Serrapeptase blocked arteries It helps!

Vulnerable arterial plaque

Can Serrapeptase help with blocked arteries?

Heart attack is the single biggest killer in the world today, blocked arteries are the main reason for having a heart attack in the first place. A blocked artery consists of plaque build-up, cholesterol and fatty deposits which have built up in the arterial system over years. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme used for more than 30 years throughout Europe and Asia because of its unique properties to dissolve plaque from blocked arteries. Serrapeptase when used correctly over a period will help to clear blocked arteries.

Atherosclerosis or blocked arteries are caused by a build-up of fatty & fibrous material inside the arterial system, it is the underlying condition and causes of coronary heart disease as well as other circulatory diseases. Blocked arteries affect the blood supply to all the arteries, particularly those arteries that carry the blood supply to the heart, the carotid artery supplies blood to the brain and the peripheral artery supplies blood to the leg. Ultimately the blocked arteries will bring on symptoms like chest pain known medically as angina but more seriously it can lead to more life-threatening conditions like a heart attack or stroke.

Narrowing of the coronary arteries

What causes atherosclerosis?

When we are quite young fatty material starts to accumulate in the lining of the artery wall, our bodies recognize this as a foreign invader and it reacts by causing inflammation, the artery does it’s best to clear the inflammation up when it repairs the tissue by making a seal of fibrous material over the fatty area. This action will over time form plaque, the plaque consists of the inflammation, the fatty material and the fibrous tissue surrounding the fatty material.

The process gradually continues as more degeneration of the artery walls happens because of the accumulation of the fatty deposits and the scar tissue. Over time there is a risk of poor circulation which may result in thrombosis (formation of a blood clot inside the blood vessel) As the inflammation continues the plaque build-up increases but it could take several years before the plaque has any significant effect.

Heart Attack

Potential consequences of atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis can lead to a heart attack or stroke, it isn’t called the silent killer for nothing! Once the arteries become hard and reach a certain size it is difficult for the blood to flow, at this point one may be suffering from discomfort or chest pain (Angina) if doing anything strenuous (climbing stairs, exercising) The pain or discomfort isn’t confined to the chest as it can happen in the leg calves (claudication) due to a lack of blood getting to the legs.

If the plaque ruptures, the blood flow over the plaque is restricted leading to a blockage in the artery resulting in a heart attack, if the blood supply to the brain is interrupted this can lead to a stroke.

Coronary angiography

Will I know if my arteries are blocked?

Unfortunately, you may not know before it is too late, a lot of people with atherosclerosis or blocked arteries don’t know they have it until symptoms develop such as chest pain or leg pain.

By then it may be too late unless you go to see a cardiologist and have a Coronary Angiography performed to diagnose how bad the blocked arteries are. By taking this action you may be one of the lucky ones that doesn’t die from a heart attack.


My heart attack

From my experience of almost dying from a massive heart attack at age 45 I can truthfully say that had I been more aware of natural treatments to remove artery plaque and lower cholesterol my life could have been so much better. Had I died from the 95% blockage of my left ventricle artery my children and wife would have had to go through life without their father and husband.

Doctor Hans Napier a well-known German physicist who was anti-establishment used Serrapeptase on his patients who suffered from blocked arteries, he found that not only did Serrapeptase promoted normal blood clotting, but it reduced varicose veins. There have been other studies that show Serrapeptase is effective at removing artery plaque. Serrapaptase has been proven to remove artery plaque and lower cholesterol, so by taking a few tablets every day I could have prevented what happened to me. Serrapaptase has unique properties like no other enzyme, find out more about Serrapeptase and how to remove plaque from blocked arteries HERE.

blockage of circumflex artery

Coronary Angiography

During this procedure an X-ray is used to take an image of your heart’s blood vessels, A Coronary Angiography is carried out so that your Cardiologist can see if the blood flow going to your heart is restricted. A Coronary Angiography is part of a group of procedures that are known as heart catheterizations (Cardiac) the angiogram is the preferred type of cardiac catheterization procedure.

To look at the left side of the heart and at the arterial system it is necessary to access the blood vessels through the femoral artery in the groin area, to look at the right side of the heart and the venous system the medical team will access through the jugular or femoral vein.

A guide wire is inserted followed by a catheter, a dye or contrast agent is added to the blood vessels so that all the blood vessels are visible on a screen monitor. The x-ray machine will rapidly take angiograms (a series of images) to see any blockages or clogged arteries. Should the medical team deem it necessary they can open the clogged arteries by inserting a stent (angioplasty)

Post Angiogram

When the angiogram is over the catheter is taken from your groin (arm) the wound is closed by pressing on it or by using a clamp or small plug. You will be taken to recovery, monitored and observed until you are stable, then you’ll be transferred to your room and monitored regularly. You will not be able to move for several hours as you lie flat to avoid bleeding, a weight may be placed on the thigh area.

Depending on how quickly the incision (you may have a little bump or bruising) heals you may be allowed home the same day or you may have to stay overnight. It is important to take on board as much fluid as possible to flush the dye from the system, you may be given medications to take usually for the rest of your life, strenuous activities and heavy lifting are to be avoided, depending on the severity of your heart attack you may be off work for several months.

Coronary artery bypass graft

Bypass surgery?

Coronary artery bypass surgery is used when arteries are damaged and can’t supply blood to the arteries, the surgeon will take some blood vessels from another area in the body and repair the damaged arteries.

Heart bypass surgery, or coronary artery bypass surgery, is used to replace damaged arteries that supply blood to your heart muscle. A surgeon uses blood vessels taken from another area of your body to repair the damaged arteries. This procedure is carried out because the heart won’t work properly if the blood flow is restricted and this could lead to heart failure. According to this report it is estimated that as many as 800,000 bypass operations were carried out worldwide each year. There are four types of bypass surgery, Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple bypass, the surgeon will choose one based on how many arteries are blocked.

How to deal with blocked arteries

Stent coronary artery

Depending on the severity of the blockage you Cardiologist may have a stent fitted to improve blood flow or he may perform a heart bypass (is used to replace damaged arteries that supply blood to your heart muscle. A surgeon will take blood vessels usually from the leg area and use them to repair the damaged arteries.

Deal with blocked arteries naturally

According to Doctor Napier’s research whilst using Serrapeptase on patients who had severe narrowing of the arteries showed good improvement and possibly lifesaving results. Napier prescribed three Serrapeptase tablets per day with most patients showing significant improvement with blood flow. Serrapeptase can deal with blocked arteries by dissolving the plaque build-up in the arteries without damaging any living tissue, Serrapeptase can also reduce high cholesterol effectively, read my testimonial HERE.




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