Serrapeptase and Sinusitis

Serrapeptase Sinusitis

In various clinical studies of the Serrapeptase enzyme its inflammatory properties have demonstrated that Serrapeptase can benefit people who suffer from chronic sinus, in other words it can help to alleviate the symptoms associated with sinusitis making Serrapeptase a viable natural alternative for sinusitis sufferers.

Serrapeptase and Sinusitis

The problem with sinusitis is that the nasal cavities are filled with thickened mucus making it difficult to be expelled leading to a blocked up feeling and face pain.

Serrapeptase or Serrati peptidase was researched by scientists in Japan whereby they gave chronic sinusitis patients 30 mg per day orally for 4 weeks to see the effect on the viscosity and elasticity of nasal mucus.

The results showed that Serrapeptase decreased the thickness of the nasal mucus and improved the secretion of the mucus. (1)

This successful trial paved the way for another clinical study of 140 patients who had acute/chronic ear, nose and throat pathology conditions, these were evaluated with the active Serra peptidase or a placebo.

After four days the patients that were given the enzyme reported a dramatic reduction in the severity of sinus pain, their secretion levels improved, the nasal blockage showed a marked improvement.

The patients that suffered from laryngitis and viral infections in the upper respiratory tract reported a fast and significant improvement in symptoms after 4-5 days. The physician’s efficacy assessment of the patients treated with Serrapeptase showed that 97.3% of them showed excellent/ good results in comparison to the 21.9% of patients treated with the placebo (2)


Respiratory diseases 

A respiratory disease is identified as an increase in production of a thicker mucus making it harder to secrete from the body. Mucus active drugs are traditionally prescribed in respiratory diseases to restore the respiratory function, some of these pharmaceutical drugs deplete the mucus altogether whereas Serrapeptase helps with the mucus elasticity without depleting it (3,4)

Serrapeptase is a powerful enzyme, when it is used with anti-biotics we see an increased concentration of bacterial killing agents around the infected site. Scientists in Italy through their research found that Serrapeptase could have a significant effect on the antibiotic activity against bacterial biofilm, Serrapeptase was shown to enhance the antibiotic ofloxacin in inhibiting biofilm formation (5)

Double blind study

In this double-blind study (6) 93 patients who suffered from chronic rhinitis, perennial rhinitis, or relapsing bronchitis were given cephalexin (anti-biotic) in tandem with Serrapeptase or a placebo, the patients that were administered with Serrapeptase spoke about the marked improvement in nasal stuffiness, rhinorrhoea, coryza and abnormal shadows of the sinus.


Serrapeptase works by dissolving the mucus in the nasal passage and reducing inflammation, there are several Serrapeptase testimonials from people who have found great relief from this fantastic enzyme, it is safe to take with few reported side effects.

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