Serrapeptase Benefits COPD

Serrapeptase Benefits COPD- Great story

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Before you do anything else I would urge you to listen to Stephen’s heartfelt story on Serrapeptase benefits Copd. Stephen is over 70 years of age,he has had some really challenging issues with Copd, now his health has improved so much since he started taking Serrapeptase for Copd.



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COPD Relief Working After 6 Days

“I have started my Serrepeptase 80,000 IU for my Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and I must say I believe that its working for me already after just six days.

My cousin who is on kidney dialysis and who is a stroke victim (can’t walk and has one arm dead) but can speak again, says that I am sounding a LOT better of late on the phone, and HE wants to start the same.So I am going to order him some “Blockbuster AllClear” to start with as he needs an immune boost.

It’s amazing how he believes in it on the basis of ME sounding a lot better – and believe me, my chest feels good now. I am sending for a bottle of CurcuminX4000 and as you can tell, starting slowly and moving up with more medication.”

– Rob M., United Kingdom

In 2006, Mike Tawse was confined to his wheelchair and his friends were planning his funeral. His lungs and, as a consequence, his heart, were rapidly coming to a full stop. All the doctors could do was to add another drug to a total of 14. Luckily for him he was introduced to the plan from my book. Within weeks he was recovering and now 10 years later he is still off those drugs. He still has Cerebral Palsy but now he has a life. He carried out my plan to the letter and made most of the diet changes.

Compare that to Margaret’s father with asbestosis. She contacted me and was very anxious for his limited life as he was sitting in his chair, strapped to an oxygen mask. The doctors had told her that such a condition is terminal and he could only get worse. Unfortunately, like many men, he would not consider the diet change but she did persuade him to accept one step of the plan – supplementing with Serrapeptase. “Occasionally he took two steps,” says Margaret. “Nevertheless, he discarded his oxygen mask and enjoyed getting about, going to the shops and chatting to all his friends. He was sufficiently satisfied with that and that it would extend his life…and it did. (My comment – imagine if he had done the whole plan?)

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