Is ultimate bone support a scam

Is ultimate bone support a scam?

Is ultimate bone support a scam, this osteoarthritis product from the doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals has been around for quite a while, it’s a natural alternative formulated to help prevent women from getting osteoarthritis.

Like every other product that Advanced Bionutritionals manufacturers you will read some good things and some bad things, I’m going to review is ultimate bone support a good product for osteoarthritis, how does it work, what are the ingredients, how much does it cost, what are the pros and cons.

Osteoarthritis is ultimate bone support a scam
What causes osteoarthritis

The primary cause of osteoarthritis is a breakdown of cartilage, cartilage is a rubber type material that makes it easier for your joints to function and it stops friction between them, osteoarthritis can occur in any of your joints, it is more commonly found in your fingers, thumbs, knees, hips, spine or big toe.

Osteoarthritis is a more common complaint amongst older people, mainly because of daily use over the years of the joints as people go about their daily activities, overuse causes damage to the cartilage causing swelling and pain, fluid builds up inside the cartilage causing its proteins to break down.

The cartilage becomes weaker and may begin to flake or have some small years, in the more severe cases a person could lose all of the cartilage between the joints causing the bones to rub together, this process can be very unpleasant and painful as the person tries to use that particular joint.

Other problems can happen as the cartilage deteriorates if can trigger spurs (bony growths) in and around the joints, I can see a huge need for a product like this one, so its important to establish the facts and find the truth about the question is ultimate bone support a scam.

Family members

Osteoarthritis can be found sometimes in multiple members of the same family, its thought that the link is genetic and could be passed on from parents to their children, these type if cases are rarely linked to Collagen problems, it is a strong protein found in the connective tissues.

Doctors Advanced Bionutritionals is ultimate bone support a scam

What exactly is ultimate bone support?

Developed by doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals ultimate bone support was specifically formulated to help prevent this painful condition from developing in women, indeed to help women that actually have osteoarthritis have a better quality of life by taking the recommended daily dose of this powerful natural bone support supplement.

Unfortunately, the aging process has its drawbacks, our bodies go through a lot of changes down the years, unless one is careful weight gain can be an issue, as can changes in your posture, small weight gain may not seem that noticeable, however over time it can affect your posture

The wrong posture can have an adverse effect on the spine, a change in the shape of the spine is hard to ignore, it can become more porous and cause bones to weaken, as bones weaken even more it’s so easy to have a fracture or to crack a bone, even the slightest bump against something hard is enough.

Your spine is so important for your posture and bone e health, if you are prone to fractures or cracks the spine begins to bend forward and can become misaligned. It’s quite a common problem that has a significant impact on nearly 1.5 million American women each year, without the proper medical care it can cause chronic back, or a disability.

You may find yourself with joint pain, inflammation or you just want to prevent these things happening to you, all the more reason for you to read on and find out the facts about is ultimate bone support a scam.

The fractures or small cracks do cause issues with your posture, this can lead to your stomach being pushed out too much in a way that doesn’t flatter you, it’s all down to bone loss, its something that you may not even notice until it’s too late to do something about it.

The good news is that bone loss and deterioration of the spine can be avoided, is ultimate bone support a scam, I genuinely don’t believe so, it contains 18 nutrients that are scientifically proven to make bones 18% thicker approximately, this extra thickness means that your risk of a fracture or crack is significantly reduced by simply taking this natural product.

What are the ingredients in ultimate bone support

The doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals have done their research on the causes of osteoarthritis, they ha e taken the finest natural ingredients and mixed them into a winning formula that is so effective at helping you increase bone density which in turn will help to keep osteoarthritis away.

The ingredients in ultimate bone support are:

  • Hops extract
  • L-Lysine
  • Strontium
  • Boron
  • Vitamin k
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Silicon

When you read through what each ingredient does in the body I won’t be surprised that you will have your answer to the question is ultimate bone support a scam


Hops extract

Its common for hops extract to be found in most beers, it’s also included in ultimate bone support because it supports and balances osteolasts and osteoblasts, osteoclasts break down old bone while osteoclasts support the formation of new bone, by adding hops extract the body is supported in developing more osteoclasts with orthosilicic acid, bone re absorption is prevented from recurring and bones are kept healthy.


L-Lysine is one of the essential amino acids, it supports collagen fiber connection, it also provides fresh cartilage that your bones need mobility, L-Lysine is great for repairing torn or damaged tissue, even muscles, it is similar to Vitamin d in that it helps calcium to absorb into the bones, your body cannot make it by itself, it has to come from supplements or food.


Strontium is a mineral that supports and reduces the risk of enduring bone fractures or small cracks, strontium also helps to create new bone, at the same time it lowers the risk of brittle bone disease, it also aids storage of calcium, phosphorus and protein in the bones and body.

Current studies suggest that by adding strontium to your diet can actually reduce the likelihood of a fracture by more than 50%, is ultimate bone support a scam, honestly I don’t believe so, Advanced Bionutritionals have incorporated this important mineral in the formula that will no doubt help women in their 70s and older to reduce the risks of fractures by over 50%.

To learn more about Advanced Bionutritionals ultimate bone support go to their website here.


Boron is a mineral that is crucial for healthy bones, it supports the absorption of calcium and magnesium into the bones making them strong and healthy, unfortunately over time our bodies can lose boron causing some people to develop osteoporosis or other health conditions related to weak bones, ultimate bone support offers concentrated boron to achieve stronger bones.

Vitamins minerals

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is sometimes overlooked, nevertheless it is still important for healthy bones, it is pivotal in osteocalin being produce in the body, it is needed to keep bones healthy, it is also a support in maintaining vitamin d levels preventing bone deficiency.


Manganese supports bone structure and keeps them strong, it also creates important enzymes that are needed in creating new bones, manganese is found in cartilage, it assists in producing fluid for joints, fluid needed to prevent excessive wear and tear that can lead to fractures.


Copper has some of the same characteristics as L-Lysine, it is important for Collagen health, it doesn’t connect them but it does support building them, ultimate bone support from Advanced Bionutritionals has ample amounts of copper that helps to lower the risk of bone loss by reducing the amount of bones breaking down.


Even though zinc is associated with a stronger immune system it is a good mineral to include in the formula for healthier bones, it regulates osteoclasts and osteoblasts in a similar way to hops extract.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed by the body, if it is deficient it can cause significant bone pain and muscle ache, Vitamin D is a bone protector, it helps the body to absorb calcium from your diet, is ultimate bone support a scam without a shadow of doubt ultimate bone support is the right product to keep bones healthy.

If you live in an area where there is plenty of sun you can get a lot of vitamin d, however too much sun can be dangerous, ultimate bone support has the correct amount of vitamin d to keep your bones healthy.


Silicon, finally we have reached the very last and final ingredient in Advanced Bionutritionals ultimate bone support supplement, silicon is important to strengthen bones, silicon is found in nearly all of the connective tissues in the body, it’s even found in hair and skin.

Silicon supports bones makes them stronger and stops them becoming fragile meaning a much healthier bone structure for you.

How much does ultimate bone support cost?

There are a few options if you decide to purchase ultimate bone support from Advanced Bionutritionals here is a breakdown of the various buying options from the official Advanced Bionutritionals website

If you feel that you now have all the answers you need to your question is ultimate bone support is a scam, why not go ahead and try this natural alternative for osteoarthritis yourself, even if it doesn’t work for you there us always the option to return the product within 90 days for a full refund.

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I sincerely hope that you have all the answers that you need to the question is ultimate bone support a scam, the product has all of the vital nutrients and minerals that your bones need to be healthy and strong, why not give it a try, go to the official website here.

You can find out more information on Advanced Bionutritionals here.