My testimonial-Serrapeptase what it did for me

Written by Fintan Duggan QQI L5 Healthcare Support


My name is Fintan, I work in healthcare,this is my story about bursitis of the hip and high cholesterol and how I managed to get rid of both conditions,hope you find this article of interest.

You can always contact me in the form at the top if you have any health or natural product questions. I want to let you know what Serrapeptase did for me.

Sometime around April 2017 I was diagnosed with Hip Bursitis (Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa). There are two major bursae in the hip that typically become irritated and inflamed.

One bursa covers the bony point of the hip bone called the greater trochanter. Inflammation of this bursa is called trochanteric bursitis.

I complained to my Doctor that I had hip pain for about 36 months, the hip pain was really affecting my life, I could not stand in one place for very long because the hip & leg pain was so bad.

I found it difficult to sleep because of the pain, I tried taking over the counter painkillers with limited effect. On top of the Bursitis I had high cholesterol (I almost died from a heart attack in 2000)the doctor had prescribed statin drugs for me.

I don’t like taking drugs because of the side effects, but I always felt there had to be another alternative way to reduce my cholesterol.

In May 2017 I started taking Serrapeptase (250,000 iu-the strongest dose) for the hip bursitis swelling and pain, in September 2017 the swelling and pain has gone completely!

I didn’t expect this but my blood tests have shown a reduction in my cholesterol from 6.8 in 2017 to 4.5 in 2018 and the bad cholesterol (triglycerides) down from 3.24 to 1.77. a reduction of 50%.

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In 2000 I had a massive heart attack,I was lucky to survive.

I have been taking an L-Arginine supplement for over five years prior to taking Serrapeptase,the product known as Proargi 9 plus has completely removed all the plaque from my arterial system.

This year I visited my Cardiologist, he wanted to do an angiogram to see if there was any plaque in my arterial system, the results were better than I expected, the Cardiologist commented ” your results are very encouraging, there is no plaque in your arterial system apart from a little bit around the stent that was inserted after my heart attack”.

The pain in my hip has gone completely. Thank you Proargi 9 plus and Serrapeptase! If you have high cholesterol,a history of heart disease or plaque build up in your arteries why not try Proargi 9 plus.It works!

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  1. Also take a look at g-strophanthin for chronic heart conditions. A majority of heart attacks are probably due to excessive metabolic acidosis of the left ventricular. High acid buildup in the left side of the heart, a chain reaction can take place and locks the heart up. has a good explanation. Adding hawthorn extract and cayenne pepper powder to a treatment of serrapeptase is a great idea. Serrapeptase cleaned my arteries out.

  2. cool article . question to ask is why did you get the problem. answer appears to be in your labs. liver issue with the high “alt.” fatty liver can cause that. why? our foods likely. changing to all organic, dropping omega6 oils is part solution. ucsf liver clinic dr recommended 800 iu vit E a day. And you likely need to detox from glyphosate. dont quit yet, u have a ways to go.

  3. I am so glad that I found your article! The owner of the business that I work at was just in the hospital for clogged arteries. I will have to tell him about Serrapeptase. I will be bookmarking your site! Thank you for the info!

    • Hi Colleen,
      Blocked arteries are the main cause of a heart attack which so many people actually die from.I was so close myself to dying from blocked arteries, by simply taking Blockbuster or ProArgi 9 Plus Citrus Single Serving Packets Heart Disease by Proargi 9 a person can give their arteries a chance to dissolve arterial plaque, relax blood vessels and improve blood flow.For a more detailed answer to removing arterial plaque please visit
      Thanks for visiting.

  4. I didn’t know about Serrapeptase at all! It seems a miraculous cure. I have to tell my father about this, because he had an heart attack last year and he’s fighting against cholesterol too. Thanks for telling about it, I’ll spread the voice about Serrapeptase ^_^

    • Hi Arianna,
      Thanks for visiting,sorry to hear that your Dad had a heart attack, luckily he survived it.It’s all too common these days people usually don’t even know that it is going to happen,plaque build up and cholesterol are the main causes,if only more people would take the time to find out how to protect their hearts they could save themselves from it happening by taking Serrapeptase.


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