Herbal supplement for depression

Herbal supplement for depression

Have you heard about Mood Effex a new herbal supplement for depression? You may have read that herbs can help with depression; doctors normally prescribe a number of different medications to treat depression.

If you are living with depression and taking depression medications without much success or you may be having side effects then why not take a look at Mood Effex a new herbal supplement for depression.

The makers of Mood Effex CLE Holistic have done a lot of research into old natural remedies that have been used for centuries as an alternative natural treatment for depression, many herbs are marketed to boost your mood if you feel down, sad or hopeless, the question is what are the best herbs for depression.?

Herbal supplement for depressionWhat herbs are in Mood Effex a herbal supplement for depression?

Studies have tried to get a handle on the benefits of herbal supplements for depression, several studies have shown that there are several herbs that can help to lift your mood when you feel mild to moderate depression, the scientists at CLE Holistic Health have come up with a winning formula in this new Mood Effex herbal supplement for depression.

All natural Mood Effex is a scientific organic herbal formula depression supplement that supports brain balancing, healthy mood and promotes more energy, the synergistic formula comprises six of the most powerful and effective organic ingredients that support mental health, treat anxiety and depression.

What are the ingredients in Mood Effex?

The ingredients in Mood Effex are:

1.Morinda Officinalis Root is the dried root of M. Officinalis a well thought of traditional Chinese medicine that goes way back to the Qingyuan, Qing Dynasty, Sankeng and Guangdong province, it’s a very ancient important medicinal herb that is listed in Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Morinda Officinalis Root is sweet, non-toxic and sharp, it can be very beneficial for the kidney, heart and liver, it has been used for centuries with beneficial effects on bones, muscles, blood circulation, fatigue, depression, muscular atrophy, declining libido female infertility and anxiety.

2. Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz Flower Extract comes from the flowers and bark of the mimosa tree or Albizzia Julibrissin it is one if the most valued Chinese botanical to relieve stress, depression and anxiety, this flower extract is included in Mood Effex herbal supplement for depression for a number of reasons.

Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz Flower Extract is called the “happiness herb” it was first used during the second century as a mood support, a tonic and as a calming herb for people suffering grief through a family member dying.

The Chinese believe that Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz Flower Extract is a herb that calms the spirit and brightens up the mood through the flowers, it has many uses and can help with insomnia, confusion, amnesia, anxiety, depression, some believe that it offers more profound effects in treating anxiety and depression than other commonly promoted herbs like St John’s Wort.

3. Tribulus Terrestris Extract grows in the Mediterranean region China, Mexico and other areas, it is a plant that is covered in spines and produces fruit, used for centuries in folk medicine the fruit, root or leaf were found to be effective in a clinical trial on rodents for depression.

Other studies have confirmed its use as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti diabetic,
Mood Effex combines Tribulus Terrestris with other herbs to formulate a popular herbal supplement for depression, to find out more on how to lift your mood with Mood Effex by CLE Holistic Health go to this website.

4. Nardostachys Chinensis Extract the rhinzome and root of Nardostachys Chinesis Extract has been used for centuries as functional foods and herbal supplements for depression, digestive disorders, myocardial ischemia, high blood pressure, and arrhythmia. In Nepal South Asia grandiflora rhizomes are used to treat bad nerves, pain, fever, anxiety, insomnia and other health issues.

The root and rhizome of NCB have been used as both herbal drugs and functional foods for centuries to treat digestive disorders in traditional Chinese medicine6. Modern pharmacological studies demonstrated that NCB show bio activities in against depression, arrhythmia, convulsion, myocardial ischemia and hypertension.

5. Angelica Sinensis Root extract is another well-known herb in traditional Chinese medicine, used widely to promote better circulation, for thousands of years in Asia Angelicia Sinensis root has been acknowledged to have the exact same pharmacological properties as anti-depression.

Studies have shown that depression is associated with anaemia, in one article a doctor spoke about the symptoms of anaemia an iron deficiency and how it can lead to depression, the Angelicia Sinensis root extract that is part of the formula in Mood Effex herbal supplement for depression can help boost blood flow and improve depressive symptoms associated with anaemia.

6.Cyperus rotundus is a very old Chinese traditional medicine used to treat breast diseases and relieve depression, the treatment uses raw materials that comprise Cyperus rotundus, Ligusticum, White peony root, Pericarpium citric reticulated, Angelicia sinensis and Green tea extract, the ingredients are extracted, concentrated and dried to form a powder.

Mood Effex herbal supplement for depression Conclusion

I hope that you have the information that you are looking for about a herbal supplement for depression, CLE Holistic have through a painstaking scientific process come up with Mood Effex a new herbal supplement to lift your mood and treat depression, to find out more go to the CLE Holistic website here.

What are customers saying about Mood Effex?

Gordon Hutchings

My name is Gordon Hutchings and I have been suffering from depression for over 10 years and was recommended Mood Effex from a friend and will say that I do feel more stable, happy and am able to handle daily tasks with ease. I also sleep through the night and my thoughts are calm.

Michael Davinson


Being depressed in not fun and I’ve suffered for the past 2 years to the point where I just couldn’t take it any longer. I started my online research and came across Mood Effex. I ordered and tried it and will say that I feel 80% better since I’ve been taking it a little over a year now. I feel more balanced and positive and hope that I will continue to feel better.






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