Serrapeptase-Side effects on the liver

I get asked a lot whether Serrapeptase has any side effects on the liver, I have searched all relevant articles concerning any Serrapeptase side effects on the liver and to be honest there are few if any serious reported side effects or potential risks. Having said that it is prudent to be cautious, in a few isolated cases I have read of gastrointestinal irritation in people suffering from stomach ulcers.

In one medical article a small amount of people got pneumonia, at the time the theory was that because Serrapeptase can remove scar tissue this may have increased the risk of infection in people with serious lung disease. It is not advisable to take Serrapeptase if you are a heavy smoker or have lung cancer. Serrapeptase can thin the blood, taking it in combination with prescription blood thinners could lead to bleeding internally.

Does Serrapeptase have any side effects on the liver?

In short the answer is no,we have heard of a small amount of people breaking out in a skin rash whilst taking Serrapeptase, this doesn’t mean that they should stop taking it altogether, the best advice is to cut back on the dosage should there be any any signs of liver dysfunction (which could include severe stomach pain, yellow skin or frequent urinating) or pneumonia or if you bring fluid up when you cough it is advisable to discontinue taking Serrapeptase and visit your doctor.

Function of the liver
The liver is a pivotal organ in our bodies because it carries out many critical functions for example nutrients from the food that we eat are converted into substances that are useful to our bodies, these are stored until the cells in the body needs them, it also produces clotting proteins necessary for the blood to clot. When toxic substances (alcohol or drugs) enter the system the liver will convert them into harmless substances and releases them from the body. The liver also plays a role in regulating the supply of glucose and fat that produce the fuel the body needs to function.

Causes of liver cirrhosis

There are many causes for cirrhosis of the liver but the two most common causes of cirrhosis of the liver are alcohol and viral Hepatitis B.Cirrhosis of the liver is caused when the function of the cells inside the liver are reduced because of inflammation, this inflammation causes scar tissue to form and cling to the lining of the liver.

These scar tissues consist of a substance called poly-protein peptide, the body is unable to break down this substance making the liver less productive than normal and can lead to further complications.

The inflammation needs to be reduced and the dead cells removed for the liver to function normally again. Serrapeptase works to dissolve the scar tissue and reduce the inflammation allowing the liver to function normally again.

Serrapeptase is good for your liver

In fact Serrapaptase is actually good for your liver because it has the ability to remove any excess swelling or inflammation, some of the symptoms of liver disease are:

  • Skin and eyes are yellow in colour
  • Stomach pain and swelling.
  • Swollen legs and ankles.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Urine is a dark color.
  • Pale stool/blackish color,
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Vomiting or nausea

Serrapeptase has been used successfully for years to reduce pain and swelling.

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One Doctor in the Mayo Clinic prescribes Serrapeptase to his patients because of the positive effects on some with liver and heart disease

As far as I can tell, Serrapeptase has had so many positive effects on people’s health, in my opinion this outweighs any negative side effects, I speak from my own experience, I have been taking Serrapeptase for twelve months now and to be honest the benefits of taking it have been fantastic, you can read my story here.

Where does Serrapeptase come from?

Serrapeptase supplements were originally found in the intestine of the silkworm but today the supplement is obtained using a natural fermentation process.

It is described as a proteolytic enzyme, research has shown that Serrapeptase can digest protein and dissolve dead tissue such as cysts, plaque, scar tissues and take down swelling.

Serrapeptase uses

Serrapeptase has been shown in studies to have therapeutic benefits on multiple sclerosis, hay fever, chronic pain, hip and leg pain, all forms of arthritis, arterial plaque, nerve damage, ulcers, blood clots, sinusitis, scars, chronic infections and autoimmune disease that start with inflammation.

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Serrapeptase side effects on the liver
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Serrapeptase side effects on the liver
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