CoEnzyme Q10 Health Benefits and there are MANY!

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Coenzyme Q10 benefits

Coenzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant present in nearly everything that lives we need coenzyme Q10 for our bodies to function properly and most importantly we use it in our bodies cells to process energy.

According to science serious illnesses like heart disease, some cancers and genetic disorders are linked to depleted or low levels of coenzyme Q10. CoEnzyme Q10 is also known as Q10,Co-Enzyme Q10.

Why do we need Coenzyme Q10?

As we eat our foods, we consume carbohydrates and coenzyme Q10, the enzyme turns the carbohydrates into ATP or adenosine triphosphate a form of energy carried through our bodies cells. This energy is used to keep your metabolism healthy and for healthy muscle and bone function.

Coenzyme Q10 plays an important role as an antioxidant linking with vitamins B & C and selenium preventing damage to our cells from free radicals

How much do we need?

Our bodies will produce enough amounts of coenzyme Q10 to meet our needs however as we age the levels can become depleted especially in people who take drugs on a long-term basis.

Statin drugs have been shown in studies to interfere in the production of mevalonic acid a vital component the production of Coenzyme Q10.

Statin medications have also been shown to reduce the levels of coq10 in serum and muscle tissue. If you are taking statin drugs you need to look at taking Coenzyme Q10 to counteract the side effects. Since I started on those my energy levels have increased.

Where does Q10 come from?

Predominantly coenzyme q10 is found in poultry, meat and fish where about a quarter of our needs are met the remainder is produced in our bodies naturally.

The amounts of antioxidants in these foods may not be enough to give a significant boost to our energy levels it is advisable to use a Coenzyme Q10 supplement for increased energy.

What is CoQ10 good for?

This natural enzyme can be used to treat

High blood pressure and cholesterol

For Boosting energy

To help with chronic fatigue

May help macular degeneration

May help with fibromyalgia

Nerve damage caused by diabetes

May help with muscular dystrophy


The latest research suggests that Coenzyme Q10 taken in daily doses ranging from 30-200 mg daily is likely safe to take however children should not be given the supplement unless advised by your doctor.

Coenzyme Q10 is a supplement and as such it may interact with other medications, so the best advice is to consult with your supplier or doctor before taking the enzyme.

Side effects

CoQ10 is well tolerated by most people however there may be some side effects such as tummy upset, nausea, a loss of appetite and possible diarrhoea. A small amount of people has reported a skin rash other a drop-in blood pressure depending on your age group you may need to reduce your intake of coq10 if you suffer any side effects.

The side effects are minimal, CoEnzyme Q10 benefits are many if you suffer from a lack of energy, fatigue or high blood pressure.

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3 thoughts on “CoEnzyme Q10 Health Benefits and there are MANY!

  1. Hi Fintan,

    Thank you for the informative article and video! I’ve never heard of coenzyme Q10 before stumbling across this page. Based on the information you provided, I believe I probably get enough of the antioxidant through my own body’s production and my diet.

    I will, however, keep these supplements in mind for my old age. I’m not on any medication and don’t plan to be, but you can never be too sure.

  2. I’m glad about your post because as I am using statins for years now I was not aware that this could lower the presence

    of coënzyme Q10 in the body. Thank you for learning this. Especially as I see the side effects you mention so well. I can indeed not allow myself to lower the Q10 in my body as I’m not so young anymore and as we now by growing older we lose a lot of protection from our cells. We become more fragile to heart disease and cancer. Skin cancer, in particular, is a heightened risk as we were not warned against it when young.

    I am definitely going to buy some Q10 supplements.


    1. Hi Jacobs,

      Thank you for your comments, I have been taking statin drugs for a long time, I’m 64 now, for the last couple of years my energy levels were not the same. I did some research on the effects of statin drugs and one of them was a loss of energy caused by the statin drugs affecting the mitochondria, this is where our bodies produce energy. The statin drugs reduce the energy being produced however Coenzyme Q10 boosts the energy production, I feel much more energetic now thanks to CoEnzyme Q10.


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