Clear Artery Plaque it can be done!

Clear artery plaque

Artery plaque is extremely dangerous for your cardiovascular health so how can you clear artery plaque.?

Atherosclerosis is described as hardening of the arteries, is a very complex health condition and some believe it can start in early childhood; it steadily progresses as you age.

It refers to a buildup of cholesterol, fats and other substances in the walls of the arteries which over time can interrupt blood flow.

In this article we are going to help you discover a way to clear artery plaque.

Even now with the many advances in modern medicine we still don’t know the exact cause of arterial plaque build up, or how to clear artery plaque.

It is widely thought that high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and inflammation are the main causes of damage to the inner wall of the arterial system.

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Is it possible to Clear artery plaque 

It would make a lot of sense if we knew how to clear artery plaque instead of just using traditional statin drugs to lower cholesterol that don’t really work, just ask any cardiovascular expert.

Statin drug
Statin drugs

The problem of heart disease goes a little deeper than simply saying that if we reduce our cholesterol level below 5 we won’t suffer a heart attack or stroke.

Believe me I know what I am talking about, at age 45 I was prescribed statin drugs by my Doctor because my cholesterol levels were very high up to 9.5 in fact.

Despite the fact that I took the statin drugs I almost died a few months later from a massive heart attack.

Heart attack and stroke is the single biggest killer worldwide, there are far more deaths from heart disease compared to cancer.

It is estimated that in the USA about 610,000 people die each year from heart disease; this is a staggering statistic because that means that one in four people will die from heart related disease.

Clogged arteries

It is incredible to think that despite the preferred use of statin drugs to lower cholesterol the fact remains that more and more people are dying each year not so much from elevated cholesterol levels but from clogged arteries, so what are the causes of clogged arteries and how do we clear artery plaque ?

What is artery plaque?

Plaque is build up of fat deposits and other substances; the plaque is sticky and will cling to the arterial wall and cause damage, as this happens the arteries narrow thus restricting blood flow to vital organs.

The plaque has a smooth lining and this may rupture allowing cholesterol plus other substances into your blood stream, if a blood clot forms it will block blood flow. If this affects the blood flow to your heart it will cause a heart attack, if it affects the blood flow to the brain it will cause a stroke.

Blood flow and artery plaque 

Now we understand how vitally important it is to keep blood flowing normally throughout our bodies and what the consequences are if blood flow is interrupted.

Blood flow is the key issue in preventing a heart attack or stroke, stopping or preventing inflammation in the arteries is the number one way to keep yourself heart healthy.

Cholesterol and artery plaque

Too high or two low? Medical experts would have us believe that high cholesterol is (less than 160) the biggest risk in having a heart attack, well I know differently.

The drug companies don’t want you to know about this article, in this article they concluded that Coronary Heart Disease could be eliminated or prevented simply by reducing cholesterol is unwarranted.

In fact numerous studies on the effects of lowering cholesterol have failed to show that lower cholesterol helps you to live longer or prevents a heart to be grossly overstated much to the benefit of drug companies.

Nitric oxide and artery plaque 

Nitric oxide is a gas produced by our bodies, Nitric oxide helps to stimulate and forms cyclic GMP, the cyclic GMP tell the blood vessels when to relax and widen resulting in more oxygen and blood flow to the heart which in turn will reduce blood pressure and decrease chest pain.

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What is L-arginine?

L -Arginine is a nitrogen containing molecule that forms protein,it is one of 22 amino acids, these amino acids are called the building blocks because they are essential for repair and growth of body tissue.

They are used to make enzymes, hormones, antibodies and neurotransmitters.

They carry substances throughout the body, it is essential however we don’t produce enough Arginine ourselves so we need to get more from what we eat.

We find more Arginine in fish, meat, eggs, nuts, dairy and meat, but is it enough to clear artery plaque, clearly no is the answer.

The aging process plays a part in developing artery plaque along with a bad diet, high cholesterol, calcium and fatty deposits.

No more heart disease

Nitric oxide’s therapeutic effects have been well documented in Dr Louis Ignarro’s book produced in 2009 called No More Heart Disease, in his book he states that as nitro-glycerine comes into the bloodstream it converts within the vascular tissue into a gas called Nitric oxide but it doesn’t last long.

Could this be a way to clear artery plaque?

Do we need Nitric oxide to live?

Most definitely! why, because Nitric oxide is a signalling molecule, it’s function is to tell the blood vessels when to dilate and increase in width, resulting in greater blood flow.

Nitric oxide works really well in preventing blood clots, blood clots can trigger a heart attack, Nitric oxide also regulates blood pressure.

Nitric oxide is also important in how our brains function, the brain uses Nitric oxide to transmit information and retrieve long term memory.

Nitric oxide is so powerful at deactivating free radicals which contribute to the four main killers namely heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke.


Unfortunately, as we age our bodies tend to produce less nitric oxide naturally, as a consequence plaque will build up in our arteries and we risk a heart attack or stroke happening.

It stands to reason that as we age we need to take better care of the blood flow and clear artery plaque . How do we do this?

The Health Miracle

It actually sounds so simple but it is possible the clear artery plaque with a little help from this well known and best-selling supplement Blood Flow Optimizer.

By incorporating Blood Flow Optimizer  into your daily routine you will over time help your body to produce more nitric oxide.

It will relax your blood vessels, it will start the cleaning process in your arteries, it will reduce and keep your blood pressure normal, it will give you energy.

How long before it works

The answer to how long before Blood Flow Optimizer works is related to the length of time it took for artery plaque to build-up in your cardiovascular system, my guess it that it didn’t happen overnight.

It takes a number of years for artery plaque to build-up using Blood Flow Optimizer to clear artery plaque will take time, how long is a guess, I recommend that you try Blood Flow Optimizer for 12 months to give it a chance to work.

Worried about the cost?

Don’t be take advantage of the special offer from Good Health Naturally, to find out more go to this information page.

Nitric oxide

If you are taking statin drugs to lower your cholesterol the chances are there is a build up of plaque within your blood vessels, Nitric oxide is the key to clear artery plaque.

By taking CircO2 you encourage more Nitric oxide production, over time the plaque build-up will start to clear allowing your blood vessels to relax and the blood to flow more freely.

It’s a simple idea that came from reading Dr Louis Ignarro’s book where he explains his discovery that Nitric oxide is vitally important to clear artery plaque.

My favorite products to clear artery plaque 

I can speak about Blood Flow Optimizer & circO2, after my heart attack I was so worried about what I could do to clear artery plaque and prevent having another heart attack.

I decided to try the best blood flow optimizer product on the market  in 2012.

I followed the recommended dosage of one scoop daily mixed with water on an empty stomach.

In 2015 I went to see my cardiologist for an angiogram.

The results were amazing, he reported that my arteries were completely clear of plaque!

What is Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer is a Arginine / Citrulline supplement, this amazing natural supplement is a Complete Nitric Oxide Enhancing supplement.

It is complete, because not only do it encourage optimum Nitric Oxide release for several hours into your bloodstream which helps to soften arterial walls and improve blood flow by improving arterial wall flexibility.

The Arginine and additional components help stimulate endothelial cells and hormone receptors to repair themselves, helps the Hypothalamus Leptin receptors to repair themselves to that they can signal for the fat burning mode.

This process helps weight to normalize, and provides additional nutrients that help the body to protect itself against inflammatory free radicals.

Blood Flow Optimizer is for everyone who suffers from high blood pressure,

heart disease, atherosclerosis, bad circulation, arterial plaque, aches and pains.