Dissolve internal scar tissue naturally

Dissolve internal scar tissue naturally

Is there a way to dissolve internal scar tissue naturally, let’s take a look at how scar tissue or adhesions are formed inside the body, how inflammation plays a part and how you can use Serrapeptase enzyme to dissolve scar tissue without causing any harm to healthy tissue.

What is internal scar tissue?

Internal scar tissue can affect almost any part of the bod including connective tissue, muscles and organs, scar tissue develops following a trauma or inflammation in the tissue or cells, scar tissues may join together to form a band of scar tissue or adhesion. An adhesion is a combination of two internal parts that can restrict movement or curtail body functions for example your organs may not be able to perform as normal.

Very often a person with adhesions may not experience any symptoms or complications but for those that do suffer pain a doctor may recommend surgery to deal with the symptoms, surgery may not be very appealing or appropriate for everyone the alternative is Serrapeptase to dissolve internal scar tissue naturally.

Pain dissol e internal scar tissue naturally

What is fibrosis?

Fibrosis is a gradually progressing scarring and thickening of the internal organs, estimates show that fibrosis is responsible for 35-45% of fatalities across the world, there are diseases caused by fibrosis including alcohol liver disease, diabetic kidney fibrosis, hep c, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and pulmonary fibrosis, fatty liver disease may cause fibrosis of the liver where a liver transplant is needed.

Excess scar tissue can affect other areas in the body, for example nerves may be compressed, blood vessels and organs can be affected causing restrictions in physical movement and physiological activities, these issues will cause dysfunction and pain.

Internal scar tissue or adhesions are often caused by injury or surgery, inflammation plays a part too when it produces scar tissue over a wound, this could happen internally or externally

What are the main causes?

The scar tissue or adhesion develops your bodies repair mechanism trends to any disruption or distress on the tissues, things that can causes inflammation are surgery, trauma, radiation, or trauma, scar tissue or adhesions can occur anywhere however the most common areas where they are found are inside the abdominal cavity, the pelvis or the heart.

Abdominal scars or adhesion can be caused by surgery, in fact it forms happen to as many as 93% of people that undergo surgery it also happens in about 10% of people that never had surgery.

Many internal scar tissues or adhesions don’t cause a problem however they do cause as much as 60% of obstructions in the bowel in adults and are thought to add to the development of chronic pelvic pain.

Following surgery scars or adhesions start to form within the first few days, symptoms may not be felt for months or perhaps years, the scar tissue slowly starts to restrict movement of the small intestines and it becomes more difficult to pass food through the digestive system, as a result s blockage may occur in the bowel. As you can see scar tissue or adhesions cause a lot of problems internally so it makes sense to if possible to dissolve internal scar tissue naturally and that is where Serrapeptase can help.

Extreme cases

In the more extreme cases scar tissue or adhesions may gather to produce fibrous bands around part of the intestine causing tissues to die because of constricted blood flow.

Internal scar tissue causing pain

Pelvic adhesions

A pelvic adhesion may occur in any of the organs within the pelvis such as the ovaries, the uterus, bladder, fallopian tubes, these occur usually following surgery, pid or pelvic inflammatory disease is the result of an infection usually a std (sexually transmitted disease) that causes blockages in a woman’s fallopian tubes. Blocked fallopian tubes are very common and stop female reproduction because the woman’s egg cannot pass through the fallopian tubes to be fertilized.

There is also the risk of sm ectopic pregnancy where the foetus grows outside the uterus, endometriosis can be caused by pelvic adhesions or scars where the tissue that is normally found in the uterus grows somewhere else in the body such as the fallopian tubes or the bowel, many women have found relief from the symptoms of pelvic adhesions or scarring by using a natural enzyme yo dissolve internal scar tissue naturally.

Plural adhesions scar tissue can form across the lungs following a bout of pneumonia, tuberculosis or surgery, whilst a heart adhesion or scarring can e caused by tissue forming inside the membranes that protect the heart and restrict normal heart function, infections like rheumatic fever can cause adhesions or scar tissue to form on the heart valves leading to a less efficient heart function.

What symptoms are there?

Where the internal scarring has occurred a number of symptoms may occur such as:

  • Numbness
  • Foggy feeling
  • Pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • IBS
  • Rashes
  • Menstrual problems

What do doctors prescribe?

Doctors may prescribe pain medications or in certain cases surgery to remove the internal scars or adhesions may be recommended however these options don’t always suit everyone, many medications cause side effects and surgery may not be welcome, natural remedies for internal scar tissue are a simple effective and safe option.

It would be unusual to go through life without getting a scar, I’m sure you have broken skin or cut yourself and your body has produced a scar in tense to the injury, you may have caused internal or external scarring, the result is that your skin looks different and you have a mark to remind you of what happened.

Scars can affect us in physical ways where our appearance isn’t what it used to be, scars can affect you on a physiological way if they are noticeable, surgery can cause scarring and lesions to form leading to sometimes mild discomfort to sharp pain. Doctors may tell you that its unfortunate but you will just have to live with the scars, luckily there is a natural alternative enzyme that can dissolve internal or external scar tissue naturally.

As you can see throughout life scars will develop either externally or internally and they can literally form anywhere in the body, our bodies are good at the first step in tackling inflammation following an infection, trauma or surgery, muscles nerve, bones, connective tissue and blood vessels are all involved in the protective structure of our bodies.



Its actually difficult to see an internal scar or adhesion on a Xray, MRI, ultrasound or a c scan, the only definite way to see exactly where in the body the scarring is to have surgery, this approach is the preferred method to find out if the scar tissue or adhesions are causing the symptoms of pain and body dysfunction

Most adhesions do not appear on diagnostic tests: x-rays, MRI, C-scans or ultrasounds. The only way to definitively diagnose adhesions is by direct visualization during surgery. However, nearly all surgeries cause adhesions to form. Thus, the conservative approach requires us to examine a person’s history of healing events to determine whether adhesions are causing the pain or dysfunction.

Scar tissue can occur on the skin exterior or deep inside tissue internally, if adhesions form they can join up other structures and cause symptoms of dysfunction and pain, a good example you fall on your hip or tailbone causing scars or adhesions to form its a normal response from your bodies immune system. At the time you may feel pain at the affected site however adhesions can spread slowly to join other organs like the bowel, the bladder, ovaries or fallopian tubes.

Dissolve scar tissue naturally

So, how do you dissolve internal scar tissue naturally, enzymes like digestive enzymes are the answer, I’m sure you are aware that our bodies produce its own enzymes for food digestion etc, however once you go over 30 your body will be depleted in its own natural enzymes causing an imbalance in the body, this leads to excessive fibrin building up

Fibrin in excessive amounts causes scar tissue to form and build up inside the body, fibrin is also connected to plaque build-up in your arteries and can lead a condition called atherosclerosis which isn’t good for your health. Systemic enzymes like Serrapeptase have been around for over 50 years, successive studies have shown that Serrapeptase can dissolve fibrin meaning that over time internal scar tissue will dissolve naturally and fade away.

If you have has internal scar tissue for a long time of course it will take longer to get rid of it naturally, it will have become thicker and need more of the enzyme to work its magic, Serrapeptase is the perfect enzyme to dissolve internal scar tissue naturally providing you give it time to work.

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