10 Ways Serrapeptase can help-hard to believe but TRUE!

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10 Ways Serrapeptase can help

1.Pain relief

Any pain in your body will alert you that something isn’t right and sometimes the pain can intense. Pain is usually associated with inflammation, which means your body is trying to heal itself, red skin,soreness and pain are common symptoms and you need to do something about the pain.


Serrapeptase has been used for many years to reduce pain by dissolving the inflammation, once this happens your body will start to heal by itself.

2.Improved Eye & Ear Health

Inflammation can occur in our ears and eyes, Serrapeptase can help to clear the inflammation. For example signs of inflammation associated with Retinitis,Pigmentosa,Cataracts,Age related macular degeneration, Dry eyes,Floaters,Glaucoma,can be improved by taking Serrapeptase, once the inflammation has cleared up the body starts to heal itself. Chronic ear infections can be improved although results may vary depending on what other supplements are added to your regime.

3.Circulation and blood flow improvement

Serrapeptase may help in supporting circulation and healthy blood flow. For healing purposes Serrapeptase allows oxygenated cells to bring more nutrients in a more efficient manner in to our body’s cells. Serrapeptase can help in decreasing heart conditions like atrial fibrillation, heart disease, atherosclerosis, angina, blood clots along with a balanced lifestyle and exercise.

4.Save on hospital bills

By dissolving dead scar tissue and inflammation that causes swelling, pain bruising, and redness this miracle enzyme potentially could save in costly hospital bills.

When the symptoms of pain clear up, blood will flow more freely around the body and the healing process will begin.

5.May improve Fertility

Polycystic ovaries or Blocked fallopian tubes described as two of the very common health issues facing women who want to have a baby, as a result dead scar tissue and inflammation may build up in the area of the uterine. Serrapeptase can work to dissolve these naturally. So by reducing inflammation our bodies can work to their optimum.

.6. Reduce cholesterol

Serrapeptase has been shown in my case to reduce cholesterol, read my story here.

7.More brain power

If the blood supply to the brain is reduced in any way this can cause important brain tissue to become inflamed or die. This in turn can affect our memory, as we age it is normal to forget things,Serrapeptase can reduce inflammation and plaque build up in the blood vessels in our brains associated with Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.

8.Digestive problem relief

Many digestive issues are caused by inflammation, Serrapeptase by clearing inflammation support your healthy digestive system.Serrapeptase can be included as part of an overall digestive plan to help with conditions like polycystic kidney disease,colitis,diabetes,diverticulitis,gallbladder stones,irritable bowel, liver cysts.

9.Clearing Skin Problems

Skin conditions can benefit from using Serrapeptase in this way, by clearing the inflammation that causes common skin conditions such as, eczema, psoriasis, leg ulcers, shingles, fungal toe nails, and acne. Post-operative scars, swelling and lesions can also be improved.

10.Helps with breathing

It has the ability to get rid of lung inflammation, thereby providing relief from conditions like chronic cough, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary embolism/tuberculosis, bronchitis Once we have the inflammation under control many of the common symptoms like wheezing,coughing,bringing up mucus will go away as the body is able to breathe again.



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  1. nice. my aunt is having a hard time with cholesterol, so this is amazing, infamation is so linked to all the problems of cholesterol, apparently inflamation is more of an indicator than cholesterol levels for all the things they scare you about with high cholesterol, and low cholesterol diest means you dont get enough cholesterol that you need, low fat food and all that they recomend does little. teh most i can get her to take right now is two apples a day. if she can manage it. any supplements shes very wary of taking, different generation. and weird food that isnt bread? she thinks im crazy. is there a food serepeptase can be eaten in?

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