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Reverse heart disease naturally!

7 thoughts on “Reverse heart disease naturally!”

  1. hong says:

    This is an awesome article about heart disease and how you can reverse heart disease. Thank you for sharing your story. My father has some cholesterol problem, I will definitely have to send this article to him. Thank you again for putting this article together, Very useful information.

    1. Fintan D says:

      Hi Hong,
      Thanks for visiting,heart disease is the single biggest killer in the modern world,heart disease can be reversed with some natural products.

  2. Ray Brannum says:

    Good post with a lot of critical information

  3. Fred says:

    Great article Fintan and one I am very much interested in. Taking Arginine has good benefits as also Nitric Oxide for clearing our arteries. I have taken Arginine before and is good to take. There is another that I have taken for cholesterol and it lowers it quick for me. Let’s say two to three months and that was Lecithin. Have you ever used it?

    1. Fintan D says:

      Hi Fred,
      I haven’t tried lechitin only because Serrapeptase did such a good job for me. Not only did it get rid of my hip bursitis pain it also lowered my cholesterol by 50%.
      The Proargi does a different job by helping the body to produce more nitric oxide needed to clear our blood vessels of dangerous plaque build up.Thanks for visiting I will look into lechitin
      Thanks Fintan

  4. kai says:


    This was an amazing article to give me a better understanding of what causes heart disease and how to reverse and control it.

    It is definitely worth the time to read through as I am in my 30s and this has totally changed my perspective in life that I need to better take care of my health and stay healthy.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Fintan D says:

      Thanks for visiting Kai

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