How to get rid of hip pain-your best options

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How to get rid of hip pain

How to get rid of hip pain is a question that is asked a lot, I know how it feels to have hip pain every day. I also know what techniques I tried to get rid of hip pain, which techniques worked for me and which one’s did not work,read on and discover the best strategies on how to get rid of hip pain permanently.

The Hip

Believe it or not the largest part of the human body is the hip. The hip’s main function is to support the weight of the body and maintain balance. The hip joint and the area around the hip are crucial to normal movement. Conditions like bursitis and arthritis on the hip area can be painful.

As we age a very common complaint is chronic hip pain, this can be very debilitating but there are several exercises combined with changes in lifestyle that can help on how to get rid of hip pain.

​Get a diagnosis

Doctor hip examination

​First off, it is important to go to a healthcare professional and get a diagnosis on the pain in your hip. Doctors are good at hip pain diagnosis and will advise you on how best to cope with hip pain.

Depending on the cause and severity of your hip pain there are several options open to you to on how to get help on how to rid of hip pain.

Causes of hip pain

Causes of hip painCauses of hip pain

​There are many reasons on what causes hip pain, for example skin abnormalities, abnormalities of the blood vessels, bones, nerves, joints as well as soft tissues in the hip can all contribute to hip pain.

The cartilage which surrounds the hip can become worn and lead to hip pain. Inflammation resulting from arthritis in the hip, an injury or trauma can all cause hip pain.

Shingles is a painful condition of the skin and has been known to cause hip pain, problems with the spine or back can also cause hip pain. Hip pain may occur when you are standing, walking, lying down or running, Bursitis is a very common cause of hip pain.

This occurs when either of the two bursae ( a bursae is a fluid filled sac that provides a cushion between tissue and bones) becomes inflammed.Trochanteric bursitis is the more common type of bursitis of the hip, the pain is located at the point of the hip.

Other common causes of hip pain are Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis​, sometimes a pinched nerve will produce Sciatica, Sacroiliitis, and Meralgia paresthetica leading to hip pain

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Symptoms of hip pain

​Symptoms from hip pain vary from mild pain to acute pain, these are the most common symptoms:

1.​Joint pain

2.Groin pain

3.Leg pain

4.Hip pain

5.Hip tenderness

6.Less mobility

7.Sleeping problems because of hip pain

8. Hip & Leg pain

Dealing with hip pain:

The medical  way to deal with hip pain is medication,these are the most common painkillers :

    1. Aspirin
    2. Celebrex
    3. Ibrobrufen
    4. Naproxen


Hip Replacement

Dealing with hip pain in the short term can be accomplished by taking pain killers but what if the hip pain is long term and your doctor has sent you to see a specialist for a further diagnosis.

Should you be diagnosed with osteoarthritis condition caused by the hip joint wearing down then more than likely you will need a hip replacement, or a new hip implant.

Localized inflammation will usually be treated with a cortisone injection, in the case of an infection anti -biotics are usually prescribed.


Office work hip pain

Office work and hip pain

​.​If you work in an office where you are sitting down for most of the day over time you may get hip pain because the piriformis gets strained or tight. This is a tiny band of muscle that emanates on the exterior of the sacrum, that is the triangular bone at the spine base.

There are other occupations where hip injuries are quite common these include, a job that requires heavy lifting, stooping, crawling, bending, twisting at the waist, people don’t realize it, but this activity puts an unbelievable demand on the hip and pelvis.

Very often the injury occurs acutely and is related to a slip or fall at work, eventually this will lead pain and not being able to meet the job requirements.

Types of hip pain

​There are two types of hip pain, one is chronic hip pain and the other is called acute hip pain, so what is the difference?

​Long term hip pain

Is described as Chronic, it may have developed over time and you may not know exactly when it started. Chronic hip pain may have developed from an injury which may not have healed correctly, the pain may be caused by an injury to the bones, cartilage, ligaments or soft tissue.

Acute hip pain 

Acute hip pain is a kind of pain which typically would last for between three and six months less, the pain can be directly related to soft tissue damage, acute hip pain is different from chronic hip pain because it is more sharp and severe.

How to relieve hip pain-home exercises

​Fortunately, there are a range of exercises that you can do at home to help relieve the hip pain, just a word of warning, if you are not used to doing regular exercise but you want to take steps to get rid of hip pain then is it advisable to start slowing until your body gets use to exercise.

Here are three hip exercises for you to start with:

Hip pain exercises

​Hip pain floor exercise

​This is a simple hip pain exercise, wear comfortable clothes, simply lie flat on an exercise mat, go to the leg where the hip pain, grab the back of the thigh and lift the leg to an upright position, count to fifty and repeat as many times as you feel comfortable doing.

Hip floor lift

Hip floor lift

​This is a simple exercise to execute, again wear comfortable clothing, lie on your side on the good hip, put your arm under your head and your hand on the hip that has the pain. Stretch you under leg out and lift the other leg upwards and as straight as possible, repeat ten times to begin with and built it up as your flexibility improves.

Simple hip chair exercise

Simple chair hip exercise

​Al you need is a chair for this hip pain exercise,simply place your foot from the bad hip on the chair and do a kind of rocking motion backwards and forwards, switch to the good leg after ten exercises and


How to get rid of hip pain naturally

​Is it possible to get rid of hip pain naturally I hear you ask? It is possible, I know this because I suffered for three years with nagging hip & leg pain before finally visiting my doctor to help me get rid of my hip pain.

After diagnosis my doctor explained that I had hip pain because of a wearing down of cartilage around the hip bone area, the pain that I was feeling in my hip and leg came from a condition called bursitis, the bursitis was causing inflammation and subsequent pain.

My only option to reduce the pain was to take prescription drugs but you may know from reading my story I don’t like taking drugs, I searched for ways on how to get rid of hip pain, from reading other people’s testimonials I decided to try this wonderful natural product and you can read my results HERE.



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