Natural medicine for mental health

Natural medicine for mental health

Is there a natural medicine for mental health? let’s take a look at ancient Chinese herbs and their positive effects on people that struggle with depression or mood disorders, All-Natural Mood Effex is a successful Canadian organic depression supplement that is formulated to balance the brain and support a healthy mood.

Natural medicine for mental health

Is natural medicine for mental health backed by science

This natural medicine for mental health is backed by science, the formula uses ancient Chinese herbs and root extracts that have proven over the centuries to help boost peoples mood, improve mental health as well as other conditions, mental health is a major problem across the world as anxiety and depression take hold like never before.

As humans we like to mix with other humans, belong to a supportive family and live in a supportive community, Covid 19 has had a negative impact on people’s mental health, it has created loneliness and isolation, depression and anxiety are fuelled by loneliness and anxiety.

What ingredients are in All-Natural Mood Effex

All Natural Mood Effex is a specifically formulated all natural medicine for mental health and anxiety, the supplement includes the most potent Chinese herbs, plant and root extracts that are effective at boosting mood, whether one is anxious depressed or simply looking for that extra punch, the formula contains extracts and herbs:

1. Morinda Officinalis Root

Morinda officinalis root (1,000 mg) also known as Indian mulberry a root plant in the genus Morinda, is used for improving depression, arthritis, kidney function, diabetes, gallbladder disorders, back pain, hernia, dermatitis, the root plant is also used to boost the body’s immune system.

2. Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz Flower Extract

Albizzia is a herb originally grown in Southern/Eastern Asia, health practitioners use the stem bark and flowers to make medicine, Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz flower extract is used to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood disorders, insomnia and sore throat. On occasion, it is applied to the skin for skin infections, insect bites, sprains, fractures and ulcers, Albizzia has beneficial chemicals that have a calming effect.

3. Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris extract is taken from the Tribulus plant, it is a plant that produces spine covered fruit, people use the leaf, root and fruit as medicine for conditions like eczema, enlarged prostate mood disorders, infertility and many other conditions.

4.Nardostachys Chinensis Extract (Root)

Nardostachys Chinensis Root Extract is taken from the roots of Nordostachys chinensis, it is widely used in Chinese practice as a natural medicine for mental health because of its therapeutic effects on the brain.

5. Angelica Sinensis Root Extract

Angelica Sinensis Root Extract is a herbal root extract taken from the Angelicia sinensis plant because it has potential anti inflammatory, vasodilator, anti-tumour, antispasmodic and antispasmodic properties.

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6. Cyperus Rotundus Root Extract

Cyperus Rotundus Root Extract or Nagarmotha is a cosmopolitan weed found in tropical, subtropical and temperate climates in the world, commonly called Nagarmotha it consists of essential oils, terpenoids, flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, and a host of other beneficial herbs. A number of research studies show that Nagarmotha possesses a number of beneficial effects in the area of mental health.

Natural medicine

The ingredients for natural medicine for mental health (All-Natural Mood Effex) are sourced from the best places on the planet where these ancient herbs grow, All Natural Mood Effex has the best ingredients with powerful healing effects, once collected from local farmers they are then send for processing in a GMP certified facility where strict quality control procedures are in place.

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It can be a struggle to deal with mental health when the symptoms are persistent and cause a depressed mood, loss of interest in daily activities and a general feeling of feeling down, this new natural medicine for mental health may help to lift the mood and bring you some way back to your normal self, what are customers saying about All-Natural Mood Effex?

Mood Effex natural medicine for mental health

Desiree Zankco

“My doctor told me that the only solution was to take a chemical anti – depressant and I did not want to take any chemical medications. So, I tried Mood Effex and did feel better taking it for 4 weeks. I didn’t notice any side effects and within 6 weeks of taking Mood Effex noticed my mood and focus was much better. Now, I feel great and continue to take it so thank you Mood Effex.”

Jonathan Shaw

“After a year of experimenting with alternative non – prescription medication for depression, I have finally found one that is working for me. With Mood Effex, I wake up feeling so positive and happy. I am ready to tackle the challenges and difficulties of my day. Mood Effex has filled the void”

To find out more on this natural medicine for mental health Mood Effex go to the company’s website here.

What are the health benefits of Mood Effex?

From reading the customer testimonials it’s clear that Mood Effex has a number of health benefits and they are:

• Encourages mind and body rebalancing

• Supports calming of frazzled nerves

• Supports mild to moderate depression

• Supports anxiety symptoms

• Increases blood flow to vital organs

• Supports the body in building up resistance against depressive reactions

• Promotes more peaceful sleep

• Reduces symptoms of stress

• Supports mental alertness and awareness

Recommended dosage for new mental health medicine

The company that formulated Mood Effex recommend that best results take around 2-4 weeks taking two Capsules twice a day, to find out more on this new natural medicine for mental health go to this website.

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Studies on herbs contained in Mood Effex formula

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