blood flow in the arteries and blood vessels, Nattokinase is created from fermenting soybean, it can reduce the thickness of blood, support higher HDL or good cholesterol levels and reduce LDL or bad cholesterol.

Good Health Naturally provide the best value for money Nattokinase, go here to learn more, if you take blood thinners such as Coumadin or Warfarin please talk to your doctor before taking Nattokinase.

4. L-Arginine is an amino acid that works particularly well and is effective in relaxing blood vessels and boosting nitric oxide levels, as L-Arginine gets into the bloodstream blood vessels begin to relax, that can have a major impact on blood flow. Science has shown us that we can get L-Arginine from certain foods for example it is found in soybeans, chicken, pumpkin seeds, pork, turkey, and green vegetables.

However, as you age it becomes harder for your body to create Nitric oxide from foods your body becomes depleted that’s where a quality L-Arginine supplement can help your body in how to get better blood flow.

To get your L-Arginine supplement and get better blood flow please visit Good Health Naturally here.Depleted Nitric oxide levels5. Nitric oxide booster, poor blood flow can be caused by blockages in the arteries and blood vessels, blockages are the result of plaque build-up over a period of time, plaque is dangerous because it can break off at any time and cause a heart attack or stroke.

So, how do you get rid of these blockages in the arteries, a number of studies point to a depletion in Nitric oxide levels as the main reason for inflammation in the arteries, inflammation in the arteries can cause plaque to break off and become dangerous.

By restoring Nitric oxide levels with this best-selling Nitric oxide supplement Circ02 you give your body a chance to become healthy again to learn more about how to improve circulation using Dr Janet Zands recommended product Circ02 go to the Advanced Bionutritionals Website here.

6. Systemic enzymes

Systemic enzymes are a great way to get better blood flow, the best known is Serrapeptase in fact many doctors across the world recommend Serrapeptase as a natural alternative to prescription NSAIDs mainly because it is super efficient at reducing inflammation, boosting circulation, thinning excess mucus, and breaking down unhealthy toxins in the body.

To learn more on how to get better blood flow by using Serrapeptase go to the people at Good Health Naturally here.

7. Turmeric is a spice normally found in the kitchen where it is used to spice up the flavour in food, did you know that Turmeric is found in Curcumin it’s the yellow bit in the middle, Curcumin is the active ingredient that when used in supplement form opens up blood vessels, calms inflammation and leads to better blood flow.

To purchase my recommended Curcumin supplement Curcumin 4,000 X go to this website.










How can you remove plaque from arteries

How can you remove plaque from arteries

I had a serious heart attack at age 45, my cardiologist explained that my LAD was 95% blocked with plaque, I asked how can you remove plaque from arteries, his response, its impossible! I thought there must be a way to reverse plaque build-up in the arteries.

I believe through my research and my own efforts that I have found the answer to the question of how can you remove plaque from arteries, let me explain why.

Heart attacks and Alzheimer’s

Heart attacks and Alzheimer’s are two of the most common conditions that fill people with fear because both can be detrimental to your health, both diseases have more than one thing in common, both are characterized by plaque build-up, once plaque develops it’s very difficult to remove plaque, that is particularly the case in the brain.

The good news is that a relatively unknown supplement can prevent plaque build-up in the blood vessels leading to your brain and to your arteries, this supplement may even help to dissolve the plaque after it accumulates.

This supplement could be the answer to not only help people with Alzheimer’s but could also answer the question of how can you remove plaque in arteries.

How can you remove plaque in arteries

Blockbuster Allclear

Blockbuster Allclear is top of my list when it comes to answering how can you remove plaque from arteries, let’s take a look at what is plaque in arteries, what are the causes, what are the symptoms, what are the dangers, what is the medical advice, and finally how can you remove plaque from arteries.

What is plaque in arteries

Plaque in arteries are fatty deposits that build-up in the arteries doctors call it atherosclerosis, these fatty deposits consist of bad or LDL cholesterol, cellular waste products, fibrin (clotting material) and calcium. Over time plaque accumulates and builds up, this process the walls of the blood vessels to thicken causing the artery walls to narrow.

As the artery walls narrow blood flow to the heart reduces lessening the effect of much-needed oxygen and other nutrients getting to all parts of the body, of course blockages in blood vessels can cause a heart attack or stroke, obviously no one wants or needs a heart attack or stroke read on and let me explain how can you remove plaque from arteries.

What are the causes of plaque in arteries

There are a number of issues at play that cause plaque in the arteries for example

  • High cholesterol levels or bad cholesterol (LDL) is dropped into arteries causing plaque to form.
  • High blood pressure puts pressure on the arteries carrying blood to the heart over time the arteries become damaged causing atherosclerosis.
  • Excess alcohol consumption causes fatty substances to deposit in the arteries.
  • Smoking can weaken the arteries.
  • Excess Calcium is diverted to the blood vessels adding to plaque build up.
  • A poor diet lacking in fruit and vegetables and that is high in sugars increases the chances of atherosclerosis.
  • A lack of regular exercise is unhealthy for the body’s metabolism causing excess fats to deposit in the arteries.

Symptoms of plaque in arteries

What are the symptoms of plaque in the arteries

If you are reading this because you want the answers to how can you remove plaque from arteries its important to know what are the symptoms associated with arterial plaque, if the coronary arteries are too narrow the heart won’t get enough supply of oxygen and nutrients.

The heart has to work much harder when there is plaque build-up especially during exercise, initially this decrease in blood flow may not cause symptoms however as the plaque progresses and builds up the following symptoms may develop:

  • Shortness of breath can occur because of a lack of oxygen and nutrients for your body’s needs.
  • Chest pain or angina this can be mild or extreme in the form of tightness or pressure in your chest, in extreme cases it will feel as if a heavy weight has been placed on your chest. Chest pain is usually brought on by physical activity or stress, it can be felt in the arm, neck or back, for some it will go away, if it is a heart attack the chest pain will escalate.
  • In the case of a heart attack the chest pain will persist and pass into the shoulder or arm it will be difficult to breathe and unrestrained sweating.

What are the dangers of plaque in arteries

Obviously the greatest danger of plaque in arteries is the very real risk of a heart attack or stroke, if you notice any of the above symptoms do not delay, go to your doctor immediately.

What is the medical advice

A medical doctor that deals with cardiovascular disease is called a Cardiologist, the normal treatment for heart disease or atherosclerosis can include lifestyle changes in the form of a heart healthy diet, cholesterol and heart medications a medical procedure or surgery, the aim is to:

  • Lower the risk of blood clot formation.
  • Prevent atherosclerosis associated disease.
  • Relieve the symptoms.
  • Lower cholesterol especially LDL to slow plaque progression.
  • Heart bypass to allow blood to flow.

I have had many conversations with cardiovascular surgeons since my heart attack at age 45, not one of them could offer an answer to my question how can you remove plaque from arteries, the only medical advice given was diet, medication and exercise.

Blockbuster allclear how can you remove plaque in arteriesI’m not saying that you shouldn’t follow this advice, however I do believe that I have the answer to how can you remove plaque from arteries the form of a daily dosage of Blockbuster Allclear, this natural alternative is a real game changer in reversing plaque build-up in arteries.

Here are some examples of what Blockbuster Allclear can do for people with clogged arteries, blocked blood vessels, atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, poor circulation, and high blood pressure.

Blockbuster Allclear testimonials

“I have been taking this product for several years. i had blood clots in my leg and in both lungs. I took this product with the guidance of the manufacturer and my blood clots were all gone and left no scar tissue in the lungs. I take this daily to keep the clots from happening again. My husband takes this after he had open-heart surgery 30 years ago and he has not had any problem with the arteries narrowing nor has he had to have any other heart surgery. We won’t go without this product

“Blockbuster is a must for people who take their health seriously, I notice the difference when I run out, energy level goes down, makes going to the bathroom easier and believe it or not it helps my sex drive”

Why not give Blockbuster Allclear a try, in my opinion it truly is part of the answer to your question how can you remove plaque from arteries, you will still need to keep taking all of your prescription medications, eat healthy and get regular exercise.

To purchase Blockbuster Allclear from the people at Good Health Naturally go to the official website here, depending on the severity of blockages in your arteries you may need to allow a good number of months for the product to become effective, Blockbuster on it’s own may need to be used in conjunction with a Vitamin K2 and D3 supplement spray to help with calcium build-up in the arteries.

Blockbuster allclear labelWhat is in Blockbuster Allclear

Blockbuster Allclear was developed by the people at Good Health Naturally, it is completely natural and safe to take, the ingredients are an effective and powerful blend of antioxidants and pretolytic enzymes, in case you aren’t aware a pretolytic enzyme is a protease enzyme that breaks down proteins.

Pretolytic enzymes are produced by plants, animals, bacteria and fungi, certain pretolytic enzymes can be found in supplements that include Serrapeptase, trypsin, niacin, bromelain and chymotrypsin, pretolytic enzymes are commonly used for any number of conditions that include digestion issues, swelling, pain, wound healing.

Blockbuster Allclear uses the combination of Nattokinase, Serrapeptase antioxidants, and digestive enzymes to support cardiovascular and arterial health, as a combination these enzymes extract unwanted and unhealthy proteins such as plaque and fibrin from the arteries and blood vessels in a natural way making the arteries cleaner and healthier.

Blockbuster Allclear contains 80,000 IU of a wonderful enzyme called Serrapeptase, Serrapeptase calms any inflammation in the arteries and supports circulation.


A very important ingredient in Blockbuster Allclear is Nattokinase an extremely potent fibrinolytic enzyme produced from fermenting soybeans using Bacillus substillis, the effect means that Nattokinase can actually dissolve harmful plaques and unwanted debris lodged in the arterial walls.

Nattokinase or natto is a long-standing folk remedy in Japan, it has been used successfully for hundreds 9f years by the Chinese alternative medical practitioners to support people with heart and circulatory issues, Nattokinase has shown great promise during many scientific studies over the past 20 years.

With all of these amazing natural ingredients I strongly recommend that you try Blockbuster Allclear to answer the question of how can you remove plaque from arteries, to learn more go to Good Health Naturally here.

How many do you need to take

The recommended dosage of Blockbuster Allclear to remove plaque from arteries is 2 capsules daily to be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water, each bottle of Blockbuster Allclear contains 60 capsules, to purchase go to Good Health Naturally here.

Ubiqunol Coenzyme Q10

I also suggest that you consider taking Coenzyme Q10 (100 milligrams of Ubiquibol) because so many studies show that long term use of statins drugs can cause you to lose energy, statins actually cause a depletion in CoQ10 that is mainly responsible for producing energy.

If you have atherosclerosis I’m sure you are taking prescription statins, you can boost your energy levels by simply taking a daily Coenzyme Q10 supplement, to purchase go to Good Health Naturally.


I speak from my own experience of heart disease that resulted in a massive heart attack, through my own experimentation I found how to remove plaque from arteries, not by stopping the medical advice but by supplementing with natural alternative products that are formulated to work in a natural way.

Vitamin D2 and D3In conclusion, I highly recommend that you give Blockbuster Allclear a try to remove plaque from arteries, in addition use a quality Vitamin D3 and K2 spray for calcium in the arteries, if you are on statin drugs and feel you have less energy than you used to why not give Ubiquibol (Coenzyme Q10) a try.






What is Circutol??

What is Circutol

People want to know what is Circutol from Advanced Bionutritionals, does the thought of having more energy, a better memory or much improved skin tone appeal to you? Well let me tell you a little bit more about Circutol this amazing new natural supplement that improves circulation.

I don’t know about you but when I had poor circulation I tried so many different remedies like cayenne, ginger, L-Arginine, ginkgo, I even tried Nattokinase, the results were mixed, most of them did help to improve my circulation somewhat.

What is CircutolWhat really changed my mind about the best way to improve blood circulation happened when I read an article from Dr Steve Kroening ND about a new discovery called Circutol that could boost circulation from head to toe, it even works where blood finds it hard to reach right into those tiny capillaries.

Dr Steve Kroening Who is Steve Kroening

Dr Steve Kroening is a naturopathic doctor for more than 25 years, he is an enthusiastic writer on natural medicine, his books cover many topics relating to optimizing your health through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, he has helped many thousands of people to get healthier using safe, effective and natural therapies.

Down through the years it has become apparent to Steve the importance of proper circulation, without it people begin to feel tired more quickly or they run out if puff, it’s all because the heart is struggling to pump enough blood for your bodies demands.

Cold hands and feet

I remember my late mother often complained about cold hands and feet, she did smoke quite a lot, I can only assume that the cigarette smoking was the main cause of her symptoms, I mean if blood circulation is finding it difficult to reach fingers and toes it stands to reason that a person will feel cold in those areas.

My research tells me that poor circulation can also affect memory, mainly because not enough blood is getting to the brain, another problem can be skin discoloration, simply put poor circulation can cause a lot of problems for people, when people ask what is Circutol the answer is a complete solution for poor circulation.

Dr Kroening wanted to be able to offer a perfect natural alternative to people that could improve circulation and support a healthier heart, let me tell you a little bit more about Circutol and answer all your questions on what is Circutol from Advanced Bionutritionals.

What is CircutolCircutol is a new breakthrough

Circutol is a new breakthrough in the area of improving blood circulation, Circutol is specially formulated by Dr Kroening using 6 of the best natural ingredients scientifically proven to boost circulation and support better heart health.

So, what makes Circutol so special? Steve has done his research and has taken a close look at some ancient Chinese medicine particularly a herb called Chinese Salvia, although the Chinese have known about Salvia for thousands of years for some strange reason it hasn’t been used in Chinese medicine.

That is not until a recent discovery uncovered a nutrient called Magnesium tanshinoate B. or MTB that is present in Chinese Sativa was found to naturally relax blood vessels by keeping them open allowing blood to flow more freely and easily,

This amazing discovery was enhanced when scientists also found that MTB could not only help to relax blood vessels it could also block the oxidative effects of “bad” LDL cholesterol, these harmful effects are very dangerous much more so than normal LDL.

Oxidative stress in the arteries can damage the endothelium lining especially if plaque forms and hardens, it can stick to the artery walls causing blockages and poor circulation, Circutol contains Chinese Sativa, the MTB blocks LDL oxidation and protects the arteries and blood vessels from damage, all of this is good for blood circulation.

What is Circutol for

One possible answer to your question what is Circutol for is the fact that the benefits of MTB don’t just stop at providing better circulation the herb also protects the heart muscle and regulates blood pressure, a fact borne out by many scientific studies.

What is Circutol for, in relation to blood clots and platelet aggregation, the Chinese Sativa herb effectively reduces blood clots and platelet aggregation (the clumping together of platelets in the blood) meaning better blood flow and circulation especially in those minuscule blood vessels in the bodies extremities.

If you are one of the millions of people that have colds hands and feet, Circutol with Chinese Sativa could be something that you could try to increase blood circulation to your hands and feet and get them warmer! In addition to better circulation this magic herb has been shown to support healthier homocysteine levels and c-reactive protein levels, this is indeed good news for your heart and cardiovascular system.

What is Circutol lower blood pressure

Circutol for lower blood pressure

Circutol has been proven to lower blood pressure by blocking ace converting enzymes also known as ACE, these are bad news for your heart so by blocking them Chinese Sativa supports better blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Dr Kroening has seen firsthand the benefits of Chinese Sativa, he has read all the studies, then he wondered if he could make Circutol a one stop supplement for circulation by adding more of his favorite ingredients for circulation and a healthier heart into one amazing supplement.

She enlisted the help of a trusted colleague and friend Dr Isaac Eliaz, together they carefully put together a formula that was broad based to support your heart, circulation, brain, immune system and so much more, the end result was Circutol with Chinese Sativa and 5 other powerhouse ingredients……

Natto Nattokinase

Heard about Nattokinase?

Nattokinase has been around for 30 years or more, actually it’s an enzyme taken from a popular Chinese staple natto, natto is fermented soybean, many scientists have studied natto or Nattokinase, it’s been proven beyond doubt that Nattokinase has an innate ability to dissolve blood clots, enhance circulation and support healthy blood pressure.

Unquestionably Nattokinase is a powerful nutrient for better circulation and a healthier heart, there is only one slight problem the actual strength of Nattokinase depends on the way it is fermented, the way it is manufactured and how much there us in each capsule.

Dr Isaac decided that only the best and strongest Nattokinase would be good enough to be included in the formula for Circutol so he included NSK-SD, it is manufactured from non-GMO soya beans using a special patented strain of Bacillus bacteria.

To remove the risk of Circutol interfering with blood thinning medications Dr Isaac has made sure that the nsk-sd contained in Circutol is completely free of vitamin k because it can cause problems when used with blood thinners like warfarin.

What else is in Circutol

Certainly there is an ample amount of Nattokinase NSK-SD in Circutol to ensure that you experience it’s full benefits, the good news is that Dr Eliaz hasn’t stopped there, he has added another of my favorite natural remedies for the heart in Hawthorn Berry, it has been studied and shown many times to boost circulation and support healthy blood pressure.

Hawthorn berry

Hawthorn berry works to relax blood vessels and coronary arteries, on addition it improves heart function and regulates heartbeat, another feature of hawthorn berry is it’s ability to increase the supply of oxygen into the blood, meaning you would have more energy.

In one noted study of hawthorn berry patients with breathing difficulties were given hawthorn berry, after some time had passed the patient’s studied reported a significant fall off in symptoms such as fatigue and breathing, that’s not all did you know that hawthorn berry has anti-inflammatory properties and can lower cholesterol and reduce pain.?


Have you ever heard of Reishi? Neither did I until I read Dr Kroenings books, apparently it is a popular medicinal mushroom, it can boost the immune system and protect the circulatory system and the heart.

Reishi works as part of what is Circutol by lowering triglycerides and removing unwanted cholesterol from the blood, it lowers blood pressure and it is an anti-inflammatory. Reishi has been known to even slow down the aging process.

I want to tell you about Himalayan mountain guides and how they have to be super fit to be able to walk many miles each day, not only do they have to walk many miles they also have to carry some serious weight on their backs in the form of food and equipment.

How do they do it?

They have to do all this physical activity every day at some very high altitudes, the air is thinner so breathing can be difficult, it’s a very demanding job, the reason they are so physically able for this difficult job is the fact that they eat Cordyceps, bet you’ve never heard of Cordyceps?

Cordyceps what is Circutol

Well, Cordyceps is a local food that people on that part of the word take, it’s amazing because it really boosts energy levels, fights fatigue, and improves stamina, some studies suggest that it can boost energy by more than 50%! What is Circutol without Cordyceps, a much less effective product in my view.

Does Circutol have side effects

As I mentioned in this article what is Circutol from Advanced Bionutritionals people will want to know if Circutol has any side effects, well the answer in the main is no, Circutol is packed full of proven herbs and nutrients formulated to improve circulation no matter how long it’s there.

Rest assured if Circutol doesn’t work for you or for some strange reason you have some side effects that would be unusual, the good news is that you are covered by the 90-day money back guarantee, to learn more about this offer go to the official Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

I firmly believe in eating right, getting regular exercise, trying to have a stress free life, sleeping well, laugh a lot, and generally keeping my life in balance, poor circulation is a major problem for so many, it can have a serious impact on your life, if you find that poor circulation is affecting your life why not give Circutol a try.

To learn more about what is Circutol go to the official website here.

How much does Circutol cost

Circutol contain 6 of the finest nutrients that are backed by science to boost circulation, if you were to buy them all separately it could cost more than $90 for a months supply, the good news is you can buy all 6 in the one supplement and the cost is only $33.25 per bottle, the company also have a special offer where you can buy Circutol for an even cheaper price, learn more here.

Circutol customer testimonials

Circutol *

By Edward C. (Malawi ) – 1/4/2019

My energy levels have sky-rocketed, urinary flow has become easy, my skin appearance has improved and I look younger, to mention but a few. I Recommend This Supplement Verified Customer

Circutol *

By PATRICIA M. (CAHONE, CO) – 12/14/2018

I am very pleased with my results from using Circutol. I can tell that it has improved my circulation due to better blood flow to my lower extremities. My feet are warmer now and I have more hair growth on my lower legs. I am very pleased that this product does what it claims to do and I would recommend it to a friend. I Recommend This Supplement Verified Customer Advanced Bionutritionals.

Highly recommended! *

By Barnabas K. (Canada ) – 8/19/2018

Works exactly as described! It really helps with my circulation and can feel it working


Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts





Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits are found in Blockbuster Allclear its a combination of Nattokinase, Serrapeptase and other important enzymes that over time can help you become healthier.

So let’s take a closer look at Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits.

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits

Good Health Naturally are the people behind the Blockbuster Allclear formula, it has by any measure proven to be the best most powerful enzyme combination on the market.

The company hasn’t stood still recognizing Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits and adding other essential enzymes and antioxidants such as grape seed extract and pycnogenol, protease, lipase, amalyase, cellulase, trace mineral complex to make an outstanding natural product that provides the greatest help for so many conditions.

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits go back over 30 years, in fact millions of people have benefited from this wonderful combination most without any side effects, if side effects are found the best advice is to simply lower the dose or stop taking it altogether.

Fast results with Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits

To experience Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits can in some cases take only a matter  of days or weeks, the company Good Health Naturally recommend that for faster results increase the dosage, so it can be adjusted by the person using Blockbuster Allclear as necessary.

What are the benefits

One of the major reasons for Ill health is the presence of inflammation, one huge Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefit is its ability to

  • Support the reduction of inflammation in the liver
  • Support its power to detoxify
  • Supports the reduction of inflammation in connective tissues and joints
  • Decreases inflammation wherever it is

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits include the ability to support aging by

  • The reduction of fibrosis and  breast cysts by removing harmful fiber
  • Reduces fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Reduction of scars and wrinkles
  • Dissolving post op scar tissue
  • Removes fiber in pulmonary fibrosis

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits are especially good in blood circulation by

  • Reducing unhealthy fibrin in the blood vessels and improving blood flow
  • Supporting a healthier endothelium (artery walls)
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Supporting detoxification in the blood
  • Reducing inflammation

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits include immune system support by

  • Making white blood cells healthier
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Better viral loading
  • Reduction in free radical damage

Blockbuster all clear benefits

By taking Blockbuster Allclear in the recommended dosage you can enjoy Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits such as

  • A healthier arterial and cardiovascular system
  • Healthier cartilage and joints
  • Essential nutrients to heal scars and wounds
  • Suppprt to lower inflammation and pain
  • Anti aging effects

Why you should consider Blockbuster allclear

The key to a healthier body is this amazing combination of safe, effective and powerful enzymes and nutrients that bring out the best Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits through this best selling natural product Blockbuster Allclear.

Good Health Naturally chose only scientifically recognized ingredients because of their safety, efficacy and myriad of health benefits, all the ingredients are pure and tested in the laboratory.

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase Good health naturally What are the results

I took a peek at Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits through Blockbuster Allclear customer testimonials, here is a sample of the benefits of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase together. (BLOCKBUSTER ALLCLEAR)

“Excellent product !! one must comply With the instructions used before meals”
July 16

David Martin

“Been a lifer saver for myself and would not be without them”
July 2

Richard Creasey

“Has been keeping me healthy for many years.”
June 23


“My knee in real pain, taking 2 tablets 30 minutes before meal it help ease the stiffness”
June 2


“A must have for me , great product”

Blockbuster Allclear is the leading Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits product on the market today, unlike its competitors Blockbuster Allclear clearly let’s you know exactly what the formula consists of, you know exactly what you are buying and can expect health benefits within a few weeks depending on your ailment.

What is Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is often called “the miracle enzyme” because over the past 35 years or so it has been recommended and used widely by honest health practitioners and well informed doctors around the world.

In a nutshell Serrapeptase or Serratiopeptidase clears out dead or harmful proteins in the body that may be causing pain, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can digest non-living tissue, cysts, and blood clots.

Serrapeptase amazing work helps to remove dead tissue, this action brings inflammation under control and allows the body to naturally heal itself, so the Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits are:

  • Healthy blood vessels
  • Healthy inflammation
  • Healthy digestion
  • Healthy lungs
  • Healthy body

What is Nattokinase

Nattokinase is a very potent highly purified fibrinolytic enzyme that is extracted from the traditional Japanese food natto in the laboratory, there are many research articles on the use if Nattokinase.

Many of them showing that Nattokinase can support the break up and dissolvement of unhealthy coagulated blood through its fibrinolytic activity.

Nattokinase is a promising therapy in reversing atherosclerosis, a recent Chinese study was conducted where 76 people with carotid atherosclerosis were given either Nattokinase or a cholesterol drug simivastatin.

The study found that in both groups of people cholesterol levels reduced, HDL or good cholesterol rose in the Nattokinase group, the most amazing thing was that in the Nattokinase group atherosclerosis reversal was profound over the 26 week period where volume fell by 37%.


Protease is an enzyme responsible for digesting food proteins, it is an important but  difficult substance to metabolize, if food isn’t digested properly some of it can end up in the circulatory system or somewhere else in the body.


Another important enzyme lipase also digests fats or lipids, so triglycerides and triglycerides are converted into glycerol or free fatty acids.


Lactase or milk sugar is one of 3 types of disaccharides that need to be broken down, lactase does that job it also helps calcium to be absorbed, lactose deficiency causes lactose intolerance to most dairy products and causes discomfort.


Another digestive enzyme amylase is classified as a saccharidase, it is the main component of pancreatic saliva and juice, its needed to break down long chain carbohydrates like starch into smaller pieces.

Amylase is also found in the fruit of several plants when they are ripening making them sweeter, a diet high in carbohydrates causes an enzyme imbalance leading to amylase deficiency.


Cellulase is a family of enzymes that form together and converts crystalline emphasis as well as chemically derived fiber into glucose.


Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant that has 4 basic processes, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory, supports binding to collagen and elastin, supports the production of Nitric oxide, helps to dilate blood vessels.

Studies on Pynogenol

Studies that have been published on Pynogenol show that its health benefits include:

  • Support for cardiovascular health
  • Support for osteoarthritis
  • Skincare improvement
  • Support for cognitive health
  • Diabetes support
  • Calming of inflammation
  • Allergy and asthma relief
  • Support for menstrual cycle

Blockbuster AllClear™ with Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits is intended to compliment a healthy body and lifestyle.

This 30 year old formula is totally effective and provides the best combination of enzymes and antioxidants to get you healthy again, here is a list of priceless benefits:

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better circulation
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Stronger cardiovascular health
  • Stronger bones
  • Healthier joints
  • More alertness

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is BlockBuster safe to take?

A:BlockBuster consists of all-natural ingredients, it is without any harmful fillers, there are absolutely no  chemicals in the product, it is safe to take on a regular or a longer term basis.

If you have any concerns speak with your health practitioner.

Q: Im taking medications, can I take BlockBuster.

A:Speak to your health practitioner.

Q: Do I need a prescription?

A:You don’t need a prescription for Blockbuster,

Q: Can you use Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits if pregnant?

A: It is not recommended during pregnancy.

Q: Is BlockBuster approved by the FDA?

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits are found in Blockbuster allclear, all the ingredients come from natural sources, the manufacturers of Nattokinase and Serrapeptase aka Blockbuster Allclear follow the guidelines set down by the FDA in a registered facility.

Q: Why should you try BlockBuster?

A: Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits aka Blockbuster Allclear is a wonderful natural alternative to many harmful drugs.

If you are looking to become healthier and suffer from any of the above symptoms then Blockbuster Allclear may be the right choice for you, why not give it a try.

Q: How many BlockBuster per day?

A: It depends, read the instructions carefully, follow the guidelines, you can increase your dosage depending on your results.

 Q: Are results as stated in the testimonials guaranteed?

A: Nattokinase and Serrapeptase benefits (aka Blockbuster Allclear) are there for all to see, each person is different, each metabolism is different, many are finding positive results, however you won’t know for sure until you try it.







Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02

Advanced bionutritionals Circ02

If you are looking for information on Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 nitric oxide booster you are going to enjoy this Circ02 review where you find out all there is to know about this doctor formulated product called Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02.

What exactly is Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02

Circ02 was developed by the doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals as a simple and natural way to boost Nitric oxide levels in the blood and at the same time circulating more oxygen throughout the body.

Circ02 is completely natural it comes to you in lozenge form and focuses on helping you to feel younger so that you can have more vitality, energy and regain a zest for life.

Circ02 is manufactured by Advanced Bionutritionals it is backed by science and formulated by doctors.

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 is not a medicine to treat disease, it is a dietary supplement that boosts your health overall so you never feel that you can’t accomplish most everyday tasks.

The aging process

The aging process

It’s a known fact that as the years roll by many people find that their energy and stamina simply isn’t what it used to be, health issues begin to emerge, the statistics show that people even in mid age are struggling with health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, hormone imbalance, high cholesterol, low libido and high blood pressure.

The doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals wanted to produce a simple solution that would work for everyone that desires to have more energy, less fatigue, basically to get their mojo back and feel younger again.

How did they do it

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 contains the very best ingredients using natural minerals and vitamins that blend together and are very important to help your body produce more Nitric oxide that fuels that new-found energy.

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 ingredients

The ingredients found in Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 are scientifically proven to work they are sourced from natural herbs and plants where no pesticides are used, the list includes:

  • Hawthorn berry: hawthorn berry is both a berry and herb, it is a powerful source of valuable nutrients, it functions to boost Nitric oxide and supports better blood flow and circulation.
  • Vitamin B12: vitamin B12 works on a cellular level to support the production of Nitric oxide, this vitamin is important to your body to help perform certain functions like maintaining haemoglobin levels, blood flow, keeping the nervous system intact.
  • Magnesium: magnesium is vitally important because it supports heart health, blood flow and circulation.
  • L-citrulline: l-citrulline is thought of as the best nutrient to support healthy blood circulation especially on older people, Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 promotes the quality of Nitric oxide in the blood.
  • Vitamin C: vitamin c is found in a lot of fruit and vegetables, however sometimes our bodies don’t absorb of it, so vitamin c is included in the ingredients to boost the immune system and keeps free radical damage away.
  • Beet root powder: beetroot powder has many health benefits, especially good for proper circulation.


Does Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 really work

A good question, Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 has been available for more than 10 years, that tells me that this product must be effective for a large number of people, I took a look at Advanced Bionutritionals website to find out what customers are saying about Circ02, here is a selection of testimonials

Best Nitric Oxide Supplement on Market.

I was concerned about too much stress to my heart until I found CircO2. This supplement gives me the confidence to challenge myself at 50 years of age without worrying about over stressing my heart…and with the added benefit of no side effects. Thanks for providing CircO2…it’s been a life-changer for me!

William S.


Diane G. from Canada recently started taking CircO2 and is already planning on reordering it. She says,


I noticed within days that my circulation improved and I was much more alert. The test strips are very helpful, too. I was at a nearly depleted level. Now I’m on the rise. Thank you!

Diane G.


And Ken G. from Hattiesburg, Mississippi finds CircO2 so energizing, he calls it a “power punch.” He goes on to say,


Power Punch.

In a world filled with lots of misdirection regarding health products, CircO2 should be congratulated for a product of quality. This method of providing nitric oxide to the body is superior to any I have tried (and I have tried many). Anyone using it should feel the difference immediately!



To learn more about how Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 can help you go to the website here

Backed by science

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 is backed by science, when you take a Circ02 lozenge some have said that the Nitric oxide supplement had a calming effect, this is because the body starts to produce more Nitric oxide blood circulation begins to improve and overall you begin to feel healthier.

Dr Janet Zand Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02

Circ02 has a unique formula devised by Dr Janet Zand the well respected board certified Acupuncturist and a doctor of oriental medicine, Dr Zand has had a close association with Advanced Bionutritionals she has practiced natural medicine for more than 30 years.

Each ingredient goes through a rigorous testing process, only when it meets the highest standards is it added to Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 blend, when you consume Circ02 your body absorbs the vitamins, nutrients and vitamins that it needs for increased circulation and blood flow.

Nitric oxide boost

As your body assimilates these powerful ingredients your blood begins to circulate in a more positive way because Circ02 starts giving you a Nitric oxide boost, this process is highly beneficial especially where there is plaque build-up with calcium deposits in your arteries.

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 acts to protect your heart by making it easier to push oxygen rich blood to all parts of the body, the end result is your energy and vitality is given a boost, many have reported feeling better within the first week of taking Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02.

In fact, you will quickly begin to realize how your energy levels are so mush better, you will feel more positive as your body responds to a boost in Nitric oxide levels

Click here to order CircO2 at the lowest price available from Advanced Bionutritionals

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 nitric oxide tester

How much Circ02 do you need to take

The product is sold in lozenge form in sachets of 6, so when your order arrives you will have 30 Circ02 lozenges and a Nitric oxide test strip in each box, the first step you need to take is to measure the levels of Nitric oxide in your body, it’s a simple saliva test that takes 1-2 minutes to complete.

As you can see from the above picture there are three levels distinct Nitric oxide levels, the first one is depleted, the second is low, and the third is normal, if your test shows you fall into level one or two the test strip suggests that you need to take at least one Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 a day.

Simply take the lozenge and place it on your tongue, I recommend that you do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for the best results.

Who is Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 for?

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 is specifically formulated for people that just don’t feel as energetic as they used to, it is beneficial for those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, or poor circulation.

Circ02 is not recommended for children or women during pregnancy, the company state that you must be over the age of 18 to take Circ02, many have reported feeling stronger after taking Circ02 within a short time, however this may not be the case with everyone, so give it time to work.

Why not try Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 find out more here.

Other Nitric oxide supplements

A lot of Nitric oxide supplements ingredients include stuff that isn’t good for you, for example flavors, fillers, additives, caffeine or toxins, I’m sure that with Circ02 you are getting the best and healthiest ingredients that money can buy, an added benefit is that Circ02 is the only Nitric oxide lozenge on the market.

You can easily check out everything that Circ02 has to offer you by going directly to Advanced Bionutritionals website, you will find more details like the label, recommended dosage, how it works, how to get it at the cheapest price, Advanced Bionutritionals are a genuine company and Circ02 is not a scam.


Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 benefits

I have compiled a list of Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 benefits, I’m sure that some of these apply to you:

  • Helps to reduce fatigue
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Reduces heart disease risks
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals
  • Makes you feel younger
  • Supports healthier skin and hair
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Fights free radical damage
  • Promotes a better memory
  • Reduces plaque build-up in the arteries
  • Improves digestion

To learn more about Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 go to the company’s website here

Are there side effects

Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 consists of the highest quality nutritional ingredients so as such there are no side effects, having said that some people may suffer upset stomach, diarrhea or feel a bit queasy, don’t worry if you are not happy with the results simply return the product for a refund.

How much does Circ02 cost

Considering the health benefits of Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 the cost of each lozenge works out at only $1.66 each, having said that you can get a much better deal when you go for the special offer at Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Each box of 30 Circ02 lozenges comes with 2 free strips of Nitric oxide test strips, that means you can regularly check your Nitric oxide levels to check your progress.

When you purchase Advanced Bionutritionals Circ02 you are safe in the knowledge that you are covered by the 90-day money back guarantee, you are free to try the product for 90 days to make up your mind whether or not it works for you.

Why not give Circ02 a try, you could be one of the thousands of people that have experienced the amazing health benefits of this wonderful Nitric oxide enhancer supplement.
























What supplements increase Nitric Oxide

What supplements increase nitric oxide

You may have heard of nitric oxide supplements and want to know what supplements increase Nitric Oxide?, nitric oxide supplements may help to increase exercise efficiency and enhance your overall health.

As you age your Nitric oxide levels begin to decline, this process has a negative effect on your health particularly the health of your arteries and blood vessels.

Nitric oxide image

What is Nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide is essentially a gas that is generated by your body when you eat certain foods like beetroot, meat, leafy greens, citrus fruits, pomegranate, seeds, nuts, or garlic.

The importance of Nitric oxide to the cardiovascular system cannot be overstated, it is a compound that is primarily responsible for stimulating and widening blood vessels as well as releasing certain hormones like the human growth hormone and insulin.

What happens next?

As your body produces Nitric oxide naturally from the food that you eat the NO gas becomes absorbed into the endothelium or inner lining of the arteries naturally cleaning and keeping these important blood vessels soft so that blood flow circulates at its optimum to your heart, brain and throughout your body.

What happens when Nitric oxide is depleted

Over time some people will become depleted in Nitric oxide levels, this is caused by a poor diet, changes in hormones, and the aging process, this is where supplements can help, so let’s delve into the what supplements increase nitric oxide.

What are Nitric oxide supplements

Nitric oxide supplements are a specific category of supplements that includes L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, over the past number of years a lot of research has been performed in clinical trials involving what supplements increase Nitric oxide and which Nitric oxide supplements are the most effective and safe to take.

Health benefits image

Health benefits of Nitric oxide supplements

Let’s take a closer look at the reported health benefits of Nitric oxide supplements and how they work in the body, are there risks with Nitric oxide supplementation and what are the best supplements to increase Nitric oxide.

What supplements increase Nitric oxide? I highly recommend that you take a closer look at one of the most popular and best-selling supplements to increase Nitric oxide, it’s called Circ02 formulated by the doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals.

The team at Advanced Bionutritionals recognise that the aging process has a very negative effect on levels of Nitric oxide in the body, symptoms include tiredness, a lack of energy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and others.

Circ02 is so simple to take, it comes in lozenge form, all you have to do is suck the lozenge up to 3 times a day, over time you will notice a difference in how you feel because Nitric oxide levels are boosted.

To learn more on how to boost Nitric levels go to Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

What supplements increase Nitric oxide

To learn more about Doctor approved Nitric oxide supplements go here.

How do Nitric oxide supplements work in the body?

Quality Nitric oxide supplements are formulated to relax and widen blood vessels, what supplements increase nitric oxide, the best supplements to boost NO levels must contain L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

What is L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino acid building block, it is a protein building block that is divided into essential and non-essential amino acids, basically non-essential amino acids are produced by the body while essential amino acids aren’t and have to be produced by eating the right foods.

L-Arginine is required to produce Nitric oxide, it’s a signaling molecule that is needed for a range of bodily functions like regulating blood flow, cellular communication and mitochondrial function, essential for energy, calcium storage in bones, and heat generation.

What is L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline occurs naturally in the body, it is an amino acid and is found in certain foods like watermelon, L-Citrulline is used in many types of supplements for various conditions that include:

  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • For increasing energy
  • Improving athletic performance

How does L-Citrulline work?

As the body processes L-Citrulline it changes it into Nitric oxide to increase the amount of ingredients that the body needs to make certain proteins, it also helps to relax blood vessels by opening them up and improving blood flow and reducing blood pressure.

Published articles support these health benefits

Many published articles have been written on the health benefits of Nitric oxide supplements, for example what  supplements increase Nitric oxide are mentioned as those that can reduce arterial stiffness, improve heart health, reduce blood pressure, improve athletic performance and improve circulation.

According to a Sports Medicine article studies on NO have been shown that by taking nitric oxide supplements you can increase your levels of tolerance when exercising, the study refers to those that don’t regularly exercise or only exercise at a moderate level.

Erectile dysfunction image

Reducing erectile dysfunction

We have established that Nitric oxide supplements enhance blood flow, a study was carried out on to find out what supplements for Nitric oxide could work for erectile dysfunction.

It was found that NO supplementation could help to boost blood flow to the penis in those with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Reducing high blood pressure during pregnancy

It was found during a 2005 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation that women that were pregnant and had high blood pressure (preeclampsia) took L-arginine supplements and reported lower blood pressure readings compared to those pregnant women that did not take a Nitric oxide supplement.

We understand that more studies need to be completed on the effects of Nitric oxide supplementation on pregnant women with preeclampsia, however the existing research does look promising.

Research on Nitric oxide supplements

Of course more research is needed in Nitric oxide supplements, having said that quality Nitric oxide supplements do come with some fantastic health benefits and are used by a large number of people.

Here are some of the reported health benefits

  • Enhanced weight loss
  • Faster recovery following major trauma or injury
  • Faster healing of foot ulcers
  • Memory loss improvement
  • Arterial plaque reduction
  • Immune system boost
  • Improvement in cystic fibrosis disease

HealthyFlow TM clear artery plaque

Recommended supplement to increase Nitric oxide

To give you an idea of what supplements increase Nitric oxide I recommend that you go to Good Health Naturally and try their best selling Nitric oxide powder called Healthyflow TM.

Healthyflow TM contains all of the ingredients that your body needs to boost the levels of Nitric oxide so that over time you can enjoy all of the health benefits mentioned above.

Healthyflow TM is a super support for normal healthy blood flow, it contains both L-Arginine (5,000 mg) and L-Citruilline (250 mg) it needs to be mixed with water once a day, to learn more about Healthyflow TM go to their website here.

Most of these benefits associated with supplements to increase Nitric oxide are anecdotal, meaning that people have reported a health benefit, studies need to be done to back these reports up.

Are there side effects

If you are thinking about taking supplements to increase Nitric oxide its important to know if there are side effects or risks, if you are on existing medications speak with your doctor before you decide.

Having said that most people that try supplements to increase blood flow by boosting levels of Nitric oxide find that side effects are mild, here are some of them:

  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain

Doctor image

Doctors warning

There are a small number of doctors that are concerned about what supplements increase Nitric oxide because they believe it could make some conditions worse, these conditions of concern are herpes, kidney disease and after someone has had a serious heart attack.

These concerns are based on a 2006 published study in JAMA, it found that some people that took L-Arginine following a heart attack had a higher mortality rate because of the onset of a second heart attack.

Nitric oxide supplements are generally safe

Nitric oxide supplements have been on sale for a long time, many people trust the effectiveness and safety of taking them, your doctor would more than likely not recommend them.

That could be down to a lack of knowledge about the health benefits of Nitric oxide supplements, they usually prescribe drugs that in some cases can have awful side effects.

I believe that there is more to be gained from trying either Circ02 or Healthyflow TM if you are serious about what supplements increase Nitric oxide, both these products have been available for a good number of years.

Circ02 is a unique supplement to increase Nitric oxide, it has been a top seller for the company Advanced Bionutritionals for more than 10 years, it was developed by Dr Janet Zand and here are some customers testimonials.

CircO2 *
By James H. (Erie, PA) – 6/23/2018

Since taking Circo02 I have improved in many areas of my life pertaining to my weight lifting at the gym and my wife’s happiness. It’s a over all feeling I know the circo2 is operating…… I also feel like a new man. Thank You 🙂

   I Recommend This Supplement
   Verified Customer
This supplement works! *
By John H. (MCKINNEY, TX) – 5/23/2018

“This supplement helps my blood pressure and blood flow. I am now at a level with the optimum amount of nitric oxide in my system. I will continue to use as needed. Thanks”

Why not give Circ02 from Dr Janet Zand a try, go here.

Healthyflow TM is brought to you by the people at Good Health Naturally, they have been helping people get better with their unique blends of alternative medicine, Healthyflow TM is one of the best supplements to increase Nitric oxide on the market.

Why not give Healthyflow TM a try, go to the website of Good Health Naturally.

Can you get more Nitric oxide from your food?

Depends on what kind of food that you generally eat, studies show that beetroot juice has ample amounts of Nitric oxide, people have taken it before competitions and reported higher energy levels.

Nitric oxide is also found in leafy greens and vegetables but in smaller amounts, so if your Nitric oxide levels are low by eating more of these vegetables doesn’t mean you will get adequate amounts of NO.

You may need the help of a quality Nitric oxide supplement like Circ02 or Healthyflow TM.

List of vegetables containing Nitric oxide

I have compiled a list of recommended vegetables as a source of Nitric oxide:

  • Beetroot
  • Spinach
  • Watercress
  • Celeriac
  • Cucumber
  • Cabbage
  • Fennel
  • Kale
  • Leeks
  • Parsley

Do you need nitric oxide daily?

Yes, especially recommended for those over 50 because of a deterioration in Nitric oxide levels, by consuming adequate amounts of vegetables that are listed or by taking Circ02 or Healthyflow TM you can have all of the healt benefits associated with higher levels of NO.







What is Alphaviril ask Dr Sam Robbins

What is Alphaviril

You could be searching for a quality Male testosterone supplement and came across Dr Sam Robbins videos on Facebook promoting Alphaviril, many men want to know what is Alphaviril, who is Sam Robbins, does it work, how much does it cost and where can you buy Alphaviril.

Let me explain what is Alphaviril and how this natural multipurpose testosterone supplement can help you to boost your libido and sex life, how Alphaviril can help you with weight loss and fat metabolism, best of all let me show you how Alphaviril can boost blood flow to your penis for harder erections.

What is Alphaviril

Erectile dysfunction and Alphaviril

Dr Sam Robbins has spent a lot of time researching the causes of erectile dysfunction, he is an endocrinologist doctor meaning he knows a lot about hormones and their affects on Male performance under the sheets.

One thing that stands out erectile dysfunction affects a significant number of the Male population in fact as many as 15-20 million men complain of the condition.

Dr Robbins looked at the science behind ed and discovered that the condition gets worse with age, there are a number of reasons that blood flow to the penis is impaired that range from disease, drugs, injury, physiological issues, alcohol or drug misuse but most of all the main cause is lower testosterone levels.

To answer in detail what is Alphaviril its important to understand that Dr Sam Robbins Alphaviril is a Male enhancement natural supplement that promises to deliver increased testosterone levels and increase Male libido or you get your money back.

Are these claims about Alphaviril true?

Let’s take a closer look at what is Alphaviril to find out if these claims by Dr Sam Robbins and his company HFL Solutions are true.

In the USA sexual dysfunction is a big problem that affects roughly 5% of the 40 something year olds, the numbers increase to 50% of the 60 something year olds, as you can see it’s a very common condition the good news is that natural alternative supplements can help people with erectile dysfunction.

What is the main cause of ed?

As mentioned testosterone levels affect sexual performance so does elevated estrogen levels, in answering your question what is Alphaviril Dr Robbins has put together this natural Male enhancement pill that works to lower estrogen levels and boost testosterone levels.

What is Alphaviril male enhancement product

What can you expect from Alphaviril

By sticking to the recommended Alphaviril dosage you can expect increased blood flow to the penis, harder erections, enhanced testosterone levels that boost your libido, Alphaviril helps to reduce belly fat while increasing muscle mass.

Other important health benefits to learn from what is Alphaviril are reduced DHT levels, DHT is an androgen that is part of the Male characteristic, it is involved in male pattern hair loss, Alphaviril also reduces stress and improves dopamine levels.

Alphaviral can help to boost energy and emotional drive by striking a balance in Male hormone levels, in a nutshell that is the secret of this long established Male enhancement supplement manufactured by HFL Solutions.

HFL Solutions is Dr Sam Robbins company, he set the company up more than 20 years ago because of his deep interest in natural alternative solution for some of the most common health conditions like erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, high blood sugars and more.

All of the products supplied by HFL Solutions are clinically tested and manufactured from the best organic ingredients, Dr Robbins has used his medical training to develop some of the best natural supplements, you only have to take a look at their website to find many happy customers.

HFL Solutions

Alphaviril how does it work?

Alphaviril is totally organic and contains a number of herbal ingredients that are backed by clinical trials, the ingredients include Bulgarian Tribulis Terrestris, Tongat Ali and Avena extract because of their ability to release hormonal pathways called quassinoids that work to improve physical energy and libido.

Bulgarian Tribulis Terrestis

Bulgarian Tribulis Terrestis is oil based, according to studies it is a very effective ingredient used to treat sexual dysfunction and low testosterone levels especially in men with high cholesterol levels, it also works to boost stamina.

Tongat Ali extract

Tongat Ali extract consists of those important hormones quassinoids included in the formula to improve both energy and libido, it also stabilizes testosterone levels while reducing estrogen levels, Tongat Ali extract is also well-known for its beneficial impact on fat burning and for enhancement of sexual performance.

Tongkat Ali extract contains quassinoids that may improve both libido and energy, stabilize testosterone, and lessen estrogen levels. It can also burn off any unwanted fat and enhance physical activity, including sexual performance.

Avena Sativa Extract

Avena Sativa extract is a herb that promotes the development of testosterone, its thought that it helps to combat high stress levels associated with erectile dysfunction with the potential to improve your sex life.

In a nutshell what is Alphaviril

When people as the question of what is Alphaviril, in a nutshell it is a natural Male enhancement product that works by increasing low testosterone levels by increasing the release and lowering production of gloublin a follicle stimulating hormone that affects testosterone levels.

Alphaviral also puts the brakes onto negative female hormones, they lower testosterone, it also releases more dopamine a hormone that reduces stress and improves your mood.

Last but not least Alphaviril stimulates your body to produce more Nitric oxide, this process has a major impact on providing more blood flow to the penis and supports better and harder erections.

Alphaviril banndr

How many Alphaviril should you take

If you have never tried Male enhancement products before or if you are new to Alphaviril Dr Robbins recommends that you start if by taking two pills each day, take one before breakfast with a glass of water, take the second pill around mid-afternoon also with water.

See how you feel for the first few days, if all is OK increase the dosage to four pills daily, that us two before breakfast and two in the afternoon, HFL Solutions have warned that you shouldn’t exceed two pills at any one time, do not take more than 6 pills in any one day.

That should be enough information on what is Alphaviril daily doses.

NB Its important that you always take Alphaviril on an empty stomach and always with a glass of water, take the pills a minimum of 15 minutes before you eat, do nor take the pills at night in case they keep you awake.

Why is Alphaviril so popular?

The question of what is Alphaviril and why is it so popular can be summed up by the customers that have used this powerful testosterone supplement, here are a few Alphaviril testimonials from people that have tried the product with success.

  • “Game changer for sureHonestly I’ve never left a review for something I’ve bought. I’ve been on anti depressants for a while and it destroyed my ability to have sex at the same time made me feel a lot better mentally. A tough trade off. I’m 35 so doctors assume my sexual problems are psychological rather than physical. I recently got so desperate I ordered Alphaviril online thinking it definitely wouldn’t work. But it did! It worked the first time and every time I’ve taken it. As long as I take 1 or 2 the same day I’m trying to have sex it 100% works for me. The first week it upset my stomach a little, but now it doesn’t. I’m blow away. It’s worth at least a try if you’re in my previous situation. “
  • “Doctor approved and endorsedI live in Las Vegas and since I have been taking Blood Sugar Optimizer, my blood sugar level dropped from 99 to 80 and I went from being pre diabetic to not at risk at all. I take 2-4 Blood sugar Optimizers a day. In addition, my mental state has been a lot sharper and my mood has been superb. I no longer take Vitamin D.I’m also taking your testosterone booster, AlphaViril which works like a charm. I’ve gotten all of the benefits, as advertised. I am recommending the product to all my male patients. I would love to speak with you or meet you some day. I am very impressed with your products.I am the author of 2 books, 4 Step Process to Mental Illness by Dr. H V Smith and The Illness, Take Back your Mental State and I am about to release The Quick Survival Guide to Mood Disorders and I will mention your products in this book.Thank you.

    Dr. Hearley Smith. “

What can I say, these guys are completely sold on Alphaviril because it really is a fantastic Male enhancement product that definitely helps men that are struggling with their sex lives along with other issues, why not visit Dr Robbins website here to find out more about what us Alphaviril.

Are there side affects?

Alphaviril is a natural product with natural proven ingredients, having said that some will have side affects like feeling nauseous, flatulence, stomach upset and diarrhea, most will not have any side affects, however Dr Robbins offers a 30-day money back guarantee for any customer that isn’t satisfied with the results.

Is it expensive

If you want to try Alphaviril the cost for 80 pills is $39.97 that works out at about $2 per capsule, less than the price of a cup of coffee, if you feel confident that Alphaviril will work for you purchase it at the discounted price special offer by going here.

What is Alphaviril


Don’t feel bad if your sex life is in decline, trust me it’s normal for so many men over 40 plus, it’s nothing to be ashamed of because you can help yourself to have an improved sex life by trying this wonderful Male enhancement product brought to you by renowned endocrinologist Dr Sam Robbins and his company HFL Solutions.




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