I have suffered with gout in my left big toe, anybody who has had this type of pain will know how sharp the pain can be. I am writing this article to help people with information on how to get rid of gout and how to get pain relief  for gout in the big toe.

Gout right foot

What is gout?

Gout is a common form of arthritis that happens when a severe attack occurs suddenly in the joints at the base of your big toe. The common characteristics are intense pain, soreness and redness around the large bone just up from the big toe, anyone who has gout will tell you that it can be painful. These gout attacks as they are called can lead to broken sleep, restlessness and inflammation of the joint, it can be very painful to touch even when something light falls on to the affected area.

What causes gout?

Gout effects millions of people in fact it is on the increase in Western countries we think due to a noticeable increase in hypertension and obesity, it does affect men more so than women although women are more likely to develop the condition after the menopause, during the past twenty years the diagnosis of gout has spread to more than 4% of the population. Gout may happen due to too much uric acid in the bloodstream, this may not be always the case, but the uric acid can form hard crystals around some joints causing pain and swelling.

Risks of getting gout

There are a range of risks associated with contracting gout they include:

1. Being overweight

2.Excess alcohol

3.Taking diuretics

4.A diet high in purines


Most people who suffer from gout pain and swelling will go to their doctor because early intervention is necessary to avoid erosion of the joints. The doctor will do a blood test to determine the uric acid level and test for gout. If the pain is acute the doctor may administer a corticosteroid injection to stop the very painful attack. Depending on the severity of the gout attack anti-inflammatory medication may be used either.

This type of medical treatment may provide short term relief, most of the time within 24 hours, however it is not a lasting solution. Corticosteroids that are taken regularly over an extended period come with side effects such as:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Cataracts
  • In some cases, damage to the hip, shoulder and knee joints.

Short term use of corticosteroids can have the following side effects:

  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Fluid retention
  • Increased risk of infection
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes

Cortosteriods long term use:

Long term treatment for gout using corticosteroids is not advisable because of the side effects listed, we know from the research that gout is increasingly related in the main to obesity and high blood pressure. We know that gout attacks are related to your diet especially where purines in your food are broken down and uric acid is created as a by-product. According to the United Kingdom Gout Society if you are already a gout sufferer by consuming a diet high in purines can produce a 5-fold increase in gout attacks. An example of high purine foods would be:

  • Some types of fish, shellfish and seafood
  • Anchovies, sardines, mussels, codfish, haddock
  • Scallops, trout, mussels and sardines
  • Certain meats like turkey, bacon, venison, veal, and liver.

Rehabilitation plan for gout- 2 parts

Gout can be hard to manage using medical intervention unless changes are made to tackle the root cause of the gout attacks. With the correct rehabilitation plan acute gout pain will be simple to alleviate and get you on the road to feeling normal and healthy.

Rehabilitation Part 1 – Eat Healthy Foods:

We know medical professionals agree that obesity is a major risk factor for gout attacks. The wrong foods are a trigger for inflammation in the big toe area, so to calm the inflammation down it makes sense to eat the right type of foods

The wrong foods that trigger inflammation are:

  • Bread, pasta, cereals, white rice, sugary foods
  • High purine foods, liver, game, seafood, oily fish, yeast extracts (beer)

The correct foods to eat are:

  • Up to fourteen portions of fresh vegetable (organic if possible)
  • Up to 5 portions of nuts, beans, and seeds
  • Up to 5 portions of dark-skinned fruit such as avocado
  • Add hemp, olive or krill oil to your diet
  • Add 2-4 teaspoons of sea or rock salt to your food
  • Consume up to eight glasses of filtered water per day.



Rehabilitation Part 2 – A powerful Enzyme:

Serrapeptase is well known anti- inflammatory enzyme that has been used for pain and inflammation for more than 30 years Serrapeptase is known as “The Miracle Enzyme.” Serrapeptase can be used on addition to your healthy food plan for gout pain and swelling. Serrapeptase is a natural effective alternative to drugs that have bad side effects.

Serrapeptase has been known to have few if any side effects. People have used Serrapeptase to help with gout pain and swelling and you can read their stories by Clicking Here

pain relief for gout
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I have suffered with gout in my left big toe, anybody who has had this type of pain will know how sharp the pain can be. I am writing this article to help people with information on how to get rid of gout and how to get pain relief for gout in the big toe.
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