Natural inflammation treatments


Natural inflammation treatments

These days we hear a lot about inflammation, the causes ,the symptoms,the different ways on how to treat inflammation,In 9 cases out of ten the medical people will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with the pain caused by inflammation,these medications are fine in the short term but what are the natural inflammation treatments that will treat and cure inflammation forever.?


Let’s understand inflammation

Our bodies use inflammation when it feels under attack from a virus or infection, so in that sense inflammation is good because it protects the body from these invaders.It also uses inflammation to repair itself in the event of an injury, for example a broken arm or leg.

Two types of inflammation

So how do we know what type of inflammation we have,there are two types,chronic and acute,it’s easy for a Doctor to know which one by looking at it under a microscope and from knowing the history behind the inflammation.

Acute inflammation

This is the good one because it protects the body, when we see acute inflammation the signs are intense activity which settles once it has done it’s job and has healed the inflamed area.A good example would be if a bone was broken,acute inflammation will trigger swelling in an effort to protect the injury.New bone cells are formed along with scar tissue to cover up where the skin is broken.The inflammation will go once the bone has healed.

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Chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation is complete opposite to acute inflammation because it doesn’t protect your body, in actual fact it does the opposite, a good example would be someone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of the joints) a chronic inflammatory disorder, in this case the body knows that there is no injury or attack, but the immune system seeks to make the pain worse.

Chronic inflammation will damage and change the function of the affected tissue, this can have a devastating effect on your health and your life.Not only that,but chronic inflammation can have an impact on your physical abilities,because of this your mobility can be affected .

There is hope!,I am going to explain how people use natural inflammation treatments instead of drugs to get rid of inflammation for good.

Get the correct diagnosis

1.Go to you doctor or visit a natural health practitioner,it is important to get two different viewpoints, then you can compare the symptoms that you have with the advice from each one and see if the match.

2.Always get a referral to a specialist for your particular ailment, your doctor doesn’t know everything.

3.Listen to your body and try to understand what triggers your condition, is it the food that you eat,medications that you take,lifestyle choices,strsss,fatigue,smoking or drinking alcohol.?

4.Eat the correct foods,nutrient dense foods are recommended,try not to eat foods that are sugar high,full of calories or starch,choose organic food where possible.

5.Supplements are known to work as a natural inflammation treatment , they are certainly worth a try and are natural in most cases.

Inflammation and science

Scientists have known for a long time that common disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus appear when the immune system has gone crazy and attacked tissues that are healthy.Research has shown that being overweight or obese and no exercise have triggered low level immune responses and contributed to developing inflammation.

It was thought for a long time that inflammation is the main cause of auto-immune diseases but now we see a lower level of inflammation in obese people according to Kimberly Gudzon a physician and researcher at Johns Hopkins.Kimberly sees a link between people who are obese and diagnostic markers for inflammation,she feels that section of people are a higher risk for cancer,diabetes and heart disease.

Inflammation acute/chronic

Fat Cells 

These are triggers that release a steady low hum of cytokines,these attack healthy organs,nerves and tissues.So as a person puts weight on the release of these these cytokines can affect the body and it’s ability to use insulin.

This can lead to a person developing type two diabetes.Another example,chronic infections or inflammation in the gum can cause damage sometimes leading to a stroke or heart attack.We also know that inflammation is present where a person has high blood pressure or congestive heart failure.

Best advice: By making an effort to lose weight it can have a powerful effect lowering inflammation.

Does Inflammation contribute to cancer?

As research continues to come up with answers on the effects of inflammation on cancer we find that free radicals are produced from inflammatory cells,these free radicals destroy genetics that include DNA, this has the effect of causing mutations leading to good cells growing and dividing.As more immune cells are formed inflammation is created and this feeds tumor growth.

There is a link between stomach acid and cancer feeds of acid in the stomach and can spread to other parts of the body.

Natural inflammation treatments

During extensive research over the last twenty years it was found that certain phytochemicals that were found in six herbs and spices can be used effectively and safely to respond to inflammation.

Curcumin has been used for centuries in cooking food especially in India,thanks to science we now know that Curcumin has a vital role protecting our bodies against chronic inflammation.Curcumin 2000 binds a curcumin extract and a high quality absorption agent which allows it to become the bioavailability of 42,000 mg.

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Serrapeptase 250,000 IU is a delayed release capsule and contains Serrapeptase a natural proteolytic enzyme,produced from the silkworm.Serrapeptase has the ability to break down certain proteins using hydrolysis a natural healing process,helpful for fluid balance,joint mobility,hip and leg pain,anti-inflammation,arterial health and Sinus.

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Supplements are made from existing organically grown substances; they help the body in a gentle way without side effects. Because the ingredients are natural they do not work as fast as drugs for inflammation to relieve pain and inflammation. Having said that they do work well as a natural inflammation treatment offering acute pain relief in the shorter term whilst over time working powerfully creating a gradual but lasting change in the health condition.

So it’s really about taking the natural supplement to relieve pain and inflammation for longer to give your system a chance to recover from pain and inflammation, this is the reason that natural health practitioners will often ask you to take more of the supplements at the start to give it time to build up in your system.

Follow the instructions on the label

These are the minimum doses (guidelines only) so for acute conditions the dosage can be increased, in some case doubled or maybe tripled. It is advisable to be cautious as taking too much can have a toxic effect on the body, always ask for advice from the person that sold it to you.

2 thoughts on “Natural inflammation treatments”

  1. Inflammation is definitely a process our body goes through a lot and like you said it can be a good thing, but can also be a bad thing. So do you suggest taking these natural anti-inflammatories for someone who has a an inflammation response that is good (like the healing you had mentioned)? Or maybe just take it if the inflammation is causing too much pain?

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Inflammation is the body’s way of dealing with foreign invaders coming into the system,you are correct it does that to protect the body, however inflammation does sometimes cause pain and swelling, Serrapeptase has an amazing ability to reduce swelling,inflammation thus getting rid of the pain.Thanks for visiting.


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