Natural supplements to lower blood sugar levels

Natural supplements to lower blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels put your health at risk, people ask are there natural supplements to lower blood sugar levels, the answer lies in science and what doctors are saying about how Naavudi glucose support is a top selling blood sugar supplement that works.

What is diabetes?

If you already have diabetes then I’m sure you know that diabetes happens when your body isn’t able to make or use insulin effectively, it is a chronic condition that cause your blood sugar levels to rise, insulin is a hormone produced by your body in your pancreas.

Your pancreas is a gland in your stomach that lets your body use glucose for energy production, glucose is a sugar that exists in food carbohydrates, when you eat your digestive tract breaks carbohydrates down into glucose and that is where energy comes from.

Diabetes comes in two types Type 1 and Type 2, people that have Type 1 diabetes simply don’t produce insulin while people with Type 2 diabetes have the problem that their bodies don’t respond to insulin in the normal way, as the disease progresses they don’t make enough insulin or they become resistant to insulin.

Type 1 diabetes is considered to be caused by a negetative autoimmune reaction that completely destroys those cells (beta cells) in the pancreas that produce insulin, the process can go undetected for months or years before the appearance of any symptoms, Type 2 diabetes can be caused by a combination of poor diet, genetics, obesity or a lack of exercise.

Natural supplements to lower blood pressure levels diabetic pricking finger to test insulin


If you have diabetes then you know that it can be self treated by insulin injections in Type 1 or medications in Type 2 diabetes, people often worry about the long term side effects of medical treatments and look for information on natural supplements to lower blood sugar levels.

Doctor recommended natural supplements to lower blood sugar levels

Let me introduce you to a doctor recommended supplement to lower blood sugar levels, it’s called Glucose Support, this  formula was created by CLE Holistic and is produced in Canada where the company grow their own herbs.

This new all-natural supplement was formulated to lower blood sugar levels, CLE Holistic uses the highest quality natural remedies to lower blood sugars.

What is the science behind Advanced Blood Sugar Formula?

CLE holistic took a scientific approach when designing a winning formula for natural supplements to lower blood sugar levels, specifically they gave their formula to 60 patients with a fasting blood sugar level of 172 mg/ dl and 264 mg/dl post prandial.

Each patient were given one capsule of glucose support formula 30 minutes before eating a meal, blood sugar levels were taken, falls were recorded in the first month of therapy and by the end of month three blood sugar levels has come down to normal, no side effects were reported.

Was this natural supplement to lower blood sugar levels used with medications?

Yes, CLE holistic used NAAVUDI Glucose Support formula with OHD drugs ( Metformin, Gibenclamide, Pioglitaxzine, Glicizide) some patients were not responsive to OHD.

Glucose support formula had a hypoglycemic effect on patients when added to OHD. Blood sugar levels were reduced to normal levels allowing for a reduction of OHD medications by 50%.

Doctors were encouraged by these results involving natural supplements to lower blood pressure levels and the management of diabetes, NAAVUDI was trialed in various locations by doctors on their patients as a natural alternative to OHD medications and their reported long term side effects.

The results of these trials evaluated the novel concept of insulin minemic effect of a natural substance called Epicatechin, the data was collected and analyzed, it provided satisfactory evidence that natural supplements to lower blood sugar levels such as Glucose Support were quite effective when used in conjunction with OHD.

Further investigation revealed that NAAVUDI is a naturally derived supplement to lower blood sugar levels that could be used with OHD and over time would mean the elimination of OHD, it was also found that Glucose Support was completely free of any side effects and improved the quality of life for diabetic patients.
NAAVUDI glucose support

Advanced blood sugar formula

This new scientific evidence based formula in Glucose Support is one of the best natural supplements to lower blood sugar levels because the company behind the product CLE Holistic have taken a scientific approach to diabetes by incorporating the best natural herbs into their unique blood sugar formula. They also went a step further by having it tested by doctors on their diabetes patients to prove that the product actually works without any side effects.

Advanced blood sugar formula is beneficial in a number of areas:

  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Improves blood glucose metabolism
  • Lowers blood sugar in a natural way
  • Reduces A1C
  • Reduces body mass index
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves physical attributes
  • Safe to use with medications
  • No reported side effects
  • Improves the function of insulin
  • Works effectively on 9 out of 10 people after taking for one month

What are doctors saying about NAAVUDI Advanced blood sugar formula

Doctor’s Observations

on NAAVUDI in Diabetes Mellitus

“It does not increase weight rather it decreases B.M.I. It decreases significantly

PPBS in type II Diabetes Mellitus. It decreases the requirement of O.H.Ds /

Insulin if used in combination.”

Dr. Chakrapani Pandey, M.D., F.C.C.P.

1, M.P. Building Golghar Gorakhpur

“The response of NAAVUDI on the patients is satisfactory. During treatment

there was no hypoglycemia or any other complication.”

Dr. Chakrapani Pandey, M.D., F.C.C.P.

1, M.P. Building Golghar Gorakhpur

“My blood sugar fasting before NAAVUDI (treatment) was 265 mg %. After one

month blood sugar was 180 mg %. Now blood sugar is normal.”

Dr. Z.A. Noor, B.M.S.

Dhampur Road, Nehtaur, Distt. Bijnore

“I tried NAAVUDI capsules on my mother. She was taking glybenclamide 5 mg.

OD and metformin 500 mg BID half an hour before meals. She is normal from

1st day (of treatment with NAAVUDI) and physically fit.”

Dr. Fahimuddin Ansari, B.Sc.; B.A.M.S.

Raja Ka Tajpur, Distt. Bijnore 246735

What are customers saying about Advanced blood sugar formula Don Burns

Verified Buyer

“Wow! What a quality product. This morning my sugar was the best it’s been in many years. It improved from 170 to 117. I feel great. What a relief to know my blood sugar levels is improving. Thank you Naavudi!”

Nicole Carlson

Verified Buyer

“Since using all natural Naavudi, my morning blood sugar readings have gone from 140 to 110, I am thrilled. I have more energy and I feel great!”

Jimmie Horelica

Verified Buyer

“My blood sugar was extremely high and I tried everything that was available in the market and nothing worked. My wife went online and came across all natural Naavudi and we decided to learn more by reading about it’s ingredients and clinical study.

It seemed very interesting so we purchase 3 bottles to really give it a real try. After using Naavudi for 2 weeks, my blood sugar started to come down and now my blood sugar is in normal range and suffers from no spikes. Great supplement


If you are a diabetic taking drugs and worry about the long term implications or side effects of OHD medications then why not try what I consider to be the best natural supplement to lower blood sugar levels Glucose Support produced by CLE holistic health, to find out more go to the CLE Holistic website here.


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