Coenzyme Q10 Benefits Statin Drugs

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits Statin Drugs

The 2018 review on the legacy effects of statin drugs on cardiovascular disease and improvements in mortality rates suggested that there are many mechanisms where statin drugs may in fact increase heart disease and the risk of heart failure. One important mechanism that is affected by statin drugs is the production of Coenzyme Q10, if you wondered where you get energy from Coenzyme Q10 is responsible for energy production in our bodies.

So what are Coenzyme Q10 Benefits Statin Drugs?

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits

Coenzyme Q10 is produced naturally by our bodies, it is a natural antioxidant it links with Vitamins B & C and selenium to prevent damage being done to our bodies by free radicals. Coenzyme Q10 is an enzyme and it converts carbohydrates into energy.

Scientific studies eggs heart disease

Scientific studies

Study evidence

The authors of the study put forward the argument that existing and trustworthy evidence doesn’t show that by giving statin drugs to lower cholesterol doesn’t necessarily decrease the risk of heart disease. There is a worldwide acceptance that based on older studies statins reduce heart disease theses dtudies to as far back as the 1990’s.

More recent clinical trials have failed time and time again to prove that statins significantly lower the risk of coronary heart disease despite the fact that they are good at lowering bad cholesterol LDL levels.

Statin drug

Statin drugs

Statins may increase heart disease

How do statins increase heart disease? Through different mechanisms, for example statins inhibit biosynthetic cholesterol pathways, they suppress the synthesis of Coenzyme Q10 the enzyme that is so important to our bodies, not only that statins inhibit a haemoglobin protein Hame A vital for carrying oxygen to body tissue.

Both Hame A and Coenzyme Q10 are critical parts of the electron transport chain. The result of this impairment is a reduction in ATP production and a consequent loss of energy in the body.

Long term use of Statins

Side effects from the long term use of statins include muscle pain, joint pain, stomach pain, dizziness and loss of appetite, this might explain abnormalities in structures that produce energy.

Statins inhibit the production of K2, this has an effect on the prevention of blood vessel calcification, clinical trials have shown faster calcification in the coronary arteries in diabetic people who use statins at a high frequency.

Statins are known to reduce the production of selenium proteins, these work to reduce peroxidative stress, cardiomyopathy is caused by elevated levels of stress, it is thought that long term use of statins are responsible for this.

Symptoms of heart failure

Statins and heart failure

Did you know that one of the side effects of statins is muscle weakness? The heart is a muscle so it could be affected by statin use, two studies of statin use discovered that that blood pressure was affected leading to congestive heart failure.

Those same trial participants were given Coenzyme Q 10 and discontinued statins the results showed improvement in heart muscle function.

Statins and lower cholesterol

Statins are universally prescribed to patients with high cholesterol because high cholesterol is known to be one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. A large number of studies have proven beyond doubt that statins lower cholesterol levels particularly bar cholesterol or LDL (low density lipoprotein) the outcome is a reduction in rates of atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks.

However there are side effects one of the most common is muscle pain this is the principal reason that people stop taking statins.

CoQ10 what is it?

CoQ10 is an coenzyme that is produced in our bodies naturally we need it to produce energy a number of clinical studies have demonstrated that statin drugs reduce how much CoQ10our bodies produce in the muscle tissue and in the bloodstream, obviously this reduction in this energy coenzyme is going to affect our energy levels and how we feel.

It is thought that by decreasing Coenzyme Q10 levels you lower the production of energy within the muscle cells so that they don’t function as normal causing weakness, muscle aches and inflammation.

In some extreme cases it has been noted that statins can kill muscle cells because of a decrease in CoQ10 in the muscle. In cases of numerous muscle dying can cause acute kidney failure, by stopping statin usage and giving intravenous fluids symptoms will dissapate quickly.

Nattokinase studies


Studies on Coenzyme Q10

A number of small studies have been completed on whether Q10 can prevent side effects from statin drugs one such study in 2007 by the American Journal Oof Cardiology did show a 40% reduction in pain symptoms in the participants who were given 100 mgs of Coenzyme Q10 daily versus the results of other people in the study who were given 400 IU of Vitamin E each day.

The Mayo Clinical study published in 2015 showed that the results of a  combination of 6 studies demonstrated a small reduction in pain amongst statin users who were given CoQ10 however the reduction in pain symptoms wasn’t clinically significant. The authors of this particular study came to the conclusion that a much larger study would be needed to determine more significant results.

Conclusion on Q10 studies

Like a lot of studies on natural enzymes most were small in the sense that there was a small number of participants so I can only give you my opinion on whether Coenzyme Q10 benefits statin drugs or more the point does Coenzyme Q10 help with the side effects of statin drugs I would have to say it seems logical to me that if Coenzyme Q10 levels are depleted because of the use of statin drugs then it seems to be appropriate to use a Coenzyme Q10 supplement to boost energy production.

General thoughts

If you have been taking statin drugs for a long time and you have muscle symptoms and you feel low on energy it may be a good idea to ask your doctor to change the brand of statin that you are currently taking, some statins like pravastatin and rosuvastatin don’t affect the muscles a much as othere do, this might help with muscle ache.

Based on feedback from people who are taking Coenzyme Q10 along with statin drugs it might be a good idea to take up to 200 milligrams of a quality Coenzyme supplement with your statins to offset any loss in energy production caused by the statins.


To summarize, statins may increase the risk of heart disease by increasing calcification in the arteries, statins will suppress the production of Coenzyme Q10 and Hame A making your body lose energy. Side effects of statins are common like joint and muscle pain, stomach pain, diarrhoea and loss if appetite.

Anybody who is taking prescription statin drugs and feeling less energy needs to start taking a quality Coenzyme Q10 supplement to help your body produce more energy and to offset the side effects of statin drugs.