Serrapeptase does it work?

Serrapeptase does it work?

You may be asking the question Serrapeptase does it work? Serrapeptase does work for many health conditions and I will tell you how and why.

Welcome to my website all about Serrapeptase, the miracle enzyme which has helped me fix a painful hip and leg problem that I had for a number of years and was getting more and more painful.

I work in the healthcare sector specifically elderly care,I have noticed a large number of people with common health conditions such as

  • arthritis,
  • bursitis
  • heart disease,
  • artery plaque build-up,
  • fibromyalgia,
  • candida,
  • varicose veins,
  • high cholesterol.

Prescription drugs

The second thing I noticed is how many of these people are on large doses of prescription drugs to help with these health conditions, I read a lot about the side effects of prescription drugs, people may be looking for a healthy natural alternative and want to know does Serrapeptase work?

Many of these conditions are caused by inflammation leading to swelling and pain,by tackling the root cause of these conditions you help your body to heal,repair and get your health back. 

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme, it has been used successfully for over 31 years because of it’s unique ability to dissolve fibrin ( fibroids) remove dead cells without causing harm to living cells.

Based on the length of time that Serrapeptase has been in existence, the number of times it has been effective in helping people with any number of disorders leads me to believe that absolutely yes is the answer to your question Serrapeptase does  it work?

Serrapeptase and cholesterol 

Serrapeptase is useful in lowering cholesterol, removing arterial plaque, reducing inflammation and helping with arthritis pain relief, it can be taken with other medications (apart from blood thinners) with few reported side effects.

It is available in doses from 40,000 IU all the way up to 250,000 IU, just take the tablet with a glass of water on an empty stomach. Serrapeptase can be taken with other medication, but do inform your doctor first.

Serrapeptase does it work?

What is bursitis?

Bursitis are little sacs of fluid that float around the hip area; they become inflamed and cause pain.

My Doctor prescribed painkillers, to be honest putting drugs into my body makes me feel uncomfortable when I read the side effects of taking drugs long term.

A friend suggested that I try a natural painkiller for inflammation called Serrapeptase, I started taking the 80,000 IU dosage, it did help with the pain but I needed a stronger dose.

I started on the 250,000 IU dosage, one per day for the first week and then increase to two per day,over a period of 5 months my hip bursitis pain has gone completely, Serrapeptase does it work, most definitely.

Serrapeptase does it work for cholesterol

Additionally my cholesterol level has always been high; I didn’t like taking drugs because of what they can do to your body so I decided to try Serrapeptase and to be honest the results have been amazing!

In a little over eight months my cholesterol level reduced down from 6.8 to 4.5 (a reduction of 50%) in my case and to answer the question does Serrapeptase work ABSOLUTELY!

Throughout my website I will try to give you as much information as possible about Serrapeptase so that you are fully aware of the beautiful properties of this wonderful silkworm enzyme and how it can help with various health issues.

Serrapeptase the benefits:

Serrapeptase has been shown to be of benefit in a number of ways to the human body. By reducing inflammation after an injury or as a result of an illness is the biggest health benefit.

Serrapeptase does this by dissolving harmful fluids and substances that are present, the tissue will repair naturally afterwards.

Serrapeptase can be useful in reducing pain by stopping the pain inducing amines that are released in the body.

Atherosclerosis is described as a hardening of the arteries, Serrapeptase can remove fibrin proteins which help to clear the arteries of blockages.

By taking Serrapeptase regularly it is possible to reduce cholesterol and get rid of plaque in the arteries and in turn prevent a heart attack or stroke.


When taking medications or supplements, you should have a long term plan to assist you in having better health. As an example, by just taking the enzyme without diet and lifestyle changes you may not find the results that you have hoped for.

Sinusitis serrapeptase


It has been reported that people with Sinusitis have been able to find relief by using Serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase works by dissolving the mucus that causes sinusitis and unblocks the airways, Serrapeptase does it work for Sinusitis most definitely.

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease affects many people around the world, not only does it affect the memory but daily bodily functions as well as behavior changes. Modern medicine hasn’t yet come up with a solution to this growing problem.

However there is some research on using Serrapeptase to treat Alzheimer’s disease by dissolving the amyloid plaque which is a feature of the disease.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In this recent study patients reported a decrease in carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

What are the causes of inflammation?

inflammation image

Inflammation is the body’s way of protecting itself against a virus or foreign body present.

Inflammation is the body’s answer to stress.

When it occurs the body releases chemicals from white blood cells to the affected area to protect it.

This in turn increases blood flow to the inflamed area, you may feel warmth and redness or swelling because the chemicals are responsible for a fluid leak in the tissues, the body is trying to protect itself and in doing so it may cause pain and stimulate nerves.

Inflammation is normal and essential because the body is protected when there has been an infection or injury.

Within the joint there is an increased number of inflammatory substances and cells which can cause irritation or swelling of the lining of the joint which over time will wear down the cartilage around the bones.

Ear, nose and throat infections

In one particular double blind study the symptoms in people with chronic or acute ear, nose and throat disease were reported to be improved somewhat. Serrapeptase reduced the thickness of the mucus which caused the infection, so yes is the answer to Serrapeptase does it work for chronic sinusitis.


Common symptoms of arthritis include stiffness and inflammation of the joints, should the inflammation continue for a long period of time it will be described as chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can be caused by an allergy infection or autoimmune reaction.

There are a large range of autoimmune disorders, for example lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia, rheumatica, (where the body’s response to inflammation is to fight it off even though there is no inflammation in this case)

other ways to reduce cholesterol Other ways to reduce cholesterol naturally

Many people recommend a Mediterranean diet which includes:

Key components of the Mediterranean diet are:

  • Eating large quantities of fruit and vegetables
  • Consuming healthy fats, like canola and olive oil
  • Eating small portions of nuts
  • Red wine in moderation
  • Regular fish meals
  • Consuming less red meat

causes of inflammation Serrapeptase does it work

Causes of inflammation

The ability of Serrapeptase to work on inflammation and stop it in a safe manner is unsurpassed because it is a natural anti inflammatory.

The main causes of pain are inflammation and mucus builds up.

Serrapeptase has what it takes to dissolve non-living or dead tissue, does Serrapeptase work for inflammation most definitely.

We visit our doctor because of complaint or pain, after the consultation the doctor may diagnose some of the most common inflammatory conditions.

Common inflammatory conditions such as dermatitis, colitis, cystitis, arthritis, nephritis, gastritis; these conditions mean that inflammation is present.

Serrapeptase has been proven to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation and heart disease

It is now thought that inflammation is a bigger risk factor in having a heart attack than elevated cholesterol levels.

It is possible to do a laboratory test for inflammation that includes C-reactive protein, HS and ESR

 Some symptoms of inflammation:

  • Bacterial, fungal and viral infections
  • Acid reflux
  • Cancer
  • Psoriasis and acne
  • Skin conditions like psoriasis and acne.
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Bronchitis
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Candidiasis

What Is Candida and what is the best treatment for Candida?        

  • Candida is a genus of yeasts and is also one of the most common causes of fungal infection. A very tiny amount of the fungus lives in the mouth and the intestine, to aid with digestion.
  • What Causes Candida?
  • When Candida is overproduced, it begins to break down the intestine wall, penetrating the bloodstream and thereby releasing toxic by-products into the body. This causes a leaky gut.

Questions and answers from people who use our products

  • Q: I have Candida, and it’s causing me numerous health problems. Can you recommend any products in particular to help relieve my problems?
  • A: Relief for Candida can be found by following my Candida Health Plan. Protease is a product I highly recommend as it can help to relieve the infection, while SerraEnzyme 250,000 IU can boost its effectiveness by reducing and finally dissolving any inflammation in the body.
  • GlycoBoost can also support the growth of healthy gut bacteria, promoting healing from within the digestive tract.“I feel like a different woman,” she told Linda, after 10 weeks on the enzyme. “I’m taking it on honeymoon with me,” another client who suffered from Candida announced. “I can’t live without it now.”-
  • Linda Tranter “Hi Robert, I want to thank you for this website. Thank you for exposing me to Serrapeptase. I now use it every day, and it is making a difference! I will probably use it for the rest of my life just to ensure my good health.
  • Thanks again, Robert. I consider you a wonderful pioneer in the area of health & anti ageing.


Protease is considered to be one of the most important enzymes that we have. If the digestive process is incomplete, undigested protein can wind up in your circulatory system, as well as in other parts of your body.

Protease helps break proteins down into smaller proteins and amino acids. These amino acids can be of great benefit to people who have difficulty digesting proteins, but they have even broader therapeutic applications.

Protease aids digestion of proteins and helps your immune system to fight infection.

*For Optimum Digestive Health

*Support for a Variety of Health Problems

*Beneficial for Auto-immune Disorders

*For Healthy Heart

To purchase Protease from the Good Health Naturally Superstore CLICK HERE

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  1. It would be wonderful for my father in law. He suffers from some health conditions, and we are looking for something that helps him, but nothing to do with side effects. I see that this can really help him, so I will show this to my wife, I have to thank you à lot for sharing this! 

  2. You are correct, too much consumption of some modern drugs can cause adverse side effect. This is my first time of hearing about Serrapetases and it is a good thing seeing how effective it in curing inflammations. Can serrapetases also be use to cure breast pain? I have a colleague suffering from breast pain. She was diagnosed to be cancer free but all the drug s given to her only worked for some time before the pain returned. I’m suspecting her breast pain to be as a result of lumps .So If this supplement can cure it, I’ll be very glad.

    • Hi Stella,

      Serrapeptase has helped many people with swelling and pain, it is a natural painkiller worth a try.

  3. Hi Fintan

    Serrapeptase is an enzyme that I have not heard of, but I have heard of peptase and wondering if they are in the same family. I know that enzymes are biological catalysts so which reaction in the body does Serrapeptase is involved.

    Will it work for chronic rhinitis, a condition I have suffered for a number of years, as this is quite similar to sinusitis. I found the review to be very interesting. I am surprised you could take this enzyme at such high dosage, will it cause more side effects?

    Thank you


    • Hi Antonio,

      I believe it helps with Rhinitis also, I take it everyday with other medication indent have any side effects 

  4. I found your article very helpful. I had never heard of the enzyme Serrapeptase before. I was amazed at the number of pain inducing problems the body undergoes. I also have had pain in my right hip that is not related to the joint. The doctor told me it is muscular related. Maybe this enzyme might help me. I take statins to control cholesterol. Here’s another reason for me to take Serrapeptase. 

    You have the opportunity to help so many people with this article. Thank you for writing it. Your video was great too.

  5. That is so interesting! I have been making a lot of research on bad cholesterol reduction.. And most results I find involve mostly fatty acids, fish oils, omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, and some natural fatty acids food like mandioka and açaí berries. 

    This is the very first time I hear about enzymes that work in the same field. Do you have any experience with these food sources? How would you compare this enzyme with these “more natural” approaches?

    Thanks in advance for your experience and discussion! 

    • Hi Luiz,

      Every approach needs to be balanced, the right food, regular exercise and stress control along with Serrapeptase can bring down cholesterol 



  6. Hi! Can Serrapeptase be used by children? Both of my boys have constant nose and throat infections, sometimes ears are also affected. I’ve tried nearly everything natural that has been on the market and can’t seem to find anything that actually works. They usually end up taking antibiotics which I’m trying to avoid if it’s not necessary. I’ll be waiting for your advice. Thank you in advance! 

    • Serrapeptase is quite safe to be given to children it is a natural enzyme many people have reported good results with sinus infection 



  7. IT also helped me unblock my fallopian tube and help clear my sinuses. I had suffered from so many sinus infections and nasal pollups to now not having any problems.

  8. Hi Fintan.

    Prior to visiting your website, I had taken Serrapeptase for a few weeks, it had such a positive effect on my sinuses that I am now able to breath freely through my nose at night.
    It is extremely heartening to hear about your return to good health by following a natural healing process rather than resorting to the drug route.
    I was diagnosed 9 months ago with carotid artery blockages of 50% and 60%. My cholesterol and bp readings were also higher than they should have been. I soon had to stop taking the drugs I’d been prescribed as they had a devastating effect on my health and well-being.
    Having read the informative details of your own story, I am truly inspired to follow a similar course of supplementation to the one you took and I now feel far more positive about achieving a similar outcome to your own. Many thanks for your valuable information.

  9. Hi Fintan:

    Thank you for this informative post. I appreciate that you are letting your readers know that inflammation is the cause of so many health problems. I really think most people are unaware of that.

    Serrapeptase sounds like it could help alleviate the plaque build up that is found in Alzheimer’s Disease. I work in an industry where I come in contact with a lot of senior care providers and I think they would like to know about anything that might help fight this disease.

    • Hi Christopher,

      It would be beneficial if we knew for sure that Serrapeptase would help to remove amelyoid plaque buildup in the blood vessels of the brain.However there are no real scientific studies to show that this is the case,having said that we do know that Serrapeptase removes arterial plaque so there is the possibility that it could help people with Dementia.Thanks for your comments 


  10. Very informative article. I work on my knees a ton and have had my bursa sacks drained multiple times. I still get inflammation and some irritation in my joint from time to trim so maybe this is something i could give shot. Thank you.

    • Thanks Brandon for visiting, I didn’t know that you could have the bursa sacs drained, but it looks like you have had it done a number of times.The Serrapeptase worked very well for me in removing the hip and leg pain that I had.

  11. This is a very informative and useful article. luckily, I don’t have a cholesterol issue. My problem is I have type 2 diabetes. This Serrapeptase does however sound like a really good supplement for many pain issues. This would be much better than taking addictive pain pills.
    Thank you for the valuable information.

    • Hi Curtis,
      Serrapeptase can help with Type 2 diabetes,these testimonials are from people who have used the product!
      My blood sugar level is 140 – that is a miracle

      “I am a Type-2 diabetic and my sugar level had recently gotten out of control. I would wake up with 199 or over 200. I had not been testing my blood sugar level for months, only once in a while. The last 2 days since taking serrapeptase, I have tested it in the morning. One morning it was 157 which is good for me as I have a leaky liver that leaks out sugar at night. This morning I did a test and it was 140 – now that is a miracle. The only thing I am doing differently is taking 6 serrapeptase tablets when I get up each morning with half a glass of water. It has to be the tablets. I am thrilled and will continue taking your supplements. Thank you so much.”

      – Ruthanne A.

      Robert, your “good-word” is spreading.

      “My diabetes specialist Doctor (Endocrinologist). has been delighted with my condition, and all blood chemistry measures have been virtually “non-diabetic”. If you know the scale, my so-called A1c measure has been 6.8 The only issue not seemingly ideal to my specialist, is that my so-called “good cholesterol” number is around 36, where, with my being a type II diabetic, she would prefer to see it over 40.

      I do have, have thoroughly read, and endeavor to follow, the regimen’s in your excellent booklet “The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase The 2nd Gift from Silkworms”. I had an earlier well-worn copy, first sent to me by a close friend (and Caribou and Goose hunting partner) who has been retired to the Dominican Republic. I’ve since passed that copy on to another of his friends in turn, who resides nearby here in Massachusetts, and then I bought my own new copy from Good Health Naturally, for my permanent reference. Robert, your “good-word” is spreading.”

      – Robert Rivard
      could feel my legs again!

      “I lived with numbness in my legs for at least ten years due to the onset of Type II diabetes, and it had been getting progressively worse. My herbalist told me about serrapeptase. I took 6-8 of the 80,000IU tablets once a day after I got home from work. I also took wheat grass. After only about a week and a half, I was absolutely amazed that the numbness in my legs had receded, and I could feel my legs again! I no longer “stump around,” and I’m able to walk normally. I’m pretty excited about that!”

      – K.S.
      If you want to learn more please click here.

  12. Hi Joe,
    Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, we have it in our family,as far as we know there isn’t a cure,even with Serrapeptase the research is limited so we can’t say for sure that by using the product it would help to restore memory.Scientists have been trying for years to figure out what is the causes of Alzheimer’s, it is thought that the build up of amyloid plaque in the blood vessels leading to the brain could be the reason. Serrapaptase can remove plaque in the blood vessels so in that sense it may or may not help.

  13. Well this is such a good article. I didn’t even know what Seropeptase was till I read your article.

    I don’t have horrible arthritis (at least not yet), but I do have arthritis in my hands and there are times when I do feel pain through my hands. Or maybe it’s carpal tunnel….I dunno to be honest. But regardless, I didn’t know it has so many good things that it does. It’s like a miracle pill almost.

    I can see you really do your research, because you’re so thorough in your explanations. This’ll have to be a website I come to for my physical problems :)!

  14. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about serrapeptase until I read your article. My other half suffers from joint inflammation problems, back, neck, hips, knees. I spent many hours researching and came up with Glucosamine Sulphate which did work until she stopped taking them.

    I certainly will look into these as I do believe according to your post that they may work better.

    Thanks for this and I have bookmarked your site.

    • Hi Mick,
      I suffered with hip and leg pain for three years,I found it just got progressively worse.When I discovered that the main reason for the pain was inflammation I wanted to find a natural way instead of taking drugs,it was at that point that I heard about Serrapeptase from a friend.Genuinely the best decision I ever made was to try Serrapeptase for the pain caused by inflammation.Honestly it has worked so well for me in getting rid of the terrible pain in my hip.

  15. Very interesting website as well as a natural product. I suffer from sinusitus and hayfever most of the year which gets in the way with my busy workload. I suffer from joint pain in my hands and would be very interested in the product.

  16. I have been using serrapeptase for three months now as I suffer from throat infections and blocked sinuses quite regularly. I can safely say I have never felt better. A great natural enzyme product. Would highly recommend. Very informative website!

    • Hi Theresa,
      Thank you for your feedback,with your permission I will include it in the testimonials section, glad that your sinuses are better.

  17. Very interesting read. As a suffer of inflammation of my sinuses and cystitis I would be very interested in this product.

  18. Very Informative read. Would recommend this website for anyone If Interested in taking serrapeptase as It clearly highlights the products advantages. The website is constructed well.


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