Health benefits of nattokinase.

Health benefits of Nattokinase

The health benefits of Nattokinase are many, let me tell you how Nattokinase can help to improve your health effectively and safely, after all natto is the main component of Nattokinase it has been keeping people in Japan healthy for thousands of years.

Nattokinase was discovered by Dr Hiroyuki Sumi a Japanese research scientist whilst he was searching for a natural way to dissolve blood clots that are connected to heart attacks or stroke.

There has been increasing interest in Nattokinase, a traditional food consumed by Japanese people for literally thousands of years, people want to know more about the health benefits of Nattokinase, they want to read Nattokinase testimonials and where to buy Nattokinase. 

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Where does Nattokinase come from?

Nattokinase is cultivated from the bacterium Bacillus subtilis during a fermentation process of soybeans which produces natto. Nattokinase is used to treat cardiovascular diseases because of its ability to dissolve blood clots.

Nattokinase has also been used to treat swelling, it is a proteolytic enzyme and much like Serrapeptase it reduces fluid build-up and swelling and helps in reducing pain.

Exactly what health benefits does Nattokinase have?

As we know Natto is a very popular food in Japan, natto is a nutritious product containing super levels of important nutrients for maximum health, for example a 100-gram portion of Natto contains the recommended Daily Intake of:

Calories 212: Fat 11 grams: Fibre 5 Grams: Protein 18 Grams

Recommended Daily Intake %:

  • Copper 33%
  • Iron 48%
  • Vitamin K 29%
  • Calcium 22%
  • Potassium 21%
  • Vitamin C 22%
  • Selenium 13%
  • Zinc 20%
  • Manganese 76%


Natto is full of antioxidants and other valuable plant compounds, it comprises lesser amounts of vitamin B6 as well as pantothenic and folate acid, because of the fermentation process Natto is particularly nutritious, during the process favourable conditions for the growth of probiotics are established.

One of the health benefits of probiotics is how beneficial they are to the health of our gut, they make foods more digestible allowing for better absorption of the healthy nutrients.

Natto is of greater nutritional value than boiled soybeans because it has less antinutrients and more of the positive enzymes and plant compounds making the health benefits of Nattokinase hard to ignore.

Nattokinase scientific studies

 Nattokinase Studies

Over the years Nattokinase has been studied extensively in China, Japan and Korea, in more recent times it has been accepted by Western medicine because of its anti-clotting properties.

In the USA the National Science Foundation has accessed the safety and efficacy of Nattokinase.

In these studies 12 healthy young males were given a single capsule of Nattokinase (2000 FU) the results showed the concentration of antithrombin increased considerably just a couple of hours after consumption.

This study indicated many different pathways could be associated in Nattokinase fibrinolysis and anti-coagulation activities.Nattokinase has been used in conjunction with Serrapeptase.

All-natural enzyme

Nattokinase is an all-natural enzyme offering powerful fibrinolytic support for the cardiovascular system. It qualities allow it to reduce blood clotting as well as offering relief from swelling in the joints also related to the formation of fibrin. Fibrin forms a tough mesh that will slow or stop the flow of blood at a cut or fibrin can produce a blood clot in our bodies.

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease

Fibrinogen or blood clotting levels will increase as we get older, the enzymes that help to break down these clots in truth decline leaving us open to a heart attack or stroke, cardiovascular disease is by far the principle cause of death worldwide for both men and women.

Heart attack or stroke

In this latest report by the American Heart & Stroke Association as many as 801,000 people die each year in the United States (1 in 3 people) that equates to 2,200 people dying every day from cardiovascular disease (I death every 43 seconds) Roughly 92.1 million Americans are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after effects of a stroke.

Worldwide 17.3 MILLION people died from heart disease in 2013, to my mind the health benefits of Nattokinase for heart disease have great potential.

How can Nattokinase help with cardiovascular disease?

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Nattokinase may be of assistance in preventing or helping to dissolve deep vein thrombus formation. Nattokinase is used to thin the blood, stop blood clots,thereby improving blood circulation.


High blood pressure (Hypertension)

In one study (double blind) where the people taking part and the people conducting the study did not know the critical aspect of the experimental program.

The study was set up to evaluate the possibility of lowering blood pressure in the people taking Nattokinase.

The results showed decreases in systolic and diastolic blood pressure after eight weeks but no change after four weeks.

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How Does Nattokinase Work?

Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic protease, basically an enzyme whose main function is to separate or break down proteins. Proteins have a pretty complex structure that requires an enzyme to break it down into consumable and bite sized amino acid portions.

In the case of arterial plaque Nattokinase has the definite ability to break down the sticky protein (arterial plaque) supporting a reversing of plaque build-up and blood clotting in the arteries.

People eat the wrong foods that increase inflammation in the body and raise cholesterol to dangerous levels (LDL)this process starts early in life, it continues and puts us humans at a high risk of heart disease, blood clots or stroke. Nattokinase is one category of enzyme that can break down blood clots without any negative side effects that characterize pharmaceutical drugs.

Nattokinase breaks down toxins

Nattokinase has another distinctive property in that it can break down toxins, cellular debris and proteins that haven’t been digested in the gut.

Nattokinase is a proteolytic enzyme, current studies are underway to establish whether it can be used in clinical oncology settings and the general immune system.

Nattokinase is resistant to stomach acid making it easier for the tablet to pass into the intestines.

Health benefits of Nattokinase
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Nattokinase health benefits

As we speak there is a lot of research being done on Nattokinase and its applications in the field of human health, disease prevention and managing disease.

The scientists are strongly behind Nattokinase, the studies firmly show the numerous health benefits of Nattokinase Scientific studies firmly support the many health benefits of Nattokinase.

I have outlined in the list below some of the possible health benefits of Nattokinase and its utilization in human health and disease.

  • Normal blood pressure support
  • Inhibit blood clots forming and helps in dissolving existing clots
  • Dissolves fibrin and underpins our body’s natural capacity to maintain clean blood vessels
  • Encourages the normal creation of plasmin along with other important elements in dissolving blood clots
  • Cardiovascular health maintenance
  • Because studies have shown Nattokinase to be helpful in breaking up and dissolving blood clots it can help to prevent a stroke or a heart attack.

Is Nattokinase safe to take?

People with ischemic stroke, peptic ulcers, taking blood thinning medications should not take Nattokinase. Trials were done to access any adverse reactions to Nattokinase.There were no reports of any harmful reactions, there may be a danger of bleeding as reported in a case of cerebellar haemorrhage in a person who had a history of ischemic stroke.

Units of Measurement for Nattokinase

Nattokinase is usually measured in Fibrinolytic units (FU) the higher the fibrinolytic unit in the product the more active it is in the human body.

Where to buy Nattokinase?

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