Health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme

Health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme

The health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme caught my attention after I read that it is a leading enzyme with an established history of success as a natural anti inflammatory going back over 50 years, so what makes Serrapeptase or Serratiopeptidase so special?

The Serrapeptase pretolytic enzyme was discovered way back in the 50s and was routinely prescribed for inflammation and pain conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, surgery wounds, viral pneumonia and injuries.

Fast forward to the 80s and 90s researchers comparing anti-inflammatory enzymes found that Serrapeptase or Serratiopeptidase was out in front in terms of its natural ability to respond to inflammation in the body.

One of the major advantages of the health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme is that it is as effective as non steroidal (NSAIDs) anti-inflammatory drugs without many of the side effects, better still Serrapeptase is safe to take for long term use even with prescription medications.
Serrapeptase in the laboratory health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme

Serrapeptase or Serratiopeptidase

It is a preteolytic enzyme meaning that like other enzymes in this category help to break proteins down into smaller digestible molecules, another important health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme is that it promotes faster healing by reducing fluid and unwanted debris from the site of an injury. Serrapeptase is produced nowadays in the laboratory by using Serratia E15 to isolate the enzyme and produce a quality enzyme supplement.

Does Serrapeptase enzyme reduce pain?

Absolutely, Serrapeptase is a natural painkiller that works in a different way to pain killing drugs, scientists believe that the Serrapeptase enzyme calms pain by assisting the immune cells and boosting levels of lymphocytes making inflammation reduce, it works especially well for conditions associated with inflammation like:

Heart disease

Wounds, sprains and injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Blocked fallopian tubes

Scar tissue

Fibrocystic breast disease

Joint and muscle pain

What is inflammation

Simply put inflammation is a natural response in the body to an injury, infection or an autoimmune disease, it is the main component of many physiological diseases that cause pain, enzymes like Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are becoming more and more popular as a natural alternative to prescription medications mainly because they are safe, effective and the side effects are less severe.

Top 7 Health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme

1. Pain and inflammation relief

Prescription medications (NSAIDs) are the most commonly used drugs to deal with pain and inflammation, they are used for treating a variety of conditions such as autoimmune disorders, they work prohibiting the making of pain inducing mediators (prostaglandins and others) no doubt about it NSAIDs do provide relief for symptoms however they don’t actually help the underlying causes (inflammation) these types of drugs come with side effects especially in the liver and digestive area if used long term.

On the other hand Serrapeptase health benefits are prominent at helping inflammation without causing any side effects, it regulates immune cells migrating from the lymph nodes to the site of the inflammation, this wonderful enzyme is thought to break down cyclooxgenase another enzyme that makes certain inflammatory molecules, Serrapeptase has been shown to block bradykinin a potent endothelium vasodilators and mild diuretic that is involved in the pain mechanism.
Wound healing

2. Wound healing

One particular element in the make up of Serrapeptase is its caseinolytic characteristic meaning it has the ability to control harmful bacteria thus preventing infection, studies have demonstrated that Serrapeptase can support wound cleaning and healing, also very effective for scar tissue both externally and internally on the case of uterine fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes and endometriosis. The caseinolytic properties in Serrapeptase means that it can:

Reduce swelling

Reduce scar tissue

Reduce excess mucus build-up

Support histamine response

Support the dissolution of dead tissue through the bloodstream and lymphatic system

Enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics

3. Clears up infections

Serrapeptase in tandem with other drugs has been used effectively to manage conditions like chronic sinusitis and bronchitis by thinning out excess mucus and other unwanted fluids in the body, one study found that a major health benefit Serrapeptase enzyme was that it can control the accumulation of white blood cells (neutrophils) these are prevalent in lungs, ear, nose and throat and cause mucus to thicken.

4. Helps with joint pain and infection

Some Serrapeptase studies suggest that the enzyme can significantly reduce swelling that follows an injury or operation, one study in particular showed that the miracle enzyme reduced swelling by as much as 50% after the participants took it for three days. People with infection in the bones and joints ( osteoarticular) that affects both adults and children can find the health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme of particular interest.

The health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme are particularly effective and safe for conditions like torn ligaments, sprains, cartilage tears, post op swelling and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Atherosclerosis patient

5. Serrapeptase health benefits atherosclerosis

Back in the early 80s a German doctor called Doctor Hans Nieper used Serrapeptase effectively on patients that has poor circulation and heart problems like atherosclerosis, since then a few studies have shown that the pretolytic Serrapeptase enzyme has the potential to lower the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attacks by breaking down fibrin a component of arterial plaque build-up associated with inflammation on the arteries, heart attacks and stroke.

6. May help with Alzheimer’s

Understandably more studies need to be done on how Serrapeptase can helps with Alzheimer’s before we can say for sure that it can help, having said that studies on two particular enzymes Serrapeptase and Nattokinase have shown promise in the area of being able to reduce the build up of amyloid plaque in the blood vessels going to the brain, these are thought to be the reason for the start of cognitive impairment.

7. Effective for autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases attack the joints and tissues causing inflammation, too much inflammation causes swelling stiffness and pain, some characteristics of Serrapeptase enzyme mean that it has the potential to counter the effects of autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis by dissolving unwanted tissue allowing healing to begin.

How much Serrapeptase do you need to take?

Serrapeptase is sold in Capsules or tablet form, the standard measurement of the strength of the product is IU, meaning the units of enzymatic activity so the higher the dose the more activity there is. Serrapeptase also called Serraplus, SerraEnzyme, Serranol are sold in doses that range from 80,000 IU-250,000 IU, how much should you take depends on your condition, your metabolism, your medications and general health.

To find out more on the best Serrapeptase dosage and enzyme supplement for your condition please go to the Good Health Naturally website here.

Side effects

The health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme are not compromised by a large number if side effects, in fact studies show that the enzyme is well tolerated by adults and animals alike, it is safe to take for long term use the evidence points to its effective use as anti-inflammatory.

Possible mild side effects may include:

Skin rash

Upset stomach

Muscle ache

Joint pain

May interact with some drugs like blood thinners

How best to use Serrapeptase enzyme

Going back as far as the mid seventies Serrapeptase enzyme has been prescribed by doctors and healthcare practitioners and sold as a dietary supplement, as I said earlier the dosage depends on a number of things but here is a rule of thumb as suggested by clinical studies.

In most of the studies a safe dosage for adults was ranged from 10 to 60 milligrams daily, to be most effective a minimum dosage of 30 mg per day is recommended, Serrapeptase enzyme is best take first thing in the morning with a glass of water, Do not take with Food. Take the recommended dose, if you feel ok after the first week or two but the symptoms persist,  increase the dosage as you need it.


My final thoughts on the health benefits Serrapeptase enzyme are that it has been used successfully for over 50 years and would be beneficial for any condition caused by too much inflammation, so use this marvelous enzyme for arthritis, carpal tunnel, wounds, joint and bone health, blocked fallopian tubes, heart disease, ear nose and throat infection, endometriosis, scar tissue, high cholesterol.

References inflammatory mediator is a,-8 and GRO-alpha.

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