Peripheral artery disease Testimonial

Arterial disease

Severe Case of Peripheral Artery Disease

“I used the enzyme to treat a severe case of peripheral artery disease (PAD). After four months use, the PAD does not appear to be as severe. In addition, there is much improvement in both feet with respect to warmth. The color and the sense of feeling also returned nearly to the tips of my toes.

Most importantly, I now have a vascular surgeon who did not dismiss the use of the enzyme out of hand.

He is interested in this “experiment” in which I am engaged. The doctor completed an ultra sound examination of my arteries from my heart to the tips of my toes. Moreover, he has scheduled another examination in November to assess any changes. He is concerned about the development of aneurysms. Being able to feel the ground when I walk is a great improvement in the quality of my life. Most certainly important is the operation of a motor vehicle. I can readily assume that if this enzyme is cleaning out the arteries of my feet, it is also doing likewise in the remainder of my vascular system.

Best regards and wishes for a prosperous year.”

RK, United States

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