Does Nattokinase really work

Does Nattokinase really work

Does Nattokinase really work in the body? scientists have completed studies on Nattokinase that have shown how effective this natto based enzyme is for dissolving blood clots and breaking down protein.

We know the science behind Nattokinase but does Nattokinase really work let’s take a look at the evidence from scientific studies as well as what people that use Nattokinase are saying about this important natural enzyme.

Nattokinase studies


The studies on Nattokinase firmly support its potential health benefits, hundreds of scientific articles are published on the benefits of supplementing your diet with Nattokinase as well as its application for human health, disease management and prevention.

The studies show that Nattokinase may be helpful for

  • Supporting normal blood pressure
  • Reducing blood clots from developing
  • Reducing blood clots
  • Stimulates plasmin being naturally produced as well as urokinase to dissolve harmful blood clots
  • Possible aid for cardiovascular health
  • Can help in preventing heart attack or stroke

A number of studies positively support Nattokinase and it’s numerous health benefits, if you are considering Nattokinase for your health its important that you know what does Nattokinase really work for and what it doesn’t work for.

I have read some studies that suggest Nattokinase could be of help with chronic sinus infections yo be honest I haven’t found any evidence from people that use Nattokinase in that way. I have however found that many people have had effective results using Nattokinase for the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Blood clots
  • Poor circulation
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • High cholesterol
  • Clogged arteries
  • Angina

How does it work

To know how Nattokinase really works you have to understand that Nattokinase is categorized as a fibrinolytic enzyme or protease meaning that it hydrolyzes or breaks down protein. Protein are complex so they need enzymes to break them down into healthy amino acid bits that our bodies can absorb and digest. In relation to Nattokinase and how it is beneficial for clogged arteries it has a distinct benefit of being able to break down sticky substances that cling to the blood vessels going to the heart.

During this process Nattokinase works to support and prevent blood clots and plaque from forming thus improving blood circulation and reducing the considerable risk of a heart attack.

The causes of plaque forming in the arteries are well documented and include bad food choices, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, family history and stress, all of these components put so many people at high risk if a stroke, heart attack or blood clot.

Nattokinase is a natural enzyme that has an innate ability to break down fibrin or blood clots by hastening production of plasmin our bodies own mechanism for busting fibrin without any side effects in comparison to prescription drugs.

What are Nattokinase used saying about this product, here are some testimonials from people that have has success with Nattokinase

My doctor recommended these instead of aspirin due to aspirin causing stomach problems. His parents are also taking the same supplement for the same reason”

“so far so good. I had a doctors apt. 11 days after I began the pills. That was not to good. I am taking pills for high blood pressure. That day my blood pressure was 160 over 80. I believe the blood pressure was up due to my dislike of Medical Doctors. The doctor was not threatening but I automatically feel they will pressure me into taking a prescription. Presently I am 74 and prescription free. Today my blood pressure was 140 over 80. I am going to order another bottle. It might take a while to work. thanks for asking”

“I can’t live with this product .. reduces my high blood pressure, so I don’t need to take drugs!”

Does Nattokinase really work

History of Nattokinase


Back in 1980 Doctor Hiroyuki Sumi first identified how natto the main ingredient of Nattokinase could dissolve a blood clot (thrombus) by putting some natto into a petri dish containing thrombus (blood clot) he was extremely surprised to find the blood clot has dissolved completely within 18 hours. Following his discovery Doctor Hiroyuki spent some time isolating Nattokinase to examine its further potential, those clinical studies have show that Nattokinase can:

  • Dissapate excessive fibrin in blood vessels, that improves blood circulation, causes clots to dissolve further reducing the risk of unhealthy clotting.
  • Thins out the blood causing improved blood flow
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol

Does Nattokinase really work to improve blood vessels, the answer is quite obvious from the study results on 73 patients with early untreated high blood pressure, during the trial that lasted for 8 weeks the participants were given either 2,000 fu Nattokinase or a placebo, following the trial the people on Nattokinase showed a marked reduction in both high blood pressure and low blood pressure compared to the placebo group.

Cardiovascular health

Many of us don’t understand fully the implications of an unhealthy cardiovascular system, people are dying every day from heart attacks or strokes, we don’t seem to get the fact that fatty plaque can build up on the walls of the arteries and over time may cause a complete blockage.

A complete blockage in the arteries means one of two outcomes, either you die prematurely or you live to tell the tale, trust me I know what I am talking about.

Did you know that blood clots are responsible for over 100,000 deaths in the USA each year according to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, after s blood clot forms inside a vein it will not always dissolve by itself making a blood clot formation in your veins a very real life threatening issue.

Does Nattokinase work for blood clots

Does Nattokinase really work for blood clots, the evidence in studies and anecdotally from people that use Nattokinase for blood clots confirms its effectiveness. Here is some anecdotal evidence from someone who had a pulmonary embolism caused by a blood clot,

“I had a pulmonary embolism caused by a blood clot in my leg and was advised by a functional medical practitioner that using Nattokinase would be beneficial after I stop using blood thinners to help dissolve the remnants of the clot that remain in my leg and to help prevent future blood clots from forming,.

I discussed this with a hematologist who was adamant against this. He thought it would be best for me to stay on blood thinners for the rest of my life. When I brought up the fact there are several studies backing up the use of Nattokinase as a very powerful fibrinolytic (anti-clotting) enzyme and he had no idea what I was talking about…I decided to find a hematologist who was versed in functional medicine. He was aware that I used Nattokinase,and so far all of my blood work has been fine.

I speak from personal experience. Having said that, if you have a similar issue, find a cardiologist/hematologist/general practitioner who practices functional medicine so they can advise you on how you might be able to use this as a tool to prevent future blood clots.

Some doctors may be willing to learn more if you tell them that there are studies showing Nattokinase helps prevent blood clots from forming, dissolves existing blood clots, dissolves fibrin.

Nattokinase also enhances the body’s production of plasmin and other clot-dissolving agents, including urokinase (an enzyme produced by the kidneys and found in the urine, which activates plasminogen).

It is not recommended to use Nattokinase while taking blood thinners due to the risk of side effects/bleeding episodes.”

Nattokinase benefits and side effects

Nattokinase can help with blood clots, for more product information go to this site.

Cardiovascular disease is primarily caused by atherosclerosis, atherosclerosis occurs when fatty plaque grows and sticks to your arteries eventually it will cause a blockage to the blood supply.

The outcomes are either a heart attack, death, or stroke (with debilitating consequences in some cases) blood clots deprive the heart, peripheral arteries and the brain of life giving oxygen, blood clot signs are lightheadedness, chest pain, breathlessness, leg swelling or tenderness.

Not only can Nattokinase help with blood clots it can break down unhealthy toxins and cellular debris in the bloodstream, Nattokinase works to breakdown peptide bonds (amide molecules) and free healthy amino acids, it is a preteolytic enzyme good for the immune system and resistant to any damage from stomach acid because of enteric coating on the capsule.

Are there side effects?

No, natto is a soybean a food popular in Japan it is the main constituent of Nattokinase and as such there are no bad side effects, however do remember that Nattokinase is a blood thinner so use with caution if you are taking blood thinners.


A typical Nattokinase dosage is 100 mg or 2,000 FU up to 3 times daily on an empty stomach with water.


I hope that you have enough information on does Nattokinase really work, I believe from all the published studies along with Nattokinase testimonials that it does work for dissolving blood clots, clearing clogged arteries, helpful for varicose veins and poor circulation.


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